iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V

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Double N
Double N - 2 hours ago
EXO-L here to support ! STREAM I"M OK !
Flamingcarrot - 2 hours ago
rip my replay button
Clàudia Saldaña
Clàudia Saldaña - 2 hours ago
Whoa this song has that something that captivates you so much. Idk how to explain it but I love it
Daiana Vargas
Daiana Vargas - 2 hours ago
9th of iKOM on trending in mexico ;)
Cristel Gragasin
Cristel Gragasin - 2 hours ago
Wow that's huge!
Li Shu M.
Li Shu M. - 2 hours ago
This is so sad. It hng touches my heart
Hijab Siddiqui
Hijab Siddiqui - 2 hours ago
This is sooooo good
Wen O. Echavarría
Wen O. Echavarría - 2 hours ago
Realmente admiro a iKON por tan buenas letras y la dedicación que tienen con cada material nuevo
__Hanbin Stan__
__Hanbin Stan__ - 2 hours ago
Still in Top 10 trending in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore for 7 days . Wow You Did Great iKONICS !! And to other Countries who keep on str3aming and promoting this song. Thank u for always supporting iKON, our babies, our Kings, My life, my source of Happiness and MY inspiration in Life. 💜💜💜 You'll Worked Hard Fam and I Love You you all 😚
Mayra Vargas Moya
Mayra Vargas Moya - 2 hours ago
Who else just reads the subtitles when Bobby raps....
яεηנυηsvσcαls - 2 hours ago
2:52 who is this guy? he be lookin' good!
Cynthia Pagarigan
Cynthia Pagarigan - 2 hours ago
Its jay
Ashley Neuwirth
Ashley Neuwirth - 2 hours ago
the best song i´ve heared for a Long time. The song is full of true Feelings. Please write more Songs like this. I can´t wait.
Lizbeth Hernandez
Lizbeth Hernandez - 3 hours ago
B.I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
IKONisKillingMe - 3 hours ago
Sometimes I forget Bobby grew up on the East of America, I think Virgnia and when he talks in English, he talks with American Eastern slang. Him and Donghyuk both, it's hot because iKON rarely talks in English 👌🏽😥
Hingryde Jackson
Hingryde Jackson - 3 hours ago
Eles nunca decepcionam 😍😍
BTS// BLACKPINK// IKON - 3 hours ago
I love them so much 😭😭💜💟❤️
cik aifa
cik aifa - 3 hours ago
Really like it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
اكسوالية بغدادية
i love ikon 😍💞💕❤💗
DoramasAsia - 4 hours ago
lowkeychan bias
lowkeychan bias - 4 hours ago
sometimes when it comes to iKON songs I become greedy i dont want it to become too known. Im only like this to good music
Nightcore Paradise
Nightcore Paradise - 4 hours ago
this hit so close to home
tay tay
tay tay - 4 hours ago
The lyrics are so beautiful, I love them. *It’s killing me* 💀
Dilo army's
Dilo army's - 4 hours ago
Jemand hier hallo
انت حمار
انت حمار - 4 hours ago
what !!!!this song touch me really😍😍😍
Bvnk Kpop Reactions
Bvnk Kpop Reactions - 4 hours ago
check out my reaction
Bagus Dana
Bagus Dana - 5 hours ago
#3 in Indonesia. Congrats
araesung ii
araesung ii - 4 hours ago
Wow still??
rliyana - 5 hours ago
its a melancholic piece.. says I'M OK but its the other way round.
darken - 5 hours ago
Is iKON subscribed to PewDiePie?
araesung ii
araesung ii - 4 hours ago
Watch iKON - Killing Me
Watch iKON - Killing Me - 5 hours ago
iKONICs!! Please sign this petition to get iKON’s music played on multiple radio stations. It will be a great promotion for the boys & more people will be able to hear this & their other masterpieces. WE NEED ONLY 25K SIGNS SO PLS SIGN AND SHARE IT EVERYONE!! PLEASE LETS WORK HARD FOR iKON😢❤️❤️
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K-pops Akrout
K-pops Akrout - 5 hours ago
This music is ....really is so fantastic 🤗💓
It's BOM !!! 💥😍
Klarisze Cayanan
Klarisze Cayanan - 5 hours ago
You'll end up having a LSS with their songs
Magali -
Magali - - 5 hours ago
Ya veo venir en el video de Fran *"El cliché del televisor con estática"*
Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward - 2 hours ago
Súper cliché, son bastantes televisores xD
Kpop Eve
Kpop Eve - 5 hours ago
Awais Niazi
Awais Niazi - 5 hours ago
Ji-Won has that dawg in his throat and I think that is very fundamental for a rapper, Han-bin doesn't sound that much of a rapper to me personally.
loca por el kpop
loca por el kpop - 5 hours ago
me encantaaaaaaa
sara Yeol
sara Yeol - 5 hours ago
i love them
nico akane
nico akane - 5 hours ago
my golden boys did the best again
nico akane
nico akane - 5 hours ago
Novika Irnawati
Novika Irnawati - 5 hours ago
ARMY here 🙋
Love the song, music and lyrics too 😍
pepi yeol
pepi yeol - 6 hours ago
41 tendencias México :0
lop ita
lop ita - 6 hours ago
Good song
taetae 11
taetae 11 - 6 hours ago
Whoa I love this song, so touching and simply a masterpiece 👏💜
Tension10e71 - 6 hours ago
Que esta pasando? :c
Moon Crystal
Moon Crystal - 6 hours ago
Hello ikonic~~ I'm a STAY that was watching videos to the random when I hit "I'M OK", iKON caught me, I want to know more about the group ... could someone help me to know their names and faces? 🙏🏻💞
I'm sorry for the bad English 😔💕
Zelle Lim
Zelle Lim - 5 hours ago
And also watch iKON TV. ☺️☺️
Zelle Lim
Zelle Lim - 5 hours ago
Watch this to know them more :) usa-video.net/uTrXaxH946I-video.html
Neeny Anggreiny
Neeny Anggreiny - 6 hours ago
I like this song maigatttt 😍😎 its so cool from their 👏👏👏 IKON FIGHTING
Rie V
Rie V - 6 hours ago
Okay I saw a fair few commenting on line distribution, disappointed that a member has less lines & another point was that the ones who has the most lines Jay, June, Bobby, Hanbin (BI) & sometimes DK and the least lines DK, Chan and Song. Don’t get me wrong it is understandable especially as a fan. But I gotta give my two cents as well..again please bear with me.
First off Jinhwan (Jay) & Junhoe (June) are the main vocalists. And Chanwoo (Chan), Yunhyeong (Song) and Donghyuk(DK) are the lead vocalists. It is understandable that Jay & June have the most lines because they are the main vocals. Chan, Song and DK hold their own too as lead vocalists. On Bobby and BI, on rap in general, I noticed a majority of kpop songs have rap in it, and are either very good, add more to song and/or are powerful. And honestly unfortunately in all groups both male and female especially in groups with big # of members, line distribution will always and forever be issue.

Yes it is not fair in a sense especially to Chan, DK and Song. It’s understandable for fans to be sad for them. But in regards to Hanbin BI especially, let’s cut him slack especially since he is the main producer, main composer, and main lyricists for iKON. Yes, he has help from others as well like Bobby, Raesung (Millenium), etc just to name a few. But Hanbin is the main person creatively in charge (there is a reason why I mention creatively, which will be expounded more later in the next paragraph). Anyways let’s respect Hanbin’s judgement cause as a producer he has to think of the song more and what he is doing is obviously not easy. He has to think about whose vocal color fits the song to increase its quality, especially since all the vocalists have very unique vocals. He has to decide whose vocals best express the emotions more. This was slightly mention on one of their guestings on Weekly Idol. Not only that, he have to think performance wise too, the vocals has to be stable and strong enough to be able to sing the song repeatedly over and over on multiple occasions, music shows..their breathing, vocal range, etc, technique especially while dancing. My guess is BI probably had them all sing & perform the song over and over again before distributing parts to see who has better control and keep their vocals stables and not crack all the time, and possibly considering factors like performing while exhausted, sick or injured and technical issues with mics especially singing while dancing. Also, to see if there is any improvement too..

Also, even though Hanbin(BI) has control in producing and creating the music, YG still makes the final call to release the song or not, whether to add more vocals or more rap like in WIN: Who Is Next. Before Climax, there was a song before that, forgot the song but I believe it was called “Winnin”, YG had them fix it multiple times because he wasn’t satisfied…YG wanted more rap, he wanted them to fix the melody and/or the lines. At times, because of one change, they had to fix the whole thing. BI also mentioned this somewhere on Video Star but about Love Scenario. BI mentioned the he really had them and wanted them to practice, who can tell he really pushed them to work hard so they can all do well. Also in the song Perfect was originally just for the vocalists to sing but YG had them add rap. But in their concert, I heard only the vocal line performed it. But either way, basically Hanbin/Bi has control musically but YG has the final say. Like with BIGBANG, on Happy Together, it was mentioned that originally GD (main producer for BIGBANG) gave and wanted Seungri to have the entire chorus for Loser. But when YG heard that version with just Seungri, he told them Seungri shouldn’t sing it by himself that he is in the center too long. So in the end GD and/or TOP sang along with Seungri in the chorus of Loser. In a way, the same goes with Teddy being main producer for both 2NE1 (even though sadly they were disbanded, hopefully in the future will have a reunion and continue having individual works) and Teddy also being in charge of producing for BLACKPINK, while being head of his own subsidiary THE BLACK LABEL. And Seungyoon as main with Hoony and Mino help along with producing as well for WINNER. In general, it may not be fair to all the vocalists line distribution wise but the respective producers are working long & hard as well to help them all come back and produce good quality songs.

Anyways, even though Hanbin/ BI doesn’t give Chan and Song long lines and not always in the 1st verse, he gives them parts that really highlight their vocals and lines that are unforgettable, parts that really accentuate their vocals and makes you crave for more, wish they have more and totally appreciate them. And just recently in their last two comeback especially BI started giving them parts in the first verse. I am sure at one point if not in the future, Chan and Song will have more lines. It was once mentioned on somewhere, I believe Weekly Idol that BI gives Song more lines to songs that suit his vocals (which a fair few are not their title songs but the B side songs), and Chan said that he knows he will work hard and he will improve. And we can totally see he is improving. Also Chan has talent at rapping as well. He might at one point do some rap for future songs too. Also with all the type of songs they are releasing they also learning the type of songs that also fits them as group but fits their individual vocals as well.

Anyways let’s continue supporting them because they all are not only working hard to come back and perform but they are also working hard to come back for us, their fans and to reach people with their music.
araesung ii
araesung ii - 4 hours ago
Agree!! Honestly the member's voices are too highlighted in the song.. i don't want my idol to sing the whole song yet his voice is not shining enough.. i m happy with the distribution the members sounds great. Hanbin knows his jobs and we have to trust him.. ❤
JA Iowa
JA Iowa - 6 hours ago
I love iKON"s sound.
Kyungsoo Sofie
Kyungsoo Sofie - 6 hours ago
My type of song
Aimee Preston
Aimee Preston - 6 hours ago
I cried when i first listened to this song because i can relate so well and this is how i feel on a daily basis. I love these boy and im new so HI!
Aleleo21 - 6 hours ago
Not Bad really good Like :-)
KPOP Everytime
KPOP Everytime - 7 hours ago
I just realised how sad this song actually is... IKON really impresses me that’s why I love their music 😶💗
Sarma Fransiska
Sarma Fransiska - 7 hours ago
That is my feel or not why view is falling down 😞
Keep streaming dear 💪💪💪
Love you all fandom
Bonito Magat
Bonito Magat - 7 hours ago
I'm Ok, I'm Ok
Bonito Magat
Bonito Magat - 7 hours ago
I'm O
I'm Ok
I'm O
yun yuni
yun yuni - 7 hours ago
majda mkt
majda mkt - 7 hours ago
Someone help me im addicted to this song
lu. rgh
lu. rgh - 7 hours ago
Okey à bop but where is Dké ?
lu. rgh
lu. rgh - 4 hours ago
+araesung ii XDDD i know but I think that we don't very see him
araesung ii
araesung ii - 4 hours ago
Yeni Anggraini
Yeni Anggraini - 7 hours ago
Bobby and junes part my favorite 🤙👌
susi yanty
susi yanty - 7 hours ago
Enges aja kw luhut
Kay Burns
Kay Burns - 7 hours ago
lmao i’m not fukin okay
beolddae - 7 hours ago
this mv deserve more likes and views wth
beolddae - 7 hours ago
ikon fighting!
Nameless Girl
Nameless Girl - 7 hours ago
*dead by heaven*
Chintya Aisyah
Chintya Aisyah - 7 hours ago
Eva Emon
Eva Emon - 7 hours ago
Duong Nguyễn
Duong Nguyễn - 7 hours ago
i love B.I
Adib Raup
Adib Raup - 8 hours ago
the visuals in this music video is satisfying to watch
ÁI PHƯƠNG VLOG - 8 hours ago
verry good sub .i love. You bẹc bẹc ....hihihi mọi người ủng hộ sub kênh vs ạ.
kimJongin -EXO
kimJongin -EXO - 8 hours ago
I'd weep because of his lyrics😭
İrem m
İrem m - 8 hours ago
I'm ARMY and I love iKON and iKONICS❣️
araesung ii
araesung ii - 4 hours ago
We love you too❤❤🖖😉
Han Gyori
Han Gyori - 8 hours ago
i'm not okay, you're such a great person. i can't do anything to make u proud.
summerdays kpopcovers
summerdays kpopcovers - 8 hours ago
It’s been a week and it is still trending!!!! Go IKON!!!! Btw I did a short cover of this song :) hope you guys can check it out
DONYKWON TWINS - 8 hours ago
I dont like it
BbyDCJJ Nunaaa
BbyDCJJ Nunaaa - 7 hours ago
listen iKON song ‘JUST GO’
roses and gems
roses and gems - 7 hours ago
It's ok. We all have different taste in music. But thanks for viewing anyway.
Naomi castro castro
Naomi castro castro - 8 hours ago
Y q haces aqui, tu comentario esta demasss
Kacchan Bakugou
Kacchan Bakugou - 8 hours ago
ikon again killing me.
นางฟ้า เดินดิน
Ok 😘😘
Leonardo D Kaprio
Leonardo D Kaprio - 8 hours ago
Tf this kind of lyric, represent most of the human undescribable words
BEBLOCK inTH - 8 hours ago
Hảo Bùi
Hảo Bùi - 8 hours ago
Việt nam đâu dơ tay lên nào 😆😆
Joud Alsaht
Joud Alsaht - 8 hours ago
This song is humming in the back of my mind 24/7
Roza Lina
Roza Lina - 8 hours ago
I love chanwoo's part alot. I think he improved tremendously!!! Good job chanwoo oppa
Hanbin Sinbu
Hanbin Sinbu - 8 hours ago
Ting Hsiang
Ting Hsiang - 8 hours ago
Please keep streaming on Melon and YouTube !!! If you don't have Melon , please keep streaming on YouTube!!!!
Ting Hsiang
Ting Hsiang - 9 hours ago
0117 0:00 KST 11,453,322 VIEWS
elf M
elf M - 9 hours ago
English version please 🙏🙏🙏
Dae Young Park
Dae Young Park - 9 hours ago
I am listening again and again because life is not going well with me but this make me feel better.
Pika Chu
Pika Chu - 8 hours ago
I hope life will get better each day
EXONIC FAM - 9 hours ago
I'm addicted to this song, am I ok?
Alexander Litvin
Alexander Litvin - 9 hours ago
Fuck is ikon, not akon
philia ¡ə JFF
philia ¡ə JFF - 9 hours ago
0:52 best part
Izzul Najwan
Izzul Najwan - 9 hours ago
Best song in 2019!fight me
Nor Fadilah Jamaludin
Nor Fadilah Jamaludin - 9 hours ago
Still watching ?
Hillary Liao
Hillary Liao - 9 hours ago
Baker Street 221B
Baker Street 221B - 9 hours ago
Trending in Nepal.
Much Love from Nepal.
Dhiya Zayani
Dhiya Zayani - 9 hours ago
Lyrics this song is really deep 🌸
Rayane Ana
Rayane Ana - 9 hours ago
15M...IKON fighting.!!
eka susanti
eka susanti - 9 hours ago
Hanbin 😍😘😍
ahgase love
ahgase love - 9 hours ago
Malaysian ? Like sikit
Aleeya - 9 hours ago
i should've watched this earlier when the notification popped up on my screen. and iKON never disappoint me whenever they released new song, love it!
설탕미우 さん
설탕미우 さん - 9 hours ago
SUJU,EXO,BB,IKON 2pm - 9 hours ago
Hwaiting ❤️🔥💪
hihyenmi - 9 hours ago
Melany - 9 hours ago
Wow, I just don't have words to explain how much I loved this song, it's art
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