I Was Born in a Prison Cell

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Lelo Tours
Lelo Tours - 2 hours ago
If I you are reading this i hope yuo become a billionare
Rahma Jama
Rahma Jama - 9 hours ago
Lies,hes fifteen how is he allowed to drive
Hayden Lulu
Hayden Lulu - 10 hours ago
He said he was 15 and driving
crystal light
crystal light - 15 hours ago
with the middle child with the middle child with the middle child
Uka Gole
Uka Gole - Day ago
This story make me cry
Samiah Tabia
Samiah Tabia - Day ago
Wow I’m 15 and the craziest thing that happened to me was going to a party and coming home at 2am
The LK
The LK - Day ago
Ibrahim Shoaib
Ibrahim Shoaib - Day ago
Yeah get bettter soon
Roblox Rehan
Roblox Rehan - Day ago
This is all about a grandma
Guess what, his birthday was same with me

I'm shook hehe
Minecreeper Playz
Minecreeper Playz - 2 days ago
Your age is.................16!
Tony Rome
Tony Rome - 2 days ago
It sounds like this kid had a great life people die that's part of life yeah you killed your girlfriend but you didn't mean to you didn't get charged with anything you should feel terrible for that are these made up stories I saw a different one with the same voice but a different story I'm starting to think these stories are b*******
Ayden Gunn
Ayden Gunn - 2 days ago
When she got cancer again i thought: here we go again memes
MK8 Bossッ
MK8 Bossッ - 2 days ago
cameronlauer - 2 days ago
Pore kid
Jennifer Desjarlais
Jennifer Desjarlais - 2 days ago
ok im sad for him but i was bron in a prison cell but he is just talking about people dieing anf his mom like get to the story because thats why i whaclick on
DubskiDude - 2 days ago
For 5 minutes I was like "man this sucks I feel so bad" but very quickly after I started realizing this whole thing sounds really fake.
Eleanor Brouillard
Eleanor Brouillard - 2 days ago
I mean like I do feel bad for you but you're the one that killed your girlfriend so I can't really feel bad for you actually 😔
brodie Turner show
brodie Turner show - 2 days ago
Whats w the cliff hangers
Hine Haig
Hine Haig - 3 days ago
Do you now if your mom is on wifi
Haiven Niño berjame
Haiven Niño berjame - 3 days ago
Xd Malicious11
Xd Malicious11 - 3 days ago
So sad
ツIchigo ツ
ツIchigo ツ - 3 days ago
I love how this channel is called MinuteVideos but it’s more than a minute.
Colin Beaton
Colin Beaton - 3 days ago
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez - 3 days ago
This was sad :(
Tatyana Touch
Tatyana Touch - 3 days ago
I started crying
Sherry Ouyang
Sherry Ouyang - 3 days ago
That was so sad 😞 btw I cried a bit
Mr. monstar
Mr. monstar - 3 days ago
I'm real crayng😭😭
Chase Farrell
Chase Farrell - 3 days ago
I’m crying now😭😭😭😭😭😭
Naomi - 3 days ago
I I was born in a house
Mimi Navarro
Mimi Navarro - 3 days ago
That is really bad luck
Mucskull - 3 days ago
But why is your parents in jail anyway?
Kim Cincoski
Kim Cincoski - 4 days ago
Are you ok?
Kim Cincoski
Kim Cincoski - 4 days ago
This video is making me cry 😨😰😭😪
Mixed Mari
Mixed Mari - 4 days ago
Okay so the channel is called minute videos but this video is 7 minutes
ANDY Xelilov
ANDY Xelilov - 4 days ago
I cryed
BreCee - 4 days ago
My grandmother saw my granddad before she died too. She pointed to him and all he died 4 years before her.
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez - 4 days ago
Abigail Agbor
Abigail Agbor - 5 days ago
It's always the middle child 🙄
Tuba Toprak
Tuba Toprak - 5 days ago
thats real right dere
*{Yasmien_The_Dragon 1122}*
Please don't do drugs, everything will be okay. Stay safe and good luck on your life journey 😀☺️👍🏻
Kayleh Potatoes
Kayleh Potatoes - 5 days ago
Now I know the person saying the story is 15 turning 16?
Ava Meixner
Ava Meixner - 5 days ago
What a sad Christmas😞😞😞
Creeper Cady
Creeper Cady - 5 days ago
My grandma died from cancer and she went to hospo too and she died too but we have too stay strong and it not your falt I'm sorry
Anna and Eden and Isla D
I feel bad for you! I feel bad for your girlfriend.
🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑 Rest In Peace
Baroness Diesha
Baroness Diesha - 5 days ago
Jaswant Singh
Jaswant Singh - 5 days ago
Bruuh how is this story about being born in a cell😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Karamelaizesyen - 5 days ago
I know that my math isn't that good but is he count his age by month or it's only me that heard he's born on 2003 and now 15 years old?
Sarfulo Adan
Sarfulo Adan - 5 days ago
Thats my BIRTHDAY🥵🥵
Boy: Steals cars, kills girlfriend, and starts drinking.
Me: Okay that somewhat sa-
Boy: I'm 15 now.
Me: The *what?*
Dino BOY
Dino BOY - 5 days ago
Dammm if that was me i would not be here 2 day😂
Chloe_the_ Skater
Chloe_the_ Skater - 5 days ago
So u were driving before you were 16 wow I didn’t know that was legal
Rintu Haldar
Rintu Haldar - 5 days ago
Ninja Gamer
Ninja Gamer - 6 days ago
she died becuse she didint take a mint she didint survive
Christina Donathan
Christina Donathan - 6 days ago
Poor jimmy
DarkEntity LastLives
DarkEntity LastLives - 6 days ago
Thanks.your story tells me now I'm not the only one who has a ps3
Keovanni Ruffin
Keovanni Ruffin - 6 days ago
Awww it so sad
Keovanni Ruffin
Keovanni Ruffin - 6 days ago
Love it to
Keovanni Ruffin
Keovanni Ruffin - 6 days ago
So sad
Midnightdoge 05
Midnightdoge 05 - 6 days ago
wtf this doesn’t have anything else to do with being born in a prison cell
Sherry Ouyang
Sherry Ouyang - 3 days ago
Yeah exactly
Dayanna Rivera
Dayanna Rivera - 6 days ago
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