I Was Born in a Prison Cell

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Braian ruvalcaba
Braian ruvalcaba - Hour ago
Made me cry
Olivia Roussel
Olivia Roussel - 5 hours ago
Middle child problems
Isabel bear Reynolds i am single and i am 19
I feel sorry for him this make me so sad
sticky chicken
sticky chicken - 12 hours ago
*I try to forget my girlfriend*

what about your dad? you could've helped him
the big yeet
the big yeet - 15 hours ago
Title: *I was born in a prison cell*
Video: *talks about being born in a prison for like 3 seconds
TheWaterMelons - 20 hours ago
Jimmy boi
EliteMaxTheMan22 : The legendary Master
This brings tears to my eyes (including the music) this was the saddest story i ever watched
Scott Radtke
Scott Radtke - Day ago
I have a ps3
KateBeCHILL - Day ago

Raven - 2 days ago
I feel he's alot older then he says
Legendary _Light
Legendary _Light - 4 days ago
It's all Jimmy's fault...
3boodiman 98
3boodiman 98 - 4 days ago
I have a home. I have a family. I live with mom and dad. I love my siblings, and they me. I lost my grandfathers, but my grandmothers are still alive and well. I lost a lover. I lost many friends. I lost some family members. All I can say is thank you god. Thank you for everything.
dead man games
dead man games - 4 days ago
Bro that's so sad
Fox Lawts
Fox Lawts - 4 days ago
Calm down, Javert.
Beeper - 5 days ago
i cried
Batman bin Superman
Batman bin Superman - 7 days ago
Next video: i disowned my dad after knowing that he loved my mom and he impregnated her
the Irish man
the Irish man - 7 days ago
4:24 that went fast 😳😂
Hit Man Bang
Hit Man Bang - 7 days ago
My Grandma died in 14 December 2019. Anyone who reads this comments please pray for her...
JEON JUNGKOOK - 5 days ago
@Hit Man Bang welcome stay strong hwaiting💜
Hit Man Bang
Hit Man Bang - 5 days ago
@JEON JUNGKOOK thank you
JEON JUNGKOOK - 5 days ago
Amen sister/brother 🙏
Heaven Toast
Heaven Toast - 8 days ago
Hold up u drank and then u said u were 15?
opinion - 8 days ago
To everyone who keeps saying
“how are you 15, and can drive.”
He said he would shoplift, and steal things. As of meaning, that he STOLE cars. He never said he has a license..
Serianasea - 9 days ago
This is so sad
ILikeGames 847
ILikeGames 847 - 9 days ago
You were born 1 day before me!
Addi rae
Addi rae - 9 days ago
Title: I was born in a prison cell
Story: my grandma got sick and died I got in a lot of trouble too
Leo and The drifts
Leo and The drifts - 9 days ago
Who disliked this shame on u
CloakMajorPug Pug
CloakMajorPug Pug - 10 days ago
Your old wow and don’t drink
Jose Resendiz
Jose Resendiz - 10 days ago
This Makes me want to cry 😭 1 like = 1 prayer for his dead grandmother 👵
Joeboi Gamer
Joeboi Gamer - 10 days ago
1% born in prison
99% other stuff
sam sdt
sam sdt - 11 days ago
Why is the title : I was born in prison when it should be called : everyone leaves me
Pastel Bunny
Pastel Bunny - 11 days ago
“I was born in a prison cell” I was born in a bathtub :/
Darkflame 007
Darkflame 007 - 11 days ago
This story made me cry
Aiden Michael
Aiden Michael - 13 days ago
U 11
Pylboygaming !
Pylboygaming ! - 13 days ago
This family has bad genes lmao
Adam Raubenheimer
Adam Raubenheimer - 14 days ago
Dude what 2003 means you’re 17 at most
You can only legally drink from 18-21 depending on where you live
SNOWMAN3161 - 14 days ago
What happened to your grandmother happened to mine also.
Owl.lover78 - 15 days ago
So sad I am crying
Ludovico Contri
Ludovico Contri - 15 days ago
“I was born in a prison cell”

Basically Diavolo’s Story
faze eleven
faze eleven - 15 days ago
That's so sad about the grandma
Ninja Master
Ninja Master - 16 days ago
My grandma died of liver cancer 😭😭😭😭
BA Ba Gacha
BA Ba Gacha - 16 days ago
This made me cry
Liam Thoms
Liam Thoms - 16 days ago
ElliDiary - 16 days ago
*jimmy crying in middle child*
RORO 1274
RORO 1274 - 17 days ago
Why did his mom go to prison?
Jack Err
Jack Err - 17 days ago
Speeding? And you started drinking... and the moved in with ur dad at 15? That’s some hell of a life... all that before being 15
Demarcus Thomas
Demarcus Thomas - 17 days ago
This is like a Academy Award winning drama story here, poor guy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
john garcia
john garcia - 17 days ago
wow just wow :(
Pixel Paige
Pixel Paige - 18 days ago
Boii if this real you dumb
Dylan Bundren
Dylan Bundren - 18 days ago
They would've took the baby as soon as *you were born.*
Bloob !
Bloob ! - 19 days ago
So wait he had a car at 14 ? WHY
QRL RichyDude
QRL RichyDude - 19 days ago
Y does all his fam members die
Lendell Carpio
Lendell Carpio - 19 days ago
A kid driving a car ey
Tigerclaws Retrostyle
Tigerclaws Retrostyle - 20 days ago
So tragic
Gamer_Playz games
Gamer_Playz games - 20 days ago
Lol thats one day before my birthday xd
Alex Torres
Alex Torres - 21 day ago
My B day is on November 29th
DMadd519 - 21 day ago
Better title: my grandma passed and now my life is changed
red.potato - 22 days ago
“He’s fifteen years old now “ yet he drank and drove
Lejon5 - 22 days ago
Damn, this is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
christian diaz perez
christian diaz perez - 22 days ago
Happy birthday ur now 16 like Steven universe!
Nobody Nobody2
Nobody Nobody2 - 22 days ago
this is a fake story! dont believe its true or is loosely based on a real one with alot of made up stuff.
Adriana Gunsel
Adriana Gunsel - 23 days ago
Umm.....This isn’t about him being born in a prison cell this is about his grandma dying,killing his girlfriend,and his dad dying What Is this
RILEY DUTTON - 23 days ago
It says minute videos this is SEVEN MINUTES
Next videos