Santa Baby - Lindsey Stirling

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Santa Baby
Santa Baby - Day ago
Beautiful as always ❤
Richard Chavarria
Richard Chavarria - 2 days ago
Really did they say that???... Your Amazing and spontaneous...this mean youre impredesible and thats because youre great... but you always will be good because this doesnt change in a suol like yours...
Heroic Xiong
Heroic Xiong - 5 days ago
Blue Christmas trees, I like it.
rachelleavitt - 6 days ago
This is just my thought process about your change in look and art. Telling someone they have lost who they are as an artist is very subjective and it's not where I would go with this at all. Artists stretch themselves all the time and should, and that's obviously what you are trying to do. On the other hand, as someone who is a fan, there are particular reasons I watch you which your new direction in your album don't align with. One is that I watch you to feel something that is inspiring to me, that makes me feel at peace, and that brings me back to the center of who I am. This current album didn't really do that for me. The other reason I've sought out your particular art is because I feel it is something i can share with my kids and family of all ages and still find it entertaining (really hard to do). Again, for me, this is not something I have felt comfortable doing with this particular album. I think it's all fine that you want to explore other ways of doing you, but I am curious to see if your art is going to continue to fulfill the reason I chose to watch you. In the long run, where you choose to go with your art has no bearing on me so'll just attract new people who enjoy what you are doing, or keep others who liked you for other reasons. For me, I'll enjoy your older stuff. No biggie.
Dray James
Dray James - 7 days ago
This is beautiful...if it’s you it’s better.. let them play you something
Nathan Davison
Nathan Davison - 7 days ago
Don’t listen to the haters, you music is fantastic and you singing is gorgeous keep doing what your doing and listen to your fans, we are all behind you all the way.
Appl3ee okayly
Appl3ee okayly - 8 days ago
the start of this song is mesmerizing o.o
Appl3ee okayly
Appl3ee okayly - 8 days ago
beyond the inspiration for me too keep up with the violin ( you gotta a great voice ) :D
pkgkrb power
pkgkrb power - 9 days ago
Your performance is really Cool .Hip and you are just being you..Goodluck with everything you do.!!
posma samantha
posma samantha - 10 days ago
luisa buitrago
luisa buitrago - 11 days ago
I always wanted to do ballet and i am doing it
Santa Baby
Santa Baby - Day ago
Wow, congratulations!
Brizz Romero
Brizz Romero - 13 days ago
Por que aún está viva está tipa murió hace años un fan la asesinó en una firma
Jose Condori
Jose Condori - 12 days ago
Espera es el fan que calvo no
Jose Condori
Jose Condori - 12 days ago
Que no entiendo nada por favor me explicas que Ste cantante
Stephanie Ber
Stephanie Ber - 14 days ago
You go girl! I remember I watched your only first music video Crystallize and you were and still are my role model and such a big inspiration to my sisters and I. I love you soooo much and May Jesus continue to Bless you! Keep on going and do not pay attention to any negativity, you’re too good for crappy negativity girl. I love you!😘♥️🙏🏼💋🥰
Emily Snyder
Emily Snyder - 14 days ago
Hey Lindsey Stirling!!! I have been a huge fan of you and tried practicing a couple of your songs, of course they're played like a baby compared to YOU!! I love you soooo much!!! Your voice is so pretty! You should start singing a little more in your songs maybe a duet with someone with your violin in the background but still camera on that too! I don't know why people are saying such mean stuff honestly that's just immature. They're just jealous of you and all of your talents. Violin, dancing, singing, being awesome, being able to learn ballet in a certain timeframe...the list can go forever. I love you Lindsey and I hope you never stop playing.
Juana Chavez
Juana Chavez - 15 days ago
Butiful work its perfectly done
samoloko77 - 17 days ago
Authenthic american idiotism ..... She shouldn't say the intro words...
Amy Cordiner
Amy Cordiner - 20 days ago
I love seeing how much you've grown as a musician and an artist! You nailed these xmas videos! You can sing, dance and play the violin... Why shouldn't you make the most of all those skills if that's where you're creativity is taking you! Myself and I imagine the vast majority of those watching are very excited to see where that creativity takes you next
Elena Cervantes Soprano
Elena Cervantes Soprano - 20 days ago
Maravilloso trabajo, me encanta y te disfruto mucho!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Soy Alizee Ortiz
Soy Alizee Ortiz - 18 days ago
Yo igual
Alfredo de jesus Barragan ballesteros
es la primera vez que la escucho cantar a lindsey
Ramiro Aguirre
Ramiro Aguirre - 23 days ago
So beautiful!
Lanae Lively
Lanae Lively - 23 days ago
Never be afraid to do something new. It'll scare some people sure cause who isn't afraid of change but that's why we need trail blazers like you.
RE BooT - 24 days ago
It doesn't matter if you play, dance or whatever, anyway, it’s always beautiful.
Hana Vinter
Hana Vinter - 25 days ago
I like the video except the fact you obviously have no idea about ballet🙄i on earth did you get idea that pointe shoes are tied up like that. Next time please check these kind of things beacause that's not ok...and as i said...i like you so don't take this as something bad but be more careful please
Izzy P
Izzy P - 25 days ago
Lindsey, you're absolutely amazing! Your singing is wonderful and I would never of thought you were only a beginner in ballet! You're an inspiration you are just the best at violin! ❤❤❤
bonnant cedric
bonnant cedric - 26 days ago
tu et Magique
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast - 26 days ago
Lindsey your voice is beautiful
KylaW - 27 days ago
Watching this not even close to Christmas... what up month of April? How are ya?
Timothy Came
Timothy Came - 28 days ago
My Lady, you're a wonder!!!!
Laura - Month ago
Her shower cap reminds me of my purse from the 7th grade. I need it.
grace bradshaw
grace bradshaw - Month ago
lindsey you are a amazing singer and amazing at ballet!!!!!!
D S - Month ago
I bet you're fun to play with.
Nano -Na
Nano -Na - Month ago
Es perfecta, canta, baila, toca el violín. Joder, ¿más perfecta no puedes ser?
Pastel Pineapple
Pastel Pineapple - Month ago
Honestly I truly believe this song is one of the most ICONIC songs you have made!! I absolutely cannot express how much I love this!
Виктор Комольцев
Я тебя баню потому что ты мне не нравится все через 5 минут жди.
Stephanie West
Stephanie West - Month ago
Wow she can dance sing and play the violin! Very talented and has looks too
Brianda Belizario
Brianda Belizario - Month ago
Can she become Sabrina’s twin sister or not! Because both look almost same 😖
Jorge Rodriguez Pereira
I told you
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez - Month ago
Multi-Talented! Love it!!
Isabel Bisson-St-Amour
David Barbee
David Barbee - Month ago
Lindsey Stirling I’m amazed and awed at everything you do. You’re a great talent, a beautiful woman, a great example of class and dignity to other young artists, and so refreshing how you appear to be able to laugh, even at yourself. Lindsey, you’re a bright light in today’s world. Please, please, don’t ever listen to the dissenting voices. Keep it up. Best wishes for another successful year. I can’t wait to see what you do next.
Papa Franku's Lost Twin kek
Kto od meksykana?
Lisa Reeves
Lisa Reeves - Month ago
Emma Wiges
Emma Wiges - Month ago
I like her voice
Sz3ntAr - Month ago
My jaw dropped after ten seconds, and checked if I haven't missclicked.
It's really different, but I have been waiting a lot to hear her sing. It's not bad, it's different. I don't think Lindsey should be surprised about her fan's being shocked, it was a 180°turn. But it's still her song, it was like some experimenting....
Fynn Herz
Fynn Herz - Month ago
I love his voice you can relly good play
Renee Sposito
Renee Sposito - Month ago
i keep coming back to this song
Poll Sycirz24centimix
Poll Sycirz24centimix - Month ago
Congratulations to a very nice trio work! Lindsey Stirling
Sam Brighton
Sam Brighton - Month ago
You're a true angel for me Lindsey! Much appreciate what you're doing.
Oliverdee Seredica
Oliverdee Seredica - Month ago
subscribe to the flamingo channel (:
Makayla Mchenry
Makayla Mchenry - Month ago
Ilove. Your videos Ignore all that judge your the queen and a wonderful your videos always make me smile even when I'm having a bad day ,😍
Rodrigo Mendoza
Rodrigo Mendoza - Month ago
How can be a ballet dancer that would be awesome you dancing ballet while playing the violin or dancing contemporary ballet
datoorion - Month ago
This is good... TB nailed it better tho
Annabeth Jean Sofie Everdeen Herondale Finch
May I just say, I love the dog. It has a tutu🙂
Jakki Frost
Jakki Frost - Month ago
Is it weird that I want to marry this gorgeous woman. I also want her to teach me how to play the violin so we can do duets.
lee - Month ago
I crushed on Lindsey as a kid and I come back to her channel years later on this day being 18.

Memnoch - Month ago
Lindsey your the freaking bomb! Never stop doing what you're doing! LOVE IT!
Rovaan - Month ago
Wow, and you can sing As well as play violin. Nice! I Love it.
Reaper Elite
Reaper Elite - Month ago
Such a lovely voice she has, i hope for more of that voice in her music
brian behave
brian behave - Month ago
i love your work...keep on the is a good path to be on
Pillow Bull
Pillow Bull - Month ago
This is beautiful 💛💙💜💚
jens riedel
jens riedel - Month ago
Trägst du Lolita
Mauricio Albán
Mauricio Albán - Month ago
Do not listen to what people are saying, Lindsey, you are great and you will continue to be, FAN YOURS FROM 2015, Greetings from Ecuador!
Inkk Vibe
Inkk Vibe - Month ago
Loved it, especially the dancing dog, you never fail to surprise in a creative way.
lostsoul517 - Month ago
I have been following you for years. Forget any who say you lost something you are an amazing artist.
The Bad Guys
The Bad Guys - Month ago
lindsey and carly rey need to do a compilation together.
Дарья Личутина
Это просто шикарно 😍🧡
Psychokitty121 - 2 months ago
This is AMAZING! You should be allowed to explore others aspects of yourself so to all those who say you've lost what makes you good are close-minded individuals who will never have what it takes to find the other parts of who they are and will never change.
Keep doing what makes you happy and the fans who love you will journey with you.
Duq Eno
Duq Eno - 2 months ago
I'm sorry i judged you Lindsey, I overthink too much and end up judging. I hope you forgive me 😢. But now I'm glad you are trying new things. And at least you are doing what you want and inspire people in different ways. 💓💓💓
ChoryKuc z Czarnobyla
ChoryKuc z Czarnobyla - 2 months ago
Cindy zelada
Cindy zelada - 2 months ago
You are amazing! * - *
cougar1561 - 2 months ago
Please ignore the Scrooges and Grinches in the comments.
cougar1561 - 2 months ago
Middle split for the win 3:01
True Neutral
True Neutral - 2 months ago
I have just found what I want for present next Christmas....
FBI • - 2 months ago
I’ll have you know the FBI places deep trust in you
Niki IGN
Niki IGN - 2 months ago
I love everything you do, Lindsey - your art is such an inspiration!
Сергей Сырцов
Сергей Сырцов - 2 months ago
Лайк! Veri good!
Ivone Barbosa
Ivone Barbosa - 2 months ago
Sensacional, uma verdadeira artista completa, dançarina maravilhosa, violinista extraordinária e ainda cantora. 👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
krlos experience
krlos experience - 2 months ago
i love
ISSYOS Kombat Games
ISSYOS Kombat Games - 2 months ago
I Want Play The Violin As Good As You! You Are The Best Lindsey Stirling
Simon Veselov
Simon Veselov - 2 months ago
Заебись! Я отвечаю)
Pechkurov Aleksej
Pechkurov Aleksej - 2 months ago
Music CHART Lovifm Lindsey Stirling -
Jimmy Ray
Jimmy Ray - 2 months ago
Oh my goodness Lindsey WOW so flawless and so beautiful. This is by far the one Christmas present Santa forgot to bring me. I keep thinking you are that girl from NCIS: Los Angeles "Nel" everytime I see your much prettier face. Watching again......WOW.
NEIL MALONE - 2 months ago
just finding a few of your videos and your comment obviously, you can't really "win" these days as a musical artist. If you vary the songs you do, then some will complain that you it's not your "normal sound" but if you don't then others will complain that "you always sound the same". Varying the songs you do will often help "flex" your musical muscles and perhaps be useful in future songs you do - different styles may help you understand how to capture a particular sound you may want to use, eg slight jazz influence. Also if you want to cover any songs that may be personal favourites/influences (not sure if it applies to this one but it is a classic song) then go ahead because what I've seen so far is great, you've got some great talent there.
Betty Smith
Betty Smith - 2 months ago
yep... still in love with Lindsey!
jing yi
jing yi - 2 months ago
How I wish I could sing, dance and play an instrument that well! I can't play instruments that well and it's because I'm lazy, I can't dance and I sing horribly... Sighs
Jim Persson Mölsä
Jim Persson Mölsä - 2 months ago
luis delat
luis delat - 2 months ago
te amo lindsey
luis delat
luis delat - 2 months ago
amo esta parte 2:47
marinette rosales
marinette rosales - 2 months ago
Este es mi video favorito
Sofie - 2 months ago
this is one of the few songs that make me want to dance
Albert Zaballero
Albert Zaballero - 2 months ago
Love Lindsey's music, all the work she puts into her performance AND love her singing! Keep rockin' it Lindsey ;)
Morteza MIM
Morteza MIM - 2 months ago
musician, dancer, singer... what's her weakness?
peter tyson
peter tyson - 2 months ago
No. I love your new style. ... I think I've said this before. I didn't know you can sing...artists can always change if they want..and go back to roots when they want. ..I'd be your santa baby. .. but i heard its not good to meet your heros or heroine in your case. the stuff you do....👌😊
Edith D.
Edith D. - 2 months ago
She should def do more singing
luis pedro vazquez
luis pedro vazquez - 2 months ago
EasyTechno - 2 months ago
0:28 I thought that was a man's leg
Pratik Panda
Pratik Panda - 2 months ago
I loved this song. I prefer the violin heavy instrumentals but that's not to say this isn't great. Looking forward to hearing more ! New fan! xDxD
Poby The Stranger
Poby The Stranger - 2 months ago
Robb V
Robb V - 2 months ago
Wow! I don't think you can get any Cuter!! What an amazing you are!
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