Santa Baby - Lindsey Stirling

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Kia Peterson
Kia Peterson - Day ago
Well done, true to you and faithful in your callings. We love you sweetie...
Hunter Michaelis
Hunter Michaelis - Day ago
I bumped into Lindsey’s page during a low point in college a few years back. “Roundtable” and “Tides” were just fun to watch and brightened up the day. Her vids still make me smile.
AngliNex - 2 days ago
She can sing too?
xeximaxi - 3 days ago
beside singins which is amazing. show more your sexi body. i almost exploded with that video.
Paul Wesselkamper
Paul Wesselkamper - 3 days ago
Lindsey, don't pay any mind to anyone saying anything negative about your artistic abilities or beauty - I would venture to say they are jealous. You are an all around amazing performance artist! You have SKILL!
xeximaxi - 3 days ago
i prefer as you singin right now more than violing things. sing and play some violin as some ingredient ! yo
xeximaxi - 3 days ago
i love their music and yours !
xeximaxi - 3 days ago
sing more sing sing. this is amazing. so relaxing and soulfull. i want more songs. listen bird and the bee hits for inspiration. their music is amazing.
xeximaxi - 3 days ago
overall sing more. i am amazed.
xeximaxi - 3 days ago
YOU HAVE VOICE LIKE SINGERIN FROM THE BIRD AND THE BEE band. try to cover some their maybe you two should sing together!!!!
Persis Persis
Persis Persis - 5 days ago
Y el Violin?
kaitlyn stevens
kaitlyn stevens - 5 days ago
Betty Smith
Betty Smith - 7 days ago
yep.. Feb and still in love with this.
Mr Byson
Mr Byson - 9 days ago
No Ring but a really good Footmassage and a Human that dont wanna hurt you !!!
Shadow Less
Shadow Less - 9 days ago
Lindsey, you are a true genius, really I mean it. Everything you do is just brilliant. Please do the William Tell overture on your violin. With your talent, skills and experience, set in the historic setting of the story, with an outfit of the time, I think it will be breathtaking :) Have loads more ideas for you if you want ;)
Mr Byson
Mr Byson - 9 days ago
Aaach kokaja Konfetka !!
Ddnyzzz - 10 days ago
You're incredible💖💖💖
Love from Chile💕
beardo52 - 10 days ago
Pay no heed to naysayers Ms. Lindsey, your own heart is all the guidance you need. God gave you this life to make your own decisions, and choices, and take your life just where you want it to go. Free will, just like Life itself, is a gift of God.
randomwalter - 11 days ago
this is not music
randomwalter - 11 days ago
Spirited Queen
Spirited Queen - 12 days ago
Her legs are amazing!!!
Cristen Baker
Cristen Baker - 12 days ago
Wow just wow! Talent everywhere!
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - 13 days ago
I'm happy are trying new things nothing wrong with that
randomwalter - 13 days ago
awful and disgusting
Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson - 11 days ago
I agree the weather is indeed awful and disgusting.
Nathalya Edgan
Nathalya Edgan - 15 days ago
I do not know if you'll read this Lindsey.
However, I congratulate you on what you are doing.
Sometimes people ignore the effort behind an act.
People are used to certain things and take them for granted.
What you gave us in Arena was also a huge step forward. You tell a story in each of your creations and they must look like what you want.
We create for ourselves first and foremost.
I myself was surprised when I saw these new videos. I did not understand at the time that it was your voice. I thought you had taken the song sung by others by using the words.
It is by reading his message that I understood. The surprise! Still, she was very nice because I know what it is that worked hard on his talent as you did it.
Never stops. Dark. You are the best and you will remain so, because what you do is unique.
Никита Шараев
I was wondering when you'd start singing.
NE Life
NE Life - 15 days ago
That smile at @2:20 😍😍
Rebeka Horecká
Rebeka Horecká - 16 days ago
I LOVE THIS - every second
Denis Zyabrikov
Denis Zyabrikov - 16 days ago
Желаю концерт в России!!! люблю твое творчество)
Reef Robinson
Reef Robinson - 17 days ago
For someone that just plays a violin you are pretty good at dancing
Shopi-desu :P
Shopi-desu :P - 18 days ago
Lindsey... Sing ?!
Petra Kubakova
Petra Kubakova - 18 days ago
Lindsey, this concept is amazing! Please, don't stop doing this.
Rebecca Van Campen
Rebecca Van Campen - 19 days ago
There IS no other female on the planet more angelic than you. lol Talented, joyful, uplifting, insanely creative! happy, fun, loved by all: babies to elderly, men and have MERIT, Chica!
Darya Bagnenko
Darya Bagnenko - 19 days ago
Awesome talent. Gorgeous performance. Inspiring feed. You motivate to develop! This applies to every video and track of your performance!
XenosLangley - 20 days ago
Your music has literally saved my life on an occasion. I thank you for that, along with my 8 year old daughter, who also loves your music. I love you Lindsey, you inspire me to be a better, and stronger person, and will always continue to be your biggest fan!
William Hancock
William Hancock - 20 days ago
Like the video just for the dog
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster - 20 days ago
I enjoyed this tbh. Xd.
Jaime Richarte
Jaime Richarte - 21 day ago
Me en canta tus canciones
Tabita Jesus
Tabita Jesus - 22 days ago
Oi eu sou do Brasil e amo seus vídeos 😊☺️, espero que você venha no Brasil de novo
S L - 24 days ago
This song can only grow on me, I really like the electronic/violin stuff - and your voice! Kinda reminds me of Owl City too.
Alexander Galejev
Alexander Galejev - 24 days ago
That moment when youtube switches from 480p to 4k, sheesh
Radoslaw Koziorowski
Radoslaw Koziorowski - 25 days ago
So nice to see you evolveing, changeing, searching. Is like all new adventure every time. Always with style and huge amount of talent. With love R.K :)
William Betzelberger
William Betzelberger - 25 days ago
Lindsey has an amazing voice!
Wojciech - 25 days ago
Kto od Meksyka?
Garry Damrau
Garry Damrau - 25 days ago
Ashlee Gonzalez
Ashlee Gonzalez - 26 days ago
Such a good singer 👩‍🎤 😍🙏💃🤩
Ashlee Gonzalez
Ashlee Gonzalez - 26 days ago
Alexander Galejev
Alexander Galejev - 26 days ago
Lindsey just showed me how I can practice 40 hours a day even with having a bath.
Although ling ling plays so hard his dirt just falls off while playing.
Desperado Leo
Desperado Leo - 26 days ago
I love you Lindsey and your creativity, who is behind, put like! :))
Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown - 26 days ago
By the way your song was on TV I was so happy
nano zeko
nano zeko - 26 days ago
your singing is beautiful since LotR medley, but what I didn't like about this video is some of the dance moves, you are above this Lindsey, you don't need to draw anyone's attention to any thing but your talent, and you are talented enough. Just work on what you have and keep growing.
Mark Hubbell
Mark Hubbell - 27 days ago
Loved it Lindsey! You keep growing into new areas and doing them well! Thank you for your wonderful efforts!
Siesar Nick
Siesar Nick - 27 days ago
Very nice song and also music. I like a lot your performance also as singer
Mariana Nunes
Mariana Nunes - 28 days ago
Please come to Rio
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - 28 days ago
Women...Lindsey, every time I listen to your music it gives me chills and/or I tear up. The music you make is beautiful and you are as beautiful as your music. My every day music is hip hop but when I need a break or to relax I always go find you. I love your music I love what you are about...just saying I would merry you on site. Lol pay no attention to hatters true fans support you no matter if you just stand and stare at the camera for 3 minutes we got you boo.
Ju lia
Ju lia - 28 days ago
Ахахах) собачка как танцует ))
Вадим Пирожков
Я , ля... обезкуражен)))
i luv puppies101
i luv puppies101 - Month ago
Oh my goodness! Why am I so late for this?😭❤️
Aveek B
Aveek B - Month ago
Can you please make a cover on the french song tourner dans le vide by Indila pleeeeaaaassseee
=3 =3
No Restrictions
No Restrictions - Month ago
I love this song in nightcore male cover a lot. It's afterwards that I'm now listening to the original version for the first time. Awesome job on the lyrics and voice
asmail fwaz
asmail fwaz - Month ago
رائع جدا
Marc Spector
Marc Spector - Month ago
320dak - Month ago
Love It!!! Beautiful voice and singing! I like your “Playfulness” in this video! Nice seeing that side of you! Keep it going girl!!! Looking forward towards your next video!
Dutch - Month ago
I love your albums! Keep sharing your amazing talent!
Nicole Eickelmann
Nicole Eickelmann - Month ago
Verpiss dich mit dein diamnzen sonst schlugst du steine
Jesse Mudge
Jesse Mudge - Month ago
Glad to hear her singing in these vids and displaying comic skills.
Delia Munoz
Delia Munoz - Month ago
MissCharletteBlythe - Month ago
Impressed :). You're awesome!
Шахло Ахмедова. Самарканд.
Сергей Козловский
Линдсей не гони
حمزه alaa
حمزه alaa - Month ago
Nicole Eickelmann
Nicole Eickelmann - Month ago
Ich hab eine neuna hier gleich kapiert danke SAG der Bundes bank
Marcelo Yuri
Marcelo Yuri - Month ago
Dang. I didn't knew you could sing too.
That is a bit unfair of life to let you sing, play and dance. You are the whole party.
Boutheina Dammak
Boutheina Dammak - Month ago
I have been following your videos for years now and hearing you sing is the the most beautiful love you Lindsey you are a true inspiration
Veronica Alvarez Frias
Love the aesthetic of this music video
Hageshiku Lady
Hageshiku Lady - Month ago
You are just amazing as always, yet just keep bringing more and more beautiful pieces of art
Doobie buddie
Doobie buddie - Month ago
More legs please lol
Zeinab Qaddoomi
Zeinab Qaddoomi - Month ago
I used to like her bcoz she didn't use to make this kind of act ,
I loved her in more artistic thoughtful ideas like crystallize or master of tides
Patricia Egan
Patricia Egan - Month ago
It's the kind of phone I love, I think it's referred to as the princess phone but could be wrong. All I know is I still and always will love a phone just like that. It's fun and filled with lots of movie memories. I couldn't hear the song though, Internet probs, just wanted to say, hello.
Nicole Eickelmann
Nicole Eickelmann - Month ago
Schützen treffen dich nein euch von oben nach unten viel Glück im weiteren leben du bist Tod geschrieben und hingerichtet
Nicole Eickelmann
Nicole Eickelmann - Month ago
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Nicole Eickelmann - Month ago
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Nicole Eickelmann - Month ago
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Nicole Eickelmann - Month ago
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Nein er ist tot
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