The REAL Story of the Pilgrims - JonTron

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Carlos Pérez
Carlos Pérez - 22 minutes ago
shadow raid legends ads be like. skip ad now
Harry Kearns
Harry Kearns - 27 minutes ago
Plymouth Rock is the new Rockington
JunKei - 39 minutes ago
Jon please stop with the raid shadow legends, the game sucks
Scott White
Scott White - 39 minutes ago
James town apparently collapsed for no fucking reason other than the people there just disappeared for no fucking reason.
KatyVlogz - 42 minutes ago
Scott White
Scott White - 45 minutes ago
Pilgrims didn't wear buckled hats
John Russell
John Russell - Hour ago
K that was fuckin hilarious.
JonTron pronouncing Hoofddorp is the best thing I've ever heard as a dutchie.
Galily - 2 hours ago
Love this
Jojo Mcrian
Jojo Mcrian - 2 hours ago
I learned about Jamestown
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor - 3 hours ago
Jontron: who the fucks heard of Jamestown?
Me who lives in Virginia and has been forced to learn about Jamestown since the 4th grade: *exists*
Paradox_Gaming - 4 hours ago
its nice to hear your voice again
Tyler Perdew
Tyler Perdew - 5 hours ago
Plus become a history channel
Reversekidflash No
Reversekidflash No - 6 hours ago
@jontron plz react to a show call morphle
Max Blanck
Max Blanck - 6 hours ago
Jumping the shark territory...
captain cook
captain cook - 7 hours ago
please do a series of history shit this was amazing
trч hαrd wσσfzí
trч hαrd wσσfzí - 7 hours ago
Yay Dutch i live there
trч hαrd wσσfzí
trч hαrd wσσfzí - 7 hours ago
Yay Dutch i live there
trч hαrd wσσfzí
trч hαrd wσσfzí - 7 hours ago
Shadow raid legend a advertisement an then the start
daniel weingarten
daniel weingarten - 8 hours ago
levy van den heuvel
levy van den heuvel - 8 hours ago
Jontron: makes any mention of the netherlands.
Me: *happy dutchmen noises*
paperskate - 8 hours ago
8:25 Really missing some Brodyquest here
Auburn Evans
Auburn Evans - 10 hours ago
For all thise confused children: our education system is shit, we've been making it better ever since the internet allowed us to fact check, you're welcome.
ElijahandPichu - 13 hours ago
I swear that I will become a history teacher and show this to the class
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 8 hours ago
ElijahandPichu - 13 hours ago
I swear I learned more from this than in a single year of school
TSMSnation - 14 hours ago
don't know bout that one bob.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 8 hours ago
LMAO I love you JonTron! Never stop!
TSMSnation - 14 hours ago
"its one of the top rated games on the google play store!"
ah yes, "next to steal your money" and "how fast can you put in your social number!"
Abram Edwards
Abram Edwards - 15 hours ago
What has Raid done to you Jon
Damien Bravo
Damien Bravo - 16 hours ago
Pennywise 7:47 john's left
WirestDust 952
WirestDust 952 - 17 hours ago
15 million downloads in 6 months, what about the uninstalls in the past week🤣
Isaac West
Isaac West - 18 hours ago
The story of the Pilgirms is also a story agaisnt socialism. They would take their harvest and pile it for people to take whenever, ideally only what they needed. Soon some people realized they could take other people's harvest without working, and thus they all began to starve. Squinto vame from a tribe that died out to a plague accidentally brought from settlers. Squinto helped them harvest properly, and the Pilgrims too a more capitalist approach to how food would be distributed. Eventually there was plenty of harvest, and in their thanks they had a huge feast with Squinto and his buddies. Thanksgiving would become a common tradition in the Americas, but wouldn't become a holiday until Abraham Lincoln made it so.
TimeSkit - 18 hours ago
We do learn this in history class, just a lot more boring
Peter Klewer
Peter Klewer - 18 hours ago
Raid shadow legend literally raid the legend
Hotpies - 18 hours ago
Leiden is with an ij not an ie
hoofddorp is with an oht not an oo
Voorburg doesn't end with a guh but an entirely different pronunciation of g, kind of like a rolling r but English dummies could never comprehend it so I won't bother telling you
Enrico Pucci
Enrico Pucci - 19 hours ago
"You put some fish in the ground and the corn comes out, and your boy is not a skeleton anymore"
I'm sorry Jon, but now that you've given him that accent, I can't unhear him as Xavier Renegade Angel
ObviouslyASMR - 20 hours ago
Never stop making fun of the Dutch
Valaree Sparks
Valaree Sparks - 20 hours ago
Jon,When are you going to review movies,games and shows again like the old days of Jontron?
Barq - 21 hour ago
Only a tenth of the Story Dumbfuck, finish it.
PaulIvanish - 21 hour ago
LMAO I love you JonTron!
Never stop!
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