I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike

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Mikhaela McKenzie
Mikhaela McKenzie - Hour ago
Come back to Canada 🍁
Tamarah Lafontant
Tamarah Lafontant - 8 hours ago
you guys should come to new york
montana henderson
montana henderson - 11 hours ago
I have the galaxy swimsuit from torrid(2 piece vs) 😂😂
Sasha Bergseid
Sasha Bergseid - Day ago
Her last dress is stunning
Zoe Crom
Zoe Crom - Day ago
So me and Jen are the same height and that is so awesome because she is my roll model and basicly is my fully unleashed personality☺
Jazmine Orozco
Jazmine Orozco - Day ago
I live in Hawaii!
Abby Carley
Abby Carley - Day ago
You should go to bora bora next that would be so cool
MJ _winter24
MJ _winter24 - Day ago
Jen- This colour...you...this dress, BUT DADDY I LOVE HIM
Megan Wyatt
Megan Wyatt - 2 days ago
Jen always has tea ☕️ 😂
Elvia Ortiz
Elvia Ortiz - 2 days ago
Jen is so cute, and funny! I can’t stop laughing, and her hands..😏
droozzey._.6 l
droozzey._.6 l - 2 days ago
Jen's so cute and and get more more aggressively gay each episode
Sarah Melton
Sarah Melton - 2 days ago
yall should go to Tuscany
Im Am
Im Am - 2 days ago
Surprise surprise, no one's mad that they wear Hawaiian patterns.
ASMR Simsie
ASMR Simsie - 2 days ago
I love Jen😂❤️ She is so funny😂
PK Art
PK Art - 2 days ago
Maybe Greenwich Connecticut 🧐😂? OwO
Maaloa Punua
Maaloa Punua - 3 days ago
Manaola is my uncle
Landra and Paris TV
Landra and Paris TV - 3 days ago
Honolulu is sooo fun! Also jen your gay humor is hilarious!
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin - 3 days ago
wait...how can you sound like the inside of a sock..?
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr - 3 days ago
There's some really nice lakes up here in Washington, specifically in belfair, we also have an excellent number of plus size options at our target, Wal-Mart, and the silver Dale mall, the hotels aren't anything fancy cuz small town life but they work
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson - 4 days ago
I have to say that Torrid is the best place to buy a bathing suit for a plus sized body! I have always struggled with feeling beautiful and confident in a bathing suit until I found that yellow one with the flowers and flamingos that was in the background of this video :)
Artrell Knight
Artrell Knight - 4 days ago
Jen seemed tipsy when you guys were shopping 😂😂😂 sooo funny
Sierra Cook
Sierra Cook - 4 days ago
Jen is just beautiful, and y'all look like you have such a great time together.
The Bitchy Hufflepuff
The Bitchy Hufflepuff - 4 days ago
Come to Seattle
abravereader - 4 days ago
jen is on so much cold medicine and it shows
spring nation
spring nation - 5 days ago
I went to Hawaii and I stayed at that hotel it was soooo good
Alana Woods
Alana Woods - 5 days ago
That's dress was aqua no turquoise!!!
Lesley Bray-Toguchi
Lesley Bray-Toguchi - 5 days ago
Okinawa! Okinawa! OKINAWA!
Greer Newman
Greer Newman - 5 days ago
Wait Wait Wait does anyone know the periodic tables song... The music in this video is backing track to it, and I only realised that when I started singing it mid video ahah
Love Bug
Love Bug - 5 days ago
Jane is so cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😋
Nat - Cat
Nat - Cat - 5 days ago
Na na no☝️😂
Vegas Marie
Vegas Marie - 5 days ago
go to michigan
LARF - 6 days ago
Why’d they cut out jens performance? I would love to see the PeRfOrMaNcE!
SkyRizza - 6 days ago
I love jens hair but I don’t wanna cut my hair bc it only looks good on her it won’t look good on me
lindsey Haralson
lindsey Haralson - 7 days ago
Good job mentioning pulling over for residents to pass!
Vex_Editz .-.
Vex_Editz .-. - 7 days ago
Im 5'3 ( almost) too :P but one thing- I'm 12 🤣😂
Samantha Caamano
Samantha Caamano - 7 days ago
No one:
Literally nobody:
Jen: yOu wANt mY kNiFE?
Olivia Kratz
Olivia Kratz - 8 days ago
the way jen says ponyo😂😭🥺
Noah Ampe
Noah Ampe - 8 days ago
The guy at manaola was my fav
Emma Moriarty
Emma Moriarty - 8 days ago
When Jen said "That's Homophobic" it made me think of when i was holding my girlfriends hand and a boys face was looked so disgusted also love that sand message
Emma Moriarty
Emma Moriarty - 6 days ago
@Nifty Hamster im not going to detail it but he was rude about it
Nifty Hamster
Nifty Hamster - 6 days ago
Just cause someone disagrees doesn’t mean their homophobic
Gracie Miller
Gracie Miller - 8 days ago
Would love to have kristens confidences shes gorgeous
Peaches Thesordid
Peaches Thesordid - 8 days ago
Come to Colorado next during ski season
Peaches Thesordid
Peaches Thesordid - 8 days ago
I want that 100 ways dress but in black
Coffe Cat
Coffe Cat - 9 days ago
I was watching the few seconds from 12:11 about ten times till I couldn‘t breathe, because I was laughing so hard😂

Jen is the best
Miss Juggalette
Miss Juggalette - 9 days ago
Can I order these clothes online
Pandasloth 38
Pandasloth 38 - 10 days ago
Come to Sydney!!!!!!🥰
Haley Marie
Haley Marie - 11 days ago
high-key crushing on Jen😍
Gamer TT
Gamer TT - 11 days ago
I hope Kristen goes to Florida
Alexia Cyr
Alexia Cyr - 12 days ago
i thought she was gonna wear no clothes to hawaii
Jaydee Nguyennn
Jaydee Nguyennn - 12 days ago
Kris: let’s go
Jen in the background: let’s go I’m not gay
Taylor Stanford
Taylor Stanford - 13 days ago
Emmerson Barton
Emmerson Barton - 14 days ago
Jen using her lap napkin to sheild Kristen is the sweetest thing. You two lassies should come see Scotland!
Erin Oloughlin
Erin Oloughlin - 14 days ago
I just moved from oahu
Sofie Nybye
Sofie Nybye - 14 days ago
Is Europe too far away for this? If not try something like Copenhagen
Megan Mardesich
Megan Mardesich - 15 days ago
Try somewhere in Europe. The sizes are very limited and showcasing that would be really cool!
SOFIYA SINGH - 15 days ago
Jen is amazing😂😂😅😅
Wolfyd1999 - 15 days ago
Hawaii is not a challenge at all! There are a lot of plus size people who live there that are accommodated. Plus she literally went in to a store made for plus size people that you can go to at nearly any mall all over the U.S.
JadedJules - 15 days ago
Jen (with a sneaky little grin): so where are we going now
Guyana rocks always & 4ever
You guys should do France next
Abby - 15 days ago
No u went with the ugliest bathing suit
Caroline Pelfrey
Caroline Pelfrey - 15 days ago
When kristen asked jen if they could go to dinner my heart melted😂😍
Teala Frazer
Teala Frazer - 15 days ago
U should go to Japan
Jayne Upadhyay
Jayne Upadhyay - 15 days ago
Ooh maybe Miami!!!
Emil y
Emil y - 15 days ago
Go to Seoul, South Korea next!! (Or at some point in time!!) The fashion there is crazy cool, and I’d be interested to see what their options are for all shapes and sizes!!
who is she
who is she - 15 days ago
easy, breezy, beautiful: chirico!
Karina Estrada
Karina Estrada - 16 days ago
Hey, I live across from PearlRidge 😊 (not the best mall lol). Dude jen (gen?) is so drugged 😂 y’all are so much fun!!
Karina Estrada
Karina Estrada - 16 days ago
And omg kristin, the outfits you chose 👌 👌 👌 😉
Alex Sutor
Alex Sutor - 16 days ago
also im lowkey in love with jen
Alex Sutor
Alex Sutor - 16 days ago
i love how i guys are all so close
T. Jones
T. Jones - 16 days ago
First store was fantastic and the designer was amazing! This episode was full of humor. Kristin and Jen are great together.
Dani Bair
Dani Bair - 16 days ago
I have that heart suit case
Mikayla Aguilar
Mikayla Aguilar - 17 days ago
Revell McCracken
Revell McCracken - 17 days ago
Alyssa Kempf
Alyssa Kempf - 17 days ago
Also, if you guys ever do this again, come to Kansas City Missouri. There is a awesome clothes place called Retro Vixen. They have pin up style dresses, shoes, accessories, purses and more. It's a cute boutique that caters to plus size women. 10/10 would reccomend 👌🏼
QueenGlooby - 17 days ago
I absolutely love how confident she is in her body!
Olivia Paradise
Olivia Paradise - 17 days ago
guys my crush on jen is growing
Amber Kay
Amber Kay - 17 days ago
My only thought throughout the video:
Oh my gosh I’m taller than Jen
ISSY M - 17 days ago
I wished she’d said “I’m bringing Jen because she’s fun!”
Honestly that was the best Kristen quote of the century.
Adam Cederstrand
Adam Cederstrand - 17 days ago
nonono, PUT IT IN THE VIDEO. I love Jen
honeyboy - 18 days ago
kristin's finds in this episode are SO GORGEOUS!!! u gotta bring the empty suitcase show overseas, i would love to see tokyo or hong kong cos i'm always curious about the plus size options in asia??
Harmony DeVaney
Harmony DeVaney - 18 days ago
Dude all of Manolas dresses looked amazing on Kristen
Kaylin Johnson
Kaylin Johnson - 18 days ago
Here is a good idea where to do this next. Japan
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