I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike

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Alyssa Griego
Alyssa Griego - 7 hours ago
Has anyone notice in every show Jen friendship flirts with Kristen
Tiara Christina
Tiara Christina - 7 days ago
Everyone needs a person like Jen to hype them up. Ohhh mahhh gawwsh I can’t. 🥰
River Dreams
River Dreams - 9 days ago
Dang, I think I found my true love in her... marry me Kristin. 😍😍😍
Alice Grieco
Alice Grieco - 9 days ago
9:24 my favourite Jen voice
Clare127 - 10 days ago
I absolutely adore the styles at Manaola to the point where I looked them up and I'm gutted they don't ship to the UK... genuinely contemplating convincing my husband to do an Anniversary trip there one year just so I can go to this store.
itsrainyfaye - 11 days ago
also the man at the first store, such an angel:)
itsrainyfaye - 11 days ago
he of my fav episodes ever!! I LOVE KRISTEN AND JEN SM! I WANT TO BE THEIR BESTIES
Mama Mimi
Mama Mimi - 11 days ago
I absolutely adore those dresses with the unique prints!!! That man is so talented and I wish I could shop those dresses ❤️❤️❤️
yilmanbabilonia - 14 days ago
By far the best episode on this Serie
serena19196 - 15 days ago
Wow I really liked the styles at Manaola!!!
Luxus - 15 days ago
The owner's humor is refreshing 🤣💖
Ashlee Kaut-Turney
Ashlee Kaut-Turney - 16 days ago
I love that night look!
L - 16 days ago
Jen is my favourite 😂♥️
Payden Stdenis
Payden Stdenis - 16 days ago
The purple dress makes Kristen look like a Greek goddess
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones - 16 days ago
jen always seems a little cracked out. just me? okay.
Lululemonez - 17 days ago
This one has the best fit for + size and looks the best on like fr fr
queen g
queen g - 18 days ago
tbh i see jen's crush on k 👀
Nicole Ouellette
Nicole Ouellette - 19 days ago
Ok Kristen's romper, I need to find it...
Kristi Rae
Kristi Rae - 21 day ago
I love Manaola!!! He’s so much fun too.
Kristi Rae
Kristi Rae - 21 day ago
Oh my gosh I love Manaola! He seemed like so much fun too!
A MaryB
A MaryB - 21 day ago
Holy shitballs that blue dress is beautiful! I need it!
Jennifer Salzwedel
Jennifer Salzwedel - 21 day ago
Omg that is so nice.
Heather Edberg
Heather Edberg - 21 day ago
I wish they would include prices, or at least an idea of a price range
Ketch HeartEyes
Ketch HeartEyes - 24 days ago
Okay the guy who owned the store was fantastic though 😂 such a wonderful sense of humor
The Nerdy Generation
The Nerdy Generation - 25 days ago
I also just accepted the “Lance Armstrong” joke and I’m stoopid
The Nerdy Generation
The Nerdy Generation - 25 days ago
Jen’s gay panic in the bathing suit store was hilarious 😂😂
Geraldine b
Geraldine b - 25 days ago
what was the price of the blue dress?
Lesbian Youtuber
Lesbian Youtuber - 26 days ago
Wait I wanna see Jen’s performance
Sunny Neon Raye
Sunny Neon Raye - 27 days ago
The shopkeep's got jokes
Jen Cleveland
Jen Cleveland - 27 days ago
this trip was my favorite!
Kaila _girl307
Kaila _girl307 - 28 days ago
She looks gorgeous in everything n I was born in oahu and live on kauai
Foshoko - 28 days ago
The first dress blew my mind
Michelle Chua
Michelle Chua - 29 days ago
Manaola is not just a great designer, such a great person who thinks about his customers. He was sooo nice to Kirstin and Jen. Love this episode!
Ori Boozaglo
Ori Boozaglo - 29 days ago
“You sounds like the inside of a sock right now” -Kristin 😂
Lamma Al-B.
Lamma Al-B. - 29 days ago
I love how she is living her best life and not obsessed with societal norms for how woman should look
miss lavender
miss lavender - Month ago
I gasped when Kristin came out in the long blue dress in Manaola. She looked looked amazing
Tammy Moult
Tammy Moult - Month ago
I love Jen!
Grace Campbell
Grace Campbell - Month ago
Jen and Kristen are like cute girlfriends in every video 😂
Melissa037 - Month ago
Deliiiicious fiiiishes 😂
Lusahira S
Lusahira S - Month ago
Jen is sooo adorable
Katie Schuller
Katie Schuller - Month ago
Gonna dip that donut in its bath! Go for a swim!
Natalie Lewis
Natalie Lewis - Month ago
Okay but all those dresses were beautiful. What a good designer
darksirene - Month ago
I need that dress!!
PowerlessSuperhero - Month ago
Kristen is so gorgeous and I love her personality. The dynamic between her and Jen is hilarious. I could watch them all day!
John Ortega
John Ortega - Month ago
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arabella c
arabella c - Month ago

don’t know why I did all CAPS
Belladonna Fugatte
Belladonna Fugatte - Month ago
How you know you are a music geek: you pay attention to the start music of day 1. Cancan.
sintique - Month ago
2 thinks are just perfect in this episode : Jenn and the bikinis 😂💖💖
Yubelka Hernandez
Yubelka Hernandez - Month ago
The blue dress, and the burgondy print dress
casey - Month ago
I freaking Love Manaola's personality!
Alysia Nakasone
Alysia Nakasone - Month ago
I live in Hawaii ohmygoodness! !!!
Myah Andrews
Myah Andrews - Month ago
these dresses were absolutely stunning on her!
MaryQuiteContrary - Month ago
Im honestly so gay for Jen.... She makes me panic
Jennifer Abele
Jennifer Abele - Month ago
This is the content I didn’t know I needed especially being Kristen’s size too. I now know if I go to Hawaii I will put a swimsuit in my carry on😂 I love torrid it’s where I get everything.
Crystal Hannah
Crystal Hannah - Month ago
Kristen- “I feel like some stores are like, one size fits all! But it’s a two 😐
Brandy Melville- Hmm I wonder what stores she’s talking about
Belladonna Fugatte
Belladonna Fugatte - Month ago
Yesssss. I feel like I'm too overweight when I try on any one size fits all, though I'm not really and I know it.
Saphine MɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛEᴄʟɪᴘsᴇ
I kinda want to go to Hawaii just for go to the store...
panda day
panda day - Month ago
nobody at all
gen: want want my knife
Blah Blah
Blah Blah - Month ago
Kristen and Jen are my favorite duo 😂👌
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole - Month ago
I want Jen!
Niamh Jessica Evans
Niamh Jessica Evans - Month ago
I love this show it is my favorite, Kristen and Jen are the funniest
Emm_er - Month ago
When they teasingly ask Mike to grab something cuz he's 'the tall boy friend' and then he walks into the shot and you're like, "Ohhh, I get it."
lore slegers
lore slegers - Month ago
me when jen was talking about her big hands :🙂
me realising that jen is a lesbian :😳
Alondra A
Alondra A - Month ago
“I just automatically touch the vagina part of the swimsuit.... I don’t know why.”
Intan Amalia
Intan Amalia - Month ago
Before I know Kristin, I only love to use neutral trio (black, white and cream), don't know how to pull colour vs my size. Then she show how fun with colourful clothes also for being thicc. Aaaa, I'm in love, thank you honey ❤️
Orla Kelly
Orla Kelly - Month ago
Jenn being obsessed with her hand size is SO gay i luv it
Kathryn Doran-Fisher
Kathryn Doran-Fisher - Month ago
I'm taller than Jen, I'm 11 and 5'4 and a half, 'o'
Btw this is my moms account
Yamamoto Tifa
Yamamoto Tifa - Month ago
Come to Ohio and teach me how to be as confident as you are in your skin! I'm plus size and kinda look like Kristen honestly. I never go shopping because I can't stand plus size shopping! Help!
YTLizardsAndMe - Month ago
I want to eat the fishies.
But I’m allergic 😅
Juliet Sparrow
Juliet Sparrow - Month ago
I got sick on a trip to a safari lodge and for about 2 hours I was on a nose stuff high exactly like Jen and then my body finally realized that wasn't proper medicine and the night ended with me gaging at the nearest gas station and getting put up in a tent with my best friend nursing me back to health while she secretly snuck in her ex boyfriend and my oldest friend into the tent and we all put on semi-depressing music and we all just stared at the cameo ceiling, me high on pills and them both sleep deprived from looking after me.
NarutoBaby94 - Month ago
Mermaid princess looks exotic 🧜🏻‍♀️
NarutoBaby94 - Month ago
Seriously when I go somewhere, I’m shopping local cause those pieces are unique
NarutoBaby94 - Month ago
“Reason why i put cash in here? Cause they’re the only two suckers you can trust”
I literally cackled 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Alliyah Khan
Alliyah Khan - Month ago
Jen and Kristen look like they genuinely love to hang out, it seems like such an organic friendship
Harmeet Kaur
Harmeet Kaur - Month ago
I wish i had a friend like Jen who is there with me wherever I go and makes jokes !
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia - Month ago
Where are those crocs from? I need them right now!
Jessica Peyton
Jessica Peyton - Month ago
I have never been more ready for a vacation! #quarentinewoes
Natalee Mancil
Natalee Mancil - Month ago
3:50 is my fav part
Bethany Hern
Bethany Hern - Month ago
I love Jen’s gay energy😂😂 she’s the best😂
Kelly Snowe
Kelly Snowe - Month ago
I literally love every single dress from this designer. I'll be shopping his designs!
Honey Pot포트
Honey Pot포트 - Month ago
omg this is like the old empty suitcase show. I also lived in Hawaii for 5 years. I know my way around that airport. lol and i saw my old house in that b roll shot
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