Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo Play Truth or Dab | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 4 months ago
What does everyone think about Season 3?
Philip Moreland
Philip Moreland - 5 days ago
You are the only person that must be a real Stranger Things fan out of everyone in the comments. And thanks for saying what you said. #respectstrangerthings
Agriff 123
Agriff 123 - 5 days ago
First We Feast goals
siluman - 27 days ago
Philip Moreland
Philip Moreland - 27 days ago
GO TO HELL!!!😤😡😡😡
1up Monkey
1up Monkey - 3 months ago
First We Feast heeeeeat
Texas Ag
Texas Ag - 14 hours ago
Lol gawdamn kids are ugly these days🤣🤣
Kai wagner
Kai wagner - 21 hour ago
Them not getting VCR makes me feel ssssooooo old
Stranger Things
Stranger Things - Day ago
Dusty howbout u puke be..hind stage
Explore The Wild
Explore The Wild - Day ago
I still have a VCR. To this day
Derp Wolf
Derp Wolf - 2 days ago
Gaten is so funny 😂
Shane Skulsh
Shane Skulsh - 2 days ago
What bullshit. Didn’t even call spoiler alert! Cock suckler! I just started stranger things
BabiigirlRiah - 3 days ago
I'm born in 2006
Me: *VCR*
Caleb: The thing the holds the VHS
Me: 🤦🏾 I -
nothing personel kid
nothing personel kid - 2 days ago
BabiigirlRiah yeah your cool
haroon miah
haroon miah - 3 days ago
if ur black and cant handle spice....ur not black
even more true for Asians lmao
LBoyXD - 3 days ago
Since when was there furniture in the infinity room???
Ok Then
Ok Then - 4 days ago
moe mountain
moe mountain - 5 days ago
Great job love this.
TRILLIONAIR A - 5 days ago
Caleb fine 😂😍😍😍
nwo reble
nwo reble - 5 days ago
Bulshit he didn't know what a VCR was
Marvin Celestin
Marvin Celestin - 5 days ago
I wish I was in Hot Ones
David Boucard
David Boucard - 9 days ago
Kid is only 11 years younger than me and does not know what a VCR is! maybe i'm older than i think....
Eliza Artsss
Eliza Artsss - 9 days ago
Potato Gabby
Potato Gabby - 11 days ago
Nooo it should have been “Dab or Dare” or something like that.
carly joe
carly joe - 11 days ago
"come on. WE'RE BEASTS"
"we're beasts"
Gabriel Acevedo
Gabriel Acevedo - 12 days ago
There was a stranger things tour
Gabriel Acevedo
Gabriel Acevedo - 12 days ago
This is filmed in new york
clmbheat.322 - 13 days ago
Is it just me or are the questions way too easy?
L1l G0Ku
L1l G0Ku - 13 days ago
If yall dont know this was when they were on world tour
WeLikeSportz - 14 days ago
Caleb will have to play a 30 year old man in season 4
Fave! - 14 days ago
Deathwing? Anyone asked what he thinks about that? Oh, wait, we downed him in Cataclysm.
exstella - 14 days ago
*If Dustin gets killed off—*

*goodbye netflix.*
Beyond Trolling
Beyond Trolling - 16 days ago
Those Star Wars questions were too easy. Literally haven't even seen it before and I knew all 3.
Sven - 16 days ago
Why caleb is growing up
Brooke Back Cheese nut
Brooke Back Cheese nut - 17 days ago
whygatens questions multiple choice?
AverageCountryGirl Nikki
AverageCountryGirl Nikki - 18 days ago
There's people in America who don't know what a VCR is.... moments when you know you're getting old.
WE ARE VENOM759 - 18 days ago
WAIT A MINUTE! I just realised something, Gaten played as Jesus in 2011. Do you notice something? 2011, the main character in stranger things is Eleven!!! Would you look at that?
Jaeblack - 18 days ago
Kids don't know what a VCR is anymore? Bruh, they are one year younger than me lmao
Steven Sanders
Steven Sanders - 20 days ago
Oh man...I had the VCR they showed the tape going into when they revealed the answer when I was a kid. It's a Samsung.
Esmee Diana
Esmee Diana - 20 days ago
Gaten: you all suck
Gaten 2 seconds later: i love you all
Abhi RRD
Abhi RRD - 21 day ago
I think this Truth or Dab was started to save Shaun's digestive system.
Blue Collar Men Productions
“Netflix has enough” lmao
jouke van beers
jouke van beers - 22 days ago
i petty the fool
Rose Pearl
Rose Pearl - 23 days ago
I love Milly Bobby brown but I wished that they cropped her out in the picture so it's just them two no hate love Milly Bobby brown
Jamal Boqmasha
Jamal Boqmasha - 24 days ago
Can i ask you somthing was dustin in the swish swish song? By katy parry
Some Guy
Some Guy - 24 days ago
I like Season 3 but I think I’d like Yung Gravy on the show even more
Coleen Nicolas
Coleen Nicolas - 25 days ago
wtf one of the comments have so much comments that u can’t even comment anymore
Sherry Sink
Sherry Sink - 25 days ago
Caleb: We could just tell them...
"You're an asshat... I love you."
I laughed so hard watching this video. One thing after another, they just kept being so funny. (And I don't even watch Stranger Things, so I came in with very low expectations for caring one way or another. But they were so funny. This was a fun one.)
Tiac206 - 25 days ago
They should have their own show 🤣
EximiousRL FTW
EximiousRL FTW - 26 days ago
John Henson
John Henson - 26 days ago
Hi Dustin I’m being you for Halloween
Dusk moon
Dusk moon - 27 days ago
Even I knew it was VCR and I'm 12 lol
javis88h - 28 days ago
"It's stuck in my braces!" oh god...
potato duck lover
potato duck lover - 28 days ago
no one:
not a single soul:
me:what HePPenD To CalEB
「•Minty Blue•」
「•Minty Blue•」 - 29 days ago
Did you know that Gaten Matarazzo and Billie Eilish are the same age
John Galbraith
John Galbraith - 29 days ago
I like how they look so cool when they eat it and they try to hide it and then they crack
cautionTosser - Month ago
i don't like truth or dab as much as the original format. too fallony
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson - Month ago
7:20 you all suck. I love you all
A - Month ago
Spicy food is so good loll but indeed painful. It’s worth it!
Stranglehold Outdoors
Stranglehold Outdoors - Month ago
Sthranger thhingsth on hot onesth. Love hot onesth but not thisth one 😂
aRtizt XD
aRtizt XD - Month ago
gaten though lmao

raditz - Month ago
You should do this more often to kids :P They are funny and cute :)
Eduardo Gonik
Eduardo Gonik - Month ago
What's the song at the beginning???
random warehouse
random warehouse - Month ago
Oh my God he just made me feel so damn old he didn't even know what a VCR was... I used to joke about kids not even being able to recognize one of those things but it's true!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Mr Rough
Mr Rough - Month ago
I'm younger than them and I know what a VCR is 🤣
Tatyana Moore-Moreira
Tatyana Moore-Moreira - Month ago
Caleb is so Handsome 🖤🖤🖤💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️👨🏾‍🦱👩🏽‍🦱
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