Stephen A. confirms Carmelo Anthony’s name is being smeared in NBA circles | First Take

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Papi BamBam
Papi BamBam - 4 hours ago
Carmelo will be the only way I like the Lakers again 😒
George Costanza
George Costanza - Day ago
I STILL say Carmelo is top 20 players in this league. I will NEVER allow any of these "analytic nerds" to convince me otherwise. I dont let anyone think for me i know what i see. And what i see is a man that can still drop FIFTY on a good day. I want to see him pllay cause I ENJOY watching his unlimited offensive moves. The NBA is entertainment and Melo is entertaining af. There i said my piece.
Tina Nickerson
Tina Nickerson - 5 days ago
Melo hurts Melo ...he walks in with an attitude that is not healthy. He has to work!! He has to understand he isnt a superstar anymore!
roylynn wall
roylynn wall - 7 days ago
Lets do it to his front then. Dude is boat anchor, who is not an NBA player right now. He is volume shooter, that has zero physical ability left.
Man Child
Man Child - 9 days ago
Here's were you have a point without realizing it
SEAN ROY - 12 days ago
We are oh-okay
consuetudinary - 18 days ago
The Hornets need him.
Will Strickland
Will Strickland - 18 days ago
Soooooo what? Somebody please sign this dude so he can suck and get it over with
Isaiah Prater
Isaiah Prater - 18 days ago
Lakers get Carmelo. He.plays with LeBron, it'll be like the old days with Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippin
Andre Browne
Andre Browne - 18 days ago
Marbury Iverson Melo when the league hates it's never about your skill it's always something else something personal. Never has anything to do with basketball.
Andre Browne
Andre Browne - 18 days ago
Max is not the 12th best player on any team. Max fuggin buggin.
Don V
Don V - 19 days ago
wasn’t melo the reason lin was removed from the knicks?
BuddhaWrath - 19 days ago
0:00 to 0:10 SAS jacket optical illusion
sasuke dad
sasuke dad - 19 days ago
he deserve all that bs. look what he did to Jeremy lin did he deserve that no. what goes around comes around. go cry in your locker bitch.
Jeffrey Lasky
Jeffrey Lasky - 20 days ago
Here’s the truth
Melo would have been great if he would have stayed in Denver
The Best teams he played on were in a Nuggets uniform.
L-VEE - 20 days ago
He's been black listed!
Third League
Third League - 21 day ago
Tony Doe
Tony Doe - 21 day ago
Dis nigga jus compared Quinn cook to melo... I’m done🤦🏽‍♂️
Iron Man
Iron Man - 22 days ago
Same thing Iverson went through... I saw it coming, and that is garbage.
panama colon
panama colon - 22 days ago
He will win a ring this year if he leave LALA
carlos rios
carlos rios - 22 days ago
What about Melo getting a coach fired and benching/trading Lin? Now you want the guys he refused to team up to save him?Life is a bitch huh?
Iyham Dolfin
Iyham Dolfin - 24 days ago
melo's attitude is what's keeping him out of the NBA ! no one needs to smear his name coz he made it himself !!! he's bust now ! no team would pick him up anymore coz they know he is a liability .
Qintz - 24 days ago
did this lovely young lady replace molly?
Donja Graham
Donja Graham - 25 days ago
Why should LBJ put in a word for Melo , Melo had a chance to play with him when he was at his best but he chose to go another route so now that his career is done he wants his help. SMDH
FLIIBOIITRaV - 25 days ago
Go to gsw melo
Maddtrucker love
Maddtrucker love - 25 days ago
Melo is a grown ass man.. he came in the league with LeBron and Dwade.. he no champion bottom line. Go sit next to the waterboy.. and pass out Gatorade.☺
The King
The King - 25 days ago
This lady might be the best mediator on First Take since Cari was the mediator.
Kenny Fernand
Kenny Fernand - 25 days ago
Max " yea no kidding your the twelveth best guy on the team, you take what we give yea" lol lol max has a point.
Rahtez Hamilton
Rahtez Hamilton - 25 days ago
Lebron James need to do something for Carmelo Anthony and bring him to join the Lakers
Trey Bertin
Trey Bertin - 25 days ago
SAS u gettting high again?? Stop riding Melos jock. He is a poison to a lockerroom
GARY Gwin - 25 days ago
Carmello doesnt Hustle. He didn't work hard to stay in great shape. He didnt make winning a priority in the NBA. His defense sucks. He isnt worth the huge money.
Jah Son
Jah Son - 25 days ago
Melo to the warriors let’s get him golden state please make it happen
FURIAA305 - 25 days ago
Melo chose the Rockets over the Heat! BIGGEST CAREER MISTAKE!!
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood - 26 days ago
carmelo anthony hasn't been worth a damn since he was with the nuggets and has always always been a liability on defense
matthew king
matthew king - 26 days ago
Get max off the air melo better than 70 percent of the league there wont be 9 other people better than him on any team
Ander Perez
Ander Perez - 26 days ago
Carmelo should try to go to OKC
Best fit
John Galt
John Galt - 26 days ago
He should have stayed in ATL
V0laRix - 19 days ago
John Galt he never played in atlanta
tim simpson
tim simpson - 26 days ago
Why would anyone want Carmelo?? An older, volume shooter, who plays no defense & is delusional & believes for whatever reason he's still a starter... I'm sure there's a lot of teams looking for that resume'... lol
William Liu
William Liu - 26 days ago
Please can we move on from this melo shit. Everyone knows why he's not being picked up.
Wes Wes
Wes Wes - 26 days ago
Melo nba career is over just play overseas my dude.
Maurice Gaines
Maurice Gaines - 26 days ago
LeBron don't owe him shit. The guy is a role player now that doesn't play defense & didn't he disappear on the Rockets
skyflyer - 26 days ago
I just don't think Carmelo Anthony could really put up the points even at this point in his career people seem to still be overestimating his output he's one of those guys he could maybe get your 10 points tonight maybe but if that's coming on with him unable to play Team ball still trying to play in this isoball that it's not worth it I think you would be best served on a team that's kind of on the cusp of getting better like Wonderland or something some team that's top-tier Carmelo would slow them down like Portland is James Stephen A Smith name in Los Angeles I still need to be like LeBron needs to get him a job in LA LeBron's not running that team you can make suggestions but he's not running that team he is also at the point in his career where he needs to show that he can produce this season 2 LeBron's not sitting pretty he needs to really take the Lakers to another level this season with a team with no depth
Marcin Skóra
Marcin Skóra - 27 days ago
Jeremy Lin is blackballed in nba, why no one stands for him like they do for melo ? media double standards ?
Marcin Skóra
Marcin Skóra - 26 days ago
@Age wilson he just now signed with Chinese team because nba gave up on him, thats his own words from interview.
Age wilson
Age wilson - 26 days ago
Marcin Skóra Jeremy Lin just won a ring last year. What are you talking about?
George Hunter
George Hunter - 27 days ago
Melo should've left New York before he signed his big contract
Same Huno
Same Huno - 27 days ago
ESPN molly sucks ass please listen to the fans!!! Molly is a bitch thank you
Sidebox - 27 days ago
Melo in summary: a defensive liability with predictable offense, and he doesnt adjust his game as he gets older.
Malwand Gulban
Malwand Gulban - 27 days ago
At this point, Melo needs a chance to ball out. Everyone is saying he can't play ball anymore is def motivating him.
Mike Simon
Mike Simon - 27 days ago
I still believe Melo is better than 50% of the 2019 NBA players, why can’t he on a roster?
Charles Jones
Charles Jones - 25 days ago
No one can say this if they truly saw how Melo was playing in games the last 2 years. His shots are horrible. Not just the selection but also his percentage. Also he can't defend. He's not fast enough to be on the perimeter. And he not strong enough or have enough explosion to get defend down low or get rebounds. This story they're pushing is for people are for people who only like Melo. But not his play style.
Taylor Made
Taylor Made - 26 days ago
Funny thing is, they never mention what the teams did after Melo..nothing. They blame Melo, he left and none of those teams have won anything. They need to focus on how horrible Chandler Parsons is, but they can't be cause they can't handle the truth!
The Arbiter
The Arbiter - 27 days ago
Video: About Melo
Comments: About Molly
Elisha Johnson-Whatley
Elisha Johnson-Whatley - 27 days ago
Stop playing all his bad highlights bitch
JigglesJingle - 27 days ago
Carmelo Anthony still thinks hes the best player in the league lol. That's why noone is signing him.
Tyner Gaming Ps4
Tyner Gaming Ps4 - 26 days ago
JigglesJingle thats not even true wtf🤦🏻‍♂️
claudetheruler - 27 days ago
He’s clearly Melo’s friend. Melo has ALWAYS been a cancer. What a joke!
salvatore bartolomeo
salvatore bartolomeo - 27 days ago
Why should it be on LeBron's shoulders to save Melo's career? Melo is a big boy, and Max is right.
David Moreno
David Moreno - 27 days ago
Who cares about Melo. Pfff! Hey first take, no one cares!
johnDomain - 24 days ago
i don't care either
Origen - 27 days ago
Melo has the shadow of not winning a championship. A personality of egocentrism. A narrow of a scope for articulation on the ball court. That's why he isn't hired. I have never been a fan of melo- his play is empty like Dwight Howard's. Conversely, I would be happy for him and Dwight to do well late in their careers where seeing them play team-ball would be refreshing and mystical- for lack of a better term. I want these guys to do well, and I can't root against guys who have had bad pasts that are changed men: The keyword is "men" here, where Melo and Dwight I believe are finally entering manhood and either have to pay the price, change their game, or bow out because it's too late.
Sean moynihan
Sean moynihan - 27 days ago
Tony Evans
Tony Evans - 27 days ago
Pornstar Melo!!!
Eva - 27 days ago
yeah, LeBron should tell Melo to take care of his baby girl because having a shitty father who doesn't care about you is no fun...
CaDymuZik - 27 days ago
I wish they can stop throwing LeBron‘s name around. This shit is bigger than him. The league has been blackballing Melo since David Stern days
Retrokidbk83 - 27 days ago
I like the new moderator. Keep her on the show permanently!!!!
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