Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit

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Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit - Year ago
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Libby Sondelski
Libby Sondelski - 2 months ago
Bon Appétit why didn’t you guys do half and half so you didn’t use as much dough
Bb - 4 months ago
Where did you get your little pizza ovens? Great idea!
Victor Pluntky
Victor Pluntky - 5 months ago
Someone buy one for Andy!
terminal713 - 7 months ago
Can we buy one for Andy?
Aarne Rantala
Aarne Rantala - 9 months ago
egg on a pizza??? EGG ON A PIZZA??? Bon Appétit? Great waitress shirt.
user name
user name - 25 minutes ago
Molly is so aggressive about her food opionions😂 I can relate
Rebekah Harness
Rebekah Harness - 22 hours ago
the amount of money I would pay right now to eat ANY of the pizzas they just made
Oindrila Sarkar
Oindrila Sarkar - Day ago
That "Andy is sick" hits different in 2020
Cinphoria - 3 days ago
God, I love that golden retriever of a man.
scifi vampire
scifi vampire - 3 days ago
thank you for giving some business to little italy
drqazlop - 4 days ago
Mushrooms are not veggies
JoeMartinMusic - 5 days ago
It upsets me how much effort they put into such a sub par ham like mortadella, it's gross reconstituted mush.
Neel Pannu
Neel Pannu - 5 days ago
What are they cooking these pizzas in? I need one!
Stanley Lee
Stanley Lee - 6 days ago
THE POST IT SAID SAUSAGE. It was spelled 'wavage' but it said sausage.
hexapositive - 6 days ago
why dont you guys stay in ur lane
Fabian Heider
Fabian Heider - 7 days ago
Molly: "Let's hold back on the mortadella with the salt."
Joanna Bratton
Joanna Bratton - 10 days ago
Watching these professionals, I probably am not ever going to try to make my own pizza dough.
stevenjw2006 - 10 days ago
Molly: Its my way or your dead to me
lix-beth V
lix-beth V - 11 days ago
is it only me that gets triggered every time they call the pizza as a pie?
hannah pinover
hannah pinover - 11 days ago
unpopular opinion? I like molly way better than andy. look at her energy.
Mandingo - 11 days ago
The best pizza chicken brest fired on a pan with herbs and pieneapple 🍕👌😁
Cyd Phillips
Cyd Phillips - 13 days ago
I love Molly's confidence about the mozzarella!
Big Z
Big Z - 14 days ago
Best toppings as follows:
- Tomato base
- Buffalo mozzarella
- Mushrooms
- Sautéed Aubergine (Eggplant/Melanzane) - (must be pre-cooked before adding it on top otherwise it will be undercooked)
- Sliced Chilli or Chilli flakes
- Mascarpone or Burrata cheese (the coolness and creaminess compliments the chilli)
- Prosciutto di Parma (To be added just after the pizza is out of the oven)
Trust me on this.
Big Z
Big Z - 14 days ago
Best with a Neapolitan base.
Gwenyvhar - 15 days ago
I want A fat blue collar chef that eats 60% of his meals as pizza to decide what a perfect pizza is, and then toppings that go on it.
Pork fried rice
Pork fried rice - 15 days ago
Adam ruins every moment. Get out of there. We watch for the crew not you bossman.
Dahmsy - 16 days ago
Andy I would add my own meat into 🤣🤣 would you now lol 😂 9:22
Rafa Khalila
Rafa Khalila - 16 days ago
Molly is so irritating tbh. I've always found her so degrading and will not hesitate to invalidate everybody with a different opinion than hers.
Gabrielle Hall
Gabrielle Hall - 17 days ago
adam just comes in here roasting the pie with his freaking tiny espresso
Elia Fuimaono
Elia Fuimaono - 17 days ago
Pickled peppers go w mushrooms on pizza. OVER.
reem alfarhan
reem alfarhan - 18 days ago
Morocco: Speck.
Angry Italian guy: ..well, say it the right way.
Sonelah Sarmiento
Sonelah Sarmiento - 19 days ago
Chris making me feel so good with myself for liking pineapples on pizza AND MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM!!!
Amber Jones
Amber Jones - 20 days ago
I dont believe there is a truly perfect pizza bc everyones taste buds are different. What may be perfect for one person wont be for another.
Elle Cee
Elle Cee - 20 days ago
Who even packs a lunch at the BA test kitchen? I'm full watching this
Sonny Gajhede
Sonny Gajhede - 20 days ago
Why make Pizza topping f...... rocket science?
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva - 24 days ago
The "drummer" in every episode and every transition feels like another character to me. It adds flavor, if you will
simonson593 - 24 days ago
SCHPAECK "say it correctly." it's a german word italian man settle down
Kevi Kun
Kevi Kun - 25 days ago
I love these colours on Claire!
Peter Faso Jr
Peter Faso Jr - 25 days ago
Guys, you gotta make a sausage, peppers and onions pie, as well as an onion and anchovy pie (both classics) by the way, What do you have against thick chewy Sicilian (focaccia style) pie with a crispy exterior? That should get equal time! Don't be prejudice! The Sicilian pizza is a whole other ball game!
Shawn Staley
Shawn Staley - 25 days ago
Dang Molly! Rude much?
Shawn Staley
Shawn Staley - 25 days ago
Pineapples are amazing on pizza. Topping is something that will never not be a personal choice. The perfect pizza is whatever the individual likes.
bokchoii - 28 days ago
38:23 has major Last Supper vibes
R. C.
R. C. - 28 days ago
Chris has such an attitude towards molly, just saying
Janelle Batta
Janelle Batta - 28 days ago
The weather in this episode makes me so happy I moved to LA.
SpeckTakel - Month ago
How the Italian guy in that shop just perfectly pronounced speck like I as a German am in L O V E Italian English and German language knowledge oof turn me on baby
SpeckTakel - Month ago
This is your handwriting
Is this english?
Antraeus - Month ago
You put corn meal on the pizza spat and the dough on that, easily slides off.
Madfrazzer - Month ago
I can tell that Molly is not okay with you taking Nduja of the table.
alessandro bruno
alessandro bruno - Month ago
Took three days to understand how to lay mortadella on the pie lol Thank you for not laying it flat anymore guys!
Katharina Von Zitzewitz
I wish I would have known about you a Long Long time ago ..I wish I could ( have) worked in a place like that ..
skyphone1 - Month ago
When your talking with people and someone mentions pineapple on pizza it divides the table (sometimes)and starts s pizza topping civil war but then not long later someone mentions another topping like mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, etc. And someone will say they dont like it and they have the most calm conversation about the topping
Melissa Wen
Melissa Wen - Month ago
I never liked the idea of anchovies on pizza, but ba is making me want to try anchovies on pizza
TheEditingShop - Month ago
I’m so confused. Why not form the base on a floured peel to begin with instead of thrusting it underneath and ruining half of them?
Autumn Wasden
Autumn Wasden - Month ago
I would watch an hours worth of footage as long as it had the older man behind the counter
slythawyrda - Month ago
for some reason i really want pizza..... dunno why tho
trentbateman - Month ago
I enjoy the Italian butcher guys disdain for the short cook
Chris B
Chris B - Month ago
Wait, Claire doesn't like pineapple on pizza? Good that she's not in charge of the toppings then.
Pala Va
Pala Va - Month ago
Colleen Vaugh
Colleen Vaugh - Month ago
i feel like Chris is the best team player, ya know? like he is willing to compromise, hear all sides, and adapt to ideas other than his own. The rest of the chefs, though i love them ALL, are so type A and stubborn!
FrancesBaconandEggs - Month ago
Jfc Molly
Mooラーメン - Month ago
they're having a blizzard in may..??
Jeslyn - Month ago
They film their videos ahead of time, so this was probably more around March or earlier
Parker Van
Parker Van - Month ago
zedudli - Month ago
You should definitely drop the flaky salt at the end, it’s not canon and if you correctly salted the dough and the sauce there’s really no need. Cheers 🥂
BandanaDrummer95 - Month ago
Now I want to try pineapple and mortadella
Marie Zinner
Marie Zinner - Month ago
Love that everyone is tasting and comenting.
But please learn to say speck correctly I'm kringling everytime I hear u
Rednstuff _
Rednstuff _ - Month ago
7:09 Woop
blahhhhahah - Month ago
Mushroom's gross.
Clay Thompson
Clay Thompson - Month ago
The test kitchen spent too much money on sending Molly and Carla to Italy so the comprise for Andy and Chris was for them to go to Little Italy
Grape Sauce
Grape Sauce - Month ago
Idk if its because im australian, but why do they keep saying pie when its a pizza? Im actually so confused.... someone plz explain
leo ll
leo ll - Month ago
Can I be the BA cannabis somleia?
sandeep kuri
sandeep kuri - Month ago
I gotta say! Molly is the best!! love her reaction at 18:40 and 19:04 hahaha
lahcim666 - Month ago
Chris has an incredible sense of taste. Awesome!
Jack Wolfe
Jack Wolfe - Month ago
8:19, how many times are they gonna stretch the dough with toppings on before putting it on the knife? NO! BAD! too thin!
Jack Wolfe
Jack Wolfe - Month ago
1:10 "I dont want fruit on my pizza" *-clears throat-* TOMATO
JaiProdz - Month ago
Molly really made this episode pop! Like POP POP!
Diego - Month ago
Italian 'nduja= Spanish sobrasada. Just in case anyone can't find some, it's pretty much the same thing.
deepin thot
deepin thot - Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks Adam Rapoport is a tool?
Liz P
Liz P - Month ago
Toppings are so personal to everyone.
O and hate Rapaport 😒
But look at Molly bringing the tude lol
John Hamnett
John Hamnett - Month ago
Of course Chris is the first one to figure out: 1) wooden peel for launch & 2) sauce and top on the peel.
Shristi Chaturvedi
Shristi Chaturvedi - Month ago
Had a pretty rough night tonight- was anxious and on the brink of a full on panic attack. Tried meditating, mindful breathing- nothing really worked. Decided to watch my favourite people at Bon Appetit to distract myself- and you guys, thank you so much. I don't when I stopped panicking and started getting on molly and Carla obsessing over cows and buffalos and cheese and Chris sassing over toppings. Thank you for what you do. 🥰
Grazia De luca
Grazia De luca - Month ago
Love how Lou Di Paulo corrected Andy and Chris for pronouncing spek how it is actually pronounced in true Italian and gave them a side of attitude whilst “correctly” them
Jack Lim
Jack Lim - Month ago
my respect for chris grew tenfold knowing he eats pineapple on pizza
leggolos Denrif
leggolos Denrif - Month ago
Andy says "I don't want fruit on my pizza" but he is the one that helped to make a tomato sauce!!!!
LockpickingParamedic - Month ago
I love how the butcher pronounces Speck perfectly like we do it here at Black forest.
sneekypanda - Month ago
Molly: “You’re not in the show”
Adam: I own the show.
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