Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit

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Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit - Month ago
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Hugh Jaynus
Hugh Jaynus - Month ago
How do I get a job with the BA test kitchen?
Chunky Asian man
Chunky Asian man - Month ago
Bon Appétit hungry!!!!!
Francesca Wood
Francesca Wood - 6 hours ago
why do they keep saying pie
Bolo Boys
Bolo Boys - 20 hours ago
pineapple on pizza now he is cursed forever
Brian Blough
Brian Blough - Day ago
Andy needs to stop exploring his sexual prowess when it’s time to work lol
Nediza Melina
Nediza Melina - Day ago
Anyone else thinks Andy is hot??
PelchLuke - Day ago
lmao everyone hates Adam
Nediza Melina
Nediza Melina - Day ago
Molly it's getting so defensive about her work😂😂😂 I love her
Yablo69 - 2 days ago
OK... Who has a crush on who? I want to know!!!! I have SUCH a crush on Claire... I love watching Brad, but... I'd take Claire anywhere... My crush...        Want Sushi Claire? Let me know..................
Prjndigo - 2 days ago
Mortadella: chip into centimeter by half centimeter by 3mm thick long pointy 4 side shards then sprinkle instead of cube chunks... take out any pistachio and replace with rolling pin cracked pignoli.
Prjndigo - 2 days ago
Nobody wrote down bourguignon? I mean yeah, not classical, but yeowza!
Philip - 2 days ago
Lou: Hold it up to your nose, smell it.
Chris: [already has half the slice snorted up each nostril]
cattailsforlunch - 3 days ago
I’m surprised how long it took everyone to figure out assembling on the peel. Also, no one ever tested using different flours on the bottom, adds nice texture and acts like ball bearings. I use caputo semolina di grano but fine ground corn meal works well too. Plus wooden peels are for sending and metal for retrieving
Rio Bravo Multimedia
Rio Bravo Multimedia - 3 days ago
Y’all almost lost me at gremolata on the pizza, but I made it this Baby Bella’s. I thought y’all were doing the best version of normal pizzas. And don’t y’all learn anything?? Wooden peel for going in, metal for taking out...
Moozy - 4 days ago
Me, an Australian: pizza and pies are completely different things
1984sFinest - 5 days ago
No pepperoni... what the hell are they even making then?
Rochelle Neal
Rochelle Neal - 6 days ago
I think Brad wrote sausage on that post it
Jimmy Wise
Jimmy Wise - 6 days ago
I was waiting for Molly to smash the peel over Adam's head...
UpsettingTooth1 - 6 days ago
there is no pizza more perfect than Brier Hill.
treaps - 8 days ago
Selvin Ortiz
Selvin Ortiz - 9 days ago
interesting thing that the person with the most extensive and impressive tongue pallet likes pineapple on pizza
Col Tigh
Col Tigh - 9 days ago
XxYoursxTruly - 9 days ago
At least Chris, my food making inspiration, agrees that pineapple DOES BELONG ON PIZZA!!!
Shiny - 9 days ago
chris liking pineapple on pizza instantly validates and reassures me
andrew - 9 days ago
chris talks about andy/his conversations with andy like his ex boyfriend that works with him and i find that hilarious
Peaches Malone
Peaches Malone - 10 days ago
I love molly but she is reallllly trying to push HER perfect pizza on everyone lol
John Monfils
John Monfils - 11 days ago
Forget the peel and bake it on a cookie sheet
feisht613 - 11 days ago
a rogue Claire has appeared!
L B - 11 days ago
35:15 same Claire. SAME
Travis Volmer
Travis Volmer - 13 days ago
Take a shot everytime Molly mentions Italy
MnemeM - 13 days ago
Ben Wyatt approves of the calzone zone.
T Vu
T Vu - 14 days ago
3:39someone spelled "cucked" wrong. wtf lol
theRtardHouse - 14 days ago
Speck just means bacon in German. So is that what that was?
PinkiePie86 - 15 days ago
I don’t like when Carla always says “it not not ‘whatever’.” Just say “it’s ‘whatever’.”
raziel1178 - 15 days ago
So many pizzas were made... I want a slice now too
specimen beats
specimen beats - 17 days ago
This would be so much cooler if they all wore blush and powdered wigs
mochilover _
mochilover _ - 18 days ago
Molly is so defensive I'm crying
Joseph Peters
Joseph Peters - 18 days ago
The best pizza 🍕 is in Louisiana, at a little place called Johnnys Pizza House!!!! It’s a small chain, mostly in Northeast Louisiana!!!! Their pizza will blow you away time and time again, I grew up eating their pizza so maybe I’m a little bit bias but, many people in Louisiana will tell you the same!!!! There’s nothing really fancy about the pizza or the locations, it’s just consistently good pizza!!!! If you’re ever in northeast Louisiana hit ‘em up for some GREAT pizza!!!!🍕🍕🍕🍕
Prachurjya Das
Prachurjya Das - 19 days ago

Cucked.... pizza......?
Nicole - 19 days ago
I dislike that they call it a pie. It's a pizza!!!!
Nicole - 20 days ago
Aren't toppings a personal preference? Like why not all of them have a personal pizza with their picks?
Andreas Persson
Andreas Persson - 20 days ago
what pizza ovens are you using?
Mazin Al Bulushi
Mazin Al Bulushi - 20 days ago
I swear that guy from the Italian market sounds like the other fat guy from The sopranos
Rhe R
Rhe R - 20 days ago
the dough smells your fear!
TheLeigha72 - 20 days ago
Please tell me the lady in the background is NOT cooking something at the moment she is using her cellphone! ewww.
Blaine Charlery
Blaine Charlery - 20 days ago
Did you know my dad.... I already knew who it was
M K - 21 day ago
*Brad appears*
*All collectively groan*
Skye Bustamante
Skye Bustamante - 22 days ago
Why is Chris low key my favorite person and I'm living for it.❤
Madison Dines
Madison Dines - 22 days ago
It was crucial for the team to shoot Chris down on pineapple anything on pizza. Same goes with apples too. Sweet is not a complimentary flavor to salty, sour and/or savory in Italian cuisine. And Italian is all about paired flavors.
The sweetest you'll see Italian go for Pizza is a cherry tomato, and that's a compromise I can accept.
Madison Dines
Madison Dines - 22 days ago
Pepperoni or Genovese Salami and basil
That's it.
Catherine Cornelius
Catherine Cornelius - 22 days ago
I like how they all come together. Remember television/youtube likes drama. They all agreed in the end.
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