The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Dive into sources and further reading here:

Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.

Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading.

So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.
Jarley - 8 days ago
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell you forgot one thing that vaccines cause: adult hood I don’t want that happening to my children
GodmanBG - 8 days ago
It would be nice if you had touched upon, or at least mentioned that we vaccinate against a multitude of other diseases besides measles.
Austin Yang
Austin Yang - 8 days ago
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell The only person to actually have sources in the entire comment section.
BrettC11B - 8 days ago
+Rox Paid people or bots, the lot of these post aren't even real people. 0 subs.
TheUmbreonfan03 - 28 minutes ago
I thought this was going to be a video like vaccines are bad, don't get them. But it wasn't lol
Carol Sings
Carol Sings - 49 minutes ago
Love them, protect them, but never inject them. THERE ARE NO SAFE VACCINES!!!
eeeaten - 11 minutes ago
vaccines are way safer than the diseases they prevent, karen.
rabbit RA
rabbit RA - 13 minutes ago
For the love off god please do some research!
Unit [REDACTED] - Hour ago
They had us in the first half there, not gonna lie.
Lil'Fucker - Hour ago
Either Thanos pays moms and dads to become anti-vaccine or they've lost a few brain cells that were needed to make them stop believing in what is clearly BS.
Lil Bean Potato
Lil Bean Potato - Hour ago
My mom wont vax me.
If you are wondering im 10 so I cant get them myself
suicine94 - Hour ago
No thx, no autism for my kids thx
eeeaten - 10 minutes ago
doesn't cause autism tho.
houseplant7 - Hour ago
your not a doctor your a youtuber just cause you make it high quality does not mean you should belive it
Killgarth - Hour ago
But the Drs. all say its safe? and the science and sources are all there.
SoulWingz - Hour ago
The biggest problem with anti-vaxxers is that they won't listen to reason, they're dead set in their beliefs and refuse to even consider what you're saying
My aunt is an anti-vaxxer and it doesn't matter how much evidence we show her, she just claims that's it's all false and really fuses to vaccinate her 3 young kids
houseplant7 - 2 hours ago
stop spreading fake info on vaccines take your vaccines
Bread LeSquirrel
Bread LeSquirrel - 2 hours ago
The flu triggered my microscopic Vietnam flashbacks
Dark Blight of SCP Foundation
Anti-vaxxers are the reason why that death has to stay late at work
Acid Snake
Acid Snake - 2 hours ago
I never knew there where 7.3k neglectful mothers and fathers to begin with

And that dislike count will probably continue sadly
Bruh - 2 hours ago
Bruh people think vaccine gonna start a zombie Apocalyps
Kelly Rants
Kelly Rants - 2 hours ago
Bruh - 2 hours ago
Bruh why vaccinate just dont get sick you noob lol
eeeaten - 9 minutes ago
stay in school
Matthew K
Matthew K - 2 hours ago
The 7k dislikes are Karens using essential oils and not vaccinating their kids
Vin Caipang
Vin Caipang - 2 hours ago
anti vaxxer triggered lmao
Scowl - 2 hours ago
0:05 Oh, I'm surprised they're growing.
RoseRich 2002
RoseRich 2002 - 2 hours ago
Amen thank you for this video
johan muhaiyar
johan muhaiyar - 3 hours ago
Bekim Kadrija
Bekim Kadrija - 3 hours ago
Robson Machado
Robson Machado - 3 hours ago
Vaccines cause adulthood!
Brent Kilgore
Brent Kilgore - 4 hours ago
Screw you
lyrehc the bran man
lyrehc the bran man - 3 hours ago
Buzzzo - 3 hours ago
gets black plague like boss
Phillip Ferguson
Phillip Ferguson - 4 hours ago
Never thought I'd see a good click bait video
Jason Fox
Jason Fox - 4 hours ago
Thank you so much for this, it's super great and appreciated. I wish less people argued with their feelings. Then less people would have to die.
sky - 4 hours ago
Pro vaccine: lets use this highly advanced robot to defused this mine
Anitvaxx: nah im going to use this hammer
Jure Bohinc
Jure Bohinc - 5 hours ago
i love how it turnes from comee listen to this anti vaxers and then just completely 0 fucks given truth in the face
Breinbaugh - 5 hours ago
Hey everybody I'm a proud anti-vax mom of 5 beautiful children!
Edit: 4 children
2nd edit: 2 children
Holy God
Holy God - 3 hours ago
That's ok! You can always make more children.
Jilles Franke
Jilles Franke - 6 hours ago
Very good video!
Gregory Greg
Gregory Greg - 6 hours ago
10:16 yeah thats the reason why i go antivax
Buzzzo - 4 hours ago
owo kibo
owo kibo - 6 hours ago
You want children to die?
Stephen Buxton
Stephen Buxton - 6 hours ago
Another problem that people promoting vaccination have is the media. News media unfortunately has to present things in a balanced manner, which is usually a good thing. However, when a news story is weighted as equal time given to the truth and anti-vaccination, perceived weight is then given to the happy-to-kill-children-through-ignorance group, and those who are unsure at the start of the news piece are left even more unsure at the end. So these parents may decide not to risk the vaccine for their children.
akacaleb - 7 hours ago
I’m part of the tiny percent affected by vaccines. I got polio from the vaccine. Put me in a power chair for life. Still not anti-vaxx though.
Nadia Grzeszkiewicz-O'Neill
Don't get vaccines! They have a ton of toxic ingredients in them!
Full chemical ingredient list: Formaldehyde, Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lycine, Methionine, Cystine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Valine, Argenine, Histidine, Alanine, Aspartic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Proline, and Serine.
Checkmate, dumb pro-vaxxers.

Oh, wait, sorry, wrong ingredient list. Those are in apples, not vaccines. My bad.

Edit: Yes, this is a joke. Don't kill me.
hen ko
hen ko - 7 hours ago
baby parts in vaccines. WHY? never needed it before? because deep down they love evil and sexual pleasures.
Iwamoto Yuri
Iwamoto Yuri - 7 hours ago
So having a stem cell with a virus attached to it put into your body so your immunity can learn to recognise that virus is now a sexual act? Please get your head out of the gutter.
Kevin Soto Ávila
Kevin Soto Ávila - 7 hours ago
Wasted, hahaha, i loved it.
Dominic H.
Dominic H. - 7 hours ago
At first I was feeling bad for the memory cell, then I realized I don't have to, because mine just don't work like that... or at all, really. I contracted chickenpox 3 times.
Hector the III
Hector the III - 7 hours ago
The Fact that such a Video like this exists is saddening.

We should not need to tell the People how vaccines are good for them.

How did the Anti-Vaccine movement even pick up speed?

Like, this is years of proven medical research dedicated to the betterment of human lives and you throw it out the window out of what? A single piece of paper that has been debunked so many times it honestly should just be burnt and forgotten?

Are you really going to risk the well-being of your child out of hearsay and a gut feeling?

I guess it is true.

A Person is Smart; People, are Dumb.

Just... why? Vaccinated Parents who don't Vaccinate their Child. Why do you willingly risk your kid getting measles and other nasty diseases that we, as a species, have striven to eliminate for years because they do nothing but cause human suffering?
cheesypasta 33
cheesypasta 33 - 8 hours ago
I'm getting a jab next month. I know they help us, but I'm still scared. God I sound like a 5 year old.
John Thomas
John Thomas - 8 hours ago
You fucking retart
Fresh Pixelated Memes
Fresh Pixelated Memes - 2 hours ago
Lol, didn't even spell "retard" correctly, retard.
DirtCrazykid - 5 hours ago
Ahhhhh Classic Anti Vaxxer. Not backing their argument up with any evidence what so ever.
future soldier of gaming
future soldier of gaming - 7 hours ago
Please tell me this is a joke comment and you are not a anti vax .
Rekha Gairola Kuliyal
Rekha Gairola Kuliyal - 8 hours ago
3:06 gta shit?! 😂
김동혁 - 8 hours ago
Good. A great clickbait for Anti-Vaxxers
mary34 - 9 hours ago
Why do I have a video about vaccines in my recommended videos on a review of the inheritance cycle?
skipo flipo
skipo flipo - 9 hours ago
hahahahha you didint talk about the virus who survives from the vaccin what happens to it !
vaccins can sometimes create some new type of viruses stronger than their ancesters
C1ubp3ngu1n G0d69
C1ubp3ngu1n G0d69 - 7 hours ago
skipo flipo vaccines created viruses like you
Jack Shaw
Jack Shaw - 9 hours ago
Thats antibiotics not vaccines dipshit.
QuantumTale Sans
QuantumTale Sans - 9 hours ago
0:59 Intelligence Cell: *Shocked Pikachu Face*
Fancy Bread
Fancy Bread - 9 hours ago
the fact that people believe vaccines cause autism because a *"scientist"* said it even though people who made and support vaccines are also also *scientists* amaze me.
John Wick from fortnite
John Wick from fortnite - 10 hours ago
and even if vaccines caused autism, do rather want to die at 4 years old?
Justin Dough
Justin Dough - 10 hours ago
I was bouta beat your ass when I read the title....
Then you were pro-vaxx so beating isn’t needed...
Stig larsen
Stig larsen - 8 hours ago
You dont look like someone who can beat anyone
Harsh Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan - 10 hours ago
7k dislikes from anti-vaxxers
Nestmind - 10 hours ago
The simple fact that we NEED videos like this is the worst thing ever
Good job
Rubbe - 10 hours ago
People are afraid because of the swine flu vaccine scam.
eeeaten - 6 minutes ago
what scam was that?
Kerbal Nerd 123
Kerbal Nerd 123 - 10 hours ago
7:36 but it is confirmed that Fortnite causes Autism.
roger smith
roger smith - 10 hours ago
UPDATE newyork and other states allow after baby is born to decide if you like to discard it in trash. IF so.. they kill it take out the baby parts to sell.
then cut off the penis skin and convert to cream for face. The penis cream is inserted in face of sandra bulluck.. No kidding look it up on Ellan she admits it. Then left of stem cells are used in vaccines.
so baby parts in vaccines.
WHY? never needed it before?
because deep down they love evil and sexual pleasures.
roger smith
roger smith - Hour ago
+Iwamoto Yuri exept its a full grown baby after birth and now you can kill it as it cries in new york
Buzzzo - 4 hours ago
you good?
Iwamoto Yuri
Iwamoto Yuri - 6 hours ago
Using stem cells as a way to get a virus into your body isn't the same as being sexually aroused by a fetus.
Jack Shaw
Jack Shaw - 9 hours ago
Put a link then you can spread this.
roger smith
roger smith - 10 hours ago
UPDATE newyork and other states allow after baby is born to decide if you like to discard it in trash. IF so.. they kill it take out the baby parts to sell.
then cut off the penis skin and convert to cream for face. The penis cream is inserted in face of sandra bulluck.. No kidding look it up on Ellan she admits it. Then left of stem cells are used in vaccines.
so baby parts in vaccines.
WHY? never needed it before?
because deep down they love evil and sexual pleasures.
nadia Oneill
nadia Oneill - 8 hours ago
roger smith
roger smith - 10 hours ago
UPDATE newyork and other states allow after baby is born to decide if you like to discard it in trash. IF so.. they kill it take out the baby parts to sell.
then cut off the penis skin and convert to cream for face. The penis cream is inserted in face of sandra bulluck.. No kidding look it up on Ellan she admits it. Then left of stem cells are used in vaccines.
so baby parts in vaccines.
WHY? never needed it before?
because deep down they love evil and sexual pleasures.
roger smith
roger smith - 10 hours ago
UPDATE newyork and other states allow after baby is born to decide if you like to discard it in trash. IF so.. they kill it take out the baby parts to sell.
then cut off the penis skin and convert to cream for face. The penis cream is inserted in face of sandra bulluck.. No kidding look it up on Ellan she admits it. Then left of stem cells are used in vaccines.
so baby parts in vaccines.
WHY? never needed it before?
because deep down they love evil and sexual pleasures.
lyrehc the bran man
lyrehc the bran man - 9 hours ago
please tell me who your dealer is, i need what you're smoking
Diego Veloso
Diego Veloso - 9 hours ago
i wonder how many tinfoil hats you own
JamJam8287 - 10 hours ago
This is one of the best vid I ever saw! This helped so much in my school project. Well done, and thank u so much :)
Mercury Chan
Mercury Chan - 11 hours ago
"but feelings are often immune to facts."
and that is the saddest fact of all......
hallo hi
hallo hi - 11 hours ago
cant we transver memorie cells to childern ?
Mercury Chan
Mercury Chan - 11 hours ago
Liam Troncalli
Liam Troncalli - 11 hours ago
Do anti-vax parents know that Autism is a genetically received disease? Like, its not like a 40 year old man is gonna be ok his entire life, BUT as soon as he gets his Measles vaccine he gets Autism. How retarded do you have to be?
ExoticFireGirl - 12 hours ago
I really love how easy to understand yet scientifically correct the videos are. Really digging the comic book style and the humor too.
Kris. - 12 hours ago
"really bad time for 2 weeks"
Sans: *_Did i hear bad time?_*
Dzoni - 12 hours ago
It's not the vaccines that cause autism... it's the anti-vax movement.
Shay Sharawara
Shay Sharawara - 13 hours ago
I'm a live and not doing flue shot s no more . Not in 15 yrs .
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming - 5 hours ago
what are you trying to confirm here?
Jessie Colt Goines
Jessie Colt Goines - 13 hours ago
I would rather my child get measles than receive the MMR vaccine. There have been no measles related deaths in the U.S. in 10+ years while the MMR vaccine has claimed more than 178 lives in the same amount of time. The measles death rate is only 1 in 10000 just as it was before the MMR vaccine was even on the market.
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming - 5 hours ago
@Jessie Colt Goines L
trash house of c.
trash house of c. - 6 hours ago
Jessie Colt Goines can you explain why the government wants to kill people that can potentialy help out society or themselves later on in live?
Iwamoto Yuri
Iwamoto Yuri - 6 hours ago
No measles related deaths in ten plus years you say? I guess the last recorded measles death on USA soil in 2015 is a mistake then.
C1ubp3ngu1n G0d69
C1ubp3ngu1n G0d69 - 7 hours ago
Jessie Colt Goines Stop flexing on your single digit iq
lyrehc the bran man
lyrehc the bran man - 8 hours ago
+Jessie Colt Goines well, can you please explain why a government would want to force them onto all their citizens and kill/harm them all?
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 13 hours ago
a child with autism by not vaccinating them. That's fucked up in many ways and an insult to kids actually living with autism because you're implying they're as bad as it gets
Buzzzo - 4 hours ago
also implying a minor mental disease is worse than your child and their friends dying because of the black plague or some shit
ShredderX32 - 13 hours ago
It's funny to think of all of the anti-vaccinate people that clicked on the video and got really dissipointed.
Krzysiek - 14 hours ago
3:31 WawawWAIT! WHY? Did you just plan to slip that through? Why we need more vaccines, does it evolve so much that it is completely different from the memory? How the memory works on the strong-from-weakened-cousin then?
Håkon Schulstad
Håkon Schulstad - 14 hours ago
Thank you so much for making these videos.
Tainted Strike
Tainted Strike - 14 hours ago
thank you
HenrikPiano - 15 hours ago
Thank you for talking in the listening part in our ZAP in Germany!
Great job!
StrongRuler - 15 hours ago
Vaccines aren’t always harmless, but there’s a treatment for most side effects, right?
TentacleOne - 15 hours ago
Everybody needs to see this. Thank you for educating the unwashed masses!
Jm56Z - 15 hours ago
3:11 : god damnit, I don't want to harm that little boi !
trash house of c.
trash house of c. - 6 hours ago
Jm56Z luckily they dont actaully have feelings and are made to annoy your imune system, they are bassicly made to help you by sacrificing themselves.
james skelly
james skelly - 15 hours ago
It's sad that there a kids with autism whose parents are too busy trying to find something to blame for a unfortunate situation and not accepting facts rather then giving their full attention to loving their child
Master_gamer22344 - 15 hours ago
Also known as anti vaxxers
TheOfficeChair - 16 hours ago
Please make a 5g video similar to this video.
ghjoshman99 - 16 hours ago
I desperately tried to find anti vax comments but couldn't. If a cool pal wants to copy and paste what they find and put them here I would appreciate it very much
eeeaten - 17 hours ago
It’s likely that forced/mandated vaccination actually results in lower vaccine coverage. When people are given accurate information they almost always choose to vaccinate. The biggest problem I see is that here are a bunch of fairly unrestricted loons spreading misinformation about vaccines to undermine medicine and drum up business for their fake-ass “natural health” miracle cures/products/therapies/books/dvds.
Elmar Kitos
Elmar Kitos - 18 hours ago
doot - 18 hours ago
honestly i respect anti-vaxx parents, when their kid finally dies they can just say "it was lies told to me by the internet"
Ajay Malolan
Ajay Malolan - 18 hours ago
Great video
Cosmosit - 18 hours ago
I'm gonna send this video to all anti vaxxers I know and meet
LeoTheArtist - 18 hours ago
Even tho I do support this stuff its just the fact that I have a vary bad phobia of needles...
Francklyn - 17 hours ago
Death or landing in a wheelchair thanks to polio is worse
Iodic Acid
Iodic Acid - 18 hours ago
Another thing i never understood about anti vaxxers is even if let's say hypothetically vaccines cause autism, you're basically saying that you'd rather have a dead child than have a child with autism by not vaccinating them. That's fucked up in many ways and an insult to kids actually living with autism because you're implying they're as bad as it gets
eeeaten - 18 hours ago
Iodic Acid no they are not saying they’d rather have a dead kid. That’s absurd. They’re saying the if the risk of autism from the vaccine is high and the risk of harm from the disease is low, they’d rather go with the lower risk. Luckily vaccines don’t cause autism.
Standing With The Band
Standing With The Band - 19 hours ago
Another important fact tossed in with my own story of me not getting vaxxed.
In high school, students needed two vaccinations or have parents sign forms stating the kids weren’t being vaccinated for whatever reason.
I was going through a very rough latch with my depression, anxiety, and other serious topics I won’t get into. The meningitis vaccine has behavioral issues and/or changes listed as a side effect. My mother didn’t want me to worsen due to my mental state and decided we would get it at a later date when I was more stable.
When I went in to get the other vaccination, however, the doctor asked why we weren’t doing both and we explained. He let us know that anytime someone has a reported side effect that it gets listed. Even if the side effect isn’t actually a side effect of the vaccine or even if it is just one person. I has to be included.
This goes for all vaccines, over the counter medications, and prescription medications.
These behavioral changes might have stemmed from a kid having undiagnosed ADHD, having a hard time in school and being extra stressed, literally anything. He didn’t specify that but did assure us that a lot of the side effects aren’t actual side effects and are usually just reports from parents and have to be listed anyway.
So we got it that day, too.
And no, I didn’t get worse at all. Instead, I’m not passing around meningitis!
When looking at side effects of anything, take it with a grain of a salt. Sometimes our brains will also make us feel like we are experiencing side effects when we really aren’t, almost like a placebo effect. Whatever side effects are real and most common, the doctor should inform you or will inform you if you ask.
For new medications, my doctor let me know which side effects were most common, which is almost definitely will get, for how long, and what to look for if it’s bad. Were there more listed? Yes, but there’s a possibility that they aren’t actual side effects and just people worrying or giving the wrong attributes to things in the medical field.
Janglenutter - 19 hours ago
My son spent four days in the hospital with a reaction from vaccines. He's fine now, but don't ever let anyone say they're totally harmless.
eeeaten - 2 hours ago
+Janglenutter sure, i've never heard anyone say that. certainly no doctors or medical scientists.
Iwamoto Yuri
Iwamoto Yuri - 6 hours ago
You do realise your kid's the small percentage, though, right? For the majority of children nothing will happen. Common in this case mostly means it's the side affect most commonly seen among the small percentage of people who do end up showing side effects. Don't get me wrong, though, of course vaccinations aren't perfect, but even with side effects they are more beneficial than the side effects an actual disease would bring to the table.
Janglenutter - 14 hours ago
+eeeaten I never said it wasn't. I said never let anyone tell you vaccines are totally harmless, because they aren't.
eeeaten - 15 hours ago
Janglenutter you realise though, that a rash and fever is a common symptom of measles. Getting vaccinated is a much better option than not getting vaccinated.
Janglenutter - 16 hours ago
+Safia's Useless Acc. It's common enough that both agencies list them as common side effects.
Mijuna Blue
Mijuna Blue - 19 hours ago
This needs more recognition
Just a Random Gamer
Just a Random Gamer - 19 hours ago
Who else just came to see the war in the comments xD don’t worry tho I watched the video cause I came here for that too lol
Sean Costello
Sean Costello - 20 hours ago
[ Karen disliked that. ]
Alektorophobic Carrot
Alektorophobic Carrot - 20 hours ago
Me when I see another of my favorite informational channels might be anti-vax:
Ah shit, here we go again
eeeaten - 18 hours ago
Alektorophobic Carrot another? What?
Lenfi X
Lenfi X - 20 hours ago
That GTA reference tho 👌
ZacZattack - 20 hours ago
I'm going to quote Soot house here.
"What I'm saying is that the Black Death disappeared in Europe with out vaccines"
"Along with 1/3rd of the population"
Stephen Stumpf
Stephen Stumpf - 21 hour ago
Finally, common sense!
Strawberry Pupper
Strawberry Pupper - 21 hour ago
Oh look the dislike count, everyone look, a viral infection happening right before our eyes. Watch as moms spread a deadly virus making numbers like this.
Strawberry Pupper
Strawberry Pupper - 21 hour ago
Anti Vaxxers are the most dumb people ever, letting their immediate fears for their child overcome the potential dangers that lie ahead for that child. They become delusional believing that anything fake and not made directly from the earth is toxic, even if the body needs it. Other children are impacted by idiot parents that eat wild anti-vax tales like a cow to grass, or better yet, a sheep. These sheeple eat the anti-vax stories and get infected with the deadly AVV, or Anti-Vax Virus, and harm those around them by spreading the illness to anyone else who doesn't have the proper immune system to fight off lies. Those infected will blindly let their kid face a viral world, alone, on the hope and prayer that the "facts" they read on the internet will protect their child.
What's worse, true pro anti-vaxxers are completely heartless, believing that if their child is autistic, that is wrong, they are imperfect. They will face the high risks of disease and death, both of which being expensive and horrific events for a child way too young to understand, they will choose all this, over having an autistic child. That's horrifying that they can throw their love away. As a person on the spectrum, albeit on the more functioning side, I can attest that autism is not at all, not ever going to be such a big issue that overpowers a parent's love. And this is all assuming vaccines cause autism!! Playing devil's advocate! Drawing conclusions on false facts and suspicions. If you've vaccinated your child, or plan to, pat yourself on the back, because you've saved their life, you've proven that love is without fear and doubt.
Fitnessgram Pacertest
Fitnessgram Pacertest - 21 hour ago
Waldemar Perez Jr
Waldemar Perez Jr - 21 hour ago
What do you say to people who work in the medical field but who are also anti-vax?
eeeaten - Hour ago
+Waldemar Perez Jr there are no legit doctors who don't vaccinate their kids. a few studies have been done on this. there's a small number of nurses who don't accept the science of vaccination but that shows people aren't all smart enough to understand the science. they probably shouldn't be nurses.
Waldemar Perez Jr
Waldemar Perez Jr - 3 hours ago
+eeeaten I mean legit nurses and medical doctors that vax others but don't vax their kids. I've met a few. One of them pointed out that kids vaxxed can be contagious for up to 2 weeks and shouldn't be near other kids.
eeeaten - 17 hours ago
Waldemar Perez Jr that their “medical field” of homeopathy or chiropractic isn’t actually medicine?
Fresh Pixelated Memes
Fresh Pixelated Memes - 21 hour ago
"You're fired"
Black Fang
Black Fang - 21 hour ago
Only times I get sick is after vaccines
eeeaten - Hour ago
+Black Fang lolz when people making bad decisions call other people stupid XD
chilled blocks
chilled blocks - 3 hours ago
+eeeaten oh I get the notion. But I do get symptoms afterwards. Every time. I dont get sick very often, maybe once every few years at most. So I'm good. Plus I'm very a-social so I'm not really exposed to anything.
Black Fang
Black Fang - 11 hours ago
+eeeaten either way I'm not going to get a damn shot just because some people want to force I already said I will on my own time schedule when it's empty
Black Fang
Black Fang - 11 hours ago
+Safia's Useless Acc. idk the Doctor says it was for the flu
Black Fang
Black Fang - 11 hours ago
+eeeaten are y'all two stupid I clearly said I get sick *AFTER* the damn shots people that are fucking gullible around others and have weak immune systems be the main ones getting sick
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