Crazy Twin Stories (GAME)

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Bella Chandler
Bella Chandler - 3 days ago
I’m not don johnson!
winterrrsea - 6 days ago
I can't watch Bethany episodes; she's pretty but oh so dull. Their crew is so polarizing for me.
Nightmare Z
Nightmare Z - 6 days ago
That pain sharing thing is real
I am not a twin, just a twin psychologist
Adam B.
Adam B. - 9 days ago
Girls are not funny...
Alan Grey
Alan Grey - 9 days ago
Bethany 👌
Nathan Ely
Nathan Ely - 15 days ago
I used to have a physic connection with my brother but it slowly faded away.
Olivia Ford
Olivia Ford - 23 days ago
I haven’t finished this but I thought Bethany’s twin was a brother
drewski west
drewski west - 28 days ago
bethany is sooo
WARofROSES - Month ago
Why did Link cough like a Muppet? LMAO 2:17
Scarlette Foxx
Scarlette Foxx - Month ago
Was that ten word story harry potter and the basilisk?
TheLazyMutt - Month ago
I'm a Twin! I like this show all that much more seeing how many twins they have working for them! Also, My Twin Bro and I are HUGE "Zack and Cody-Suite Life" fans =D
CB123 - Month ago
They should have had banana twins
Jordan Green
Jordan Green - Month ago
I'M A TWIN!... but fraternal
Zeus He
Zeus He - 2 months ago
I'm not Don Johnson
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith - 2 months ago
I’m actually a fraternal triplet, and living with my siblings is so rough, so to all of you who say it’s cool, think about it. You share birthdays, you’re always in the same grade as them, (more classes) and etc. There are plenty more things cooler than multiples.
Aethryx - 2 months ago
Bethany is
hawk james
hawk james - 2 months ago
i love david
I dunno Mate
I dunno Mate - 2 months ago
Curtis is not Don Johnson.
Blue Bone
Blue Bone - 2 months ago
that bethany girl was cute
Abby Leaf
Abby Leaf - 2 months ago
I dislocated my elbow once...
Tanvi Haldar
Tanvi Haldar - 2 months ago
Having a twin is weird *• • • • • * It’s like having your own clone and ur mum and dad are the scientists who made them
Zarah Brown
Zarah Brown - 3 months ago
When Dylan said “smart twin or fun twin” did anyone else immediately think of Zack and Cody?
Cold Ivory
Cold Ivory - 3 months ago
Husky Children
Husky Children - 3 months ago
OMG 😮 Dylan is Cole sprouse’ twin
Husky Children
Husky Children - 3 months ago
I’m pretty sure Dylan’s brother is Cole sprouse from riverdale
Alix Ballinger
Alix Ballinger - 3 months ago
This was a fun more and main episode. Missed this episode because I just had twins. Don't know if they're identical or not yet, but they look a lot alike for now. Still catching up on GMM and GMMore.
SunshineHobi TxT
SunshineHobi TxT - 3 months ago
Ugh. Teresa is such a let down. 😑😑😑
Wooh - 3 months ago
Hi Ben!
Andung Setiawan
Andung Setiawan - 3 months ago
Rhett and Link take a 16 personality test (MBTI test).. and the crew too.. 😁
Melissa Nugent
Melissa Nugent - 3 months ago
David is my new favorite crew member 😂
Melissa Nugent
Melissa Nugent - 3 months ago
Rhett: in middle school

That’s suspicious
fuckyourself - 3 months ago
Dylan was such a fun guest, I hope he comes back
Connor Willson
Connor Willson - 3 months ago
Let’s just talk about links coughing
Psycho Social
Psycho Social - 3 months ago
Unpopular opinion! Dylan is better than Cole
Reuben Canning Finkel
Reuben Canning Finkel - 3 months ago
Where’s Curtis
Jana Gilbert
Jana Gilbert - 4 months ago
Please hire Curtis as a crew member! I thought he was so funny!
Charisma Dominguez
Charisma Dominguez - 4 months ago
When you guys made this video it was my brithday
Devin Hill
Devin Hill - 4 months ago
But did Dylan say "I was just laid"?
And the girls said "oh.."
Or did I interpret that wrong?
Amanda Paddleford
Amanda Paddleford - 4 months ago
David makes everything better lol
Daethenix - 4 months ago
In a video about twins, i can't be the only one who chuckled when she said "beside myself"
Shelby Blue
Shelby Blue - 4 months ago
he's not the hero we deserve, but he's the hero we need
houi - 4 months ago
dylan looks like roomie official
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson - 4 months ago
Rhet say twin eyes are hard
Plops Plops
Plops Plops - 4 months ago
Bring jacksepticeye back
bejjei - 4 months ago
Hire Curtis!
jack_leafs 51
jack_leafs 51 - 4 months ago
David has arrived in my top 5 crew members
Eli B Lolo
Eli B Lolo - 4 months ago
Where is the Curtis cameo I needed?!
Olivia Crawford
Olivia Crawford - 4 months ago
I think everyone here wants to see more of curtis haha
Zara Wahla
Zara Wahla - 4 months ago
Okay but what happened to link at 2:18
Katraca Leigh
Katraca Leigh - 4 months ago
I cannot remember when but I feel like I knew Bethany's twin was a brother as well 🤔
Alphabasaurus - 4 months ago
Dylan was funny on these episodes, good job kid
chey cat
chey cat - 4 months ago
what that one twin was feeling when her twin got hurt is intuition.... It's a real thing.... I have felt it.
Tessa Maye
Tessa Maye - 4 months ago
2:16 over and over
xd_crazy020 - 4 months ago
2:17 let’s talk about that 🤣
NovaNinja64 - 4 months ago
All the girls are pretty but the one on the far left is prettiest to me. Yes. Intellectual conversation material.
MattChats - 4 months ago
I loved seeing more of Bethany, but man am I getting Curtis withdrawal. David definitely filled some of that void though,
Tetuko Niko
Tetuko Niko - 4 months ago
seriously, Bethany is just TOO BEAUTIFUL to be a production crew or something !! maybe it's an unpopular opinion among Americans and/or european, but as an Asian person that's what i think about Bethany. She deserve some Screen Time I'm just saying. I hope someone, somewhere in Hollywood or anywhere else saw her potential. Lots of love from Davin's Country and also lots of love for Bethany XO
Heather Boo
Heather Boo - 4 months ago
Yay more Jenna
Kianah Swift
Kianah Swift - 4 months ago
My mom once said my brother and sister are really funny but I'm "smart funny"....
Lauren - 4 months ago
So many twins!?
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