VAN TOUR | Custom Built For Twins To Live In

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Cookie LPS
Cookie LPS - 5 hours ago
Umm I love how y’all spent so much time on the bed they forgot the kitchen
Lani Hernandez
Lani Hernandez - 8 hours ago
We’re are u guys going to take a shower
Phoebe Mattison
Phoebe Mattison - 13 hours ago
Right question- where’s the kitchen?!?!
alisha genevieve
alisha genevieve - 23 hours ago
my mum said she loves the names ethan and grayson 🤠
charlotte dagostino
charlotte dagostino - 23 hours ago
but where does there food go??
Unknown Joseph
Unknown Joseph - Day ago
What happened to the warehouse
Bích nụ
Bích nụ - Day ago
No bathroom ?????
Rebecca De Arman
Rebecca De Arman - 2 days ago
Grayson: you could almost fit.. I shouldn’t say body, we’re two guys in a van..
Baby Moga
Baby Moga - 4 days ago
There is no toilet
Ritika Makania
Ritika Makania - 5 days ago
I really love where this channel is going.
LIL JJ - 6 days ago
But he likes tiny home boiiii
LIL JJ - 6 days ago
I thought grayson was claustrophobic
charcs_7 - 7 days ago
Did they forget that volkswagen vans exist... those are the most iconic ugh they should’ve gotten a mint and white one but I guess the Mercedes is cool too
emil wilson
emil wilson - 7 days ago
I like how you put the gas can in with the food 👌😅
Joce D
Joce D - 7 days ago
I have an idea..... I should store my gasoline with my cereal that’s healthy😂😂😂😂😂
Just V
Just V - 7 days ago
With y'all's beards you look like you could be Jason Momoa's cousins or brothers! look Aquaman up!
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill - 8 days ago
Were is the toilet 🚽
Jacqueline Chang
Jacqueline Chang - 8 days ago
They should’ve put a sink in there:/ especially since they got the bigger van
Deo. - 8 days ago
*3.5 million people was in your cute van :)*
Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea - 8 days ago
Why are they going to Australia?
AvNî AmYra
AvNî AmYra - 9 days ago
You boTh ArE so Good looking.. Cool guYs 😘🥰 I love the way you both talk .. 🤗
I would be very happy if I would get a chance to talk to you 😘
Nina - 9 days ago
ethan really said sqishy
Sophia Chase
Sophia Chase - 9 days ago
The speaker part though lol 😂
Ciara Nicole
Ciara Nicole - 10 days ago
No one:
Grayson: Piano hinge..
Tootun Button
Tootun Button - 10 days ago
I love that they kept their food next to a can of gasoline😂
josie berry
josie berry - 10 days ago
You can really just lay out, and catch a vibe
hindlesteve - 10 days ago
Boot and Z
Boot and Z - 12 days ago
And there will no cooking on this trip
sabrinazd219 - 12 days ago
Why dont you have a kitchen?
Meryliz Roldos
Meryliz Roldos - 12 days ago
Filippa Van Gyseghem
Filippa Van Gyseghem - 13 days ago
they honestly could have done this so much better,
im not trying to be mean but they could have taken the back row of seats down, put a toilet added extra storage etc.
... just watch litterally all the videos on youtube, and dont rush it
Staceyysnow - 13 days ago
The “I am” at 6:00 was the cutest🥺❤️
iInfinARMY Hearteu
iInfinARMY Hearteu - 13 days ago
11:08 c u t e
iInfinARMY Hearteu
iInfinARMY Hearteu - 13 days ago
“... we shouldn’t say bodies.. were guys in a van..”
Sidonie Grace
Sidonie Grace - 13 days ago
Fuck, I love these videos so much more
Kayli Uwu
Kayli Uwu - 14 days ago
alyssa kirk
alyssa kirk - 14 days ago
ethan: “probably even, like, another friend”
grayson: “you could also like, we shouldn’t say a body, we’re guys in a van”
Jaedyn Berg
Jaedyn Berg - 14 days ago
Grayson: I just wanna talk to the stuff.
Eathan: then talk to the stuff.
*long pause*
Greyson: wha- no.
WhitneyNicole - 14 days ago
ItsMei - 15 days ago
TWINS: We are very out doorsy
ME: *watches their Australia video*
Mackenzie Alexis
Mackenzie Alexis - 15 days ago
Where are they showering
Ernastine Tapia-Torosian
Ernastine Tapia-Torosian - 15 days ago
I noticed that the cereal was put in with a gas jug and idk if there was gas in there but you never put gas with food bc you never know if it was leak when your driving around. I mean I’m just saying but you do you ✌🏽
Isla Williams
Isla Williams - 15 days ago
I love how they are super close and do everything together
Felix Thönnessen
Felix Thönnessen - 15 days ago
They vibin'
QueensOfc - 15 days ago
Grayson is my favorite twin x 💙 But Ethan is still great x ily
Lizzy K
Lizzy K - 15 days ago
Grayson-“We love the outdoors.”
Ethan- *freaks out about a fly*
What a mood 😂
Gunoftranquility S
Gunoftranquility S - 16 days ago
Where is the fridge
Chaleur - 16 days ago
There’s snow in California?!!
Jihan Henawi
Jihan Henawi - 16 days ago
11:05 that boy looks like Noah schnapp it’s weird
Hind Almaqbaly
Hind Almaqbaly - 16 days ago
Business in the front party in the back rlly cracked me up
Shanley Gibbs
Shanley Gibbs - 16 days ago
I wonder what colour they will make the van
cadence elizabeth
cadence elizabeth - 16 days ago
I swear this world is too crazy. Just a few second Ethan’s ear was attacked by a fly...a fly flew like by my ear bothering me!
cadence elizabeth
cadence elizabeth - 16 days ago
I swear this world is too crazy. Just a few second Ethan’s ear was attacked by a fly...a fly flew like by my ear bothering me!
Zeina Ahmed
Zeina Ahmed - 16 days ago
Am i the only one wondering where will they shower, pee, and poop??
Emma Victoria
Emma Victoria - 16 days ago
Ethan: "no flys in the van... that's y we have insulation" 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Ragan Singleton
Ragan Singleton - 16 days ago
12:03 me when my friends say something rielly embarrassing about me
Kiera - 16 days ago
I love that Kyle has been in the new videos! All of the content has felt so comfortable and realistic :)
Istarlin Dagane
Istarlin Dagane - 16 days ago
Ethan cracks me up he keeps telling him what to say “privacy” and “tell them that I made it double sided with the cushion
Istarlin Dagane
Istarlin Dagane - 16 days ago
“Stop acting” had me rollinggggg lol😭‼️‼️‼️
Jess N.
Jess N. - 16 days ago
« We shouldn’t say a body, we’re guys in a van » I audibly snorted.
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