VAN TOUR | Custom Built For Twins To Live In

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soomy Chan
soomy Chan - Hour ago
I am so excited, but I feel like they need more that what they already prepared 😭😭😭
hey its your girl zeidee
hey its your girl zeidee - 2 hours ago
idk about you guys but i want grayson to look at me like how he looks at ethan at 2:40 damn it
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - 2 hours ago
1955: I hope for flying cars 2019: people living in vans
Abigale Yeck-Parrott
Abigale Yeck-Parrott - 2 hours ago
because you guys are twins do you ever forget who you are
serenity - 2 hours ago
Where are u going to shower
Sophie Eastwood
Sophie Eastwood - 2 hours ago
why are they so cringy lol XD just kidding
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy - 2 hours ago
Y'all should travel to Mississippi🤠
Samruddhi - 3 hours ago
i almost cried when the clip from ‘Life Back Home’ was shown
Samruddhi - 3 hours ago
damn i love these kinda videos where the twins actually enjoy themselves and are happy with the content they’re putting out❤️
Ramzie Wyche
Ramzie Wyche - 3 hours ago
Am I the only one dying from that first dance party🤣🤣🤣
Yvonne Rogers
Yvonne Rogers - 4 hours ago
I've seen much better
Marin Wilusz
Marin Wilusz - 4 hours ago
How r u guys gonna cook and where is ur tv and drums and all that stuff going
Maria Eduarda Correa dos Santos
where is the bathroom bro
Ritaj O
Ritaj O - 4 hours ago
ok Grayson looks amazing in this video dude how
Oof Playz
Oof Playz - 5 hours ago
HANNAH BARNHARDT - 5 hours ago
Go to Alaska
Ella Krasnow
Ella Krasnow - 5 hours ago
Nadine - 5 hours ago
Yall stopped saying “we’re back” again
Hinata Patata
Hinata Patata - 6 hours ago
White hoodless hoodie twin keeps bossing the other twin around who looks kinda pissed off. Is it okay for they to do this? It's such a small space.
Am I reaching???
GoldenState - 8 hours ago
Homeless people don't want to live in a van and people with homes want to?😕🤔
Ashley Webb
Ashley Webb - 10 hours ago
End in Vermont!!!!!!
Lynda Hall
Lynda Hall - 12 hours ago
Y'all should travel to Mississippi🤠
Yuh - 12 hours ago
When is the travel video comming up?
Dany - 13 hours ago
do you know that you are very sweet
Cat - 14 hours ago
I wish you well on your journey. This sounds like a great way to find your self mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was born in Texas and lived in Tennessee, i miss the woods and nature. Fresno Ca is okay. Sooo can I borrow the van when you’re done 😅.
Rain Studios
Rain Studios - 14 hours ago
You guys have to react too this video
Oluwakemi Akanle
Oluwakemi Akanle - 14 hours ago
Tip: gym membership so you can shower❤
Kayla Chereice
Kayla Chereice - 15 hours ago
i am sorry to be inappropriate but i’m tripping balls and 9:31 scared the SHIT OUT OF ME
Icon - 15 hours ago
dudes sound and look like they’re gonna grow up to be Sylvester Stallone
Hinata Patata
Hinata Patata - 6 hours ago
SS was cuter than them when he was young, but they seem like they're gonna age like fine wine, unlike SS, ie they're hotter and always be hotter than him
Ryan TTV Try Hard
Ryan TTV Try Hard - 15 hours ago
How are they going to shower brush your teeth it doesn’t make sense
Nicki Harvey's
Nicki Harvey's - 16 hours ago
This was some sick editing loved the video loving these videos so much 👍🏼😁
Angiethegreat - 16 hours ago
its so crazy how they built this themselves
Zander Martinez
Zander Martinez - 16 hours ago
Just a couple of posers hopping on the van life trend 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄🙄 ,literally put no thought themselves into the make of this (very simple) van design
Fire _Flakes227
Fire _Flakes227 - 16 hours ago
Okay so when they were in the fabric store a Celia Cruz song was playing in the background. So I thought my mom was listening to music until I figured out it was from the video.
Fire _Flakes227
Fire _Flakes227 - 16 hours ago
The innuendos in this video and the fighting had be crying😂
Jeff Mendelsohn
Jeff Mendelsohn - 17 hours ago
great job with the guys are funny, interesting and seem to deal with life in a joyful way....jeff
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu - 16 hours ago
Kitchen? Bathroom? They didn’t use their space too well 😬 I mean like ya they built it themselves but...
Lilly Laws
Lilly Laws - 18 hours ago
Do more vidos with emma plssss
Ember Herrington
Ember Herrington - 19 hours ago
What ever happened to getting a new pet??🤨🙃
10,000 subs no videos?
10,000 subs no videos? - 20 hours ago
*When the van is bigger than your house..*
10,000 subs no videos?
10,000 subs no videos? - 20 hours ago
*When the van is bigger than your house..*
Liana Gao
Liana Gao - 20 hours ago
Ethan: We’re gonna be sleeping in here with three guys, for some days.
Gray: Three large guys.
Both: *Nervous chuckles* We’re in trouble🤡
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