Safiya & Tyler's First Dance To The Addams Family Tango

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 12 days ago
HELLO FRIENDS! here is a little final bonus wedding video before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming - our first dance, which was a recreation of the "Addams Family Values" tango! we decided to post this as a separate bonus video because the music is copyrighted, we hope you enjoy seeing the whole thing! also a quick note, the cigarette you see here is fake, it's a prop cigarette! xoxo, saf
LavenderLushLuxury - 3 days ago
I Love Your Videos.
Necroglobule - 5 days ago
Good choice. Gomez and Morticia are the ultimate relationship goal. Two kids (three if you consider Pubert canon) and god knows how many years and they're STILL absolutely stupid for each other.
PaintedScissorsLove - 7 days ago
That was an amazing dance and I loved your whole wedding video! I hope you and Tyler have a great married life!
Ivett Gombos
Ivett Gombos - 9 days ago
OMG, awesome! Congrats to you <3
VincentKoh LUMCFan
VincentKoh LUMCFan - 9 days ago
So the knife was real? OMG OMG
Dan TDM - Hour ago
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh smoochy smoochy was not part of this
Crystal sf
Crystal sf - 2 hours ago
I just love everyones fucking reactions
Crystal sf
Crystal sf - 2 hours ago
Love it
Rebekah Shipp
Rebekah Shipp - 3 hours ago
Oh my lord that was so cute! You two are such a fun couple ☺️
Adysen Pasquill
Adysen Pasquill - 3 hours ago’s......wahhhh it’s beautiful I’m so happy for you guys🥺
ar my
ar my - 4 hours ago
you guys make me believe in love
Roger Bemis
Roger Bemis - 4 hours ago
Need a side-by-side with original 💃🕺
Peyton Ong
Peyton Ong - 5 hours ago
was anyone else concerned for that cake in the background?
Milly Clark
Milly Clark - 5 hours ago
Safiya and Tyler, the love between you two is real and will last forever. This is coming from a 45 year old woman! Keep posting your videos, they're so much fun. I would love a franken-something.
Ciara McNally
Ciara McNally - 5 hours ago
Who would dislike this...?

Irina Kogan
Irina Kogan - 5 hours ago
You both are so incredibly cute
Mark Nazareth Zulueta
Mark Nazareth Zulueta - 7 hours ago
Tyler has alittle lipstick at his mouth......
Amanda Snowe
Amanda Snowe - 8 hours ago
I love you Saffiya
Roberta Fisher
Roberta Fisher - 10 hours ago
You were both amazing! Your parents must have been so proud of you. You can see by everyones faces how impressed they are. You should definitely take up dance classes. Congratulations! Xxxx
Pudy Pebbles
Pudy Pebbles - 12 hours ago
I didn't want to watch it. But I clicked it by mistake. WOW! So AWESOME, I watched it twice in a row! Super great idea, great gift to your guests and us. Saf looked spectacular. Especially acting bored with being worshiped. Love. Love. Love it!
Zoe Inkerman
Zoe Inkerman - 13 hours ago
I don't necessarily like safiya, in fact I find her personality a little bit over the top...
But that's what makes her channel so great. Even people who don't like her watch her videos because they are so original and unthought of.
Not this particularly lol, but her other videos.
Audrey Allen
Audrey Allen - 16 hours ago
Nico Las
Nico Las - 17 hours ago
3:49 SIMPLY clappin' ! 🧡💚
Lynda Nickerson
Lynda Nickerson - 17 hours ago
I love it ♥️🎉 Congrats you two 💗💗💗
Haidir Norddin
Haidir Norddin - 18 hours ago
It's great
Jermirra burley
Jermirra burley - 19 hours ago
Oh My Goddess! the best thing about this is that it was uniquely you. I really rethought the idea of a big production for a wedding, I now can honestly see the charm in a small wedding. I always knew if I ever face my phobia and got married I'd want my immediate family and just a few near friends but 7 siblings, three step-parents, and many nieces and nephews the list grows on its own. I loved both vids. Thanks for sharing.
Molly Jonsson
Molly Jonsson - 19 hours ago
Not going to lie you guys completely nailed it for not I think you guys both did super good
Bee R.
Bee R. - 19 hours ago
That was AWESOME! You guys did really dang good recreating Gomez and Morticia’s dance, and it looked like you had so much fun.
Congrats you two! X3 💜🦇
living garbage
living garbage - 19 hours ago
You kinda look like Tara from the walking dead so when she shows up I call her safiya.
Cadence Gauthier
Cadence Gauthier - 20 hours ago
Me being a point ballet dancer and my mom being a Boston ballet dancer we agree that you guys did a great job.
emma - 20 hours ago
this might be the most embarrassing thing i’ve ever seen imagine doing this in front of ur family 😭😭😭😭
Melissa Castle
Melissa Castle - 21 hour ago
I love how absolutely original your lives are! Thanks for letting us see the joy and congratulations.
denn18denn gta55
denn18denn gta55 - 22 hours ago
I was born 2007 your what we wore in 2007 all that news dam I would go deeper but u won't see this
D.B Cooper
D.B Cooper - Day ago
I’m so happy
Danny Alejandro
Danny Alejandro - Day ago
Can you do a video on doing your own Mickey Mouse ears like the tik tok trend??
Jeanne - Day ago
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson - Day ago
OMG!!! You two are the cutest!! That was so fun to watch!!
Melissa Rodriguez
Melissa Rodriguez - Day ago
I was watching some of your old videos and we have the same bday!
isold klara
isold klara - Day ago
You guys cant do this to me!! Its so cute i ship it harder than anything
Breann Hollon
Breann Hollon - Day ago
one thing who is the indian woman? not trying to be races. But who is she
XxSophia_ WalshsmythxX
Hi Saf! I loved this video it was so funny and beautiful!
Miranda Silva
Miranda Silva - Day ago
hey saf, you should check out ipsy. i saw an ad about it and it seems sketchyy
메학김 - Day ago
I love you both you’re my parents 😭
Alice Damiano
Alice Damiano - Day ago
Safiya is so much in the part! Tyler instead is so happy he can't help smiling, despite not having to! :D
Meagan - Day ago
What an AMAZING first dance! I smiled the whole way through. Congratulations 😭
Drama Queen
Drama Queen - Day ago
Tish Fannon
Tish Fannon - Day ago
Amazing! Also I need that freaking dress. I would never have a reason to wear it, but I would sit around my apartment in it lmfao
XxangelmayaxX yep
XxangelmayaxX yep - Day ago
The hand kissing part xD
Abigail Marshall
Abigail Marshall - Day ago
LOVE how unconventional and theatrical it was and that it definitely wasn't the standard boring and sappy first dance. Well done you two!
E Lopez
E Lopez - Day ago
YES! She captured the way Morticia glides near PERFECTLY
nancyhorio - Day ago
You guys are stinking adorable!
Karina - Day ago
Amazing!!! It makes me want a wedding xD
saturn *:・゚
saturn *:・゚ - Day ago
The videographer blew this one out the park, the dance itself is gorgeous but they got all the angles where the moves would be more flattering and I VIBE WITH THAT
saturn *:・゚
saturn *:・゚ - Day ago
saturn *:・゚
saturn *:・゚ - Day ago
Safiya was made for this spooky bitch shit, no doubt
Terry-Ann Wilson
Terry-Ann Wilson - Day ago
That was so fun and quirky and cute.....i love you guys
Ashton Nicole
Ashton Nicole - 2 days ago
This literally made me smile
Grace Blackthorn
Grace Blackthorn - 2 days ago
You guys are soooo cute together!!!!!
Abbey White
Abbey White - 2 days ago
Please do a video where you show us your favorite wish/online bought products
Aimee Leavitt
Aimee Leavitt - 2 days ago
That was wonderful! Congratulations to both of you. May you have a long and happy life together. ^_^
Maya J. Williams
Maya J. Williams - 2 days ago
Yall DID that!!!
Efthimia Koutsouridis
Efthimia Koutsouridis - 2 days ago
this is the EXTRA I NEED
Billy Eyelash
Billy Eyelash - 2 days ago
It’s not even begun properly and I’m in tears 😭😭🖤🖤
Howie Davis
Howie Davis - 2 days ago
Omg I love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤
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