Pet Sematary (2019) - Trailer 2 - Paramount Pictures

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x Anarchy x
x Anarchy x - 31 minute ago
It was going great. It really was going great. I really had hope, but no. They just HAD to pull the creepy little girl cliche. THE BOOK WAS SO GOOD WHY CAN'T WE HAVE JUST ONE GOOD BOOK-TO-MOVIE ADAPTATION, JUST ONE???!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK??!!
Dana Wiest
Dana Wiest - 54 minutes ago
Wow....what a let down...disappointed
JeremyDrum - 4 hours ago
No originality anymore, just remakes upon remakes of films that don't need a remake. All about a cheap money grab, but hey, people will still buy tickets for it so it's all that matters.
Eric Willis
Eric Willis - 4 hours ago
Now I've seen this I feel much less optimistic about this movie. Why not remake something with lots of room for improvement and high potential, like Needful Things?
Mariano Defino
Mariano Defino - 4 hours ago
Hallie West
Hallie West - 4 hours ago
Can't wait to see THIS... 😀😀😀😀
Unironic Dabber
Unironic Dabber - 5 hours ago
Thats where i buried stony. He was my rock
D - Man013
D - Man013 - 6 hours ago
Yea I’m not watching this when the little boy died it was scary also a lesson to watch your kids tf a little girl 😒
Marcus the Bloodaxe
Marcus the Bloodaxe - 6 hours ago
Please stop do these dumpster fire remakes that completely disregard the books. This is trash!!
Rosy Rivera
Rosy Rivera - 7 hours ago
Great muvi horror! I uuuuuuu pet sementery uuuuuuu Tengo miedo oooo horrible🔥🔥🔥🔥
jcriley76 - 7 hours ago
It is impossible to equal the original, especially the way they remake everything these days.... Shitty
Christian Krogh
Christian Krogh - 10 hours ago
Seen the new trailer a couple of times now. While being a SPOILER GALORE FEST, I do think it’s a huge step up from the first teaser and I think it shows promise of a very psychologically driven film, even though it deviates from the book. Still hate the animal-masks with a passion, but if the film works on its own terms when seen in its entirety, I can get over it. We’ll see.
J Skinz
J Skinz - 10 hours ago
In the book; when the Wendigo-possessed Gage confronts Judd, he tells him, "Hellow Jud, I've come to send your rotten stinking old soul straight to hell. You fucked with me once. Did you think I wouldn't come back sooner or later and fuck with you?" Judd picks up a cleaver and tells the Wendigo, "Come on and get your pecker out then, whatever you are. We'll see who fucks with who." This quote alone should put Jud Crandall at the top of the list for the most bad ass Stephen King characters of all time.
Booksaremybag - 11 hours ago
This looks really bad. Also the acting in the first movie looks waayy better considering these toddlers are obviously going to be all picture and no sound. Ellie dying really? They changed the whole dang story. The first movie with the baby being hit by the truck was so poignant. Especially because he used to play with a toy truck and make it crash into things. He loved trucks which is why he ran out onto the road. And they don't "try" to live with him dead, the Dad loses his mind and digs him up. The mother had no clue until she arrived home and he came at her all sweet but he killed her and it's like she wouldn't defend herself because he's her baby. Ellie was the one who foresaw that her dad was gonna dig up the brother. And the relationships between the characters were so good in the first movie. Gage was such a cheeky little boy, throwing food at his sister and shushing his mom. The dad had such a great relationship with Judd because he was the father figure he never had. In order for a horror movie to work cheap scares like this one is not the answer. Making us care about the characters and even relating to them is the answer. That "hug your daughter" was so flat I was face-palming. And don't get me started with the addition of the kids with masks. Lame lame lame.
Weeb - 11 hours ago
huh... this isn't the Ramones
Bethzaida Sarahi Larrazabal
Wth man i feel like im watching the ring or something why in hell did they kill the girl? It was supposed to be Gage, even the lil boy in the first movie did some great acting. Im sure they could have found a good lil actor for this one too. Its so disappointing. Smh
Cosy Met4l
Cosy Met4l - 12 hours ago
I don't wanna be buried in pet sematary ramones style
Orion Of Valenwood
Orion Of Valenwood - 13 hours ago
Stephen king isnt even dead and they are already remaking this.
egg nog
egg nog - 13 hours ago
This is so inaccurate compared to the book
Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle - 14 hours ago
I don’t wanna be buried in pet sematary I don’t want to live my life again Ramones Forever!,
Riley W
Riley W - 15 hours ago
Ok but did y'all even GLANCE at the book
MusicAddictz __
MusicAddictz __ - 15 hours ago
Wtf??? This is spoiler not trailer and i read "pet semetary" this movie is so different from book👎
Btw read "pet semetary" this amazing book!!! Don't watk this movie👎👎👎
donald keller
donald keller - 17 hours ago
A heck’s na
Christopher T. Smith
Christopher T. Smith - 19 hours ago
So let me get this straight.. They are changing the most iconic part of the movie to make it the daughter that gets killed instead of Gage? Then she just walks around wearing a mask? This is why people hate remakes.
Dunio Dunio
Dunio Dunio - 19 hours ago
Zelda where are you
Quenby Jocelyn
Quenby Jocelyn - 19 hours ago
good good....
Taylor Cassell
Taylor Cassell - 20 hours ago
This looks like shit
titovalasques - Day ago
Cool, now I don’t have to watch the movie seeing that the trailer already shows everything.
Skyth 2002
Skyth 2002 - Day ago
Who ever is behind the marketing of this film needs to get fucking fired
Russ Tafari
Russ Tafari - Day ago
Paul Schofield
Paul Schofield - Day ago
Please, no more fucking jumpscares.
A8254 140008
A8254 140008 - Day ago
Nice trailer, now I don't need to see the movie.
udlrfbak - Day ago
The idea that Hollywood was going to remake everything that ever made money was a joke about horrible decisions, not a request.
rauserbegins - Day ago
2:15 No way in hell would Jud in the novel have laughed with overconfidence at seeing the resurrected Church growling at him in his house. He knew how dangerous the cat was now that it was back (in the novel he tells Louis that the cat now has a taste for killing) and seeing the cat in his own house would cause him to freak out--or at least back away cautiously. They're giving movie-remake Jud the "stupid overconfidence" horror trope here ARGH.
Ghost fat
George Dawson
George Dawson - Day ago
I’ll still be seeing this film, if only to see the Wendigo
Devine Devine
Devine Devine - Day ago
I hate remakes
Derek Peters
Derek Peters - Day ago
Sometimes Less is better.
Bchoklite Cookie
Bchoklite Cookie - Day ago
Basically about furries hehebe
kelly Niszczak
kelly Niszczak - Day ago
This seems interesting, adds to the lesson the father learns if they still have that talk about church "croaking" if Ellie dies instead of gage
andi lee
andi lee - Day ago
I just saw the theatre movie-trailer today.
Saw pedophilia symbolism all over the trailer.
David Lopez
David Lopez - Day ago
You guys are in denial if you think this dont look better than the original
David Lopez
David Lopez - 11 hours ago
+Booksaremybag it means stop talking 2 me you stoopid dildo
Booksaremybag - 11 hours ago
+David Lopez what does that mean?
David Lopez
David Lopez - 11 hours ago
+Booksaremybag you already know what you can suck 👅
Booksaremybag - 12 hours ago
It doesn't you just have bad taste. REALLY bad taste.
Vule - Day ago
What were some good horror movies that came out in 2018 and 2019 so far?
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe - Day ago
David Lopez
David Lopez - Day ago
Shut up Bitch u DEAD!
The Villain
The Villain - Day ago
"sematary"? Ok, are we 4 years old?
Hollywood ran out of original ideas long ago and now we're left with shitty remake after shitty comic book movie after shitty remake.
I'll save my dollars for something worth my while.
Joey Ortega
Joey Ortega - Day ago
We already have tons of creepy movies staring little girls with their hair over their head. I want to see my killer toddler!!
Joey Ortega
Joey Ortega - Day ago
Gage is suppose to be the killer -__-
Fraaz Akhter
Fraaz Akhter - Day ago
Great trailer but too much shown!! It's given half the story away it seems and I haven't even seen the original......
wendigo 225
wendigo 225 - Day ago
yes the wendigo is in this!
Arthur - Day ago
super shy guy Cole
super shy guy Cole - Day ago
i hate
Kai The lizard
Kai The lizard - Day ago
Elle's dead ik it
aurora t
aurora t - Day ago
i dont wanna be buried in your pet cemetery
Rissa - Day ago
I have 1&2 the originals
Jesus Ramos
Jesus Ramos - Day ago
What piece of crap
Ahmar Saeed
Ahmar Saeed - Day ago
Now I understand what Flash meant!
J - Day ago
Shows a lack of talent in Hollywood any more all they do is remake old movies no one has an original idea anymore!
David Lopez
David Lopez - Day ago
Unless your over 35 odds are we didn't see the first 1 in theatres you fuckn dildo
Lil Krook
Lil Krook - Day ago
Why's everything gotta be a horror story now?
Gg Wing
Gg Wing - Day ago
I got my name from this
Monster Mousse
Monster Mousse - Day ago
What's with all the changes? Girl dies, people dress up like ritual, cat mask?
Phantom Plays
Phantom Plays - Day ago
So they basically make a movie about dead animals that came to life and now are furries, not scary
Phantom Plays
Phantom Plays - Day ago
Seiege vantedeth
Seiege vantedeth - Day ago
I prefer the original one
Poltergeist remake sucks
IT remake was not Creepy as The Original!
Now This I don't feel excited about this...
PusySmell - Day ago
Where the song?
Chet - Day ago
My balls are sour!!!!
atharva kanitkar
atharva kanitkar - Day ago
dont even hve to see the movie now. thanks for the entire plot
Landon Nuckols
Landon Nuckols - Day ago
I think this will be interesting. I always like seeing stories told differently, plus Stephen King said it was scary and enjoyed his viewing of it.
Caleb Jack
Caleb Jack - 2 days ago
Every movie company should just STOP making horrible remakes of our favorite movies!!!!!
CodyMcDowd05 - 2 days ago
Anyone else bothered by the fact that Ellie is killed instead of Gage? Too far from the book and that honestly bothers me!
Jangus Mank
Jangus Mank - 2 days ago
Cats name is Hillary in this version
Jangus Mank
Jangus Mank - 2 days ago
2 and a half minutes seem a bit short for an entire movie but good job I guess
AllTheGood NamesWereTaken
To whoever cut this trailer, it’s never a good idea to spoil the entire movie in one go.
AllTheGood NamesWereTaken
I’m going to be utterly blunt. This movie is probably going to be terrible. I do hope that the trailers are not indicative of the final product but if these trailers are indicative of the final product in any capacity, what we are in for is a cliched jump scare packed mess that completely misses the point of King’s novel. The 1989 adaptation isn’t perfect but it did understand the point and themes that formed the novel.
Horsepower Gaming
Horsepower Gaming - 2 days ago
._. why's everyone so pissy? I like some variety
Hazzycakes - 2 days ago
Changing which of the kids dies can be jarring, but it wouldn't actually change the story in and of itself... but rituals and a group of kids? I don't remember any of this being in pet sematary...
Christy Mitchell
Christy Mitchell - 2 days ago
Omg!!! Please please do ‘Misery’ next
kyle seymour
kyle seymour - 2 days ago
the trailer was weird
luis gonzalez
luis gonzalez - 2 days ago
Really now I don't even want to watch this movie anymore
Robert Adams
Robert Adams - 2 days ago
Down with the bloody red queen
I just read the article of why the decision was made to change Gages death to Ellie. And it makes total sense. It's going to add another layer of horror for damn sure! Plus, I like the new cat. Much creepier than original Church. Those crooked eyes and him staring us down in the trailer. Yes!!plus I believe it is Church who lures Ellie to her death....omg
Joseph Richard
Joseph Richard - 2 days ago
There is also another change in this remake that I noticed. An actress has been cast to play a newly created character named "Marcella". I get the feeling she will be the equivalent Missy Dandridge character from the novel and 1989 version. Anybody know what the purpose of this casting might be?
Søren Elliott
Søren Elliott - 2 days ago
Running out of ideas much, Hollywood?! I like Gage.
Colin MacKinnon
Colin MacKinnon - 2 days ago
Fuck. This. Shit.
10jake01 - 2 days ago
Maybe they changed the story to Ellie dying because the original was boring af. Last like, 10 pages, are of "Gage" being creepy and killing shit/morphing into other people, saying horrible things, etc.
Maybe they're going to go more off of the "thing" that Judd/Lewis saw in the woods. Could be interesting changes. Could be fucking garbage changes. Ellie's dreams were some of my favorite parts. Dunno if it would be the same even if Gage has the dreams.
Dick Cheese
Dick Cheese - 2 days ago
2:09 the back is just. No
Escul1960 - 2 days ago
Why Hollywood.....WHY??😕
Metlhed420 - 2 days ago
Homage to the original scalpel to the achilles? Check!
Bobbi Stewart
Bobbi Stewart - 2 days ago
Omg lol. To everyone saying they cant direct a 2/3 yr old to do things. Well they did in first film. I think Miko Hughes did a hell of a job. Paramount even requested twins but Miko pulled it off alone. Yes if u watch the documentary they had their difficult moments getting him to do things. They said he even flipped out on the scene where he tore Juds throat out. When Jud started convulsing after that then died they said Miko freaked out thinkin he did somethin to him and didnt understand. They had to calm Miko down and luckily his parents were on set at all times to comfort him as well. And with using a doll for the original Gage... Yes but come on guys. Give Miko credit ...they used the doll for ONE scene. The part he "jumped" from attic onto Louis and the fight with Louis. and the part where he was set on fire. So come on.. all those other scenes? Was Miko himself!!. So i think he did a damn good job. For being a 2 yr old!! They said they made it be like a game to him. And im sure Miko Hughes is not messed up from playing that part..he prob of course dont even remember it being so young. I mean this is why Gage Creed is a classic!! So im sorry they couldnt figure out a way to get the twins that play the new Gage to do this but ol well cant change it now. Guess the fans will jus hafta stick to original and book.
Tessa Carter
Tessa Carter - 2 days ago
Personally I love this, a remake is not supposed to follow the original plot. We all need to be open to change more. I'm so so so so excited to see this!!!!
Cole Bloxam
Cole Bloxam - 2 days ago
Out of all the elements to change why in the world would they change what child dies? I really don't understand it at all! Do they feel in today's day and age people would have more sympathy for a little girl dying as opposed to a little boy?
Tato Vera
Tato Vera - 2 days ago
Everyone complaining that Ellie dies instead of Gage, but no one seems to care that Pascow is black in this version ...If you dont like it, keep reading the book, or better yet, start a production company , acquire the rights and do it yourself. In the meantime , shut the hell up
CoralCarne372 - 2 days ago
Why didn't Ellie die in the 1989 film
She was annoying as fuck
CoralCarne372 - 2 days ago
Why didn't Ellie die in the 1989 film
She was annoying as fuck
Ian Robson
Ian Robson - 2 days ago
That's not how you spell it though.
Bobbi Stewart
Bobbi Stewart - 2 days ago
Its misspelled on the book and you will understand
pharohbender - 2 days ago
Was there 1 guy that came up with movie idea's? did he die? wtf is with all the remakes
Scott Aznavourian
Scott Aznavourian - 2 days ago
I still domt get the stuff with the kids and masks either...
Tina Robbins
Tina Robbins - 2 days ago
***gave his approval
Keisha Bell
Keisha Bell - 2 days ago
Homian Schnitzel
Homian Schnitzel - 2 days ago
Soooo, the girl get´s killed instead of gage so the feminists will shut the fuck up and Pascow is now black so it´s politically correct. Fuck this fucking pile of shit.
And pls don´t be so fucking retarded and call ppl racist or anything because they are mad when storys and characters they grew up with, get raped. Look at the Dark Tower movie - also piece of trash. You establish a white Clint Eastwood Cowboy character in millions of pages book, just to swap with him with an black actor in the movie, where complete storylines will make no sense anymore.
I really don´t get it. Why don´t they just make a movie that is 100% accurate to the books, that will blow ppls minds and make fans happy? No, generic pieces of Hollywood trash preferred.
Fuck Hollywood, fuck new Stephen King movies.
Tina Robbins
Tina Robbins - 2 days ago
Thought I would throw this little tidbit...from my understanding Stephen King has to put his stamp of approval on the movies that are based on his book(s)...example...the remake of "It" was shelved, I think, for a time, because he wasnt satisfied with certain things...once that was done..he stamped is approved... So...if this one is released, S King has approved it...
Bobbi Stewart
Bobbi Stewart - 2 days ago
Not sure . I do know he hated The Shining and it was released
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