The Most Grateful Owners On Hotel Hell

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Jc Tapongot
Jc Tapongot - 16 hours ago
are these renovations free???
drash04 Music
drash04 Music - 18 hours ago
I’d say he can start another series called Heavens Chef like Hells Kitchen
TennisTributes HD
TennisTributes HD - 6 days ago
3:52 Did Gordon Ramsay just made that lady not look like a witch again
Altruce - 6 days ago
Just proud Gordon Ramsay isn't just about hating food and buildings he also Upgrade them
so wholesome (:
PrincessLelouch - 15 days ago
tbh the fact that Sandy originally opened the inn for people and dogs was a good indicator of his character. animal people are good people.
Light - 16 days ago
he highkey rented an apartment for the couple!! omg my heart
Light - 16 days ago
I'm ready to tear up and shed tears over the greatfulness of these people
Bima Mima
Bima Mima - 17 days ago
After all the hotels he have helped only 3 of them are grateful 😂😂 no wonder he always mad
Brody Cates
Brody Cates - 18 days ago
4:50 I’m ovawelmed! I love to see grateful people nowadays
laura Mol
laura Mol - 18 days ago
For god sake, sat at my desk at work crying into my breakfast. That first owner was so amazing and I love Gordon so much. X
Light - 16 days ago
Darcy Bhaiwala
Darcy Bhaiwala - 19 days ago
wait KAREN?!?!?! I did not see that coming
The Aviation Channel
The Aviation Channel - 19 days ago
No wonder why they have 4.9/5 stars on google reviews. Clearly, they deserve it
Hanxi Guo
Hanxi Guo - 19 days ago
Gordon humiliates them but they dont care, as long as they get a 100K or more makeover, they would be happy. All they have to do is to fake cry to show gordon how much they love it
LChaze A.M.
LChaze A.M. - 19 days ago
Meanwhile one owner complains about her plastic grapes gone
bdusa - 20 days ago
Hotel Chester ep is the best.
IAM ChickenSalad
IAM ChickenSalad - 20 days ago
"How Gorgeous"!
Luprez Tryson
Luprez Tryson - 21 day ago
Is layla the dog still alive?
LechugaTortuga - 22 days ago
Gordon's dog fits him so well
Waqar Zahid
Waqar Zahid - 24 days ago
Gordon's "dog" is probably the ugliest dog I've ever seen. Ugh!
Ismat Shaikh
Ismat Shaikh - 25 days ago
So now Gordon renovates too😁
TheInfernapeKing Battletube
I really do love this two hotel owners. They are so down to earth, they did not brag about anything, I mean majority of the people Gordon helps are always seems to be bragging and some of them are not grateful for Gordon's help. But with this couple they're so humble, and they truly deserve Gordon's help.
Ian Bradley
Ian Bradley - 25 days ago
So lovely :)
Jimmy Sullivan
Jimmy Sullivan - 26 days ago
I love Jeff
Call Me Noon Noon
Call Me Noon Noon - 26 days ago
Awww I wanna cry, these people are so sweet
Moni Poni
Moni Poni - 27 days ago
Gordon Ramsay is genuine.
Jemel Zapanta
Jemel Zapanta - 27 days ago
Not hotel hell anymore
Salmaan Vilcassim
Salmaan Vilcassim - Month ago
Rumple looks dapper
Xylarxcode - Month ago
It's been a while since I've seen the episode with Suki in it, but I remember when she was explaining their situation, she stuck with her husband through all the terrible times that befell them. She remained loyal to him, even when it looked like they had hit rock bottom. If that isn't true devotion to your marriage, I don't know what is. She really deserved to catch a break. They both did.
Yudanta - Month ago
Other Dumbasses : **Invites Gordon to help them**
Gordon : *"Your Food is Hideous"*
Other Dumbasdes : "😡😡😡😡🖕🖕🖕🖕"
Cold TeamZx
Cold TeamZx - Month ago
1:07 that face he made waiting for praise lol
Beast Mode!
Beast Mode! - Month ago
Anyone thought it said most ungrateful?
FearLess YT
FearLess YT - Month ago
Gordon is so kind I want to be a chef
Deost - Month ago
I accidentally read the title as 'The most UNGRATEFUL owners on Hotel Hell" and I was just waiting for the owners disappointed reactions the entire time. Instead I got a wholesome reaction.
Starlight Gatcha
Starlight Gatcha - Month ago
A P - Month ago
2:27 Yikes... That's not a pretty dog lol
zeldamaster103 - Month ago
Wait is that the lady that shidded on her floor and didn't clean it?
YTP Naruto
YTP Naruto - Month ago
Hotel Hell? More like hotel heaven.
That Wise Potato
That Wise Potato - Month ago
Why is ramsays dog a mood tho
James Gaming
James Gaming - Month ago
Since when Gordon became the new dog whisperer
Sneha :)
Sneha :) - Month ago
I didn’t read the title properly and thought this whole video was about one hotel so I got so confused when more and more owners started showing up
Mathew Brown
Mathew Brown - Month ago
why did he look like he was going to sneeze the whole time?
Chubba - Month ago
6:45 Just, damned *flabberghasted* actually.
Rosie :p
Rosie :p - Month ago
This actually made me cry 😢😊
Jay Nigma
Jay Nigma - Month ago
Considering I came here from a video where the owner was ungrateful this is really nice
ScarletTheGoldie - Month ago
I absolutely love how kind and sweet Gordon is. People think he screams too much, and that he is mean, but it really isn't true at all. If you have a good attitude towards him, he is gonna have a good attitude towards you. And paying for a 6-month rent from the goodness of his own heart is beautiful to watch.
Random Vans
Random Vans - Month ago
Judy Goddard
Judy Goddard - Month ago
well done Gordon keep doing good
Malia - Month ago
I’m crying in the club
Caileff Wadsworth
Caileff Wadsworth - Month ago
Gordon is a BAMF with a heart of gold. Amazing man.
cpoky - Month ago
...let he with two coats give one away......the way mankind SHOULD be
Rosacorn - Month ago
RP101 Aquatics
RP101 Aquatics - Month ago
its rumple though
johnmonk66 - Month ago
first guy doesn't look like a first class owner, he looks like a drunk
nd the second one looks amish now, i can't imagine what she looked like before
Xiao Ling Wu
Xiao Ling Wu - Month ago
He may seem scary at times, but he is a really kind person. It's just that people misunderstood his kindness. Gordon Ramsay YOU ROCK!!
huh ok
huh ok - Month ago
the 199 people who disliked this have no hearts Gordon Ramsay is amazing
hannah banana
hannah banana - Month ago
I’m just damn flabbergasted😂 omg I’m laughing too hard 6:44
Dhyan Patel
Dhyan Patel - Month ago
time fore wholesome stuff
StopMorgzMum - Month ago
Bulldog with Union Jack

Representation 100
UnsaltedReconPlane - Month ago
Gordon "wait this is not normal"
Halimah Nur
Halimah Nur - Month ago
Sorry, can you all here explain to me, please? Why and how and who can get that special treatment from Gordon Ramsay? I am really thank you for someone reply this comment (as question). 🙏🙏🙏
bust dooms
bust dooms - Month ago
Wait, Gordan Ramsay had a separate channel all along. How the fuzz did I not notice that??
Alina D.
Alina D. - Month ago
NicholePV - Month ago
I’m... damn flabbergasted to be honest lol
Heather’s Tips
Heather’s Tips - Month ago
I work at kennels and I’m honestly confused how they’re gonna clean those kennels with terf
100k subs without a vid challenge
Which fucking idiots disliked this video..?
αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3
Heres to all the wankers who shit on Gordon just because they only seen his bad side which is ONLY if you act like a cunt towards him. If you cooperate, Gordon is more than sweet. This is for everyone calling Gordon other than nice.
Simon Grönlund
Simon Grönlund - Month ago
One of the sweetest episodes I have seen on Hotel Hell 'sob sob' and I love that first of all *STAFF* loved it and then in then end the owners ... great work Gordon, I love you!!!
asdfghjkl zxcvbnm
asdfghjkl zxcvbnm - Month ago
most of the time people who harsh on other are the most compassion and the truest people around
I’m CHILL - 2 months ago
Are cats invited?
Snowynxx - 2 months ago
The last one had me crying Oh my god 😭❤
Lol Uru
Lol Uru - 2 months ago
Hey guys remember the diarrhea rug?
galxy c:
galxy c: - 2 months ago
Jeff’s reaction was so cute omgg
Limbu Benil
Limbu Benil - 2 months ago
Are they open now?
monster under the bed
monster under the bed - 3 months ago
Dog: **has British flag on it's back**
Nisa Q
Nisa Q - 3 months ago
So happy looking at their smiles ❤️❤️
Dan Salazar
Dan Salazar - 3 months ago
Gordon Ramsey is my idol for a reason.
Meng Supraman
Meng Supraman - 3 months ago
Damn Gordon, the badass softy
Honey Comb
Honey Comb - 3 months ago
Gordon acts like an asshole to give out tough emotions but inside he’s the nicest one out of all of us
Yong Faith
Yong Faith - 3 months ago
Which one do you think? Layla Lodge or Hotel Chester? Or both? Or other than two?
Co Man
Co Man - 3 months ago
I bet they went straight to the bed ;)
Jumpie Studios
Jumpie Studios - 3 months ago
Damn it, who's cutting onions here?
SatchMaster - 3 months ago
Jeff got his new equipment.

Stop im not crying... you're crying!
Kenneth Torres II
Kenneth Torres II - 3 months ago
No one important
No one important - 3 months ago
Can you remodel MY FRIKEN HOUSE!?!?
Nancy Tvoski
Nancy Tvoski - 3 months ago
Awe the last one made my day! And the cook too from the second one ♥️
Dark Sev.
Dark Sev. - 3 months ago
Gordon Ramsay is to food what Bob Ross is to painting and Steve Irwin to animals. They're a trinity.
19panther19 - 3 months ago
no youre crying
Fortnite funny Moments
Fortnite funny Moments - 3 months ago
It’s now diy Gordon
abby o
abby o - 4 months ago
omg stop the first one is actually so precious I’m crying
JackieDJ - 4 months ago
X Hypnotizem X
X Hypnotizem X - 4 months ago
2:29 derp
1Tap - 4 months ago
Gordon saying hello mate to his dog is the best part of this video
TalonGameZ - 4 months ago
The dog was happy when he said luxury kennels
danny garcia
danny garcia - 4 months ago
Love every bit of this video 😊❤️❤️😊Gordon Ramsey is the best!
Hailey - 4 months ago
Kenny McNally
Kenny McNally - 4 months ago
You are a fucking legend man. 🙏🏽
Dylan Williams
Dylan Williams - 4 months ago
The humanity of Gordon Ramsay is absolutely staggering. Love this man.
Adrianna G
Adrianna G - 4 months ago
This is just beautiful
Mad9977 Productions
Mad9977 Productions - 4 months ago
great how You Gordon, involve the local societies and producers to help the Hotels and Restaurants and make so many people happy 😎👍
Avengers Newbie
Avengers Newbie - 4 months ago
Wait, did the dog complaint about the hotel?
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