Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ)

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pikatube pikatube
pikatube pikatube - 48 minutes ago
I actualy did the same cours
erdenebold E
erdenebold E - Hour ago
My fears are actually .............. uuuuuugh guess it.
Stray Fox
Stray Fox - 2 hours ago
Megan Jeffries
Megan Jeffries - 2 hours ago
Adam, I feel you with the height fear! I am still scared of heights. (Not going on airplanes.)
misfit plover
misfit plover - 2 hours ago
Adams scared of being high and hungry
Nishu Pattanashetty
Nishu Pattanashetty - 2 hours ago
I got condom ad 3 times on this
Juliana Mroue
Juliana Mroue - 4 hours ago
Ummmmm...... Im only... Really young...... Certainly younger than Adam..... And iv. Been on 10 planes
JARO Entertainment
JARO Entertainment - 7 hours ago
OkieDoki WEDGIE!
SoSoKitty Plays
SoSoKitty Plays - 8 hours ago
I found a spider in my carpet once... I didn't get off my bed for litteraly a week XD
Deyahni animates :3
Deyahni animates :3 - 9 hours ago
Yay I'm scared of heights too

I hate planes too
Markiplier Rp}
Markiplier Rp} - 9 hours ago
0:04 *the tater tots falling to their death*
Samuel Han
Samuel Han - 10 hours ago
Lmao 😂
riley Studios
riley Studios - 10 hours ago
I have all the same fear as you
jojofire12 - 10 hours ago
i did this in costa rica and it was like 100 feet in the air zip lining and we were attached to line things to and at the last one there was people we were with and at the last one 1 of them shhok the zip line and i was scared like whats going on bu it was just him and we did not know these people they were just helping us zip line if this comment gets at least 1000 likes i will tell another story of mine
missAphrodite - 11 hours ago
Toadette pretty in pink Cutie
oh hey its some money bars! well Ima climb them n-OWWWWWWWWW NOPE NEVER MIND TO HIGH walks away* NOPE NOPE NOOOOOOOPPPPEEE TO HIGH NOPE NU UH NOOOOPPPPE NEVER IN MEH LIFE. :Cookie aw c'mon Toadette! it will be fun just take ur time! me: uhhhhh no thank u ;-; :Cookie oh........... well its only 5 inches above the ground! :me REALLY? :Cookie yes ;-; :me NO UR WRONG COOKIE ITS WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HIGHER THAN THAT COOKIE ARE YOU BLIND OR SOMETHING? :Cookie no? why would you say such a thing? :me *walks out of the park* ;-;

TEH END!!!!! :D
Ft.Roxie 87
Ft.Roxie 87 - 11 hours ago
Here is a list of some RIDICULOUS things I'm afraid of:

1) The Dark *I sprint and run when I turn off the lights*
2) Balloons *I'm scared of loud noises b/c my ears are sensitive*
3) Fireworks *also makes my ears sensitive*
4) odd bugs and insects *freaky eyes and mouths*
5) Human machines *I'm scared that they're not "safety" enough*
6) Cars *Cars go too fast ;-;*
7) odd noises _hears a thump from next room_ *NOPE*
8) Natural causes *if I'm in a mountain, I'm scared that dirt will fall off my feet*
9) heights *ok, so I LOVE heights, just that...I don't trust my surroundings*
10) Human inflections *not...enough...SOAP!!* _Mom: Yiu used 2 boxes of soap_ *NOT ENOUGH*
Master fortnite
Master fortnite - 11 hours ago
Master fortnite
Master fortnite - 11 hours ago
Master fortnite
Master fortnite - 11 hours ago
fira6 - 11 hours ago
Master fortnite
Master fortnite - 11 hours ago
QUEENOFWEIRDNESS helpme - 12 hours ago
Hey I'm scared of heights too 😍
Jen Marino
Jen Marino - 12 hours ago
He gets less dislikes then james p.s the odd1sout
xXskootXx 911
xXskootXx 911 - 13 hours ago
I can climb over a fence, can you?
Rainbowcat 1942
Rainbowcat 1942 - 14 hours ago
I meant to put hights!!!!!!!!!!
Rainbowcat 1942
Rainbowcat 1942 - 14 hours ago
I am scared of lights too!!!!
Shyanne Agren
Shyanne Agren - 14 hours ago
I'm not scared of highs I'm scared of planes
Zach Daniel-Sully
Zach Daniel-Sully - 17 hours ago
Was that a megamind reference
gamingpro3334 - 18 hours ago
samei hate hights like that
Philip Jarnecki
Philip Jarnecki - 17 hours ago
+gamingpro3334 you just replied
gamingpro3334 - 17 hours ago
Philip Jarnecki
Philip Jarnecki - 18 hours ago
You just commented
Cocoa Bean
Cocoa Bean - 18 hours ago
haha i'm afraid of heights

and i've gone 100 ft in the air once
Philip Jarnecki
Philip Jarnecki - 18 hours ago
Wow, you're amazing
VINCENT. WANG - 19 hours ago
these are the 9 comments i hate.
1.ordering them.
2.having a space in between.
3. not using a full stop
5.using only lowercase letters
6.UsIng tHe LoWEr CasE AnD UpPEr CasE
7.Da won hu usis wat he finks da word iis buy prenounsiashion of da noise
8. the one who only uses upper case at the END
9. the one who says the end
Nievette Reynaldo
Nievette Reynaldo - 19 hours ago
Adams biggest fear is LOOKING AT YO MOM
Jonathan Girard
Jonathan Girard - 20 hours ago
Taco Bell hi vi gives dihhrea lol.
ᎫUЅᏆ LUNᎯ - Day ago
Sanssy the Skeleton
Sparky05 - Day ago
Sounds like you went to flagstaff extreme lol
anri gamer
anri gamer - Day ago
Me to
Connor C
Connor C - Day ago
Soon I’ll face my fear and more...
Emma Jane Stevenson
Gazelle Tanglao
Gazelle Tanglao - Day ago
You killed me you blown my mind
Luke Boi
Luke Boi - Day ago
You are a liar didn’t say you have a rope...
Blueberry juice Yummyness
I wish Adam would draw his GORGEOUS STRONG HANDSOME and LUSCIOUS self more realistic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ben higgs
ben higgs - Day ago
1like=1banana 🍌
Blueberry UnderSwap
im afraid of the floor dropping..
Romeo Romeo
Romeo Romeo - Day ago
I love you
Sam Springs
Sam Springs - Day ago
I have only told my family and friends I am scared of....... The dark
juega 331
juega 331 - Day ago
James tryed to kill adam with words
Waluigi Wario
Waluigi Wario - Day ago
Me: Sea cucumbers are not able to pull the trigg-
Sea cucumber: get ‘em boiz
Me: I stand corrected
ShadowPlays73 H
ShadowPlays73 H - Day ago
Your not scared of highs your scared of falling from them
Hudson Kirkbeck
Hudson Kirkbeck - Day ago
How are you cared of heights!!! I wanna be a fighter pilot when I'm older
Asha Tallapragada
Asha Tallapragada - Day ago
mines mind is blowded up dem minds be BLOWDED UP
Also, you should do a video about your work
sono che
sono che - Day ago
And your scard of hight I'm scard of hight so are you my brother.
sono che
sono che - Day ago
Wait you said you fell I was so scared but if you fell and die how do you tell us this.
Evan Mclain
Evan Mclain - Day ago
Decent video. James is still better than you. But still a decent video
Norah Mooney
Norah Mooney - Day ago
Adams fear is that he wants to be tracer
Karla Kitty
Karla Kitty - Day ago
Me too
Kittycat 9359
Kittycat 9359 - Day ago
I’m terrified of hights... V◕ฺω◕ฺV
Wiz Pig
Wiz Pig - Day ago
I’ve been to a course like that (just easier) and the harness thing that they had you put on, fell off of it’s not the definite that you won’t fall 😬
Floppy Noodle
Floppy Noodle - Day ago
I am scared of heights, I am allergic to dog fur, I don’t like things with two or more stories, like a house... I am clostrithobic, and I suffer from depression and I have an eye condition called nystagmus...
Donna Reyes
Donna Reyes - Day ago
I feel the same way
Michael Battulga
Michael Battulga - Day ago
i have lots of fears
Sun Game
Sun Game - Day ago
Lol I fear bridges
Hannah Van Apeldoorn
Hannah Van Apeldoorn - 2 days ago
I'm scared of Heights
Shadow Bolt92 The Fam!
Shadow Bolt92 The Fam! - 2 days ago
I'm afraid of heights too Adam
Megan Sellers
Megan Sellers - 2 days ago
I have a fear of hights it ok 👌😵
Wolfie Moon
Wolfie Moon - 2 days ago
Did he just quote Megamind.. Ok who’s man is this XD

So kidding I do dat all da time X)
Banjo Silvers
Banjo Silvers - 2 days ago
huh I do dat : )
MissyPastel Nya
MissyPastel Nya - 2 days ago
I'm scared of maggots.
video maker miller
video maker miller - 2 days ago
BurritosAreGood - 2 days ago
This is a joke chill your balls
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning! Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental hospital, because she killed her mom and her dad. She got so bad she went to kill all the staff in the hospital so the government decided that best idea was to get rid of her so they set up a special room to kill her, as humane as possible, but it went wrong. The machine they were using went wrong. She sat there in agony for hours until she died. Now every week, on the day of her death, she returns to the person that reads this letter
On a Monday night at 12:00 a.m., she creeps into your room and kills you slowly by cutting you and watching you bleed to death. Now, send this to ten other chats and she will haunt someone else who doesn't. This isn't fake. Apparently, if you copy and paste this to ten discords in the next ten minutes, you will have the best day of your life tomorrow. You will either get kissed or asked out. If you break this chain, you will see a little dead girl in your room tonight. In 53 minutes someone will say "I love you", or "I'm sorry”
Rod Kirkhart
Rod Kirkhart - 2 days ago
7:57 and the beginning kind of sounds like the same.
Coop Vines
Coop Vines - 2 days ago
Megamind hahaha
Z Peterson
Z Peterson - 2 days ago
I literally hold big spiders because they’re cute
Ray Cardenas
Ray Cardenas - 2 days ago
Im afraid of...

Gacha Potat
Gacha Potat - 2 days ago
i’m afraid of dogs. -itsforagoodreasoniswear-
Reid Vosburgh
Reid Vosburgh - 2 days ago
Mega mind wow clap clap
Felicia Downard
Felicia Downard - 2 days ago
Well that's my James
Parryson Chan
Parryson Chan - 2 days ago
i was also there btw ik the place you were talking about
Im in greek there was also a place like your's but its in the forest
Mack Infinity
Mack Infinity - 3 days ago
I'm scared of school.......jk
Noah Typrin
Noah Typrin - 3 days ago
Knew it... you liar! XD
Happy O’Lucky
Happy O’Lucky - 3 days ago
I’m screed of mama seeks😐😑😐
Braedon Spies
Braedon Spies - 3 days ago
Was it In co?
Troy Wishon
Troy Wishon - 3 days ago
No offense but James is my favorite out all of you
the one
the one - 3 days ago
me to buddy me to
Air Bear
Air Bear - 3 days ago
at school we went on a stupid field trip to like a ranch type of thing. and i had to do a terrible zip line thing. so I had to climb up a ladder maybe like 70 feet off the ground, then do monkey bars. but no, i didn’t have to hang onto them I had to step on them. then once you got to the actual zip line part, you’d fall at like, a 90 degree angle. and you could hear the screams of absolute terror. that was an experience to say the least.
Fandom Trash
Fandom Trash - 3 days ago
Actually I’ve done those rope courses multiple times. My cousin got stuck in one and I was waiting for her like the good person I am(I was kinda laughing thou). And one time I bounced of the mat at the end of a zip line and I was just sitting there in the air till someone went and brought me to the platform. That was fun =)
Majesty Phillips
Majesty Phillips - 3 days ago
As soon as he said frick it went to a rockclimbimg commercial... 😑
Ender King
Ender King - 3 days ago
Fear of heights is very common I have it 😐
Plasteon - 3 days ago
Blue Films
Blue Films - 3 days ago
Dolls!!! Frickin freaky dolls!!!
ruta preidziute
ruta preidziute - 3 days ago
im accuatly scared of heights too
Jack Koehler
Jack Koehler - 3 days ago
Don't feel bad i m afraid of the dark
eddsworld fan tom x tord
My fear is...

Nothing yup nothing spider not scary NOTHING you:how?! Easy just think it's a cutie!
Olivertheplace gaming and mini movies
Is it just me or does the intro music remind anyone else of Destiny
kyrah sture
kyrah sture - 4 days ago
ur my fave chanle i think i spelt that rong oops
Manavi Ghosh
Manavi Ghosh - 4 days ago
my biggest fear is ....

im not kidding
s-so is one of my friends really im not lying
Manavi Ghosh
Manavi Ghosh - Day ago
REAL REEON - 3 days ago
Bra im scared of my frige soooooooooo...... WERE PATHEDIC TOGETHER
DoggoAnimations - 4 days ago
I'm happy you blank out SOME cuss words! Thanks 😁
Cassidy Anthony
Cassidy Anthony - 4 days ago
No no no orcas not killer whales or you can say killer dolphin.
ZOMBIEpeb YouTube
ZOMBIEpeb YouTube - 4 days ago
I'm afraid of snakes
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