Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ)

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BitterSweet Psycho
BitterSweet Psycho - 2 hours ago
I did a rope course at an indoor thing. The first level was freaking terrifying. So....

WE DECIDED TO GO TO THE 2ND LEVEL (There was only two ;-;)
It wasn't as scary as the 1st level. I guess because we were higher...and we're kids...they decided to not traumatize us ;-;
(I was with 4cof my friends)
IM_A_GIRL AF - 3 hours ago
“No I don’t do drugs”
-Adam (idk what year)
Allyson Bracey
Allyson Bracey - 4 hours ago
His fear

Hamda Barud
Hamda Barud - 4 hours ago
Wait so ur telling me ur not over 70??
Wow...I've been lied to
Nate Animates
Nate Animates - 5 hours ago
ME 2
Minolca Ruiz
Minolca Ruiz - 5 hours ago
I'm afraid of mice even tho it so smol🤣😂😅😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jose Arias
Jose Arias - 5 hours ago
Im afraid of heights too! Lol
David Burk
David Burk - 7 hours ago
I’m afraid of hights
alexa salia
alexa salia - 8 hours ago
My fear is..... Venom ......
Smoores - 9 hours ago
I did the same thing 3 times
Leo Tan
Leo Tan - 10 hours ago
me to
David Maza
David Maza - 11 hours ago
Was the intro a parody of megamind?
TheOnionQueen - 12 hours ago
Markiplier is also afraid of the ocean...hmmmmmmmmm...
TheOnionQueen - 12 hours ago
We love the Megamind reference! Love that movie.
Shauqi M
Shauqi M - 14 hours ago
Plot twist: he was making this video while falling
Silver Kid 11
Silver Kid 11 - 15 hours ago
is james odd1sout?
Midnight Shadow
Midnight Shadow - 16 hours ago
Im a afraid of hights too
Graces unicorn World
Graces unicorn World - 17 hours ago
I'm REALLY scared of seaweed,snakes,and spider 😰😰😰😰
Jess Rose11
Jess Rose11 - 17 hours ago
At a park an hour away (River dart country Park) there are high ropes and its exactly the same
Stray Animator
Stray Animator - 17 hours ago
I'm also afraid of heights
Ro Shan
Ro Shan - 20 hours ago
i'm not scared of heights and I'm a fricking KID
SpanishbyFer - 21 hour ago
Does anybody know the name of the place?
Juana Renteria
Juana Renteria - 21 hour ago
I love spiders
dr. kummerspeck
dr. kummerspeck - 21 hour ago
Sparkle 11
Sparkle 11 - 21 hour ago
I went on a similar course at Frankenmuth Michigan where they had a zip lines course. The names are: the: Sunset, Mountain trail, Forest run, and Franken zip; Waterfall, and BlackStorm.
Davian Kreekcraft
Davian Kreekcraft - 22 hours ago
Davian Kreekcraft
Davian Kreekcraft - 22 hours ago
Rebecca Davison
Rebecca Davison - Day ago
Dude...I also have the same thing about that fear and I still never when on a plane
Jemma Hargreaves
Jemma Hargreaves - Day ago
I’m scared of death.
kyla muur
kyla muur - Day ago
I like stuff
Daniel Coelho
Daniel Coelho - Day ago
Megamind is the frickin best movie ever
Like if u agree
Holly Cantrell
Holly Cantrell - Day ago
dragonslayer sweet
dragonslayer sweet - Day ago
YA WOrk - Day ago
The beginning of the video had a big megamind vibe
Charly Brett
Charly Brett - Day ago
The beginning was just a lot of films
Victor Ruiz-Gonzalez
Me two
MuStashMan 2004
MuStashMan 2004 - Day ago
He most likely went to go ape
Fluffy Gryffon’s Crafting corner
I had conquered my fear of heights at age 12 by climbing to the very top of a rock climbing wall. I was screaming and making such a racket that everyone (a.k.a. The 5 other people that were there) were staring at me. But I did it! And I’m proud.
Chem Mist
Chem Mist - Day ago
I'm scared of heights too ._.
very scared of heights
Bonjour 1789
Bonjour 1789 - Day ago
I’m afraid of the heatdeath of the unervers
Løvely Måy
Løvely Måy - Day ago
Isnt this like the movie 'Megamind'? Lmao i domt even know
Michi._ Gachapop
Michi._ Gachapop - 2 days ago
2:20 🤩😂
Jesse Robert
Jesse Robert - 2 days ago
Megamind: *has a nice intro*
SomeThingElseYT: quick write that down! Quick write that down!
Ahmad Audad
Ahmad Audad - 2 days ago
Wait,sea cucumber can kill people?
union 나라soviet 소련
Killer whale are friendly to humans the only thing they called killer whales cuz they hunt fish and grat white sharks not humans
That1AnimeTomboy Aj
That1AnimeTomboy Aj - 2 days ago
I'm extremely scared of heights
Allison Yarbrough
Allison Yarbrough - 2 days ago
kurt hafer
kurt hafer - 2 days ago
Did go to flagstaff extreme
Video Game Enthusiasts
Video Game Enthusiasts - 2 days ago
Simoni Castro
Simoni Castro - 2 days ago
when u said u would fall 75 feet i knew there were safty belts
Soup_ina_Box 2759
Soup_ina_Box 2759 - 2 days ago
I’m scared of looking up because I lose my balance... :(
brick builds and songs!
I'm scared of being stabbed rapidly dose that count and nights REALLY HIGH LIKE VERY HIGT
Carolina Ferreira
Carolina Ferreira - 2 days ago
When it goes really fast, Its so fun!Its my favourite part!!!Its like a a roller coaster that isn't very scary
Ace Brooks
Ace Brooks - 2 days ago
Adam. I'm going to tell you the truth, Orcas are just big dolphins and the only thing that they have been recorded eating that's bigger than a fish is.... Sharks.
ToxicTrap Zoiid
ToxicTrap Zoiid - 2 days ago
Wait, I just realized that's the intro from Megamind
animation dog!
animation dog! - 2 days ago
9:17 WTF IS THAT!!!!!
It’s_Me Xox
It’s_Me Xox - 2 days ago
I’ve done them before I love heights 💫
Angelina Trudel
Angelina Trudel - 2 days ago
Ha look at me I will do and will succeed if I don't I don't care ile pull down your underwear
Angelina Trudel
Angelina Trudel - 2 days ago
I love your song!
ツSoljodokick - 2 days ago
I just realized that intro was a Megamind reference might’ve come from a different movie but idk
Scentedd - 2 days ago
Silver_Paladin_6 :3
Silver_Paladin_6 :3 - 2 days ago
God almighty icant do monkey bars I can do like 2 or 3 and then fall...
Hinalei Savaiinaea
Hinalei Savaiinaea - 3 days ago
I’m afraid of very very high places too.
Hadia anjum
Hadia anjum - 3 days ago
I'm scared of heights to
AtomAtons - 3 days ago
Sabrina Sanabria
Sabrina Sanabria - 3 days ago
5:56 James doing the course with no hands
Jeffrey Le
Jeffrey Le - 3 days ago
Soooo is Adam a dragon or demon
Or both
LIL BURSER - 3 days ago
Im like u adam, im terrfide of heights, and i cant do monkey bars??
zach banda
zach banda - 3 days ago
Adam do you know alex clark
So-So Watermelon
So-So Watermelon - 3 days ago
I'm scared of public speaking and sharks.Well anything that can kill me in the ocean.
Rhonda Horn
Rhonda Horn - 3 days ago
I afraid of fnaf dyimg
Rhonda Horn
Rhonda Horn - 3 days ago
I mean dying
Emma Dahmer
Emma Dahmer - 3 days ago
My hands are sweaty just watching this.
Zack Adams
Zack Adams - 3 days ago
Omg I just realized... you made your intro based around the beginning of Megamind
Noella Books
Noella Books - 3 days ago
Never related to a video so much! LOL. Maybe Adam is human and not a devil
Jodi Powers-Sanchez
Jodi Powers-Sanchez - 3 days ago
dead pool/magamind refrences
Jodi Powers-Sanchez
Jodi Powers-Sanchez - 3 days ago
haha megamind hhaha
Dali Maltese Futboltigre
0:13 Megamind anyone?
lps Willow.
lps Willow. - 4 days ago
Best YouTube EeVeR!!!!!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Katarin  Rico-Cedillo
Katarin Rico-Cedillo - 4 days ago
I have a fear of bees
Katarin  Rico-Cedillo
Katarin Rico-Cedillo - 4 days ago
Im sorry
poisonous - 4 days ago
im afraid of hights too
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