Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ)

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Sophia Faith
Sophia Faith - Hour ago
Georgia does Whatever
Georgia does Whatever - 2 hours ago
suan and firend's
suan and firend's - 3 hours ago
im afraid of hight's too 😂😂😂
my character looks like a demon but NO im a friking dragon
Artsy Cam
Artsy Cam - 3 hours ago
Loooove the megamind reference at the beginning
Mary O'Shea
Mary O'Shea - 4 hours ago
Lets see what are my fears
1. Failure
2. My parents dying
3. Me dying
4.Killer clowns
And so much more i'm such a baby.
i'm so disappointed in my self.
Btw I luv ur vids
علي أ حمد
علي أ حمد - 4 hours ago
Me to
Sad Mark
Sad Mark - 7 hours ago
Eat Pizza Bagels
Espo 64
Espo 64 - 8 hours ago
Denzel Godinez
Denzel Godinez - 8 hours ago
Me to
Mystic Vlogs
Mystic Vlogs - 9 hours ago
You had so much you wanted to do in life like make money get rekt
Barb - 9 hours ago
Me I’m scared of highest
Emily trompeter
Emily trompeter - 10 hours ago
i LOVE clowns
ORCA - 10 hours ago
So that means you're going to do Angel's Landing?
Cristine Rainer
Cristine Rainer - 10 hours ago
dood use ur wings and tail to battle during the california zombie apocalypse

or.. drawing battles with jameson or jaiden
or.. showing off to female demons by singing like a cockatiel
or.. fly to the california lake forest river oaks apartments #554 el toro road
or.. see me at vidcon
Spams Games
Spams Games - 11 hours ago
Spams Games
Spams Games - 11 hours ago
SAME I'm scared of hight
The Infinite Glow
The Infinite Glow - 13 hours ago
Did you take that opening from megamind? XD
Reminds me a lot of it
Joe Rambles On
Joe Rambles On - 13 hours ago
The second Adam said,”Monkey Bars” I saw an ad that started with, “LETS GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLEEEEEEE!”
The number one Couch potato
I can’t even jump onto the monkey bars at school
The number one Couch potato
(MONKEY BARS) I understand you
RoYal WoLf
RoYal WoLf - 13 hours ago
How did you make this video?
Gage Cope
Gage Cope - 13 hours ago
Killer whale:*slowly takes out a gun* Adam:*looks at killer whale* killer whale:*slowly puts gun back*
Max Luffy
Max Luffy - 14 hours ago
AzucenaGarciaRamirez García Ramírez
Did you thank jaden
AzucenaGarciaRamirez García Ramírez
Dont count on safety belts my dad had his on then slipped and broke his leg
Mandy Henry
Mandy Henry - 14 hours ago
He is scared of MAMA SEEKS
Scarlet Dreamer
Scarlet Dreamer - 14 hours ago
9:04 oh? SomehingElseYT is evolving!!
Cristine Rainer
Cristine Rainer - 10 hours ago
into humanoid demon!!
для Родина
для Родина - 15 hours ago
I would dominate the monkey bars
(Edit) NVM if their spaced apart to far
для Родина
для Родина - 15 hours ago
I am very afraid of heights
The Mask
The Mask - 15 hours ago
Hey! Adam please answer! Did you get the intro idea from Megamind?
Dat boi so
Dat boi so - 16 hours ago
I have the same phobia like you
Jocelyne Teehee
Jocelyne Teehee - 18 hours ago
I live in Kansas ;-;-;;-;-
Spirit Of Shadows
Spirit Of Shadows - 18 hours ago
In the music he was in the plane and was excited... Hmm...
Forgotten Shadow Animates
Forgotten Shadow Animates - 19 hours ago
My fears:
3:open spaces
5:closed spaces
10:Losing my friends
11:losing my family
12:Love (I’m not terrified of love it’s just I don’t like it cause I don’t get why you should love someone if their gonna leave you one day it just seems pointless..)
Beni Christ kibombi
Beni Christ kibombi - 20 hours ago
LAMMAZ - 20 hours ago
you better take 7d6 fall damage
Mr Hole.
Mr Hole. - 23 hours ago
2:23 James is me
Adam is my friend Hayden
Jemma Humphrey
Jemma Humphrey - Day ago
My brother told me if your scared of heights It means you just think you'll just fall off for no reason...... :V
The Pudgy Cats
The Pudgy Cats - Day ago
The speider
RandomIzer - Day ago
I’m not afraid of heights
I’m afraid of *falling*
Jia Sabelino
Jia Sabelino - Day ago
Tilly Reed
Tilly Reed - Day ago
Robotic Kiddo
Robotic Kiddo - Day ago
1:51me too
Samuel Billy
Samuel Billy - Day ago
Mega mind intro
Phil Satterfield
Phil Satterfield - Day ago
2:17 fast as f*** boiiiiiiiiiiii
Dipasha Shaw
Dipasha Shaw - Day ago
"Did I leave the stive on ?" You cheated that from deadpool
XXWolfe Gal
XXWolfe Gal - Day ago
I'm fast after boii!
Stawp It Please
Stawp It Please - Day ago
Was that beginning from Megamind or am I dumb?
Kycia Nurse
Kycia Nurse - Day ago
TacoCrisis - Day ago
I have no fears here’s how(I’m mormon so this May piss some people off):
I was terrified of anything that could kill me before i realized if I died I would just go to heaven sooner so I would kinda laugh in the face of death...
Yea that’s it
Holden Hughes
Holden Hughes - Day ago
Nooooopp I live in Kansas
Fall - Day ago
Anyone else remember this intro from Megamind?
ŁØW ÎÑKŽŸ - Day ago
My fear

My phone dying
I had an ad I couldn’t skip and it was long and when it was over all I heard was “FREIKING MONKEY BARS!!!!!!!”😂😂😂😂😂
Alicia Pletchetero
Alicia Pletchetero - Day ago
im afraid of u
Lymarie Pavlick
Lymarie Pavlick - Day ago
Not harness at all(just a belt)
The Don
The Don - Day ago
Anyone else want pizza bagels?
Śhādøw Ęcłīpśę
My brother is scared of heights too and my parents took us to a suspension bridge ._.
It was super funny because I kept telling him to look down and I pulled him into the middle of the bridge and he started to freak out XD
We went back and he was really mad at me ;-;
But it was worth it while tormenting him 👍
Indigo Fox
Indigo Fox - Day ago
why can't I find a comment talking about that he has wings and a tail too. scre
crazy cat lady
crazy cat lady - Day ago
I'm scared of getting hurt and blood like a single scratch will freak me out
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover - Day ago
There not killer whales there orcas
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover - Day ago
There at seaworld
Frog Dude
Frog Dude - Day ago
I’m afraid of losing my electronics
Its Faze
Its Faze - Day ago
I'm afraid of heights. I can't be more than 5 feet off the ground.
Chosenwolf 2006
Chosenwolf 2006 - Day ago
Wow same
ToxicKitten 26
ToxicKitten 26 - Day ago
Im afraid of heights, spiders and, clowns
Aiden Mampel
Aiden Mampel - Day ago
Me too
LuciferYeet - Day ago
Im afraid of like hack channels
Jacob McCarty
Jacob McCarty - Day ago
Adam is a devil
James is a marshmellow (not the DJ)
Jaiden is a normal human
Tim is a human-marshmellow hybrid thing
Jacob McCarty
Jacob McCarty - Day ago
I hate heights and always forget the fact that the safety rope even exists
Luka Banán
Luka Banán - Day ago
Beebs Playz
Beebs Playz - Day ago
Good Megamind reference!
NotchYourCheeseHax - Day ago
I am afraid of...

seals gaming
seals gaming - Day ago
You &%@#!&$ Idiot
GliTcH The Magic Potato
Im a werido
seals gaming
seals gaming - Day ago
Heights really are @&%$
seals gaming
seals gaming - Day ago
Adam what are you afraid? "Furries" I'm afraid of furries" said adam
Duke Fishron
Duke Fishron - 2 days ago
I'm afraid of the dark. It's probably not bad, but fucking still
Irinea potocnik
Irinea potocnik - 2 days ago
I’m not really sceard of heights but once i was climbing 🧗‍♀️ on a claiming walls and when you came to the top there was a pole witch you had to grab and tehn literally jump on it and slide on it to the ground! So that’s the one time i just froze and sat there for 5 minutes😂😂then i just awkwardly climbed down in fear😂
Mekayil Ali Khan
Mekayil Ali Khan - 2 days ago
i am afraid OF ALL HEIGHTS even tall stairs and ladders(they terrify me)
Mekayil Ali Khan
Mekayil Ali Khan - 2 days ago
I am afraid of a lot of things but MOSTLY
the dark
losing internet connection
Margaret Barbeler
Margaret Barbeler - 2 days ago
ur 20 something? i thought that you would be 30 something. geez.
theawsomebryan arroyo
theawsomebryan arroyo - 2 days ago
I see that megamind reference you did there
Princess Samayah
Princess Samayah - 2 days ago
I had a dream of a boy yelling his parents name and he got scared by a fish and screamed then a huge ass orca fucking came up and ate him like dude...what the fuck was that for
Emily Keith
Emily Keith - 2 days ago
Here are my list of fears so if you feel weird about your fears, you'll read this and be glad that you aren't so wimpy. *please don't laugh. 😳
Dark empty rooms.
The sound of breathing.
*SOME* scary movies
Getting in trouble.
Public embarrassment.
The sound of doors creaking.
Jump scares.
Car/plane accidents
Being alone.
no wifi.
Being crushed to death.

Those are all my fears, and once again, pls don't laugh of mock me. •-----•
Emily Keith
Emily Keith - 2 days ago
Also getting stuck on an elevator
Jay Dee
Jay Dee - 2 days ago
Oh my gosh heights is my biggest fear
Flame Nox
Flame Nox - 2 days ago
Random thought: if they made a movie about megalodon and called it the meg why wont they make a movie about kraken and call it the krak?
Collette Scott
Collette Scott - 2 days ago
2:23 then Adam flew himself into the sun
Collette Scott
Collette Scott - 2 days ago
iCEPT - 2 days ago
I'm afraid of people.
skyz - 2 days ago
my fear is
edit: not killer whales just whales
I Have No Name Animations
A belt
JACOB AELKER - 2 days ago
im kinda scared of the dark, all the way scared being alone, be alone in an empty, large space, silence, and dolls
potato - 2 days ago
Funky Pizza
Funky Pizza - 2 days ago
The intro be like

Ethan James-Lewchuk
Ethan James-Lewchuk - 2 days ago
i am literally terrified of the sea
Abby Spohn
Abby Spohn - 2 days ago
I love to draw art
I love to draw art - 2 days ago
It's chocolade it's fucking chocolade 😥
axel magallanes
axel magallanes - 2 days ago
that intro from megamind
Thiara Windster
Thiara Windster - 2 days ago
how can he fall from above the trees if he's climbing the tree???
Yui’s Life
Yui’s Life - 2 days ago

cat plays
cat plays - 2 days ago
So am I
Lover joy
Lover joy - 2 days ago
AM TO...... i’m scared of heights
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