Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ)

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Plurple4Evs - 3 hours ago
James: No Hands! 5:55
Israel Sanchez
Israel Sanchez - 5 hours ago
Love it
Claire MacEgan
Claire MacEgan - 6 hours ago
Great job James.
Kat Playz
Kat Playz - 7 hours ago
but then we hit a road block monkey bars
*ad pops up*
Robert Pfaff
Robert Pfaff - 14 hours ago
Hey guys watch this... LOOK OUT A KILLER WHALE
Nikolay Chernev
Nikolay Chernev - 15 hours ago
I’m afraid of heights
Caden Osburn
Caden Osburn - 17 hours ago
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Kano Mokoka
Kano Mokoka - 17 hours ago
My fear is wasps
I would rather get mauled by a bear, bitten by a cobra and getting eaten alive than getting stung by a wasp
Xiu The Flower
Xiu The Flower - 19 hours ago
Cool! Love "dis" vid!
Volta Nightshade
Volta Nightshade - 22 hours ago
2:26 - 2:40
I finally found someone who I relate to when it comes to flying lol
Stacy Berberich
Stacy Berberich - 23 hours ago
I’m afraid of elevators and highs and I’m a nervous wreck I’m some what afraid of everything
Angella Henry
Angella Henry - Day ago
My dad is fearless dude wtfreak
Shadow Bolt92 The Fam!
I'm afraid of heights too
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer - Day ago
My favorite part is 17:27
Yulfy - Day ago
My fear to drown not bugs not animals not high
Janna Tools
Janna Tools - 2 days ago
Yeah I did one off those I did all of them even the one that was like 75 feet high

And I’m 11 the normal person would be at that age where ur not scared for anything
Gaming with the Red Dragon
Was the first scene an inspiration from megamind?
Thelittleblueboy And cringe.
I have a fear...

Of the disappearance of cheese
Mariotime 345
Mariotime 345 - 2 days ago
thicc boi
thicc boi - 2 days ago
Sonic.exe face spider aaaaaannnnnndddddddd noting els
Anita Mitaj
Anita Mitaj - 2 days ago
Alejandra Morales
Alejandra Morales - 2 days ago
6:03 butiful
The CoolerCactus
The CoolerCactus - Day ago
Nicholas Challenger
Nicholas Challenger - 2 days ago
Liesbeth Mingardo
Liesbeth Mingardo - 2 days ago
yup ;]
PeppermintBuds - 3 days ago
Hey Adam , I’ve been 6’000. Feet in the air, I was terrified, I’m also afraid of heights 😀
Glady Umana
Glady Umana - 3 days ago
I love james he's so funny
H W - 3 days ago
He probably went to a place called GoApe in NC near where I live
Talon Durgan
Talon Durgan - 3 days ago
I have one fear... My Mom Yelling at me

Like if u agree
Tracer - 3 days ago
My fears:
1. No WiFi- I literally need WiFi to live
2. Heights- OK I'm not scared of heights...I'm just scared of falling from, like, twenty million feet
3.Spiders- Spiders freak the f*** out of me
4.If I'm not writing in class with a lead pencil... REGULAR PENCILS SUCK!!
Kameron Sanders
Kameron Sanders - 3 days ago
This sounds weird(I also scared of heights) I would've unfastened out of panic
Momato - Potato
Momato - Potato - 3 days ago
But this is the future...😈😈😈
Purplish blue Gamer
Purplish blue Gamer - 4 days ago
I’m afraid of heights too
One time there was a camp in my school and there was a high obstacle course thing and I was scared,some of my classmates left for the higher obstacle course cause they are so brave lol
FlyingCheezyBurgerz - 4 days ago
I can't sleep without TV and has to sleep in a room as cold as Canada those are some fears
It’s Arhum
It’s Arhum - 4 days ago
I’m afraid of going down my basement stairs😅😂🤣😂😅🤣🤣😅😅🤣😂😅😂😂😅😂
Walnut Gaming
Walnut Gaming - 4 days ago
Waiiiiit I live in Kansas
GameExplorer Kid
GameExplorer Kid - 4 days ago
Mega mind intro
Zoha Faizan
Zoha Faizan - 4 days ago
Hey Adam! Wanna she a magic trick?
Touch/click this and it’ll be blue
eva the gachatuber
eva the gachatuber - 4 days ago
I think your funny also new subscriber 😊
The Juicy Mop
The Juicy Mop - 4 days ago
So inspireing
Xxlps RosexX
Xxlps RosexX - 5 days ago
I am scared of heights too
Colto&n & Booker Kepley

Snicker _Shogun76
Snicker _Shogun76 - 5 days ago
NANI!? Your a demon person!?!?
noodle 77
noodle 77 - 5 days ago
Hello love you're vids
Maddzilla - 5 days ago
snow V
snow V - 5 days ago
I have the same EXACT fear, I'm only afraid of heights if I can fall... to my death.
wolf pack winner
wolf pack winner - 5 days ago
Me too
Rogue’s Gaming
Rogue’s Gaming - 5 days ago
I was afraid of heights until I went on a plane too and I just got off of my first plane ride too
Helpful Apple
Helpful Apple - 5 days ago
Omg was dat a Megamind reference at the start
Arnas G
Arnas G - 5 days ago
Im afraid of hights too and fire of course but most likely hights one time me and my brother went to a very tall tower and he went to the top and i went like 4 floorls it was so high i cried i was taller the trees and i imagibed falling trough them and die it was the biggest fear of my life
Chasing_Stars 101
Chasing_Stars 101 - 6 days ago
I honestly can’t think of a fear I have?! Maybe I haven’t experienced it yet!! Something to look forward too😂
DragonSlayer2point 0
DragonSlayer2point 0 - 6 days ago
Me too
Crystal Herman
Crystal Herman - 6 days ago
Tbh Iwould be scared of that too
Allen Garcia
Allen Garcia - 6 days ago
Kinda me too
All Sans Inktale
All Sans Inktale - 6 days ago
I'm not afraid of everything in the ocean only killer whales and the stuff that can kill you like sea cucumbers holding guns
oh no there rising up RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
Jaise Olson
Jaise Olson - 6 days ago
My fears
1. Spiders and bugs
2. Doing a back or front flip on a bungee rope trampoline
3. I will lose my family in a few years
4. ........................A LOT MORE!
Banana Waffles
Banana Waffles - 6 days ago
RIP Adam
roxninga roxninga
roxninga roxninga - 6 days ago
i have many fears
Gun Slinger
Gun Slinger - 6 days ago
Boise, Idaho is the best place on Earth!
Malenkaya Maria
Malenkaya Maria - 6 days ago
00.00 Megamind?
Kiera Callahan
Kiera Callahan - 6 days ago
Moehesshae Johnson
Moehesshae Johnson - 6 days ago
Worst fear spiders
Flick Gaming
Flick Gaming - 6 days ago
I'm super scared of hights
Cora Duncan
Cora Duncan - 7 days ago
Lol, I cried one time going through a tree course. I had to go backwards to the start. Very scary...
Conan Smith
Conan Smith - 7 days ago
Me tooooooo
Pimelea Cuthberson
Pimelea Cuthberson - 7 days ago
I did something pretty similar to this but in Australia. So there were about 5 obstacle courses and they were different colours based on the difficulty level. My fam and I had done a few of the easier ones just to start off and then we decided to do THE BLACK COURSE! The hardest level. Everything was going fine until we got up to the monkey bars. Bear in mind that up until this point I was scared for my life on more than one occasion during this course. The other thing you need to know is (unlike Adam) I could never do monkey bars. So yeah I fell. After that excitment we came up to a part where you had to pull yourself along a rope. This rope was really long and it was uphill just to add to the difficulty level. We waited for my sister to go first then I enthusiastically jumped off onto the rope! Except I didn't wait for my sister to finish crossing even tough the safety rules said I had to. ( In my defence I did think she'd finished) ok so we're both on the rope and she is really struggling I don't know what to do so I just wait behind her. The thing about holding onto a rope and trying not to get pulled down toward gravity is, it's really tiering. Not to mention the fact that the rope was really more of a wire so it was cutting into my hands. Between the monkey bars and the rope/wire all I wanted to do when we got to the other side was get my feet back on solid ground. What aided my decision was that the next obstacle looked super hard, and there was no prize for the people that made it all the way through. So I make my way down to ground level and stand to watch the others complete the course. Now, in this particular course you got to go on a giant zip line, and me being, well, DUMB thought "Hey I'm going to run after them when they go on the zip line!" So I wait until they're on the zip line then, when the time is right, I chase after them on foot. Normally this would've been fine, but this was in the Australian bush with rough uneven ground. This, added to the fact that I was wearing boots, and a bulky harness, and I was looking at the zip liners instead of where I was putting my feet made for one big catastrophe. I tripped, and did it properly. I'm talking skinned knees elbows and blood! I never really told any one what actually happened because I thought it was embarrassing, so congratulations you read this whole thing and in return you learnt something that the rest of my family don't! :)
Erin Hill
Erin Hill - 7 days ago
I always fly in planes about 2 or more times a year but one simple problem. I’m scared of flying in planes 🤣😨
Cat Girl AK
Cat Girl AK - 7 days ago
I'm also afraid of heights.
Sabrina Life ULTIMATE
Sabrina Life ULTIMATE - 7 days ago
gunning games
gunning games - 7 days ago
I'm not afraid of heights I'm afraid of falling from heights
XxLikeManXx Lad
XxLikeManXx Lad - 7 days ago
Who else relised that the beginning was a repferise to megamind
Xnik PlayzX
Xnik PlayzX - 7 days ago
I’m afraid of hites to
keykay12 - 7 days ago
Amelia Staples
Amelia Staples - 7 days ago
* hears elevator *
I'M ON A HELEVATOR * MUSIC * (Stray Kids - Helevator)
Doubt that helped you! Sorry! I just love that song... 😂
jenisidwell - 7 days ago
my fear is..........
drowning in the tub
Dl L
Dl L - 7 days ago
what im scared of
insects snakes and movies
i got this feeling in my head like when a horror movie is over and that movie is at night i get scared of the dark and not day
i hate losing wi-fi because i really good things to do in roblox
ever heard of a locus moth they are big and scary they buzz when i saw one for the first time my papa was holding it so i was fine but when its not being holded i freak out i am even scared of worms plz dont judge me ;-; i also like your vids but plz dont judge me ;-;
Kylee Lenahan
Kylee Lenahan - 7 days ago
Why didn’t you use your wings
Kylee Lenahan
Kylee Lenahan - 7 days ago
I’ve gone 7,868 feet in the air
Lil Monster
Lil Monster - 7 days ago
I've never been afraid of heights,all my friends have been or are...Why? Because my mom was a pilot and as a FRICKEN FOUR YEAR OLD went on about THREE DIFFERENT FLIGHTS!(My mom was driving(flying?) the plane)
Kassidy Graham
Kassidy Graham - 7 days ago
Im afraid of heights too! It sucks so bad
Freddy fastbear
Freddy fastbear - 7 days ago
Sansx8 YT
Sansx8 YT - 7 days ago
When i was like uhh... 7 or 6 years old.. My mom bought a picture of her and a mim.. I grabbed that picture and said "Mom, that guy is scary!" and my mom said "Why are you afraid of him? For me he is not scary!" and i said "These unnatural colors, face and clothes!" and from that day my mom never bought a thing what is to a mim or got a picture of a mim.
I am always scared of mims so please don't judge me xD
TeddyPlayz - 7 days ago
Ok I’ll idmit it I’m afraid of butterfly’s if your laughing I’ll allow it and I’m also afraid of heights
YourAverageMeme - 7 days ago
tiny .. holes

Slimes Now loves naruto
Annika Alexis
Annika Alexis - 8 days ago
I'm afraid of heights and 99.3 percent of bugs
FighterPlane2000 - 8 days ago
I'm afraid of cats.... There is literally no reason behind it i just am. My friends sometimes pick up a cat and chase me with it XD Cats to me are like if you strapped knives to a small dog's paws. XD Those claws are freaky!!!!
Wolfnugget Eclipse
Wolfnugget Eclipse - 8 days ago
your not alone im afraid of hights too
Osoro Shidesu
Osoro Shidesu - 8 days ago
**reads “common sense” on shirt of thumbnail** can I get that I need common sense please and a life ;-;
Darthcookie 32
Darthcookie 32 - 8 days ago
Cormacasaurus - 8 days ago
My biggest fear is rollercoasters
Leslie Dominguez
Leslie Dominguez - 8 days ago
James:Adam were soon high
Adam:I'm glad your having fun
purple cube
purple cube - 8 days ago
I'm not copying but,I'm really really scared of the ocean, probably cuz all freakin things that can kill u inside of it,so if I go to an ocean I stay on the shore people tried but failed to get me any ocean.
You're not alone I am afraid of hights ... :,)
Ruby TREVORROW - 8 days ago
Same here. I’m scared 2
Hasan Bakalovic
Hasan Bakalovic - 8 days ago
my deepest fear is natrual disasters
Lonely Human
Lonely Human - 8 days ago
but i like small places ??? sometimes
Lisa Pateman
Lisa Pateman - 8 days ago
I love you 😍😗😙😘😚👄💋❤👍
super hot water 1#
super hot water 1# - 9 days ago
Am scared of the same things I swear
Chloe Panhorst
Chloe Panhorst - 9 days ago
oh my gosh what is this place called?!?! it sounds awesome
WestieB - 9 days ago
So Adam

you worship Satan??
Moontail 137
Moontail 137 - 9 days ago
Fears: spiders, occasionally the dark and really high heights unless I have a harness or am in some sort of vehicle like a plane though I’ve never been on a plane I HAVE been on a private helicopter ride (my dad is a salesman and we went with one of his customers) so that happened
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