Apple BEAT us... but we're STILL TRYING! - Hack Pro pt 4

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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips - 7 months ago
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alysdexia - 4 months ago
@Team Rocket ? isn't a word.
Benjamin Okello
Benjamin Okello - 6 months ago
Is there a video on the finished product
Screw Off
Screw Off - 7 months ago
part 5
Mr. Black
Mr. Black - 7 months ago
@Dear Hardwork69 Twerk This is a STEM Channel...go somewhere else.
Halil Azak
Halil Azak - 7 months ago
Ehmm i live in germany 😂😂
ojirmr - 20 days ago
Anthony to the rescue! 🦸
Joseph Joe
Joseph Joe - 29 days ago
Contact *BIANCA_HACKS* on IG
Joseph Joe
Joseph Joe - 29 days ago
Hello guys!!! GOODNEWS!!!!
*Contact BIANCA_HACKS FOR ALL SERVICES AS SUCH, she helped me out successfully* ✅✅😊
nacho dure
nacho dure - Month ago
This day apple destroy ltt
you could put better gpus in there. it costs still about 10k less then original
Dorcas Bill
Dorcas Bill - Month ago
What a genius Hex_hacker09 on IG gave me access to my cheating husband account, contact him for help ✅
memorysticky - Month ago
Does QE and CI work? is am I living in the past? Just wondering if you have the full gpu accelerated? thanks.
Dunc P
Dunc P - Month ago
1:28 - GENIUS EDITING... of a GENIUS!! Your resident Sheldon Cooper... aka Anthony.
TechFave - Month ago
0:49 you know what is **** though, it is our sponsor..
Mugilan R
Mugilan R - Month ago
28 cores....

And I'm still having the Pentium g2030 in a stupid computer
Shnuk - 2 months ago
I feel like the majority of the time i see Anthony he’s sitting
ben oscar
ben oscar - 2 months ago
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Alan Peter
Alan Peter - 3 months ago
I am concerned
Rebecca Mack Rebecca
Rebecca Mack Rebecca - 3 months ago
I use hachersmth01 @ gmail ,  com and he delivered perfectly im in UK
Rebecca Mack Rebecca
Rebecca Mack Rebecca - 3 months ago
I use hachersmth01 @ gmail ,  com and he delivered perfectly im in UK
Rebecca Mack Rebecca
Rebecca Mack Rebecca - 3 months ago
I use hachersmth01 @ gmail ,  com and he delivered perfectly im in UK
Rebecca Mack Rebecca
Rebecca Mack Rebecca - 3 months ago
I use hachersmth01 @ gmail ,  com and he delivered perfectly im in UK
Rebecca Mack Rebecca
Rebecca Mack Rebecca - 3 months ago
I use hachersmth01 @ gmail ,  com and he delivered perfectly im in UK
Rebecca Mack Rebecca
Rebecca Mack Rebecca - 3 months ago
I use hachersmth01 @ gmail ,  com and he delivered perfectly im in UK
Rebecca Mack Rebecca
Rebecca Mack Rebecca - 3 months ago
I use hachersmth01 @ gmail ,  com and he delivered perfectly im in UK
Forza_Beast - 3 months ago
How Linus Counts 1,2,4,5,7,8,10..
gtmaster303 - 3 months ago
Where's part 3? Can't find it
LizardVideoDude - 3 months ago
Apple... upgrades and maintenance... going *together?* 😲😲
Aaron Ramey
Aaron Ramey - 3 months ago
I wonder how much of the difficulties here were because Linus insisted on using a G5 case. lol
Baktash Gorgani
Baktash Gorgani - 3 months ago
Anthony is the hero we need
jtgolden1s - 3 months ago
Bada Bing Bada Boom, it looks good from the other room.
Fuaty08 Official
Fuaty08 Official - 3 months ago
you guys should do a thing. Linus gets $250 dollars to build a PC and some amateur gets $2,500 to build a PC
Jayme Eduardo
Jayme Eduardo - 3 months ago
Use softraid
Yeoj Henrie Sayadi
Yeoj Henrie Sayadi - 3 months ago
Marcos Guerra
Marcos Guerra - 3 months ago
john - 3 months ago
I don't hear your accent at all anymore, but man when I heard "against"
iiElysium x
iiElysium x - 3 months ago
Did they ever finish this?
Gioele Bezzan
Gioele Bezzan - 3 months ago
Still waiting for THE FINALE after almost 4 months... Any news?
Phi Nguyên Lê
Phi Nguyên Lê - 3 months ago
When will you show us the final Hackpro?
Loreaver - 3 months ago
Eloy Castro
Eloy Castro - 3 months ago
whatever happened with part 5?
Alexander T
Alexander T - 4 months ago
I did a mod to one of these to put a 2.5inch CD drive like SSD drive.
Alan Eddy
Alan Eddy - 4 months ago
Hey guys...what happened to this build? It's been awhile. Is it a Covid casualty?
André Mariano
André Mariano - 4 months ago
wait. 10k less? how much does that thing cost? O.o i thought it was like 2k by the specs xD
sebulban - 4 months ago
By the specs? the motherboard is already about 2k
Daniel Jefferson
Daniel Jefferson - 4 months ago
Honey Gold...where else have I heard that before?🤔🤔
jordan secrist
jordan secrist - 4 months ago
And they still haven’t finished it.
Dave Kopstick
Dave Kopstick - 4 months ago
Hey we're still waiting for the final video
Dheeraj Kumar
Dheeraj Kumar - 4 months ago
The only thing that amuses me is that everything is cheap in Canada compared to Pakistan
Tamojit Das
Tamojit Das - 4 months ago
If you could have just built a custom mac case it would have been much easier and faster ohhh one more thing RELIABLE
Drew - 4 months ago
Where is part 5?
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams - 4 months ago
_Apple.com__ wants to know your location_
Rithvik Kona
Rithvik Kona - 4 months ago
when your mac pro does not boot with the mac screen, you know it is a hackintosh
Charlotte Medler
Charlotte Medler - 4 months ago
Where is part 3? I can’t find it anywhere.
Abhishek Anil
Abhishek Anil - 4 months ago
@Michael Nolan Its called Water cooling the FASTEST Mac on the Planet and it's in their HackPro playlist :)
Michael Nolan
Michael Nolan - 4 months ago
Been looking for ages, :(
AlbanianThrash - 4 months ago
whats the point in taking the precaution of using a respirator if youre not clean shaven lmao
Jassy BowMonster
Jassy BowMonster - 4 months ago
When we going get part 5?
Ian Zainea
Ian Zainea - 5 months ago
This was never finished.
Yasir Al-Hilali
Yasir Al-Hilali - 4 months ago
You mean its still a work in progress :D
Hector Babanto
Hector Babanto - 5 months ago
LTT really hates apple.
Erik - 5 months ago
Where is Part 5????
allan lansdowne
allan lansdowne - 5 months ago
When is Hack Pro pt 5 coming.
Fotis Roilos
Fotis Roilos - 5 months ago
when are you going to show us the finished build?
Alan Eddy
Alan Eddy - 5 months ago
When is the last part of this story gonna air?
Lauren Murphy
Lauren Murphy - 5 months ago
7:10 it says activate windows
Hove 201
Hove 201 - 5 months ago
This thing looks like shit. Lol
Leonardo Salim
Leonardo Salim - 5 months ago
You could do the apple custom implementation of thunderbolt for the xdr display with an fpga, just saying
kyle steele
kyle steele - 5 months ago
Am I the only one that noticed on 6:16 Windows was not activated?
Stefos Christodoulidis
Stefos Christodoulidis - 5 months ago
Where is the pt3, i can't find it
Hello There
Hello There - 5 months ago
2 months.... still no sign of update
Punk Nugget
Punk Nugget - 5 months ago
I got a Metal score of 54,001 and my Hackintosh is 2.5 years old already.
Tommy Luu
Tommy Luu - 5 months ago
Linus sounds like he's trying to sell something that'll be on the market
Njolf - 5 months ago
so, for the money you saved, you could easily put some more powerful GPUs in there to even the odds (for example, 2 RTX 2080Tis instead of the 2 Radeon VIIs) and still save thousands of dollars. awesome.
Njolf - 5 months ago
@Brendan Turner sure, but you could always install some distribution of linux (for example ubuntu) instead of windows and, for the most part, get best of both worlds (that is, again, if you're not doing graphic design or something like that, due to less available software, like the lack of adobe's products). i mean, from my experience with ubuntu it's far less resource hungry than windows, meaning you would get longer battery life and better acoustics than with a windows machine. as for the keyboard, well, it's personal preference. i don't really care what it's like, as long as it works (this generally extends to aesthetics of other things and the machines themselves, although i can appreciate a nice RGB build when i see one, but i digress). also, windows machines tend to not last as long partly due to software rot, which is less noticeable on linux and macOS. and i haven't had any bad experiences with ubuntu updates either, they tend to be quick and only sometimes require a restart, though they let you do whatever you want to do and update whenever you see fit. also, i remember that there was some issue about macbooks throttling under load due to poor cooling performance caused by their design being more oriented around sleek looks than functionality, but i haven't really followed the news on that to see how all that turned out. and honestly, i just like having choice when it comes to what i want to buy. for example, if you have no need for a dedicated GPU, you can buy a laptop with a good CPU and integrated graphics for a few hundred bucks, which is less than the entry level macbooks. if you want a dedicated GPU, you can get some for around the same price as an entry level macbook - which doesn't come with a dedicated GPU. and besides, different brands offer different sets of features and slightly different combinations of hardware, meaning you're more likely to find something that better suits your need than a macbook. but this is mostly personal preference, i guess.
Brendan Turner
Brendan Turner - 5 months ago
Njolf well the benefits for Mac in terms of professional use would be apps, the ease to develop (which is what I use my Mac for), it doesn’t force constant ducking updates, etc. Also I’d disagree with other laptops being better. MacBooks are built like tanks, I like the butterfly keyboard personally, they’re quieter, battery life lasts forever and macs in general last waaaayyyyy longer than windows laptops and they don’t throttle worse than windows laptops. Plus you can always also run windows on macs but can’t run Mac OS on windows laptops
Njolf - 5 months ago
@Brendan Turner yeah, i don't get the point of hackintoshes either, as linux is just better for productivity (mostly, from what i've seen doing some design work is not as easy on linux due to a lack of software but you can just use windows for that) and windows is better for gaming. mac might offer some slight performance benefits in some cases, but it's mostly insignificant given the notably higher price tag which lets you buy faster hardware to compensate (which is the point i made originally - okay, they may not be flat out faster, but you get more or less the same performance for less money), and in laptops you get better cooling than apple's products. and honestly, not giving apple any money is value in it's own right (in my opinion). on a side note, i really don't understand some of the selling points for the mac pro. for example, 1.5 TB of RAM? only application i could think of for such an amount would be some serious server stuff, but in that case, you wouldn't rely on a mac to perform as a server, especially because you can get some better hardware that they don't offer in their lineup (something like AMD's epyc lineup). anyway, i think i got a little carried away.
Brendan Turner
Brendan Turner - 5 months ago
Njolf in my opinion hackintoshies aren’t worth the extra effort; especially for professional use. If you need Mac OS, you’re better buying the Mac Pro, or one of their laptops or all in ones. Or using simply using Linux. But bare in mind the Mac Pro isn’t really for average consumers anyway, it’s for editing houses or a bunch of other things I can’t think off. Personally I’d rather buy their laptops, because they’re better in every way from windows alternatives except for price and then just use my desktop for gaming
Njolf - 5 months ago
@Brendan Turner Oh, that sucks. I guess that's one of the problems when companies build proprietary software that's only ever meant to run on certain types of hardware. Oversight on my behalf, in any case. well, i guess the best option then would be to not use mac for the OS, but at that point it's not a hackintosh, just a good competitor to the mac pro (with a far lower price tag). And you'd be better of as far as raid options go and all that. but yeah, moot point then, i suppose.
Kalfax plays
Kalfax plays - 5 months ago
doesn't sound hard to beat a mac, just saying.
Vomet - 6 months ago
My wife left me, but do you know who didn't leave me? Our sponsor! Freshbooks
Sean Toreno
Sean Toreno - 6 months ago
Where’s part 3?
Felix Rohr
Felix Rohr - 6 months ago
Please make a Epyc version, compare it, then donate it to me :)
Benjamin Okello
Benjamin Okello - 6 months ago
Where is the finished product #hack pro 5
Xavier Anthony
Xavier Anthony - 6 months ago
When is part 5 coming
Standito - 6 months ago
I hate how this turned out. (NO HARM!)
first of all, I have my own Hackintosh, that looks EXACTLY like a mac! Not with holes in the side..
Second of all, I really don't think you need a ton of ram. I can open 20+ tabs fine on my Hackintosh. (15 gigs of ram, upgrading soon)
Third, it can be a little bit over more powerful then Apple's Mac Pro. I have over 1.5 Terabytes, and it's also fast.
Fourth, watercooling can be cool; BUT apple didn't do that! So nobody cares.
Fifth, it still has to have the apple spirit. Obviously this looks disgusting, and you can do better EVERYWHERE.
Sixth, the IO Shield and other related things can look way better. Considering I PERFECTLY sanded the IO slots for my Hackintosh, looking at a YouTuber with 10.4M+ more subscribers then me, it's embarrassing.

Don't take this as hate; Linus is the funniest guy ever, and I don't want anyone hating this comment. I just think you can do a bit better and it doesn't always have to be fast; you can slowly upgrade it :).

Specs I know of:

15 Gigs of RAM
Ryzen 3 (yes, it's a old APU, but it gets the job done w/ fortnite and cs;go.)
1.5+ terabytes of storage.

I'm just saying Linus (he won't see this lol); you don't always have to go on the overpowered side. If it's a fun project that you wont use much, use this advice people. If it's a daily gaming computer, shove that 512 gigs of ram, RTX 2080 TI, and a core zeon in there! BUT; Before you do that, take your time. Don't buy it all at once, slowly go up and you can top the speeds on benchmarking programs without hacking. :) Have a good day, no harm or dislikes to anyone.
Nippety Snippety
Nippety Snippety - 6 months ago
K troll
SuchtyTV Niclas
SuchtyTV Niclas - 6 months ago
Sorry Linus, I would rather buy the Macintosh... Like look at your solution and now look at Apple.
For someone who has not 80 000 000 000 in his bank account, GOOD JOB!
Fynn Haggenmüller
Fynn Haggenmüller - 6 months ago
Why didn't you put a real gpu in the hack pro?
Hello There
Hello There - 6 months ago
It's been a month since this vid went up and still, no update. Not mad, just sad. I really want to see the finale for this monstrosity series
Dulla - 6 months ago
i feel like he just keeps on shitting on apple, i agree with him though
Sheriff 599
Sheriff 599 - 6 months ago
got honey, haven't saved one cent, codes never work!
Adam Peprník
Adam Peprník - 6 months ago
Why are you using that ugly brown fans ?
Really Messed Up People
Really Messed Up People - 6 months ago
Noctua fans are ugly but the best and quietest
Fred M
Fred M - 6 months ago
anthony should a is own channel XD Antony's solutions tech tips something like that
Yash Rahate
Yash Rahate - 6 months ago
@linustechtips, guys can you guys please make or even try an amd ryzen 9 3990x on mac os Catalina? Would love to even see if this setup works considering that Apple does not allow for more than 64 cores on a mac
PAT O'KELLEY - 6 months ago
Why didn't you guys do a final video showing completed build, paint, lighted logo, etc?
jimmykruspe - 6 months ago
What about the price?
Beroya Beroya
Beroya Beroya - 6 months ago
Anthony is like an overpowered character out of a tech fantasy world, act as a holy sword.
sa8die electron
sa8die electron - 6 months ago
"guess a SN?" hilarious!!!!
Łukasz Markow
Łukasz Markow - 6 months ago
I wonder if you could build a PC in form of Apple PowerMac G4 Cube
charlesvaughnmusic - 7 months ago
So buy the guts with a case that fits said guts. Gotcha.
Dylan - 7 months ago
Anyone who can modify apple products get huge big colossal props from me.
Rohit Ramachandran
Rohit Ramachandran - 7 months ago
Did anyone realise the fact the sponsor is Honey Gold, which is a pornstar's name?
Just me? Cool.
Ivan Muñoz
Ivan Muñoz - 7 months ago
At the end!!
ZeuxDar - 7 months ago
In minute 13:25 there is a lots problems with the audio, is like the audio mixers with sounds and voice and is not audible, im the only one?
Android TV
Android TV - 7 months ago
Linus, try with Ryzen Threadripper 3990x plssss (Threadripper support macOS)
Android TV
Android TV - 7 months ago
You should have used epyc CPU and make the hackpro EPIC.
Rev_dude - 7 months ago
Beginning of sponsor spot: "Manskeeped"
Dominic - 7 months ago
Linus should've made his own HackPro case. Then i'd be a real beast!
SubStormEIGHT *
SubStormEIGHT * - 7 months ago
Part 5 now
MoreHackPro RN
MoreHackPro RN - 7 months ago
the relase dates are fake. they record it and twenty five weeks later its uploaded
SubStorm7 *
SubStorm7 * - 7 months ago
make part 5 or ill use adblok
MoreHackPro RN
MoreHackPro RN - 7 months ago
yeah use adblock they will never make part 5
SubStorm3 *
SubStorm3 * - 7 months ago
Day 1 of wanting part 5
MoreHackPro RN
MoreHackPro RN - 7 months ago
Linus stop making us thirsty for part 5
SubStorm2 *
SubStorm2 * - 7 months ago
SubStorm3 *
SubStorm3 * - 7 months ago
release part 5
MoreHackPro RN
MoreHackPro RN - 7 months ago
CookePotato a
CookePotato a - 7 months ago
SubStorm3 *
SubStorm3 * - 7 months ago
yes. if they do not make part five a guy will unsub
MoreHackPro RN
MoreHackPro RN - 7 months ago
yeah ltt we need more.
Tempial Dayburn
Tempial Dayburn - 7 months ago
We need pt 5
MoreHackPro RN
MoreHackPro RN - 7 months ago
pt 5
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