Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

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costco freezer
costco freezer - 2 hours ago
this was kind of a let down episode
Bauz Blak
Bauz Blak - 14 hours ago
You can be 40 and know nothing and be 12 and know a lot.
SkullForge890 - 15 hours ago
"I trust her"
*smiles* "You fool..."
Chloe Naylor
Chloe Naylor - 23 hours ago
People are wishing that there was more drama but I think they're overlooking some genuinely touching moments. Yes; I'm sure some things were said to please the other side, but there did appear to be a bit of progress towards parents and their children understanding each other better. I think that's worth something.
Abby Sanders
Abby Sanders - Day ago
I do *not* like the bald dude
Edit (from later in the video) AT ALL
justtammi - Day ago
"All teens are rotten people"
...yeah okay...
JamesLikesMelons - Day ago
How did those brits not laugh at fannys name?!
TSK L - Day ago
these aren't "normal teens" those are nerds.
Elena McGovern
Elena McGovern - Day ago
Mateo is sheltered and awkward and has no idea what most teenagers are like you can't use people like this to represent teens as a whole
Elena McGovern
Elena McGovern - Day ago
You need more normal teenagers not awkward ones. This is soooo biased
Melanie Quiroa
Melanie Quiroa - Day ago
You guys should do something with couples and their relationships to see what the other thinks of them
Melanie Quiroa
Melanie Quiroa - Day ago
Or just in general I think it would be interesting to see the couples perspective
Madeleine Burns
Madeleine Burns - Day ago
mateo seems like a snitch
Lame Llama
Lame Llama - Day ago
I'm thirty nine plus one

fefe - 2 days ago
Do this with normal teens not the teens who have never felt depressed and have something going for them. this is fuckin sad. these teens dont even represent us correctly. to the bin they go.
Big Potato
Big Potato - 2 days ago
I’m a teenager and I can confirm that me and my parents do not see eye to eye because I am taller than my parents
Linus Bondo Jensen
Linus Bondo Jensen - 2 days ago
Hi I’m Mateo I’m 16 and I build roblox
rubysara ruby
rubysara ruby - 3 days ago
Isabella is an actress I used to go to school with her I’m not sure if she flys planes, she might but primarily she’s an actress
rubysara ruby
rubysara ruby - 3 days ago
I just didn’t see why she doesn’t mention that
Brian Hartman
Brian Hartman - 4 days ago
Elizabeth and Isabella kinda suck...
510 Tutto
510 Tutto - 5 days ago
Mom: “ I trust her”
Daughter: evil smirk
Just An Insomniac
Just An Insomniac - 5 days ago
I love middle grounds but this was kind of my least favorite because I didn't feel like there was enough to make it accurate most of the convos here were mainly towards their family instead of it being generalized
Chris - 5 days ago
They should do Orcs and Hobbits
Super 1
Super 1 - 6 days ago
Can you make a middle ground video between, People who want KIDS vs those who don't want KIDS?
Ellie Bowman
Ellie Bowman - 6 days ago
shout out to anyone that knows isabella from her acting job on once upon a time lol
Jeff Banks
Jeff Banks - 8 days ago
“Wait, you have 2 instagrams and 2 Snapchats”💀😂😂
Juliano O
Juliano O - 8 days ago
Idk why but 5:24 got me tearing up
Fanny looks so youthful and is literally glowing with that beautiful smile that I thought she was one of the teens at first glance.
justin orkin
justin orkin - 9 days ago
Retail workers and Customers
Zachary Alexander
Zachary Alexander - 9 days ago
That dad is one of the biggest problems with parenting in our generation.
Riya D
Riya D - 9 days ago
where are these teens from? they seem so happy and just different from the majority of us. and their relationships with their parents are so good, i wanted to see one where it wasn't as good. also FANNY IS SO BEAUTIFUL OML SHE IS NOT 40
Kaylee S.
Kaylee S. - 9 days ago
Everyone else: Hi my name is ————— I’m 18 but I’ve already graduated from Harvard, as a neurologist
Me: Hi I’m Kaylee, 13, and I watch PewDiePie.
Charlie G
Charlie G - 10 days ago
Do it with normal teens and non-related parents and teens
Charlie G
Charlie G - 10 days ago
U should have teens with other parents not their own!!!!
Jay Brooks
Jay Brooks - 11 days ago
These teens are not like the majority of teens at all, not even like 10% of teens these days. They're all outside Walmart acting like morons.
Bikaca Art Productions
Bikaca Art Productions - 11 days ago
I’d love to see traditional artists and digital artists have a debate
Th1zDwK - 11 days ago
I will try to be the best parent that I can be.
Hr. m
Hr. m - 12 days ago
I'm in love with the asian woman...
Zen JDM - 12 days ago
Parents forget to get to know there children, they also forget about being a child teenager. Talk to them on their level you'd be surprised how much you can learn
Kate Holly
Kate Holly - 13 days ago
I have no social media, so I know for a fact that depression is not tied to just that; I’m sure that it defiantly enhances and in some ways encourages the depression, but depression was definitely around long before Instagram.
aidsgill - 13 days ago
they shouldn't have put the kids and their parents. they should have had random teens and parents so they could say anything they wanted without being afraid ig
Isaiah Cordero
Isaiah Cordero - 13 days ago
Bring in everyday teens not prodigy sheltered rich kids and there parents.
Marisha Kiedis
Marisha Kiedis - 13 days ago
I’m sorry but at 4:35 did she say THOPHOMORE year? that’s what I heard after 10 times of replaying it 😭
Liv Berg
Liv Berg - 13 days ago
These teens are prodigies bring in real teens with average lives not geniuses.
Abdellah Salehi
Abdellah Salehi - 14 days ago
What happen to my happyness is my kids when people become so selfish
Miki Gary
Miki Gary - 14 days ago
Fanny- that’s a tragic name if she ever goes to the UK
Nadia H
Nadia H - 14 days ago
it’d be way more interesting if they arab and other strict parents
éb sôl sôl
éb sôl sôl - 14 days ago
That mom thinks she knows everything...this should’ve been about non related people so that they’d feel more comfortable
Jacob - 14 days ago
I’d just like to say on record that I’d smash them all, except for the girls of course. ^.^
Monica Chintu
Monica Chintu - 15 days ago
Fanny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄 if your british
Makayla Feely
Makayla Feely - 15 days ago
Do you believe parents should know all of their children’s social media? If so, Until when?
Andy D
Andy D - 15 days ago
Does the bald guy have a tumour on the side of his head? I'm seriosuly concerned.
Spriters - 15 days ago
Should have taken teens from good background aswell as teens from bad backgrounds (aswell as for the parents)
Flute Løøps
Flute Løøps - 15 days ago
These kids seem like the kind of people who would be in pictures in a 9th grade English or Spanish textbook.
Pie Pie
Pie Pie - 15 days ago
They should've brought in different parents or something, because the parents being their were making kids say things they probably wouldn't have said if it were just kids.
I'm not even in my late teens yet, and I'm a lot more stressed and depressed than these kids. They should've brought in a variety of kids that live in different situations and different aged teens, like 13-18 not just a two year difference.
Sofia Ruiz
Sofia Ruiz - 15 days ago
I love isabellas accent omgggg
Mekhi Powell
Mekhi Powell - 15 days ago
He says horrible images smh. The internet houses some of the most magnificent pictures of the female anatomy.
Ariana Snider
Ariana Snider - 15 days ago
They should have teens that are more relatable, they have a teen on here that flies a plane.. come on now..
Danny400ss - 15 days ago
Why cant you say your age ? People are so insecure and annoying. Lady everyone ages , get over your self.
Lauren Mackenna
Lauren Mackenna - 16 days ago
I r e a l l y didn’t like the bald dad.
Val Mean Vlogs
Val Mean Vlogs - 16 days ago
This episode was cute and all but I wish they would’ve brought some common teens
mrramos _
mrramos _ - 16 days ago
6:17 *Error 505*
isabella_elizabeth - 17 days ago
I find it funny that Isabella mom is Elizabeth....because my name first name is Isabella and middle name is Elizabeth😂 also isabella and Elizabeth mean the same thing and technically "are the same name" so thats cute that a mother and daughter share the "same name" so to speak
Lilllyyy Kook
Lilllyyy Kook - 17 days ago
This was so chill
Mini Fish Studios
Mini Fish Studios - 18 days ago
I love how they refer to it as the other side
RAYYY - 18 days ago
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates - 18 days ago
In reality, no
Tiny Bee
Tiny Bee - 19 days ago
I felt sad when Isabella was trying to open up to her mum about seeing other people on social media’s and Elizabeth just started saying that she knew.. we all know they don’t know properly - listen : 4:02
Tiny Bee
Tiny Bee - 19 days ago
This is just very awkward
Purvi Jain
Purvi Jain - 19 days ago
Teens have become less innocent for sure
brandon orr
brandon orr - 19 days ago
do middle ground Gamers .vs Anti Gaming Parents
tas w
tas w - 19 days ago
Can’t relate to those teens
wams jams
wams jams - 19 days ago
Women says shes forty, well I dont believe you, you look thirty
Hailey Sykuta
Hailey Sykuta - 20 days ago
Umm can you have regular teens VS adults ..😂
Seren Akbari
Seren Akbari - 20 days ago
This would've been better if the parents and teens were not white.
I've got nothing against them, but I do believe it would be more interesting to see people of colour (teens, adults) discussing these matters.
thevioletskull - 20 days ago
As a teen, I approve of these teens.
thatwasnotokay - 21 day ago
I think the only issue here is you didn’t have any really dysfunctional families. If my mom and I or even my dad and I had been there, these conversations would’ve been very different.
liE - 22 days ago
I hate that dad w the glasses
Elia J
Elia J - 22 days ago
This is so cute...
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel - 22 days ago
This should be a big finale
QH Anderson
QH Anderson - 22 days ago
I love this series and I love this particular episode. All the teens and parents are very kind, and understanding. They really deserve each other. Keep great work, Jubilee!
Sarah - 22 days ago
I do not understand why these parentes have acces to their teens phone. The teens are 16+, they are allowed to have some privacy.
Flute Løøps
Flute Løøps - 22 days ago
Kid 1: I build robots.
Kid 2: I'm a singer.
Kid 3: I fly planes.
Me: I haven't found my freaking passion yet, and I'm dying to.
Flute Løøps
Flute Løøps - 22 days ago
+Moody Moody Lol.😆😊
Moody Moody
Moody Moody - 22 days ago
Sameeee XDDDD
De'Wayne Spady
De'Wayne Spady - 22 days ago
This was lame these kids were lame
JO EL - 22 days ago
As a teen myself who probably was born at the perfect time to experience my teenage years without a big social media presence and end my teenage years with it becoming the biggest influence I can genuinely say that teens in today's society who grew up with it from the jump are much more susceptible to the lies the news says and what YouTubers and influencers do online, just like when I was younger you want to be given attention you want to seem cool and feel liked and it's a domino effect of "my favourite celeb is feeling sad and she's getting so much love I must feel that way as well to be cared for" and it goes on and on people don't know half of the struggles life outside of highschool brings unless you experience it and they're a lot more closed off from their parents which sucks
Shakira Mvula
Shakira Mvula - 23 days ago
Omg the UK girl and her mums voice is sooo annoying😂
Jayden Roberts
Jayden Roberts - 23 days ago
He’s 16 and he was disappointed that his friends made a private Instagram account? Duuuude they’re probably drinking and screwing and smoking. He’s one innocent gem
Erica Sunly
Erica Sunly - 23 days ago
I do believe, you should teach your TEEN (17-19) about safety and making right choices. Monitoring them should be about keeping an open conversation....
Being a control maniac over their lives is not preparing them to be independent. They are in a phase of preparation to be an adult. And they'll face difficulties if they enter adulthood as gullible.
This is why for many, turning 20 is very difficult. They've been told to be too polite/innocent/naive...And now it's hard to look at themselves as an individual and be able to speak their own voice.
Sam Xia
Sam Xia - 23 days ago
What does innocence has to do with anxiety/depression. I think its more about the new gen being in contact with diversity and changing environment. Where not more or less innocent than back then, horrible things have always happened. I think teens are simply more concious about it and No i dont believe that being open about your sexuality or your views of the world make one any less innocent than someone who doesnt know what safe sex is. And i think its a bit sad that most parents believe otherwise.
Cian Flanagan
Cian Flanagan - 23 days ago
I wish they were not the biological parents because they cant really fight with them :/
Everything Goes
Everything Goes - 23 days ago
This episode was very...bland. I think this idea is brilliant but these people didn’t quite open up a conversation that really represents the different perspectives teen and parents have.
Selena -
Selena - - 23 days ago
This was cute but I was expecting a little bit more in depth. Though at the same time it may be difficult to find people willing to appear on camera for that
opinionated arsehole
opinionated arsehole - 23 days ago
never come to the uk
siobhan petersen
siobhan petersen - 23 days ago
omg the ladies name is fanny
Nadia Nazare
Nadia Nazare - 23 days ago
Dead beat dad's Vs men raised by single mothers
C J - 23 days ago
Mateo’s mom is soooooooooo HOT, I mean, he looks just like her so he’s cute but she’s FINE
Silver Mist
Silver Mist - 23 days ago
If i had parents like this i would just be done with life. My mother already has soooo much control over everything. Took 16yrs for her to allow me to dress how i want some, and my phone is my only privacy. She doesn't even let my diary stay private an will take it. Read it. Yell at me an rip up what she doesn't like. I just think it's very important to let EVERYONE have some privacy. Even your kids. [Fyi not 16 now that past.)
Silver Mist
Silver Mist - 23 days ago
Why do parents want to much control over everything. Like give your kid[s] some privacy. If you demand everything an not work more on an open channel of just not the best of situations.
KahnZix 22
KahnZix 22 - 24 days ago
The guy is cute
Beat My Beans
Beat My Beans - 24 days ago
ive watched a bunch of these and i still don’t know how it works
Ducky - 24 days ago
I don't think that depression and suicide rates are up because teens are less innocent, but because people are more and more into there phones and the internet. So they don't listen to each other anymore. They hear all this information from one side and choose to ignore the other side, and in person, when these things didnt exist, you were more inclined to listen because face to face interactions is way more likly to move someone then something said online.
Joshua Rao
Joshua Rao - 24 days ago
those teens look like kids
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