Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

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Ava Bibb
Ava Bibb - 15 hours ago
I can't get my mind of the name Fanny
Katherine B
Katherine B - Day ago
I think you do know more as you get older, but you have different knowledge than other people, even if it's people you're always around, like you children/parents.
crosses101 - Day ago
🤔No black🤨
Janina Dillow
Janina Dillow - Day ago
My dads biggest regret is showing me (an animal lover) the planet of the ape's balcony scene. (and also gremlins)
Drdrizz - 2 days ago
We are treated like children but expected to be like adults
Tiffany JadeDarkStar Barker
I had my son when I was to young, but I would never give him up. I have learned alot and grown a lot. I think many choices would have been different if I had a redo
big mood
big mood - 3 days ago
did anyone else see fanny and thought she was the lead actress Justina Machaldo from One Day at a Time
Cole D
Cole D - 4 days ago
I think it’s funny how they only got the good types of kids not the type of kids that are in drugs alcohol ex...that would be the real conversation
natalie betancur
natalie betancur - 6 days ago
So anxiety and depression comes from " a lack of innocence"
Ok 💀
spacefrog 712
spacefrog 712 - 6 days ago
Depression and anxiety doesn’t come from not being innocent
Hiwot B.
Hiwot B. - 5 days ago
spacefrog 712 that guy was being ignorant by saying that
Sugar No Milk
Sugar No Milk - 7 days ago
imagine being close with your parents like this
Rihana Khalil
Rihana Khalil - 7 days ago
I wanted an emotionally unstable emo kid and their mother. I wanted to relate. I wanted that drama between them
Enis Zenuni
Enis Zenuni - 7 days ago
Hi I’m 13 and I have a big ego and a high self esteem
The rarest thing that can happen to a teen these day drop a comment and drop the ego
M0M0 - 8 days ago
Teens aren’t less innocent, people are just starting to look at them without rose tinted glasses.
Sailor M
Sailor M - 8 days ago
Fanny looks like Penelope from ODAAT
Jabari deRoux: More
Jabari deRoux: More - 8 days ago
meNtaL iSsUeS coMe fRoM a LacK oF InnoCence... WTF... that triggered me lol.
Jabari deRoux: More
Jabari deRoux: More - 8 days ago
Mateo always warms my heart in these videos lol. He’s so innocent lol.
Barbara Joann Slover
Barbara Joann Slover - 8 days ago
Do one between husbands and wives.
pac24 - 9 days ago
Isabella has great posture
Hanesma Bentchakal
Hanesma Bentchakal - 9 days ago
Hi I am 15 and I am a pro sleep_er
And a 24/7 yt user AND Idk why MY PARENTS AREN'T PROUD !!!!
Mikayla Petroski
Mikayla Petroski - 10 days ago
I would like to see Parents (accepting and unaccepting) and LGBTQIA+ Teens. I think that would lead to one hell of a discussion.
Roma Martinez
Roma Martinez - 11 days ago
but they picked teens who have good relationships with their parents...
Elsa Hartmann
Elsa Hartmann - 11 days ago
iNtErNeT cAuSeS dEpReSsiOn
Baiq Maya Zita Aulia
Baiq Maya Zita Aulia - 12 days ago
lauren lopez
lauren lopez - 12 days ago
jeremiah has the most dad laugh ever
Salvador Ramirez
Salvador Ramirez - 13 days ago
If Fanny (ass) cant feel comfortable and truthful about her age nothing she says I will care about.
Spegnag Maglorious
Spegnag Maglorious - 13 days ago
Watch them go home and get yelled at in the car
Gat Sharon
Gat Sharon - 13 days ago
Those are not normal teenagers
B Tn
B Tn - 13 days ago
They should have gotten an emotionally unstable 13 yr old.
And rebellious and disrespectful 16 yr old
And and dropout. McDonald's working 18 year old.
jonathan williams
jonathan williams - 14 days ago
Please do this again without biological parents
sam Hawks
sam Hawks - 15 days ago
I thought mrs. Fanny was like 30. She looks very young
Amaya T
Amaya T - 15 days ago
Right, because depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts come from not being innocent.
sophia - 15 days ago
lmao why did they have to pick goody two shoes kids to be apart of this
All of these people are so beautiful
jelen i
jelen i - 17 days ago
I touth he said I build roblox
JamlessCrack •
JamlessCrack • - 17 days ago
Let me go ahead and tell you cause you can’t beat my ass in front of all these people *heh heh*
Swedish Otaku
Swedish Otaku - 17 days ago
3:52 That's literally impossible to not be true...
Swedish Otaku
Swedish Otaku - 17 days ago
Obviously the older you are the more you know...
Wolfasaurus Rex
Wolfasaurus Rex - 18 days ago
These "secrets" are soft. I feed on souls of virgins and bathe in the blood of my enemies.
April Acevedo
April Acevedo - 18 days ago
depression comes from a lack of innocence? that’s a joke
Sara A
Sara A - 18 days ago
These are good respectful teens with straight A’s we need high school drop outs who hate their parents that would be hilarious
Sara A
Sara A - 18 days ago
Suicide rates and anxiety hasn’t got anything to do with innocents
Sara A
Sara A - 18 days ago
The less innocent one is wrong, this generation is the first to do less drugs than their parents and have less sexual partners than their parents.
759 Gear
759 Gear - 18 days ago
Jan 2018 I'm still watching this ugh it really changed.... I used to like this program but then like everyone laughed because they weren't being fairly paid or there's those who are hypocrites
759 Gear
759 Gear - 18 days ago
Is the soul exist and at what cost?
759 Gear
759 Gear - 18 days ago
Are you allow to change your religion?
- kool -
- kool - - 19 days ago
“Anxiety is up, depression is up, and that comes from a lack of innocence.” Sooo untrue
Nola Gatto
Nola Gatto - 20 days ago
I love this yt channel!!
Zeke 1460
Zeke 1460 - 21 day ago
Depression and anxiety aren’t up because of a lack of innocence. Teens have more and more responsibility and stress with every generation that passes, with less and less reward for all the hard work they’re forced to put in, and higher costs of living, college debt, credit card debt, and other issues that previous generations haven’t had to deal with to anywhere near the same extent.
Life Sucks
Life Sucks - 20 days ago
Also it could be that people are more open to express their feelings rather than bottling them up
Faith Elizabeth
Faith Elizabeth - 22 days ago
I wish I had a relationship with my mom like Isabella lamo
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