Stars REACT to Supreme Court Ruling on LGBTQ Rights

Tague Relyea
Tague Relyea - 3 days ago
Yay! Totally
Rip Van
Rip Van - 3 days ago
No!! The Supreme Court has opined that it is a Title VII violation to discriminate against a person based on that person's biological sex!
In other words, if an employer does not find conduct as being a fireable offense if performed by one biological sex, then said employer cannot find said conduct to be a fireable offense if performed by the opposite biological sex.
Sexual orientation and gender identity both fall under the above.
The court has basically defined discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to be discrimination based on the STEREOTYPING of BIOLOGICAL SEXES!!
The court has opined that sexual orientation and gender identity are not what one IS but what one DOES.
Rip Van
Rip Van - 3 days ago
No!! The Supreme Court has opined that it is a Title VII violation to discriminate against a person based on that person's biological sex!
In other words, if an employer does not find conduct as being a fireable offense if performed by one biological sex, then said employer cannot find said conduct to be a fireable offense if performed by the opposite biological sex.
Sexual orientation and gender identity both fall under the above.
The court has basically defined discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to be discrimination based on the STEREOTYPING of BIOLOGICAL SEXES!!
The court has opined that sexual orientation and gender identity are not what one IS but what one DOES.
Rip Van
Rip Van - 3 days ago
People misunderstood Gorsuch and Roberts on the recent decision concerning the 3 Title VII cases. What people do not understand is that Gorsuch and Roberts HAVE DEFINED "SEX" in Title VII to only mean "BIOLOGICAL SEX". They fixed sex as meaning what sex meant in both Title VII and in Title IX at its conception. They have opined that SEX DOES NOT MEAN SEXUAL ORIENTATION NOR GENDER IDENTITY!!! The only reason why the plaintiffs won is because they showed that they were being discriminated against BECAUSE OF THEIR BIOLOGICAL SEX, i.e., if she can do it and not get fired, then he should be able to also do it and not get fired, whatever "doing it" may refer to.
The plaintiff's attorney's argued their cases based on their client's being discriminated against based on sex stereotyping. Sex stereotyping is based on Biological Sex. So, for the gender identity plaintiff to win he HAD TO BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BECAUSE OF HIS BIOLOGICAL SEX, NOT WITH WHAT BIOLOGICAL SEX HE IDENTIFIED WITH.
SO, Gorsuch and Roberts agreed with him, i.e., Yep! You are not the BIOLOGICAL sex that you identify with but the sex that your employer IDENTIFIES YOU WITH and only for that reason are you discriminated against, and only for that reason the court agrees with you. Your employer wants you to conduct yourself accordingly. "However, you ain't no real girl!"
The plaintiff's won the battle, but lost the war especially when it comes to Title IX.
Gorsuch and Roberts gave up a little to get a lot. This decision will prove to be an ultra-conservative decision in cases to come later because the 4 liberal justices have now signed onto a decision that says that a biological male can conduct himself as if he is a biological female and that conduct can no longer adversely affect his or her employment based on the courts interpretation of sex. If the transgender claims that he is discriminated against by an employer in violation of Title VII, then he or she is implying that he or she in reality ain't the biological sex that he or she identifies with and because of such he is discriminated against in the workplace because what he or she does is considered to not match up with what he or she is.
This decision will likely give TITLE IX back to biological females, exclusively - regarding sex-based competition. The reason being is that the first prong used to test a Title IX violation looks at "Proportionality ... to see if the school's athletics programs have a number of [biological] male and [biological] female students enrolled that is proportional to their overall representation in the student body....
According to Gorsuch and Roberts, one must now insert "biological" in front of male and female as I did above in brackets. If it is a sport that biological males highly compete in in numbers greater than biological females, then the biological females will already be disproportionately represented in the number of participants compared to biological males in said sport. By replacing those already disproportionately fewer in number biological females with biological male(s), i.e., transgenders, that will further worsen the disproportionality deficit between biological males and females in a given sport.
The other two prongs also fall short and cannot be properly satisfied since gender identity is NOT allowed to equate with biological sex, especially in sports already overrun with biological males in comparison to the number of participating biological females.
The bottom line is that Gorsuch and Roberts, unbeknownst to the 4 liberal justices and maybe the other 3 conservative justices, just gave women sports back to biological girls and women. Biological males need not apply!!!
Going forward, and unfortunately, Affirmative Action as well as hiring based on biological sex are both going to be difficult to defend against an attack if the only justifiable reason proffered for the hiring is "because of" ... biological sex or "because of" color or "because of" race.
It is going to get pretty interesting in the days to come in the civil rights arena.

Of course, the above is based on my personal analysis. I could be wrong.
m j
m j - 9 days ago
Nice to see this weird crowd support for the NHS
Smith X
Smith X - 10 days ago
They do this cover up to make things look good. Ellen is a blonde head blue eye fool that thinks it’s normal to use blacks on her show
moira de rat
moira de rat - 16 days ago
YaY LGBTQ+ I'm glad u can't fire them anymore because I have so many gay+ friends
Jefferson Barnes
Jefferson Barnes - 17 days ago
Look, friends, we must fear Almighty God!
Peter Santos
Peter Santos - 17 days ago
I am voting Pro-Life in 2020.
There are many forces in our society that promote a view of sexuality in general not in accord with God’s purpose and plan for human sexuality. 
Trump + Pence 2020
London Eyes2020
London Eyes2020 - 18 days ago
Can someone tell me how is this still an issue in this day and time?🌈👍🏻👏
Eric Wood
Eric Wood - 11 days ago
It's an issue when these people want me to pay for it.
Anonymous G
Anonymous G - 18 days ago
Can't Trump try to appeal or something?
Gunnel Gainey
Gunnel Gainey - 18 days ago
Man gay people work at jobs I see them,they quit cuase of people,it was a gender at my job but he quit cuase cuase of people picking with him he didn't get fire
Milhouse - 18 days ago
SCOTUS said...
Chibuzo Nwachuku
Chibuzo Nwachuku - 18 days ago
What stars think are meaningless. The ruling is stupid.
mighty mouse
mighty mouse - 18 days ago
Gee no big victory lap here. LGBTQ are covered under the Civil Rights Laws. NOTHING NEW WAS PASSED. SO STOP DANCING LIKE DING BATS
Misty Peaks
Misty Peaks - 17 days ago
Nope, tell that to the trump appointed court judges who stated that the wording of the civil rights laws solely applied to sex, NOT sexuality. What the court did was simply make it explicit.
Nick Carducci
Nick Carducci - 18 days ago
Don Yocum
Don Yocum - 18 days ago
So what our courts have declared that if you are born a male and a doctor changes your plumbing that you can now say that you are of the female persuasion.
Not so. You will not further your species. You thru the ingestion of pharmaceuticals you might elevate your voice. Appear a woman with implants. You can grow your hair and thru a beauty parlour get your hair styled. You can cosmetically improve your appearance.
But every time you look into a mirror you will see the results of your foolishness. You will know every time you are around men that you are one of them.
God is not mocked evan though you evidently are estranged to Him. He still loves you.
Wayne Duvall
Wayne Duvall - 18 days ago
all the snapping turtles i catch I want to convert them into hummingbirds the vet says he'll do it but I can't get the state to pick up the bill 🤔🤨😔
Tranny Finger Fudge Jeffy
Tommie Hatchetta
Tommie Hatchetta - 18 days ago
America keep mocking God you going wish you haven't you can't stop him your nuke can't stop him and your daddy Satan can't save you hell Michael kick his ass so you better get on the winning team and fast repent America before it's too late .
HC DaVe - 18 days ago
Go read the Bible people if you remember what that is......stop bendind the rules of your creator and still think you'll end up in heaven cause it ain't gonna happen
Trey Jackson
Trey Jackson - 18 days ago
Yayayayay pisces rainbow queen here
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers - 18 days ago
Aline 21o
Aline 21o - 18 days ago
That is so good to hear I hope the Arab world would change too
We lost a girl just cuz she was a lesbian
Family Under Attack
Family Under Attack - 18 days ago
So now even if someone who is gay is fired for a reason not related to their sexuality, the employer can be sued for the gayness. Watch.
Travis Kinsey
Travis Kinsey - 18 days ago
The change protects people of all sexual orientations. Also, gay people just want equality. I don't understand why it's so hard to believe that someone could just want to have a job, and support their family. Gay people don't have a reason to try and play with the system. Would the alternative have been to just not offer legal protections?
Joaquin Lomeli
Joaquin Lomeli - 18 days ago
something great to celebrate but we still got a long way to go when it comes to religious freedom hating LGBT people and using religion as an excuse to discriminate
Joaquin Lomeli
Joaquin Lomeli - 18 days ago
@Chibuzo Nwachuku isnt that what religion is doing? using the religion card in order to hide their hatred towards gay people?
Chibuzo Nwachuku
Chibuzo Nwachuku - 18 days ago
Shut up. Stop slandering with religion.
Constance James
Constance James - 18 days ago
Wow what a distraction in the mist of black lives matter and the killing of George Floyd. Great victory but another group pushing their agenda on the coat tail of black folks. No one should be mistreated or discriminated against. The Republicans are looking for votes. Black men and women wake up every day in this skin facing injustice and discrimination. We don't have the white privilege card that even white gay people can use. Shame shame to these groups using the black agenda to push theirs. A gay black person now have two bullseye on their back.
I'm A Multi-Fandom Trans Girl
I'm so fucking happy.
Miguel Hoz
Miguel Hoz - 18 days ago
The sad part is most people “agree” with these people because they would get hate my god freedom is a illusion
Ben Wilde
Ben Wilde - 18 days ago
Freedom isn’t an illusion. Everyone is entitled to their open opinion on sexuality, race, religion and provided you don’t incite hate and abide by the law of the land, then that freedom is accepted. It’s when you decide to make that opinion public that you your freedom is significantly reduced. E.G. when you decide to share your opinion online, you allow others to judge you.
Evo Reso
Evo Reso - 18 days ago
The attack on the family is relentless and the fallout just keeps on coming. So tragic.
Nick Carducci
Nick Carducci - 17 days ago
@Milhouse are you the geek on that moron show, the simpsons
Milhouse - 18 days ago
Attack on bigoted people
Nick Carducci
Nick Carducci - 18 days ago
Bob leroy
Bob leroy - 18 days ago
Remove all people in our government who are not for equal respect gets for all Americans. SAFT Save America Fire trump now
Wayne Duvall
Wayne Duvall - 18 days ago
It would be so much easier to get rid of people that don't know who they are 😡
Pajama Bottoms & Toast
Pajama Bottoms & Toast - 18 days ago
All the down votes reaffirm why legislation like this is not only historic but crucial, there are still humans on this earth who would deny others what they believe should only be theirs.
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia - 18 days ago
Elizabeth Gray
Elizabeth Gray - 18 days ago
I wonder why this law suit was brought in the first place.
Tyson B
Tyson B - 18 days ago
Because people were fired for being Gay Elizabeth.... ???
Anna Tenney
Anna Tenney - 18 days ago
I guess i am the only or maybe one of very few that just believes people are people. Meaning to me i do not see a person's race, religion, sexual orientation. I believe there is one race , THE HUMAN RACE. In the the human everyone to me is always as one. One person that had a heart, feelings, opinions, beliefs and their own sexual orientation and gender. I believe we are the same we have feelings , emotions , and if we get a cut we all bleed the same.
I am so tired of haters and bullies always giving others a hard time
Anna Tenney
Anna Tenney - 18 days ago
@Grant Dixon what do you mean NASCAR? If you are referring to the drivers being in what I consider being people like the rest of the celerbrities . well, they are and again we are all hum.n with different things we like and believe in . but we all have the same emotions, heart , and same color blood if we got cut
Grant Dixon
Grant Dixon - 18 days ago
Anna Tenney what about nascar
David Parkes
David Parkes - 18 days ago
Now i just wonder if someone will take it further & put the protections for LGBT people in terms of their healthcare back in place after Trump's recent repealing of them.
David Parkes
David Parkes - 11 days ago
@Eric Wood "Elective surgeries." Wow, there's no point in arguing with that but this is what I mean. It's sickening that Trump would allow that to happen. Of course if it were me & i were American, i'd rather my taxpayer dollars go towards helping the LGBT (& particularly the T as in Trans) community towards them being in the right body & mind if they're transitioning. Plus I mean wouldn't you want your money spent on important issues like that instead of the tax payer kickbacks Trump & his cronies use it for? Oh & this isn't even talking about the creation of new weapons designed & created to "protect" America.
Eric Wood
Eric Wood - 11 days ago
Like paying for continual elective surgeries or damage to their emotions with endless therapy sessions? Explain.
Bones Brigade
Bones Brigade - 18 days ago
Biden no favors you pathetic bigot. You’ve been in government for forty years and what tf have you accomplished 🥴zero
Rex II ForSure
Rex II ForSure - 18 days ago
Ok great decision. Now lets get Merrick Garland in the Supreme Court upon the next vacancy
ciel222 - 18 days ago
, Love , equality , diversity and peace . A great win for equality
Mark Wilkie
Mark Wilkie - 18 days ago
Another win for the LGBT agenda
Pascual Morales
Pascual Morales - 18 days ago
Grant Dixon Well yes it’s “The Agenda” but it’s not the agenda 😂
Grant Dixon
Grant Dixon - 18 days ago
Pascual Morales that’s literally the “agenda” 😂
Pascual Morales
Pascual Morales - 18 days ago
Yes, because wanting to be treated equally is definitely part of an agenda...
vikingr96 vikingr96
vikingr96 vikingr96 - 18 days ago
Garbage, this country is going to trash
STL Fila
STL Fila - 18 days ago
I’m a white heterosexual male, I’m gonna tell my employer I’m gay. Might as well use it as my race card when needed.
michelle mayhem
michelle mayhem - 18 days ago
So many dislikes whyyyy?
RTFord - 18 days ago
Gorsuch wrote that “there is no way an employer can discriminate against those who check the homosexual or transgender box without discriminating in part because of an applicant’s sex.”.... but Gorsuch is wrong. If a Christian business owner refuses to hire someone, not because of their sex, but because of their anti-Christian lifestyle, he is well within his 1st
amendment religious rights to do so.
David Parkes
David Parkes - 18 days ago
Well he was anyway. That's the point of the ruling, to make it so someone applying for a job is on an equal footing as others & to remove the potential discrimination of their possible employer disagreeing with their sexuality and that being the reason they aren't hired.
MisterCool - 18 days ago
Trump made this happen!
Kiana Blader
Kiana Blader - 18 days ago
He didn’t, though
felix u
felix u - 18 days ago
Wow, Hollywood likes it. That takes on special importance commensurate with their personal depth.
sam pittman
sam pittman - 18 days ago
Cynthia Nixon is a traitor to gay rights
funincluded - 18 days ago
Heterosexuality is generally required for life. Male and female exist for this purpose, and have specialized, unique, wholesome, complementary traits to go along with their sex. There's nothing wrong with this being the norm, and also being accepting of those who don't fit these norms.
Willy F
Willy F - 18 days ago
Celebrating celebrities!!!!!!!!These people are amazing.
Terry Kant
Terry Kant - 18 days ago
they are US citizens with the right to freedom of speech..
Coretta Caldwell
Coretta Caldwell - 18 days ago
Employers will find a way to fire 🔥 you if they don’t want you there. The law needs to make it easier to prove discrimination against gays and the disabled.
mountaingal homemaker
mountaingal homemaker - 18 days ago
Bs a lifestyle decision isn't a protected thing
Tahira Watkins
Tahira Watkins - 18 days ago
I didn't choose my sexual orientation anymore than I chose my race or gender. Unless you mean that I can make the decision to live a lie, never experience romantic love, and either be celibate my whole life or marry someone I don't love and am not attracted to.
Great Dane
Great Dane - 18 days ago
So the government can now tell my who to hire!? Nuts
Sydney Piper Bristow
Sydney Piper Bristow - 11 days ago
No, tell you who you can't fire. Pay attention.
EDP’s Dad’s deodorant
Who even cares about those people
Malece Kivistö
Malece Kivistö - 18 days ago
Says the stick of deodorant 😂 You don't even have the balls to show your face or name bro
mizox cb
mizox cb - 18 days ago
Wtf 😑
Mr. Peanutbutter
Mr. Peanutbutter - 18 days ago
What are the civil rights?
Tasha Dorsey
Tasha Dorsey - 18 days ago
They Can't judge people
6346 green
6346 green - 18 days ago
All I gotta say to all buisness owners is keep your eyes open wide because gay people are using these laws to file lawsuits based off of lies they will be using the fact that they are gay that's why they got fired. And for us black folks keep praying to God that he sends down his peace and mercy in helping the killing of our black men women,and children to stop. In this society it's easy to get a job but when you loose your life for nonething you don't get that back.So what do you tell God that you passed a bill based off of sex but could not pass a bill to save black people lives.
Malece Kivistö
Malece Kivistö - 18 days ago
i dont know about you but I don't discriminate against anyone I want to accept and love everyone I don't talk shit about one group of people And then favor another group of people Both are important
Michelle Landreth
Michelle Landreth - 18 days ago
A much needed happy moment!
Delawanna - 18 days ago
Marshal Lusk
Marshal Lusk - 18 days ago
But. Don't employment at will policies kind of make this law a mute point? How do you prove a purpose of termination when none is required?
Malece Kivistö
Malece Kivistö - 18 days ago
People are stupid and in order to boost their small egos and make themselves feel better than other people they hate a certain group Its pathetic Anyone who cant be around someone who is different than them And cant accept others Is disgusting If you hate something fine then dont do it yourself but dont fuss at people for "forcing their beliefs on you" when your trying to do it to them Ive seen this alot
TheUnknownGoat - 18 days ago
1:15 even if he pull up to work in this? Ok we'll see.
Nick Gagnon
Nick Gagnon - 18 days ago
Great news. Why would anyone fire somone for being gay?
Hanna Lewis
Hanna Lewis - 18 days ago
the millions if homophobes we have to deal with
Cpkudron gaming
Cpkudron gaming - 18 days ago
Some people are just terrible I guess
Ike F
Ike F - 18 days ago
It’s crazy how someone’s sexual orientation is such a big deal to the law and politics when it has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING besides the individual who consensually finds each other attractive. The gays have come a long way, and will continue to keep fighting for justice just like blacks and women have done so in the past.
J.J. - 18 days ago
It's because of Christianity. Christian societal norms still affect even non-Christians. I mean why is "slut-shaming" a thing? If you're not a Christian why do you have any reason to dislike a woman who sleeps around a lot? Its because they still have Christian dogma inplanted in their subconscious despite being hardcore atheists.
gemma soyls
gemma soyls - 18 days ago
it's not about sexual orientation; it's about gender identity. learn and educate yourself about the distinct differences.
Malece Kivistö
Malece Kivistö - 18 days ago
How else will they boost their egos to feel better than someone 😂 people are pathetic People put others down because they are full of hate and its digusting
Bunker Buster
Bunker Buster - 18 days ago
who care what Hollywood thinks gays always had rights in my state
Danya Lombardi
Danya Lombardi - 18 days ago
Ellen degenerada
Danya Lombardi
Danya Lombardi - 18 days ago
Jajajajajjajaja wtf
Of course Meghan McCain would say or do anything to have herself on tv. Any time some subject she is always front and center. She is total hypocrite
Troy Richard
Troy Richard - 18 days ago
This bullshit is about something that is not of God, this is a very bad world for the people of this country to be all happy over being gay, don't look, sound, or fell right.
Super Mang
Super Mang - 18 days ago
Since when is there a Q? What's that supposed to stand for?
Cold Cafe
Cold Cafe - 18 days ago
Roberto Richardson
Roberto Richardson - 18 days ago
So proud to be an American!!:) JFK, Harvey Milk, Bobby Kennedy, Coretta Scott King, FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt: I know you're watching and crying for joy with us!
eugenia nipper
eugenia nipper - 18 days ago
eugenia nipper
eugenia nipper - 18 days ago
@Grant Dixon awwwwwww
Grant Dixon
Grant Dixon - 18 days ago
Wow thank you middle schooler grow up
Mr mEiSteR
Mr mEiSteR - 18 days ago
When you think your sexuality actually matters in America 😂👌🏽....
Roben Khoury
Roben Khoury - 4 days ago
@Eric Wood well unfortunately people are concerned while they should be minding their own business. No one goes around talking about their genitalia but some rude asses ask ppl questions about their genitalia which is why we've sometimes gotta explain. lgbt is not a trendy thing to get attention.
Eric Wood
Eric Wood - 11 days ago
This community really wants everyone to be concerned with how they dress, act and what they do with their genitallia.
David Parkes
David Parkes - 18 days ago
When you don't realize LGBT people still face the same persecution in some places as they did decades ago.
Gara Gay
Gara Gay - 18 days ago
Sad funny fact
Ceylon - 18 days ago
Inkiad Kabir When you think 👌🏾
Safaril Azhar
Safaril Azhar - 18 days ago
Own say love you
Ashraff Haquem
Ashraff Haquem - 18 days ago
This better not make Disney gay!!! ⚠️
Ashraff Haquem
Ashraff Haquem - 18 days ago
@Malece Kivistö who?
Malece Kivistö
Malece Kivistö - 18 days ago
Theres already been gay characters lmao
Inkiad Kabir
Inkiad Kabir - 18 days ago
Ike F
Ike F - 18 days ago
Disney already has gay days in Orlando and California resorts. It’s where they make the most money too statically. The hotels as well. So hate to break it to you buddy.
Blake Forrest
Blake Forrest - 18 days ago
Stop asking celebrities what their opinions are... no one gives a sh*t other than other celebrities
freddy ybarra
freddy ybarra - 18 days ago
Lmfao shut up dory havent seen anyone getting fired over that but more important things are happening then this like browns and blacks getting killed by cops.
cocobeens 007
cocobeens 007 - 18 days ago
News to me, MSM is celebrating because it never recognized rights for LGBTQ , Shame!!
Bad Cattitude
Bad Cattitude - 18 days ago
It's much easier to just not hire them in the first place. Once you hire somebody, you're kinda stuck with them. Even in right to work states, it's hard to fire somebody without good reason.
So just screen your employees better. You can usually tell when somebody's gonna be a problem, especially when you have experience with hiring
Malece Kivistö
Malece Kivistö - 18 days ago
@Grant Dixon bro No one has ever guessed my sexuality and I dont go around telling people so I would be under cover in your business 😂 wtf stop that shit
Grant Dixon
Grant Dixon - 18 days ago
So your saying that you can tell someone is gay just by the way they talk/look thank you 1820 knowledge
Ryan Ehlis
Ryan Ehlis - 18 days ago
So just don’t higher them in the first place ;)
Ryan Ehlis
Ryan Ehlis - 18 days ago
Nick Gagnon me personally I’d see it as an opportunity to preach Jesus to them as a business owner my employees would definitely hear the gospel ;)
Ryan Ehlis
Ryan Ehlis - 18 days ago
Nick Gagnon truth is when dealing with small business people, they can higher and fire who ever they want, when ever they want and nothing can be said about it and that is the way it should be.
Nick Gagnon
Nick Gagnon - 18 days ago
I know. Only straight white people.
Grant Dixon
Grant Dixon - 18 days ago
Wow thank you for bringing the bigotry to the comment section
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