Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe Outside in a Trough | Family By the Ton

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Adora Bamford
Adora Bamford - 9 minutes ago
I hope he's not taking advantage to be lazy, as he is he needs to be a little more active,well now its more like the whole world revolves around him.
Great job dad馃挭
its_meh_ erina
its_meh_ erina - 10 minutes ago
He just put dish wash in that bathtub
The Laila Squad
The Laila Squad - 18 minutes ago
I feel bad and I think this is a time when you have to be thankful for what you have.
Good luck Cassey
Luis Noguera
Luis Noguera - 29 minutes ago
He should go to the gym...and work as a dumbbell
jomara Castillo
jomara Castillo - 31 minute ago
What a ok dad I mean the dad is not evening tried to help him but the dad will soon now.
Gabensy - 42 minutes ago
Lil' Sweetie
Lil' Sweetie - 54 minutes ago
At least his guy washes up. I know the other people on these types of shows get help washing. But all they do is grab a rag and scrub them when they鈥檙e not surrounded by water. I feel like that doesn鈥檛 really get you clean enough. So this guy is making an effort to not be a stinky, heavy person.
X e d z z zz XB
X e d z z zz XB - Hour ago
Mr piggy we found u 馃惤...
Food is Actually god
I just got a McDonald's ad before this video
Ingrid Nineteen
Ingrid Nineteen - Hour ago
How do you let your kid get that fat though? I'm guessing this started in childhood? Sad
pavel janci
pavel janci - Hour ago
is this pinnacle of american culture?
Grace plays Gacha
Grace plays Gacha - Hour ago
I fell bad for the father
Inserent - Hour ago
Concentration camp would be the ultimate cure.
Inserent - Hour ago
Why bother with a bath? Let it all hang out.
Alfio Balsamo
Alfio Balsamo - Hour ago
He has to lose weight it's very hard to live like that.
COCOAPIE - Hour ago
Might as well, boil spaghetti.
AAD - Hour ago
dude just take the operation but I think he is too big to make the operation and actually needs to lose weight in order to have the operation which is ironic
1000 subs I鈥檒l make a video
He鈥檚 too far ahead he can work until he has enough for liposuction but it will help his dad alot
Alden Jonuz
Alden Jonuz - Hour ago
Him: You see, the problem is, Obesity runs in my family...
Doctor: No, the problem is NO ONE runs in your family.
Angela Salsa
Angela Salsa - Hour ago
What about in the winter?
jaylin Harris
jaylin Harris - Hour ago
I'm sorry but this is rediculis (I'm only 10)
Ain't Possible
Ain't Possible - 2 hours ago
I think would be really handsome if he weigh less. He has a nice face
Itsiwhatitsi - 2 hours ago
I'm a simple guy: I see the title of this video. I click
forever red pill
forever red pill - 2 hours ago
My 馃挆 breaks for his dad
Underwear Taker
Underwear Taker - 2 hours ago
I weigh 220 and I feel disgusted with myself I don鈥檛 understand how you could let yourself get this big
Trash_ is_alive_
Trash_ is_alive_ - 2 hours ago
I can't i have to do it...... JABBA THE HUTT
True Brothers
True Brothers - 2 hours ago
His dad really loves him
SkitzStuff - 2 hours ago
His dad is amazing
g1 Nova
g1 Nova - 2 hours ago
Father doesn't even care enough about his sons health. Kid is just lazy. And the father allows it
Xenia Martin
Xenia Martin - 2 hours ago
Who the heck uses dish soap as some bubbles
PePe IzCoOl
PePe IzCoOl - 3 hours ago
I feel so bad for him!! 馃檹馃槶馃馃挋
Jessica Andrews
Jessica Andrews - 3 hours ago
I feel bad for his dad
DerpEye - 3 hours ago
As soon as I've seen the thumbnail, I thought: Americans.
Shontaisa - 3 hours ago
But he bathes in dish soap.
Gacha Nina
Gacha Nina - 3 hours ago
I feel so sorry for you
Melanie Vegan-Dodson
Melanie Vegan-Dodson - 4 hours ago
You love him. But you鈥檙e parenting from guilt. And as a result, you鈥檙e enabling him. Please recognize this and change your approach. Therapy can be a wonderful tool for all involved in counterproductive dynamics. It provides us insight and guidance when we鈥檙e stuck.
Gizmologist1 - 4 hours ago
I am 6ft and 295 lbs. I can get around, get into the shower, and clean myself. I can also work in my shop. Why in God's name would you do this to yourself? I love to eat and I love to cook too, but I also know when to say when.
GUILLERMO RAM脥REZ - 4 hours ago
Where's the duck?
kiwi . kiki
kiwi . kiki - 5 hours ago
This will be our YOUTUBE GORL Hamberlynn real soon....
Mechelle - 5 hours ago
So we just not gonna pay attention to him putting shampoo in his dry hair?
ting ting
ting ting - 5 hours ago
i applaud him for making sure he cleans up his entire body! that's a lot of work.. a lot of people his size just wouldn't because that's a tough job and i super applaud his father because that is a hard situation to be in
peart pea
peart pea - 5 hours ago
Just imagine his child hood 馃槮馃槮馃槮
Remember this: there is only one body you can live in.. and that's yours!馃槉 be happy with your body
Everyone is different and beauty goes deaper than the surface
Miruna Ivan
Miruna Ivan - 5 hours ago
Literally how I feel after I eat a Mcdonald's happy meal
Xenosis TheCheeto
Xenosis TheCheeto - 5 hours ago
U are a beautiful man, u are absolutely beautiful. Ignore all the meanies, cuz u are gorgeous
xxxtentacion x XxX
xxxtentacion x XxX - 6 hours ago
Me watching the video for 2:44 minutes.
Me. At the gym for a year
cooljazz8 - 6 hours ago
Dad says, "He needs to be more active."
NO! That will help a little, but he really needs to stop packing his face with calories! Especially stop the sugars and carbs.
Claire VH
Claire VH - 6 hours ago
Amen 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Denny Payano
Denny Payano - 6 hours ago
Just stop eating!!! Holy shit.
Raisinglittles - 6 hours ago
Why is he using dish soap to wash himself ?!
CLONICER Nice - 7 hours ago
jitsu rai
jitsu rai - 7 hours ago
First time seeing a hippo bathe!
Bubblz-G - 7 hours ago
Just when i think we've seen the worst episode. What even
COMMEN T - 7 hours ago
It鈥檚 easy to gain the weight but losing it is even harder
First Last
First Last - 7 hours ago
InAliensWeTrust - 8 hours ago
"Bigger guy"
bellaxls - 8 hours ago
Hes lucky to have a dad like him, that cares about him that much. Imagine if he didnt have his dad that was there to help him out. :/
Ben Lewis Murray Dyne
Ben Lewis Murray Dyne - 8 hours ago
Aw, his dad is so kind to help him 馃挋
Greg 45
Greg 45 - 8 hours ago
Yes, like the fat pig he is.
semaj - 8 hours ago
Xvnkyr Fvmmn
Xvnkyr Fvmmn - 8 hours ago
Overgrown baby, well that鈥檚 an understatement
Dima Tum
Dima Tum - 9 hours ago
Celia Guerrero
Celia Guerrero - 9 hours ago
Con esa gordura y todav铆a sonr铆e , viendo estos v铆deos creo ta no comer茅 pan y mejorare mi alimentaci贸n. ( me sobran 10 kilos aproximadamente y ya me dicen q baje de peso )
Wanda's Place
Wanda's Place - 9 hours ago
Didn't anyone say to Danny, hey son your gonna die if you keep eating as you do, and chain the refrigerator? The father is weak and an enabler. I'm sorry I'm not gonna be PC. This is truly disgusting.
Phil heath
Phil heath - 9 hours ago
But i bet no one can beat him on call of duty 馃
Angel Solano
Angel Solano - 9 hours ago
Bro, props for being able to walk at least. Credit where credits due
Shiga Haruki鏉变含
Shiga Haruki鏉变含 - 10 hours ago
H p
H p - 10 hours ago
Oh my god so big man why is this 3# trending
horrorlover927 - 10 hours ago
Bigger guy.....
Marta Yacob
Marta Yacob - 10 hours ago
I live in switzerland, I am 16 and i weight 176lbs and i can hardly find clothes who fit me馃槶
kiwi . kiki
kiwi . kiki - 5 hours ago
Your beautiful tho hun, just focus on better eating habits and exercise more if your looking to lose weight. I am a bigger girl myself and am in the process of trying to change my lifestyle not only for weight reasons but also health reasons. Your still super young your body will snap back no problem! Sending love and light 馃
BTS makes me smile like a idiot
Is that you in the profile picture
BossaNova - 10 hours ago
Thought the thumbnail was a picture of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.
Trice Brand Hill
Trice Brand Hill - 10 hours ago
Goddess Of Darkness
Goddess Of Darkness - 11 hours ago
He doesn鈥檛 seem to appreciate of of what his dad does for him
Farrah Array
Farrah Array - 11 hours ago
I feel dad's pain but dad, u gotta stop enabling him. We're suppose to take care of our parents when we're grown, NOT the other way around.
Dr. Carr
Dr. Carr - 11 hours ago
The dish soap just threw me ! The father seems like a good man ! He鈥檚 not evicted his so
Fran莽ois Houde C么t茅
Fran莽ois Houde C么t茅 - 11 hours ago
A small Compulsory fasting of... one small year could help.
Lavender Villeneuve
Lavender Villeneuve - 11 hours ago
U can do it casey loose weight day by day u look like u have strong Willd mind anything is possible =) chin up my friend
Megalodon Unlocked
Megalodon Unlocked - 12 hours ago
And the effeminate hair just makes it more monstrous...
Amir Amir
Amir Amir - 12 hours ago
Mavis Green
Mavis Green - 13 hours ago
Seems to be real proud of himself , needs a mirror big enough to see himself.,
BambieGotBack - 13 hours ago
I feel bad
For the dad
Kid needs to stop being a fucking burden
When his dad is gone no one is going to step in so he needs to step up and help his dad live his best life in the years where HE SHOULD BE ENJOYING LIFE NOT WASHING HIS GROWN CHILD
Billy Boy
Billy Boy - 14 hours ago
Yeah I"ll have 5000 double whoppers and a diet coke
morales891 - 14 hours ago
I love how he bathe...
Cast Cal
Cast Cal - 14 hours ago
Doesn't this mean his Father is a "Feeder"; a person addicted to over feeding someone? The son is not buying the groceries in this relationship.
earlthomas - 14 hours ago
We live in a no shame society today and that goes for entertainment. The poor fat man is very ill and TLC is having fun with it. I think they dramatized this and we REALLY don't have to see this man take a bath in a horse trough and watch him struggle with everything. The sad part about this whole thing is people are laughing at this mans hardships and it's really not funny at all. There is lots of ''Well my life is not good but at least I am not like that'' going on. There are people that have to live like this with disabilities and other issues and instead of filming this circus show get the man some good surgery to shrink his appetite and get him into a healthier lifestyle.
Miss Flawless
Miss Flawless - 14 hours ago
Average American
tess lam
tess lam - 14 hours ago
I would not feel comfy with my dad looking at me while im bathing
JWiL425 - 15 hours ago
I like how he says 鈥淚鈥檓 a bigger guy鈥. Bro your one of the biggest of them all!!!
ElGringo - 15 hours ago
I don鈥檛 know about y鈥檃ll, but if I was that big, and had to do that, at the very least, I wouldn鈥檛 wash my junk with the cloth and THEN my face. That might have been the worst part of this video. Lol
pixledemon - 15 hours ago
sylencecured77 - 15 hours ago
"So ya know, it's whatever." He said.
Tara Canady
Tara Canady - 16 hours ago
I would help him out. Would I get paid?
Enson Balboa
Enson Balboa - 16 hours ago
Yall are low key roasting him so hard tho馃槀馃毇馃Б
Daniel Trevino
Daniel Trevino - 16 hours ago
"It's whatever"
jennifer torres
jennifer torres - 16 hours ago
Wait is he using dish soap 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔忦煒倃tf
Susie thee Blacc Unicorn
Susie thee Blacc Unicorn - 16 hours ago
What is he going to do if chaos hits the country and you need to run 馃弮鈥嶁檧锔
Brooke Michaels
Brooke Michaels - 16 hours ago
Throw some carrots,celery.
Ari Lomeli
Ari Lomeli - 17 hours ago
So we鈥檙e just gonna ignore the fact that he used dish soap.....
Lydia D
Lydia D - 17 hours ago
Hit me Please
Hit me Please - 17 hours ago
笑械 锌懈蟹写械褑
SnATCH Ed - 17 hours ago
I wish my dad actually cared about me
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