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Adison and Peyton Courtney
Great work with Elle and i am so excited to see it with alaia
Latoya Nixon
Latoya Nixon - 5 hours ago
That was great /awesome and amazing I never knew you could do that you’re the greatest YouTube or‘s ever I love you so much I love you L and I don’t want to know why didn’t Leayah do the dance with you love you ace family by the way my favorite is a Leayah ML
Adison and Peyton Courtney
I love you all Ace Family
Kristel Jimenez
Kristel Jimenez - 9 hours ago
Hi ace family I like your dance I wish I can get a shout-out and I love you so much and i always watch your videos my name is Kristel peleas ace family can I get a shout-out♥️♥️💙💙💚💚
Bat-Ami Grunberg
Bat-Ami Grunberg - 11 hours ago
Austin should pretend to be sick coming home
so Catherine has to look after him
Babyy Nessa
Babyy Nessa - 11 hours ago
done ❤️
Kayla Littlefield
Kayla Littlefield - 13 hours ago
OMG Elle is so damn cute!!!!
Orion Cosmos
Orion Cosmos - 15 hours ago
L 0
L 0 - 17 hours ago
What is the song
the prioleau family
the prioleau family - 17 hours ago
That was awesome please do another one when alaiah starts walking
Chasitys Chambers
Chasitys Chambers - 21 hour ago
Eliif Hasssiee
Eliif Hasssiee - Day ago
The little dance was so cute😍
Azalee Sanchez
Azalee Sanchez - Day ago
no bro hands down Elle had the best part 😎😎😄🔥
Cenaii Simmons
Cenaii Simmons - Day ago
I love y’all so much ace fam I look up to y’all please don’t fall apart love, Cenaii
Valerie Alexander
Valerie Alexander - Day ago
So cute💗
Diane Milligan
Diane Milligan - Day ago
So cool! Can’t believe she is only three! Great outfits and fun!!!
Savage wolves
Savage wolves - Day ago
Mia Saechao
Mia Saechao - Day ago
I love your videos and Elle
Chandra Davis
Chandra Davis - Day ago
The video is good I just wish they would add more flavor
Chandra Davis
Chandra Davis - Day ago
Who been watching the ace family video since 2019
Carly rose
Carly rose - Day ago
i wos good I Like it 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Carly rose
Carly rose - Day ago
i Love THE ACE Family 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Khloe G
Khloe G - Day ago
That as so cute love yall!!!😍😍❤️
Alma Nilsson
Alma Nilsson - Day ago
Btw we all know what u doing austin
Alma Nilsson
Alma Nilsson - Day ago
I cant beliv you gyse....Austin you dont like her you whit someone els elle i hope you dont be like you dad! Omg ppl! .........
Chris Conkle
Chris Conkle - Day ago
Yall oar soooo cute😂😂😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💥💥
illianna garbiso
illianna garbiso - Day ago
i love it
Anna Alamilla
Anna Alamilla - Day ago
Creased ass forces
Brenda María Jiménez De Cuadra
Que hermoso detalles chicos.
Wilfredo Figueroa
Wilfredo Figueroa - 2 days ago
I love it
T and J Productions
T and J Productions - 2 days ago
David Choate
David Choate - 2 days ago
I now you are having chrabol with Cole
Regginae Jefferson
Regginae Jefferson - 2 days ago
I’m dead laughing at Austin in the baby momma song with Catherine because he was with that finger and dancing
Gabriela Peña
Gabriela Peña - 2 days ago
I like it
Pablo Varela
Pablo Varela - 2 days ago
Part 2
Chiante Ridley
Chiante Ridley - 2 days ago
link with the LABRANT fam!!
Silvestre Mena
Silvestre Mena - 2 days ago
In 4th grade we saled books for 25 cent and we got $955 and we gave it to make a foundation
Silvestre Mena
Silvestre Mena - 2 days ago
Make a wish Foundation
Edgar Diaz
Edgar Diaz - 2 days ago
Edgar Diaz
Edgar Diaz - 2 days ago
Dominique Oosthuizen
Dominique Oosthuizen - 2 days ago
It is cool
Genesis Monge
Genesis Monge - 2 days ago
What song called
heavenly boo_boo love u NO HATE
heavenly boo_boo love u NO HATE
Farheen Ali
Farheen Ali - 2 days ago
honestly this was amazing!!!! Ace Family.....this is epic. Lots of love from Auckland, New Zealand :)
I think its time for another prank on Austin....Catherine, maybe you should do a period prank on Austin or being drunk while coming home at night maybe....who agrees with me
starz157 - 2 days ago
Love u ace family!!!!
Lizzieee tresenio
Lizzieee tresenio - 2 days ago
i miss the old ACE Family
420 i love weed
420 i love weed - 2 days ago
i only came to see catherines ass
Citlaly Mares
Citlaly Mares - 3 days ago
So emotional at the end 🥺 FOREVER AN ACE FAMILY FAN PERIOD 🤞🏼😌
Diabetic Kid2 Ghesquiere
Omg Catherine we have the same name like omg isn’t that just crazy
Lupita Sánchez
Lupita Sánchez - 3 days ago
Elle is so adorable, it’s just amazing what the things they come up with . 😍I have a 4 year old daughter, and she is my life☝️💞
Madison Stone
Madison Stone - 3 days ago
it was really gooooooooooooooooood i loved it so uch and y'all can dance
Lizy The Teddy bear
Lizy The Teddy bear - 3 days ago
This sone is called sight
Layla Jane
Layla Jane - 3 days ago
I want to come to you and I love you 💕. XoXo
nyellie eaton
nyellie eaton - 3 days ago
That was good good job 👍
Maria Molina
Maria Molina - 3 days ago
I am so disapionted on Austin he disidead to cheat on a beautiful woman a perfect women a known he had a family a cute family and i think is not fair for cathrine ,elle or aliah
Maria Molina
Maria Molina - 3 days ago
And known i mean
Whitney - 3 days ago
I don’t have words 😭😭😭 ❤️❤️❤️
I love you guys so much🥰
Brianna Castaneda
Brianna Castaneda - 3 days ago
That was so cute❤❤❤
T3R Bruh
T3R Bruh - 3 days ago
That’s good
Jean Ann
Jean Ann - 3 days ago
I would love a part 2 please
Jean Ann
Jean Ann - 3 days ago
Go Austin 🎇🎆🎊🎉
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