ADAM SANDLER Gave ME A Standing Ovation!

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Caleb Miller
Caleb Miller - 7 days ago
You don't deserve it
CrossWolf05 - 10 days ago
who else had this pop up in your recommended in 2020?
iAMnotAwaffle waffle
iAMnotAwaffle waffle - 12 days ago
he's grown so much

from backstabbing his friends to adam sandler applauding him my hero
DrFudge - 13 days ago
CRaCkEd WEeB - 13 days ago
Good man
Cadyn Coleman
Cadyn Coleman - 14 days ago
Can we all just appreciate how awesome mini is he’s going to Africa without being payed and just building wells and stuff we need more guys like him
vlog squad clips
vlog squad clips - 14 days ago
Me: don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it ahhhhh Adam
Ben Mackie
Ben Mackie - 14 days ago
wait he lived in singapore?
Phonzie FPS
Phonzie FPS - 15 days ago
IBAD flipzy
IBAD flipzy - 15 days ago
I didn’t see Adam Sandler anywhere in here
Teddy Sanchez
Teddy Sanchez - 15 days ago
I started crying next to my mom and she was like WtF
Kyren Miller
Kyren Miller - 15 days ago
He probably thought he was gay
Niall Moran
Niall Moran - 16 days ago
Adam Standler
_J.a - 16 days ago
What was this award ceremony for?
Call Me Checks
Call Me Checks - 16 days ago
Yo can help Yemen it’s going through worldest worst health crisis 😭😭😭
HeadReflex 1
HeadReflex 1 - 16 days ago
RIP Cameron!
icenikoYT - 16 days ago
Im born on oct 28th
Erupt - 17 days ago
NHN Priv.
NHN Priv. - 17 days ago
Damn does he look handsome.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - 17 days ago
Jesse - 18 days ago
Imagine talking shit behind your best friends backs
cm227 - 8 days ago
Sqoushie Joshie
Sqoushie Joshie - 17 days ago
Imagine still talking about this
CJ Lasheras
CJ Lasheras - 18 days ago
At 10:26 I said to myself “is that Kareem Abdul Jabar???” 😂😂
Bridget Malme
Bridget Malme - 19 days ago
how is your son bowling pin
Roygardd - 19 days ago
Gangtsa stuff craig
Kylio - 19 days ago
why tf people disliking this video lol???
Adam - 19 days ago
When I hear him talk I can’t tell if he’s about to cry or not lol
Vincent Rumbiolo
Vincent Rumbiolo - 20 days ago
I think it's awesome what you are doing and its nice to know that these anuals are on my birthday :) much love to you Craig
FaKe_ rascal
FaKe_ rascal - 20 days ago
I have corona virus
Reece Heaton
Reece Heaton - 25 days ago
Phil M’Crack
Phil M’Crack - 27 days ago
Craig I have been loving each and every video you put out and I still do. I just wanna say you’re easily my favorite youtuber and if not top 3 for sure. I hope I can get some merch soon even if it’s really difficult. To everyone though, please stay safe and stay home in this crazy world event thing going on.
Honest Insincerity 2
Honest Insincerity 2 - 27 days ago
So look... Let's fuckin bet on this. This is how I win!!
Blank - 28 days ago
Damn Mini Ladd is thicc
ANCHOVIE - 29 days ago
Quarantined Waffle
Quarantined Waffle - 29 days ago
I know its 2020 but I cant help but say this is really amazing lots of love..
Nicholas Rendon
Nicholas Rendon - Month ago
Does anyone remember when craig had hair
Isaac Ibarra
Isaac Ibarra - Month ago
Flower_Power2009 7
Flower_Power2009 7 - Month ago
awe i literally cried watching this, i’m so proud of mini❤️✊
Double Oh Ryo
Double Oh Ryo - Month ago
I've only 2 words: rightly deserved.
Exile9961 -
Exile9961 - - Month ago
Good job craig
Shay Welch
Shay Welch - Month ago
They stand up for everyone
It'Z Meh CaZziE
It'Z Meh CaZziE - Month ago
Diabetic Medic
Diabetic Medic - Month ago
Yes I know this is an older video...but congrats inspiration to many...especially myself
Zoz Wings
Zoz Wings - Month ago
Craig when he doesn’t get context: I NEEEEEED ITTT!!!!!!
Sans 4
Sans 4 - Month ago
You say 7 Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh in that speech
Greyson Morley
Greyson Morley - Month ago
Imagine Adam sandler commenting on this video lol
hits crits
hits crits - Month ago
13:11 it kinda looks like your logo, i wonder if that was on purpose?
Yov’ucton - Month ago
Good for you Mini!!!
Poly grown
Poly grown - Month ago
High class people
And then there's me
FunKiller 07
FunKiller 07 - Month ago
Congrats bud
Metarunner 64
Metarunner 64 - Month ago
i was paying you back for being my childhood
Adam Sadler
Adam Sadler - Month ago
Wow! Well done Craig 🤙🏻👌🏻
Angel Quiroga
Angel Quiroga - Month ago
Puffer fish: gasping for air/water
Some random guy: *C A R R O T*
Sofía Verga-rara
Sofía Verga-rara - Month ago
Wait, Cameron Boyce's dad was there besides Adam
magixx - Month ago
who is disliking this?
Brandon Bustillos
Brandon Bustillos - Month ago
I radiate sadness
Dabare Zaddy
Dabare Zaddy - Month ago
Owen Welsh
Owen Welsh - Month ago
Deserved 100% deserved
TheMrNathwoz - Month ago
0:02 homeboy over here dressed up like John Wick 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Eclectricdude32 - Month ago
You did it bro. We all wish we could go everywhere and spend these good moments with you and show our support. GET IT SONNN
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown - Month ago
Love you
The American Fox
The American Fox - Month ago
now, gamers, let's unite to destroy trash island.
john martin
john martin - 2 months ago
good job craig
Marzou - 2 months ago
I live in South Africa and pap is really good
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint - 2 months ago
Standing ovulation
T Y - 2 months ago
Hmm - 2 months ago
There's CEO'S,Celebrities,and then there's me
Hyokins - 2 months ago
You're not funny, your voice is insanely annoying and you're an asshole. I don't get why people follow you and like you.
Carmelo Edwards
Carmelo Edwards - 2 months ago
Oh boi he comin
_emkt - 2 months ago
Just imagine if they gnome him😂
I suffer
I suffer - 3 months ago
my name is seth and i know i did not do shit mini
Alonzo Ventura
Alonzo Ventura - 3 months ago
You deserve it
20 years ago
20 years ago - 3 months ago
Mini: shows award
Me: anything’s a dildo if your brave enough
ItzYaBoiAlex - 3 months ago
Congrats man
ArticStare - 3 months ago
Mad man
Abel Escobedo
Abel Escobedo - 3 months ago
Yo wtf happened to minilad
MiliniumYT - 3 months ago
God bless you MiniLadd, you are an inspiration to everyone
Straxx Gaming
Straxx Gaming - 3 months ago
Mini: wins award
Also mini: play cards against humanity and screams RAPE
Fariko Budder
Fariko Budder - 3 months ago
Actually when i get my new computer up and running im doing nothing but charity streams on twitch and youtube. And its to charities people pick
Alex Karsten
Alex Karsten - 3 months ago
"we're all in this ball together"
Blacktrick Games
Blacktrick Games - 3 months ago
Damn Craig be lookin t h I c c
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