Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

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Pokimane - 7 days ago
Thank you all so much for watching
Jed Renzo Amon
Jed Renzo Amon - 4 hours ago
Yow poki ugh earlier i got a text from u that i won an i phone xsmax is it true or just a chain message
xx LLAMAZ YT xx - Day ago
Team francais on est la
Ahmad_ Gamez
Ahmad_ Gamez - 2 days ago
At least you are arabian like me
camgothewater yt
camgothewater yt - 30 minutes ago
Is french the moroccan native language or sum
Titanfood - 56 minutes ago
A R E Y O U A S I A N ?
Smxked - 58 minutes ago
N word pass lol
Serge Plourde
Serge Plourde - Hour ago
Elle parle le français!!?
Mehdi Jaafar
Mehdi Jaafar - Hour ago
Are you muslim then or??
Jake Perrotti
Jake Perrotti - Hour ago
Wait does that mean poki can say the n word
VilePlanet7 - Hour ago
Sooo... Can she say the “N” word? 🤔
budikai 963
budikai 963 - Hour ago
im Quebecois and ur french is good but weird to hear because ur moms is so much better.
Lorenzo Conte
Lorenzo Conte - Hour ago
My French is better than hers. And I’m Italian.
Baka - Hour ago
Question 2. Are you a human being?
RBX NxnjaPlayer
RBX NxnjaPlayer - Hour ago
What language u speak
Robin's ART Music
Robin's ART Music - Hour ago
Cool :)
Lorenzo Conte
Lorenzo Conte - Hour ago
What a surprise...she’s Northern African. Who could’ve guessed
Syord - Hour ago
Hihi un vidéo avec un peu de francais cool ! xD
Trevor Sherman
Trevor Sherman - Hour ago
1:15 that's what she said
Yahir Guerra
Yahir Guerra - Hour ago
And dime is also in Spanish “tell me”
Natanael Alvarez
Natanael Alvarez - Hour ago
What is the language
Yahir Guerra
Yahir Guerra - Hour ago
It’s actually quite easy to learn Spanish
Dreadfir4 ToT
Dreadfir4 ToT - Hour ago
You is da Chinese so we put our chopsticks in da air and salute ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ 0.1% but who carrrrrrreeeesssssss
Jaxon Justason
Jaxon Justason - Hour ago
U look so fukin Asian Dow
BLINDSHOT - Hour ago
Did you get the n word pass
insureX -
insureX - - Hour ago
Oh I’m from Morocco 🇲🇦 as well. Lmfao
Lego Tube Productions
Lego Tube Productions - 2 hours ago
Lol 😂 je comprends
isolate - 2 hours ago
Im surprised that she's surprised about the iberian she has in her dna. Clearly she doesnt know much about the history between morocco and spain/portugal
Juana Aguirre
Juana Aguirre - 2 hours ago
Why do people say that that james charles kissed her?
Martian Man
Martian Man - 2 hours ago
Plot twist:her brother is myth.... Alabama 100
Zion Michel
Zion Michel - 2 hours ago
Idk but she THICCCCCCC
Nolan OBriant
Nolan OBriant - 2 hours ago
Both my parents have dirty blonde hair but I have brown hair soooooooooo AM I ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dead Memes
Dead Memes - 2 hours ago
Did my mans just say south...ern European?
ZKA - 2 hours ago
is pokimane muslim?
DexWRLD - 2 hours ago
OldMan1964 - 2 hours ago
You fav your mom. I feel the same about dna they won’t ever get mine
asian bot
asian bot - 3 hours ago
She 85% North African so you know what that means
Sebastian Aziz
Sebastian Aziz - 3 hours ago
I am Egyptian
Tyler Masse
Tyler Masse - 3 hours ago
So you francais mon ami je suis francais and english
samurai production
samurai production - 3 hours ago
well that is tuff sorry poki i called you a men she is a women a nice beautiful cute women
Gorilla76 - 3 hours ago
pokimane probably smells like a bag of lays chips
snoopgamer 555
snoopgamer 555 - 3 hours ago
Bonjour madame
samurai production
samurai production - 3 hours ago
we where still right he is asian
Alex Gaming10
Alex Gaming10 - 3 hours ago
She was speaking French
CMRNBRD - 3 hours ago
Poki had to give us that speech at the end about nothing mattering besides being a good person because otherwise, her mother would have shown her up. We gotchu
FireTorch - 3 hours ago
When you point at the camera it looks like your arm is bent
Just a kid 101
Just a kid 101 - 3 hours ago
You talk French same tho
XxGalaxyWolf xX
XxGalaxyWolf xX - 3 hours ago
Im 50% asian and 50% american
XD CookiesForLife
XD CookiesForLife - 3 hours ago
Asian: hold my beer
QR Salt
QR Salt - 3 hours ago
I'm 1% Asian sad face
Algerino Rachid
Algerino Rachid - 3 hours ago
ah now it makes sense that ur called Imane cuz it's an arabic name...
DEFAULT LIVE Matter 2.0 - 3 hours ago
You speak france
Daniel Butler
Daniel Butler - 3 hours ago
Do you have to pay for the DNA thing
Gheza - 3 hours ago
yeah losers, POKI IS AFRICAN
something something
something something - 4 hours ago
Ur french is sooo bad xD
R F - 4 hours ago
Poki you put my name in this vid
Itz Legit Gaming YT
Itz Legit Gaming YT - 4 hours ago
Did you met kaid from rainbow six siege
Palmer Eldritch
Palmer Eldritch - 4 hours ago
Please do a complete video speaking french 😍
Aibz - 4 hours ago
if ur 2.3% african are u allowed to say the n word
Weyzer Gaming
Weyzer Gaming - 4 hours ago
Tu parle francais !!!!tu devrais faire un chaine francaise sa serais vraiment cool
Bennis ツ
Bennis ツ - 4 hours ago
30 Years Later: poki u was right all along :O
AYMAN HUSSEIN - 4 hours ago
يا بنت ال**** اذا انتي من المغرب ليش ما تعرفين عربي😂😂
التعليق الوحيد العربي الذي تبحث عنه
Hypercionn - 4 hours ago
Pokimaine if you actually speak French bonjour je ma pel iyad et j'aime le Chocolaite et le Vanille et je aime bien le musique ici et vous le meilleur youtuber
Eco Slick
Eco Slick - 4 hours ago
WoW Poki i didn’t know u could talk that well French I’m from Canada and I can talk very well French so it was cool seing you talk French
2jzs13 _Cmen
2jzs13 _Cmen - 4 hours ago
Pokimane *doesn't want to get cloned*
Also Pokimane *gives her dna which is traced back to her name and all of her data*

Also Pokimane *gets cloned in the next 30 years*

Shouldn't have given them your DNA if you didn't want to get cloned
Baby shark
Baby shark - 4 hours ago
Poki you were wrong all along
Wes Vu
Wes Vu - 4 hours ago
we were right by 1.5 percent yes!
1CE D3TE - 4 hours ago
I’m white but half asian
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos - 4 hours ago
Hello from Portugal poki :)
Lone_Element - 4 hours ago
I love watching u as u r really really nice 👍🏻 (I’m 11)
DrakSpace G0D
DrakSpace G0D - 4 hours ago
I'm Portuguese x)
Zackae Daday
Zackae Daday - 4 hours ago
Wait but are u Filipino
Kaito - 4 hours ago
ta mère est supeer cooool
Opinder Bhandohal - Terry Fox PS (1471)
I understand French lol
The Egg Turtle
The Egg Turtle - 4 hours ago
Dude you can see part Asian but it looks really good on her ngl
Zackae Daday
Zackae Daday - 4 hours ago
Hi pokimane im asian Filipino
Cheezy Cactuz
Cheezy Cactuz - 5 hours ago
Poki your probably madeiran because it's pretty close to morroco
AKA Jeicon
AKA Jeicon - 5 hours ago
My friend Joan said your beutiful
Ultragaming4506 Ultragaming4506
Wait she is from Morocco?! Wow I’m not a good fan lol
Ultragaming4506 Ultragaming4506
She is wearing Pokemon and I love Pokemon!
Alaa AlNaamneh
Alaa AlNaamneh - 5 hours ago
I feel bad for myth
zap Death crow
zap Death crow - 5 hours ago
Hi hi hi hi hi OK stop
best amv
best amv - 5 hours ago
So you are international
Jorn Weerkamp
Jorn Weerkamp - 5 hours ago
iam 97,7% netherlands
Hasan Abrash
Hasan Abrash - 5 hours ago
never skipped much in a vid , good vid tho
Chris Fuller
Chris Fuller - 5 hours ago
It’s the eye makeup that makes you look Asian...
Francois du Toit
Francois du Toit - 5 hours ago
Pokimane I'm from South Africa
Unlokii - 5 hours ago
Je savais pas que tu parlais français je suis choqué
I don't know, you speak French and I'm so surprised
I'm African English and italian
PyroBallOG - 5 hours ago
Omg ur french is like... good, but with an accent..
B L - 5 hours ago
ItsMehTheYellowPotato - 5 hours ago
Was she speaking french to her mom?
Sajad Alshmary
Sajad Alshmary - 5 hours ago
hehe 14/may my berth day and this video ohhhh one of the i've seen
Cláudio. - 5 hours ago
I am Portuguese, sadly i am not from ur family x)
Nakki0987 - 6 hours ago
When I did that kind of test I found out that I'm 100% finnish, which didn't come any kind of suprise.
Dimitar Georgiev
Dimitar Georgiev - 6 hours ago
Why are you talking French?
naoッ - 6 hours ago
wtf, u speak French?!
Abderrahmane Bensaid
Abderrahmane Bensaid - 6 hours ago
taker_ 67
taker_ 67 - 6 hours ago
I am araibian
Abderrahmane Bensaid
Abderrahmane Bensaid - 6 hours ago
super human
super human - 6 hours ago
Girl I think 🤔 yeah I guess
Dexter - 6 hours ago
Spoilers: Poki is the daughter of Keemstar
Doedie_024 - 6 hours ago
wowwww i didnt know that your mom was morrocan

PS: i am morrocan too
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