Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

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Pokimane - Year ago
Thank you all so much for watching
FruitPunchSamurai - 4 days ago
Goddam SIMPS get a life
Mauro Vanmaldeghem
Mauro Vanmaldeghem - 11 days ago
Pokimane you get a free n word pass
Bence Kiséry
Bence Kiséry - 13 days ago
EngelPro7 Garces
EngelPro7 Garces - 23 days ago
Poki why are u so hot
King Gaming
King Gaming - Month ago
whaaaat u a little North African im South African lol
Corgi 1001
Corgi 1001 - 2 hours ago
Can we just admire poki’s Pokémon tee?
Etadely Rayane
Etadely Rayane - 5 hours ago
😲😲😲😲 I'm Moroccan too reeeeee I waaaa u is Moroccan wa how heeeeeiiii damn and i also live in Canada more precisely Alberta and I was in Quebec for 5 years so I know French as first language
forki - 12 hours ago
Whi else went back when she said bish were
Jasim Mytheen
Jasim Mytheen - 14 hours ago
She ia muslim???
Cyprian Hart
Cyprian Hart - 17 hours ago
you speak frenche me too lol
LLENN[レン] - 22 hours ago
jadenn ‘
jadenn ‘ - Day ago
its all makeup...
liil sister
liil sister - Day ago
Your so cute and funny and
I love you
illFull XD
illFull XD - Day ago
she speaks french?
carts FN
carts FN - Day ago
Wait is she Asian?
Joel Caceres Gimeno
Geli Roll
Geli Roll - Day ago
I guessed right!!!😁👍 And my goodness I love your mom!😭💕 She is so so so sweet! And wise!🧠
wantsomepancakes man
Pewdiepie is glad for you lady
David Prieto
David Prieto - Day ago
I'm spanish
Michael Lee Koesumo
Fluent French! Well Done!
A7madAd3lMC - Day ago
I love how poki moves her hand all around the place irl, idk how she dont get tierd.
Mackerel - 2 days ago
But I wanted to clone you 🥺
Gixxer90 - 2 days ago
Im guessing she doesn't know the history of North Africa if shes wondering why she has spanish/portuguese dna
FLAMANGO - 2 days ago
He's pretty 😍🤗
Antwan Again
Antwan Again - 2 days ago
When you realize you could be related to poki
OXO_vex - 2 days ago
Wait wtf I don’t get anything about race but you speak French?
Mooshiros - 2 days ago
The amount shown in that pie chart was way less than 20 percent
Pratyusha Nallapati
Pratyusha Nallapati - 2 days ago
r u asian
Holly Laub
Holly Laub - 2 days ago
Since When did you Speak a diff Language.....
Blodershade Donald productions
She is from the same continent as KSI and this gives me the heebie jeebies
H M.
H M. - 2 days ago
If I didn't know pokimane & saw her on the street, Asian would not be the thing that comes up in my mind. She looks more Mexican/Latina
Saso Alkaibar
Saso Alkaibar - 2 days ago
سوف نطعمكي الدولمة ان أتيتي الى الشرق الاوسط 🙂 welcome every time if come to middle east 😉
Enzo Delos Reyes
Enzo Delos Reyes - 2 days ago
Poki is French WATT
Enzo Delos Reyes
Enzo Delos Reyes - 2 days ago
Omgtuyf 121
Omgtuyf 121 - 3 days ago
Imagine the video became like this
Poki's mum:Your ADOPTED!
awsomegamer 17
awsomegamer 17 - 3 days ago
You have such an English accent in french
awsomegamer 17
awsomegamer 17 - 3 days ago
@Oskar Holm Beuschel Canadian
Oskar Holm Beuschel
Oskar Holm Beuschel - 3 days ago
English? Or Canadian?
Seema Chandwani
Seema Chandwani - 3 days ago
soso saso
soso saso - 3 days ago
I’m life 100 percent Arabian lol ik how to speak Arabic and spell couple of words like door باب
Brian Li
Brian Li - 3 days ago
Why do u look asian
Graham Leverett
Graham Leverett - 3 days ago
Polo was right all along
Zəlo - 3 days ago
Simps:*taking notes*
Prenish Tmg
Prenish Tmg - 3 days ago
Prenish Tmg
Prenish Tmg - 3 days ago
R u an asian
Oskar Holm Beuschel
Oskar Holm Beuschel - 3 days ago
NotSafeMatt - 3 days ago
Sa_Cuber_ PT
Sa_Cuber_ PT - 3 days ago
I wont say it... I wont say it.... PORTUGAL CARALHO!!!!
fist time i saw this girl and found she is morroccan, i even went to see wikipedia Mongol empire had ever reached Morroco or not
Oskar Holm Beuschel
Oskar Holm Beuschel - 3 days ago
Manic - 3 days ago
Does the make you know what I’m so sorry I’m not going to finish that. That was so racist
Bunful - 3 days ago
Its not that uncommon to get features from your ancestors or grandparents that your parents dont have, e.g: My sister has blue eyes which I dont have and niether do my parents, but my grandmother does.
what me!?
what me!? - 3 days ago
No your Muslim stop acting white
Jacob Zxm
Jacob Zxm - 4 days ago
Is her first language French?
She speaks really fluent in both languages
Oskar Holm Beuschel
Oskar Holm Beuschel - 3 days ago
Her first language is Arabic, and I don't think she speaks French fluently anymore, since languages get rusty if you don't use them.
Squid Killer027
Squid Killer027 - 4 days ago
Hey Pokimane I am your big fan and I love your videos 😊❤️
Travis Gleason
Travis Gleason - 4 days ago
The year is 2025 and you were right
David Nic
David Nic - 4 days ago
i did not know poki new how to speek french
Slusheeplaygh12 - 4 days ago
I’m Canadian and Moroccan too...
QuantumPhayer - 4 days ago
8% spanish and Portuguese... "i have always wanted to learn spanish".... Me as Portuguese got quite triggered O.O
Tree Man
Tree Man - 4 days ago
Didn't know u speak French gg pokimane
wolf master plays
wolf master plays - 5 days ago
Every one if you want a girl like poki find a girl at morocco
LT Kiaušai
LT Kiaušai - 5 days ago
Are you Asian?
Andres - 5 days ago
Looks like Chinese even have infected Poke.This is a bad news.
TLucario OiraculT
TLucario OiraculT - 5 days ago
Just Hit 5.2 mill congrats
Isrrael Fuentes
Isrrael Fuentes - 5 days ago
can we make out
Isrrael Fuentes
Isrrael Fuentes - 5 days ago
your hot!!!!!!!!!!!
Amano Yuuji
Amano Yuuji - 5 days ago
What ever it does in the future the Asians are not pround what its doing
Fte_Wolfs Gaming
Fte_Wolfs Gaming - 5 days ago
Quoi tu parle francais
Noukey - 5 days ago
Ayy north African gang
Fire fox
Fire fox - 5 days ago
am i the only one who get's ip tracking on yt when i press a video it warns me am i the only one?
rt craft
rt craft - 5 days ago
تحياتي من الجزائر
Bruno Y Leonardo Faour
Bruno Y Leonardo Faour - 5 days ago
hola :3
Shenandoah - 5 days ago
6:20 her armmmmm
Unrelatablexd - 5 days ago
she speaks french? o.0
Alvaro Martinez Osaba
Alvaro Martinez Osaba - 5 days ago
Oleee españitaa
Abhiram Kolanu
Abhiram Kolanu - 5 days ago
Results 6:38
Cabbage Patch
Cabbage Patch - 5 days ago
I thought poki was Asian?
Iara Sofia Mocho Dos Santos
ik why ur 8% portugese and spanish its cuz moroco and portugal and spain have smhg in comant i will not tell cuz it takes to long to write down but u can search on google
Iara Sofia Mocho Dos Santos
what u look like ur 0% asian
Hedia Ali
Hedia Ali - 5 days ago
I mean you are Asian since Arabia is in Asia take it from an arab
Oskar Holm Beuschel
Oskar Holm Beuschel - 3 days ago
When people say "Asian" they usually mean East Asia. China, Korea, Japan.
BullsharkSR - 5 days ago
Ok but I didn't know that she spoke french
Theft by Us
Theft by Us - 6 days ago
I took DNA test I'm half Spanish and half OMG POKI VID SKIRR GANG GANG I 😍 POKI
Jay Playz
Jay Playz - 6 days ago
That girl speaks french
Math Dantas Tav
Math Dantas Tav - 6 days ago
the asianess is all in the make up
Koen Wildeboer
Koen Wildeboer - 6 days ago
I think ur african not gonna lie
Nicolas Garcia-Carey
Nicolas Garcia-Carey - 6 days ago
lol I got an ad for a dna test loool
Victor Short
Victor Short - 6 days ago
Nothing I don’t want to watch anything you do...I mean seriously you’re a teeny popper who plays video games and you role play...just go away...
Roy Roldan
Roy Roldan - 6 days ago
Poki Your hair is is back on the top of your head
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