First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 Toyota Supra!

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Cole Fawcett
Cole Fawcett - 4 days ago
How much time would having window tint shave off the qtr mile time being a mod and all ??
Ritvik A
Ritvik A - 9 days ago
When u live in omaha and missed out on stradman visiting your city
Scott Meridew
Scott Meridew - 10 days ago
Welcome to the beautiful state of Utah ... where there is only one road in and out ... lol.
Charko - 10 days ago
speaking of Carbon, i found a Bugati Chiron 1/40 delivered to the US and to the world Full exposed Carbon Chiron
trunks ko
trunks ko - 12 days ago
pesssewwww ... lady and gentleman
carter flame
carter flame - 14 days ago
Mr Poket Edition
Mr Poket Edition - 17 days ago
Ur the BEST YouTuber ever I wanna be exactly like u when I grow up!
jonleigh1001 - 18 days ago
Whiplash from your camerra movements
jonleigh1001 - 18 days ago
Gotta wear pants with a senna door
jonleigh1001 - 18 days ago
Car looks mean (apart from the red mirrors)
Daniel Gamer 8
Daniel Gamer 8 - 19 days ago
The Stradman: This thing needs an exhaust!! (Aka The thing being the Subaru)
Me: smh I agree dude
The Stradman: In some scenarios this car sounds amazing!!!
Me: wait what... 🤨
Vong Lee
Vong Lee - 19 days ago
Even if I have money I will not buy that BMW.
Nick Alonge
Nick Alonge - 20 days ago
Your Supra needs te37 rims
MSB Squadz
MSB Squadz - 21 day ago
Wide body kit
MSB Squadz
MSB Squadz - 21 day ago
Wide body kit!
MSB Squadz
MSB Squadz - 21 day ago
Widebody kit!
MSB Squadz
MSB Squadz - 21 day ago
Wide body kit!
MSB Squadz
MSB Squadz - 21 day ago
Wide body kit!
MSB Squadz
MSB Squadz - 21 day ago
Wide body kit!
Chase Washington
Chase Washington - 21 day ago
Cinematics with no music?
Jake Jackson
Jake Jackson - 23 days ago
I just met the owner of gp customs and got rev his new Supra amazing car
Shawn White
Shawn White - 23 days ago
Did you forget to put music on the Cinematics?
pittbullninja - 24 days ago
He said cams... its it's a pushrod tho 😅
Kyle The Hammers
Kyle The Hammers - 26 days ago
give it a big wang
Vina Martin Ato
Vina Martin Ato - 27 days ago
Like your videos man you rock🤘🤘🤘
tjissabird - 28 days ago
I know exactly what road that Senna drove on thats crazy
Marc Siegenthaler
Marc Siegenthaler - 29 days ago
The aventador looks so good with those wheels
jaisu dhaliwal
jaisu dhaliwal - Month ago
Is this the first super car with many windows
Minty - Month ago
what i want on your car is new Wing or a single turbo
crospotter13 - Month ago
Hey Stradman love your Supra! Speaking of the miles - there was a brand new Supra from Cyprus on Gumball 3000 where it covered more than 3000 miles just on the rally and problably just as much on the way home - would be interesting to see which one has more miles :D
Cheers from Croatia man!
DarkWolf 2007505
DarkWolf 2007505 - Month ago
Straight pipped
IHavBigDek - Month ago
Hey i live in nebraska 🙂
yasser diab
yasser diab - Month ago
Stradman you shouldn’t give the Supra a exhaust because then the Supra might not have the pops and farts any more so please don’t give it a exhaust
Desa San Jose
Desa San Jose - Month ago
Modify your supra😊
SnugLynx - Month ago
2jz the supra
Latif Rehan
Latif Rehan - Month ago
Install supra rear wing . And rear widebody Fender . Then it looks,👌
Latif Rehan
Latif Rehan - Month ago
Nice . Install Spoiler
LittleKane 07
LittleKane 07 - Month ago
Itz Tide
Itz Tide - Month ago
Can you get a massive gt spoiler
preston.roebuck - Month ago
That’s cool that you were so close away. I’m from Omaha so about 45 mins from Lincoln
Brody Johnson
Brody Johnson - Month ago
1:41 ur welcome
Rick Hon
Rick Hon - Month ago
MAX CIGARSKI - Month ago
Why is there no sound in most parts?
Alan Klosinski
Alan Klosinski - Month ago
I loved that Corvette!!!!! WOW!!! Sounded so cool
Manny G
Manny G - Month ago
Did he get that oil change yet though?
Mrinal Dutta
Mrinal Dutta - Month ago
I don't hate the supra but if there is any mod to elongate it from the back the car will look great!
Mike NoLimits
Mike NoLimits - Month ago
That reaction dude at 1:32 had me laughing for minutes hahah ✌🏼
Marilyn Chathury
Marilyn Chathury - Month ago
straight pipe it
Famida Cassim
Famida Cassim - Month ago
You are so stupid,you don't take solar masmellow with you
Dauntless - Month ago
Damn, the audio go during wrap and prep? the copystrike demons take the music down??
Farihin - Month ago
Can't wait for the full supra build
kfrancis Masicat
kfrancis Masicat - Month ago
Change the color of your mags in to the white
Garrett Rinehart
Garrett Rinehart - Month ago
Get headlight and taillight tint too
Julia Jeffery
Julia Jeffery - Month ago
are you going to stay in Utah when you move?
Brody Johnson
Brody Johnson - Month ago
Yeah he is
Bean Guy
Bean Guy - Month ago
At first I though he had bad taste in colors until I saw the senna and the super 👍great job
JYDEN - Month ago
Is ti only for me, the sound was weird, when he got window tint?
Serge Do
Serge Do - Month ago
Poor focus.
stu - Month ago
Does anyone know where he has got all his money from, is it just doing these vlogs?
grafizi - Month ago
Wrap the mirrors black
thefabforces - Month ago
do duonuts
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