MIRACLE WORKERS Trailer Season 1 (2019) TBS Series

Andre Collins
Andre Collins - 2 months ago
This makes waaaaay more sense now!😖😖
Emilio B
Emilio B - 3 months ago
I think Noah Schnapp should be on the show
STEPHEN ADONIS - 5 months ago
which people writes these stories
Underrated Inventions
Underrated Inventions - 5 months ago
The LGBT version of heaven? 🤔
HarmonE Records
HarmonE Records - 6 months ago
So God's a deadbeat. Interesting.
BubblyBlondeBrunette _15
BubblyBlondeBrunette _15 - 5 months ago
That seems to be how he's betrayed in a lot of shows. Supernatural he's a deadbeat, Lucifer he's a dead beat, I mean shoot just look at the damn bible. He sends others to do his dirty work. He's not a good guy.
Monica H. ATX
Monica H. ATX - Year ago
This is such a blasphemous show! God is not to be made fun of people!
Hamm - 5 months ago
oh cool your fucking jets monica. I promise it will be ok
ALEX - Year ago
Watching this series only because Steve Buscemi is the God.
Skrewlews - Year ago
great concept probably going to be ruined by romance and commentary
Nati 12333
Nati 12333 - Year ago
Me and my class is looking on this in school. It's so funny😂👍🏻
Hanz Batosai
Hanz Batosai - Year ago
What the hell nucky thompson doing here??
schleck1234 - Year ago
Watching this series only because Harry Potter is in it
Joseph van Wyk
Joseph van Wyk - Year ago
You know, I would never dare in my entire life as a filmmaker tease God like this. Because as great actor Steve Buscemi is, he will come off as an asshole/douchey-character written that way (which God is not). Throughout the Bible God asks His people, how long will they mock Him without repercussions. Until He decides to ACT. I'm so glad I'm not these filmmakers or actors.
Ari - Year ago
Miracle Workers Opening Credits | TBS
Red John
Red John - Year ago
Clearly if God is so almighty, the omniscient and omnipresent then he already knows the future before it takes place. He knows which babies will grow up to be good and which will grow up to be athiest, which will be criminals etc. He clearly has the power to erase someone from reality at any single moment and yet he chooses not to. This itself is proof there is no heaven or hell. Why would god wait for a person to die before deciding they go to heaven/hell when he already knows from day 1 (when the baby is a fetus) whether the baby would grow up to be good/bad. Opps, kinda just destroyed Christianity/Catholicism there. I believe in god, I just don't believe in heaven/hell bullshit, its all a marketing scam/lie told by priests and preachers to scare others into converting.
Hamm - 5 months ago
@Liv Glenn im sorry but your view of god is just as ignorant as his. More likely than none, its all bullshit. imo.
Liv Glenn
Liv Glenn - Year ago
How is that proof? If u knew anything about God u would know that that argument absolutely did not just "destroy" the Christianity argument, in fact it just made urself look kinda arrogantly ignorant about what God really is. God is love, and being the embodiment of love instead of making all of us little robots who do everything He says and just say "I love u!" when we r basically programmed to do so, He gave us free will so that we could chose whether or not we want to love Him or oppose Him. And ok if u follow that logic trail yes that means that God knows who will cause suffering and who will murder but God is not about killing ppl before their time, becuz that is not love. And for those ppl who die He allows them to come to heaven and live with Him in paradise where there is no more sorrow or pain. We literally have to do one simple thing that is easier than doing elementary math, just know that we have sinned and that we aren't perfect, ask God to forgive us, and ask Him to change our hearts and allow our punishment to be paid for by His Son. He offers an eternal paradise for those ppl who die which everyone has, and it's literally so easy except for those who r too prideful and I empathize with ppl who turn away that gift becuz they don't wanna admit they aren't perfect and that they need help. And for all the ppl in the world who r suffering and who r going thru terrible times, God said not to worry and to lean on Him and that He will provide. If not for God i know i probably wouldn't be alive today, I would have died exactly a year ago if not for my leaning on Him. He may not kill all the ppl who will eventually kill but He helps those who suffer and He makes those who r evil suffer as their punishment for not repenting and asking for forgiveness. Heaven and hell r real. And u need about half a brain to realize that God created this world cuz everything just screams intelligent design and there is a heaven and a hell and we all go to one, so make sure u do things on this earth that get u to heaven cuz we r only on this earth for seriously such a short time, when eternity is such a long, long time. Ok that when on a tangent but ya that's all connected. Ur welcome to try to change my mind about it.
h3ll0gudbye - Year ago
Why don't you people make an 'Allah' movie??
oh right, because your office will probably get bombed.
Smh, this blasphemy is so blatant and disgusting. I hope you people who know what you're doing turn to Jesus and repent because come judgement day, you won't be laughing.
Amy Newman
Amy Newman - Year ago
Don't make veiled threats.
Lawrence Stanley
Lawrence Stanley - Year ago
I am SO SICK of blasphemy in this world. Those who do not know God think it's funny to mock almighty God, but it is to Him that everyone will one day stand before and be held accountable for every thought that they have ever had, every word that they have ever spoken, and every deed that they have ever done. Should this God deem them worthy of justice, His wrath against them will be so thorough that it will grind them to powder.
Psalm 139:19-22 - O that You would slay the wicked, O God; Depart from me, therefore, men of bloodshed. For they speak against You wickedly, And Your enemies take Your name in vain. Do I not hate those who hate You, O LORD? And do I not loathe those who rise up against You? I hate them with the utmost hatred; They have become my enemies.
Memi - 4 months ago
Imagine believing a dusty book of fairytales
BubblyBlondeBrunette _15
BubblyBlondeBrunette _15 - 5 months ago
Not everyone believes in your fucked up fairytale!! Get over it!
motorhome mike
motorhome mike - 9 months ago
you are damned
Lawrence Stanley
Lawrence Stanley - Year ago
@Wynnie Oficial Well, you certainly have the freedom to choose what entertainment you permit in your own home, but as for me, it's TV shows like this that make me go back to watching reruns of the Carol Burnette Show. (RIP Tim Conway)
Wynnie Oficial
Wynnie Oficial - Year ago
@Lawrence Stanley You are right! What I meant was exactly the idea God didn't give up on us. There is no Jesus in these series so far. I have only 3 episodes left. I didn't find it a complete blasphemy so far, I'm actually enjoying the show. It's been the "cleanest" series for adults I've ever seen actually.
Croissants & Coffee
Croissants & Coffee - Year ago
Morgan Freeman will always be my God - but Steve Buschemi is not a bad substitute.
taleshade - Year ago
Im still here.
Im still here. - Year ago
Harry Potter... I need to watch this
Coldsnap - Year ago
Replace “God” with “Allah” (which means God in Arabic; they’re not even different entities) and suddenly the show becomes controversial and racist. Funny how shit works.
Phil G
Phil G - Year ago
That is like saying replace "man" with "abdulla" because in arabic that is the translation of man - isn't this ignorance offensive?. The western mind is so simple, gullible and regurgitates everything they see and hear. This trailer is a good example, they don't inquire where this material comes from, the clue is in the trailer, shows the country from where the inspiration comes from
OmegaFalcon - Year ago
You're an angel Harry
taleshade - Year ago
djhappyyyyy - Year ago
Harry potter sequel?
Stefan Pham
Stefan Pham - Year ago
Kind of like The Good Place
Professor Thascales
Professor Thascales - Year ago
Looks like fun but can't Daniel get a tan EVER......
Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati - Year ago
I reckon the only reason Daniel Radcliffe took this part is because he wanted to work with Steve Buscemi and Steve Buscemi only took this part because he's literally GOD...
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams - 3 months ago
•Ben• - Year ago
This is Blasphemy!!!
Richard John
Richard John - Year ago
danielle eboko
danielle eboko - Year ago
cool c'est bien de le voir dans un autre contexte que celui de Poudlard
Maiqu - Year ago
looks really funny, cant wait
Harshad Pawar
Harshad Pawar - Year ago
Why he still look like Harry Potter without glasses
Tess Congo
Tess Congo - 3 days ago
It's almost like his face stayed the same.
elanor2006 - 4 months ago
Because he IS Harry Potter ! =)
tpasi2020UG - Year ago
oi ú
oi ú - Year ago
Murzal Official
Murzal Official - Year ago
Plz subiscribe my channal
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