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2 067
Potato BooBoo
Potato BooBoo - 2 hours ago
Douggie Campbell
Douggie Campbell - 8 hours ago
That frame really do be needing analysing tho...
Kieran Hodgson
Kieran Hodgson - 10 hours ago
huuuuu u going to tell me that that pewdiepie music is not copy righted ???
Craig Coates Jr
Craig Coates Jr - 10 hours ago
this is making quarantine better
Clark Bucher
Clark Bucher - 11 hours ago
This is how many people love the sidemen
JxM - 13 hours ago
It’s so obvious that it was a Harry edited video just by the music
Evie Rose
Evie Rose - 16 hours ago
10:48 is the best
AMlegends - 16 hours ago
1 of my favourite videos
Nis-August Regeur Obel
Nis-August Regeur Obel - 17 hours ago
My Soundcloud playlist in 2012 be like:
BTW 100% worth the rewatch
Haz Morgo
Haz Morgo - 19 hours ago
12:25 is the place of dreams
FN-TO - Day ago
what song is at 6:23 ? please help
Zanci - Day ago
what song is at 6:23 please amswer ??
whatcha lookinat
whatcha lookinat - Day ago
4:26 on the main sidemen channel? Tutut kmt
Joshua Feather
Joshua Feather - Day ago
Vik is god
Ivy ViBeZ
Ivy ViBeZ - Day ago
Ur here for 12:25
Fab backup
Fab backup - Day ago
click analyze already
Issam Lemmouh
Issam Lemmouh - Day ago
Wait a minute was that sharky’s voice
Hin K
Hin K - Day ago
If only this had a ksi commentary
gumbwoiii - 2 days ago
did anyone hear the bich lasagna audio
Slimed Fries
Slimed Fries - 2 days ago
Petition to make Simon change his channel name to Lanky Lad
Obama Care
Obama Care - 2 days ago
Bruh ksi looks like juice wrld with the shades
Milán Iványi
Milán Iványi - 2 days ago
Championship Leaderboard:
1. Josh/Tobi (3/5 courses completed)
2. Simon/Vikk/Harry (2/5 courses completed)
3. Ethan (1/5 courses completed)
4. JJ (0/5 courses completed)
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox - 2 days ago
4:28 just me??
Tushar Chaudhary
Tushar Chaudhary - 2 days ago
who forgot to click analyze
Zizo Javino
Zizo Javino - 2 days ago
“He looks like crazy frog”😂😂😂
Ac E
Ac E - 2 days ago
Nobody noticed b*tch lasagna
A H - 2 days ago
8:48 why does josh look like olaf
FrutiFox Studios
FrutiFox Studios - 2 days ago
This is why Sidemen is the best team of YouTube, they are funny
Alex_ Awdi
Alex_ Awdi - 2 days ago
Simon going in socks just made me really upset
Justtt Daven
Justtt Daven - 2 days ago
Miniminter n Toby
tried naruto run , respect
herox gamer
herox gamer - 2 days ago
Wait I thought jay jay was ksi
Yanna Yebra
Yanna Yebra - 2 days ago
Coolest group ever ‼️
Code 016 or HiroDaHero
Code 016 or HiroDaHero - 3 days ago
It’s funny watching other suffer
StarLessSine28 - 3 days ago
Was the water dirt or poop
Mishkat Hossain
Mishkat Hossain - 3 days ago
B lasagna in background
methuzalon - 3 days ago
Can someone tell me what the name of the song is at the part where simon goes through the spinny things where ethan almost broke his back? It sounds familiar and its bugging me that I cant think of it
Gamer Gangbro
Gamer Gangbro - 3 days ago
Khan Paul can’t knock out Kai but the balls can
Mighty Gamer
Mighty Gamer - 3 days ago
What song at 15:28?
Steferds - 3 days ago
Jimmy Playz
Jimmy Playz - 3 days ago
The fact that he went with socks disturbed me
Daniel Shaikhali
Daniel Shaikhali - 3 days ago
10:35 vik got smashed like Indian curry
totally_not_a_lizard - 3 days ago
They used frainbreeze as music!
Kiros Martin
Kiros Martin - 3 days ago
JJ's never been smacked by bigger balls
Bryce Yates
Bryce Yates - 4 days ago
Who else clicked when it said Frames analyzing click to analyze😂
Ethan Waldron
Ethan Waldron - 4 days ago
the way vik went ding ding ding
DanieL _
DanieL _ - 4 days ago
I rewinded Ethan fcking up his back so many times lmao
Zoom X
Zoom X - 5 days ago
This is the first sidemen video I ever watched
liossiss g
liossiss g - 5 days ago
song 6:30?
Urban Salsa
Urban Salsa - 5 days ago
*Wipeout has joined the chat*
Cody Nicks8
Cody Nicks8 - 5 days ago
Is it me or did it say new frames and the waffle
꧁Irish Clover꧂
꧁Irish Clover꧂ - 5 days ago
Just 4:28 me wondering if they meant to put that there or if they just forgot
angelic Ramirez
angelic Ramirez - 5 days ago
The Video: Click Analyze
ZyndeX - 5 days ago
Lmao trying to track the vid 4:26
Joshua Bragg
Joshua Bragg - 5 days ago
6:48 anyone know the song?
Justin Smilo
Justin Smilo - 5 days ago
Dylan Byrne
Dylan Byrne - 6 days ago
Bored in quantine
Kye Randall
Kye Randall - 6 days ago
RIP ethans back 😂
Nahim Miah
Nahim Miah - 6 days ago
The nostalgia at the end. Mad
Kyle Quick
Kyle Quick - 6 days ago
Eathen bro u hella long
Lighting_ OG
Lighting_ OG - 6 days ago
Mohamed Zaikko
Mohamed Zaikko - 6 days ago
All I have to say is.......

Super A
Super A - 6 days ago
He calling himself Indian Spider-Man and not making it, it is embarrassing for Indians 😰😨
Mustache - 6 days ago
It's my mustache's birthday today, and his biggest wish is to get 100k subs
CanadianGuy34 - 7 days ago
i have never seen someone put so much effort in their *desc.*
The gooners 1886
The gooners 1886 - 7 days ago
1:21 JJ scream
Vixen Studio
Vixen Studio - 7 days ago
nOtHaFeEzAn - 7 days ago
Best vikk moment 9:53
Asultz - 7 days ago
Anyone here in quarantine
Imagine fat ethan doing this
Cool Killer
Cool Killer - 7 days ago
I’m The Indian Spider-Man as he falls in the water
Harry GW
Harry GW - 7 days ago
Who else misses the original show
C4N4RZAN147 - 7 days ago
12:42 the boys practising social distancing
pixelier games
pixelier games - 7 days ago
It's like his soul left his body poor Ethan😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Timeterra - 7 days ago
Does anyone know the name of the song that played when Ethan wiped out?
Donkey Dribble
Donkey Dribble - 7 days ago
Your all some dohey soy boys
Oisin Lenaghan
Oisin Lenaghan - 7 days ago
KSI with the receding hairline
Tyler Lee
Tyler Lee - 7 days ago
Ethan: coughing and in pain
Ksi: Laughing intensifies
Thomas Patrick Anderson
11:47 vikk is not packing at all
Felix suastegui
Felix suastegui - 8 days ago
I swear vik was the lamest person ive ever seen on youtube
Sync - 8 days ago
1:41 is the beat of bitc* lasagna
Variety Nathz
Variety Nathz - 8 days ago
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