IT CHAPTER TWO - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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Scared Joshua
Scared Joshua - 6 minutes ago
Ok penny Crist the line when he did George that was to much
AvEry KoP空
AvEry KoP空 - 9 minutes ago
The beginning voice is penny wise
Jaylon Gamer
Jaylon Gamer - 15 minutes ago
A shape shifting clown forming into your fears
A shape shifting clown in a form of a naked grandma

*get me the heck out of here*
Storyshift Chara
Storyshift Chara - 24 minutes ago
35 mill views in a week!
Søren - 47 minutes ago
Is she doing the eye thing at 1:22
Benster Piszczek
Benster Piszczek - 59 minutes ago
The fire hydrant at 2:21 is the same color as OG Pennywise from the 1990 miniseries
Daddelbox - Hour ago
I'm a carer, I don't need this movie to tell me how creepy old people can be. In fact, watching this only reminds me of night shift again.
Jasmine xoxo
Jasmine xoxo - Hour ago
Wait where the hell is Eddie? Or is it Stanley that's missing?
Natalia Rajpaul
Natalia Rajpaul - Hour ago
Just take in that Killer Clowns probably going to resurface when this movie is released or even before... I'm ready for it
Duolingo Owl
Duolingo Owl - Hour ago
If you read the book or watched the 2 episode mini series you would know that Stanley kills himself before going back to Derry in fear of confronting IT again. If you look at the bugs on the window there are 6. Which I think it is a hint that Stanley will not be present to confront IT.
Alyssa Ayala
Alyssa Ayala - 2 hours ago
Producers: How many red bolloons do you need.
Actors: Yes
samantha wagman
samantha wagman - 2 hours ago
Yes the old lady's acting is phenomenal. She deserves an oscar for her acting, she terrified me!
Bucky Brown
Bucky Brown - 2 hours ago
I was supposed to be in this, a featured role, but my dumbass agent screwed things up. This could have been my big break. He ain't my agent no more! See me at
llAndrés_Mosqueirall - 2 hours ago
The Eddie vs Henry part needs to be in this movie.
Zach Legend
Zach Legend - 2 hours ago
1:58 Me: *SEES THAT* Nah cuz imma boutt to blast YALL wrinkly ass b*tch Then I'm gawwn faster then flash AUNT MAY
chris S.
chris S. - 2 hours ago
2:15 I wouldve tried to FIGHT it instead of turning away or doing whatever SHE did😂😂😂
April Shelley
April Shelley - 2 hours ago
It is was more scarier if you put playback speed on 0.5 on 1.58 the old lady is freaky😐😳
Meet wad
Meet wad - 2 hours ago
In the original film stan committed suicide and I don't see the adult stan in this trailer and there are 7 people in the loosers club but I counted all the loosers and there's only 6 so I think stan will commit suicide in the movie
queenbe242 - 2 hours ago
Looks like the blood scene will be taking place in the bathroom where Beverly was introduced in IT chapter 1
Karim Rupshi
Karim Rupshi - 2 hours ago
Wish better music
queen bebe
queen bebe - 2 hours ago
Riot !!
Riot !! - 2 hours ago
2:47 Winnie the pooh that you??
Darren Désaulniers
Darren Désaulniers - 2 hours ago
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Pegasus Bomar
Pegasus Bomar - 3 hours ago
Yo this bitch ran around that room like peace out bitch that person scared the hell out of me LIKE WTF HER DIRTY ASS
Pegasus Bomar
Pegasus Bomar - 3 hours ago
Penny wise is a rapist he raped Georgia
Adventurer 190
Adventurer 190 - 3 hours ago
At the beginning pennywise answered you can tell by the voice
kenziienewman - 3 hours ago
horror movies aren’t scary anymore it’s boring
That guy D.R.E
That guy D.R.E - Hour ago
I laugh at horrors think I got issues
Dude M847
Dude M847 - 3 hours ago
I don’t know whether to be more terrified of a killer clown or a killer grandma. I honestly don’t know.
Olly - 3 hours ago
Forget about IT: Chapter 2, we need a Grandma: Chapter 1 mate!
Edit: Actually, forget about that, the most scariest film I ever saw was Monsters Inc.
Jakaviusful - 3 hours ago
📣🎶Here comes the Crimson Chin🎶
CheshTheCat - 3 hours ago
I have rewatched this and the trailer for the new Joker movie more times than any other in recent years, I am so stoked to see some badass clowns this year!
Jayson Smash
Jayson Smash - 3 hours ago
I just realized that the voice of the old woman when Beverley opens the door is the normal pennywise voice.
Spore Hux
Spore Hux - 3 hours ago
when you click a new trailer at 1am, because of insomnia, and then you never sleep again.
MrBiggysmalls87 - 4 hours ago
hamptond123 - 4 hours ago
Pennywise: "Hello :D"

Kadu Ohara
Kadu Ohara - 4 hours ago
If frogs run instead of jumping.
hamptond123 - 4 hours ago
"Chapter 1 was super scary!"

Old lady: "hold my clothes"
P2 Ohmwrecker
P2 Ohmwrecker - 4 hours ago's um...its...well..the grandma...she um...she...ran to the lady...but...naked..
Montetor Plays
Montetor Plays - 4 hours ago
mythical creature
mythical creature - 5 hours ago
when u watch too many murder documentaries in one day
GwAm - 5 hours ago
When you're scared of the trailer, it's gonna be a good movie
Tinx Lawrence
Tinx Lawrence - 5 hours ago
Anyone who read the novel has beeeeeen ready for this
Pepe Cool
Pepe Cool - 5 hours ago
Ah sh*t here we go again
Pcheek95 - 5 hours ago
I wonder how they are going to do the Ritual of Chud in this movie. I don't know if they are going to go as trippy as they did in the book since that might be too weird for the general audience. I dunno if they will buy into the whole Maturin turtle god stuff... I hope they don't mess it up tho 🤡🎈🐢
Gabrielle Souza
Gabrielle Souza - 5 hours ago
it: a coisa foi melhor! esse está fraquissímo. Porém vou mesmo assim né
Nei'keir Jordan
Nei'keir Jordan - 5 hours ago
Everybody's making the naked grandma joke, But the soundtrack is So cool i replay it everytime
Ryan NatoOo0oR
Ryan NatoOo0oR - 6 hours ago
Guys my birth day is 3 days after the release day of this movie..
Ryan NatoOo0oR
Ryan NatoOo0oR - 6 hours ago
Warner bros have 7m subs ... With hundreds of movies
Pewdiepie: hold ma beer
Andrew Roys
Andrew Roys - 6 hours ago
Name something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house
Baal is Life
Baal is Life - 6 hours ago
Warner bros: we’re doing an IT sequel
Penny wise: Aah shit here we go again
YouTube: hold my beer
Also YouTube: somebody come get they grandma
The Losers: this ain’t it chief
Warner bros: I don’t feel so good..
Most people’s attempts at humour using this meme template: shitty
Isak Gustafsson
Isak Gustafsson - 6 hours ago
IT chapter 1: kid gets his arm ripped of by a clown😒
IT chapter 2: Naked grandma😨
Deanjelous Hughes
Deanjelous Hughes - 6 hours ago
His voice is so cool. I’ve never seen nor wanted to see this franchise but I’m intrigued.
Din Mamma
Din Mamma - 7 hours ago
Look the granma is penny and her dad to, the clown can transform to diffrent shape.
Lucy No name
Lucy No name - 8 hours ago
I'm gonna be honest, I liked this scene, but I wish they would've milked it a little bit more...I would've liked to see her gobble that tea up like the old lady in the original lmao
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson - 8 hours ago
Looks really really shit, why's that cunt in it exavier that guy can not act
新Unusual - 8 hours ago
*sees grandma*
Oh hell naw
Zarvan Kumana
Zarvan Kumana - 8 hours ago
That aunty is totally nude, i am sure that nude would be deleted or even get censored
Appolo Begontes
Appolo Begontes - 8 hours ago
OMFG! I finished reading the book and I already got some idea of what's going to happen in the movie. Seeing the trailer gets me really excited to watch the film. Hope it won't disappoint🤘
Galin McMahon
Galin McMahon - 8 hours ago
I don't see how clowns or old people doing the overused horror movie twitch are scary.
S M D - 8 hours ago
YanGamercat - 8 hours ago
this is gonna be a nice movie
?? - 8 hours ago
I have seen the first it film but I want to see this one
DexterityP100 - 9 hours ago
Watched the first film on cinema and it was terrifyingly awesome. 😱😃
Helena Moraes Moraes
Helena Moraes Moraes - 9 hours ago
Amari Cinco
Amari Cinco - 9 hours ago
** REVIEW ** -
Chill Will
Chill Will - 9 hours ago
This Looks Good!!
TheBoxofTea - 9 hours ago
I know the trailer wants to imply this is scary, but let's be real; this is a horror comedy. I cannot stop laughing at all this absurd shit. Embrace the role.
muze - 9 hours ago
I think Stephen King really hated Derry LOL :)
Tez pul ishlash sirlari
Tez pul ishlash sirlari - 9 hours ago
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Diogo - 9 hours ago
2:46 DAMN
Sở thích & Đam mê
Sở thích & Đam mê - 9 hours ago
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Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez - 9 hours ago
This looks FANTASTIC
Salo Romano
Salo Romano - 9 hours ago
Beverly's Dad: Tell me you're still my little girl.
Beverly: NO!!!
Beverly: Scared as shit trying to figure out how that creepy-assed woman turns naked towards her roaring like a fucking goddamn dragon.
ENK 64
ENK 64 - 9 hours ago
2:46 How I answer the door.
Chief Justice
Chief Justice - 9 hours ago
Tim Curry is still scarier.
Amber Alberts
Amber Alberts - 10 hours ago
R4444y4411 woo
Brilliant Toast
Brilliant Toast - 10 hours ago
10,000 subscribers with No videos in progress
Me: hmmm a grandma is staring at me weirdly
Also me: *jumps out the window”
Doyce Maf
Doyce Maf - 10 hours ago
The first 2:17 of this trailer are amazing.
anime_baka •_-
anime_baka •_- - 11 hours ago
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 11 hours ago
Time to float
Classical Ari
Classical Ari - 11 hours ago
FartyToots - 12 hours ago
Francis Keith Gonzalez
Francis Keith Gonzalez - 12 hours ago
I think penniwise comeback because its 25 years na
Clorox - 12 hours ago
I keep coming back everyday to see this trailer to feel the hype🔥
Gaming Tv
Gaming Tv - 12 hours ago
I cant wait
YourTeacher - 12 hours ago
My teacher: "Friday is the deadline" 1:10
Daniel Prado
Daniel Prado - 12 hours ago
Losers club:assemble
poonam sharma
poonam sharma - 12 hours ago
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Ben Brewdog
Ben Brewdog - 12 hours ago
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Gracie Smith
Gracie Smith - 12 hours ago
Why do Pennywise at the end sound like Winnie the Pooh
Dr.Iceberg - 12 hours ago
Ziyanda Zwane
Ziyanda Zwane - 12 hours ago
amanda scott
amanda scott - 13 hours ago
OMG I want to scream so bad but its early!! I have been waiting for this!! YES!
Felix Von Duck
Felix Von Duck - 13 hours ago
I like the start of it, not too many different scenes, just simple story telling.
More trailers should be like this.
MidnightAssasin T
MidnightAssasin T - 13 hours ago
I don't know why but everytime I watch this trailer and when IT says Hello it's just so cute
List Sign
List Sign - 14 hours ago
2:47 Hello, I am fine dear. How are you?
Hindi cinema clips
Hindi cinema clips - 14 hours ago
I want see i million likes plzzz
Hindi cinema clips
Hindi cinema clips - 14 hours ago
GYs only like thiz video plz
idk8329472 - 14 hours ago
holy shit that old lady scene was so terrifying that i had to move my phone away and lower the volume 😱
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