Mustang-Swapped Ford Fusion?? 5.0 Coyote V8 in a Sleeper Sedan

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Hoonigan Daily Transmission
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Neil Reid
Neil Reid - 17 hours ago
Martin Perez
Martin Perez - 2 days ago
💯 %
DaiQuan Feemster
DaiQuan Feemster - 3 days ago
John Anderson
John Anderson - 3 days ago
Hoonigan Daily Transmission get a dodge charger. 485 hp hemi in a similar but tougher looking sedan.
Raed Hammoudeh
Raed Hammoudeh - 3 days ago
This guy is so intelligent ,,thr car is amazing no comment but ( please be careful ) your safety more important brother you are professional driver 👍👍👌i rate 1000.000.000 star to the video and the car ,,,fantastic idea .....
Roadhog Harley and put up wet
Sleeper my ass, it might have been supposed too have been one, but it sounds like a fucking nascar race
Dan Atkinson
Dan Atkinson - 6 hours ago
Did he make the front track width wider? It seems the front sticks out and the rear is tucked in real nice
casio56 - 6 hours ago
Its sad to see this sedan going out of production, im 19 and the 16 fusion was my first car i bought myself and im gunna mod it hard when i get another car ltr on
José Lora
José Lora - 8 hours ago
But... does it tick? 🤷🏻‍♂️
D'Angelo Vaughn
D'Angelo Vaughn - 9 hours ago
Ford needs to take notes 📝
Jay Dee
Jay Dee - 13 hours ago
Nothing remotely sleeper about that
Stop trying to redefine sleeper
Fire no Greeen
Fire no Greeen - 14 hours ago
Sim, eu não sei como vim parar aqui! Mas, pqp! Esse é o projeto dos meus sonhos 😍😍 que NAVE
Yorri Amo
Yorri Amo - 15 hours ago
Finally someone built this car the way it looks
Derek Adams
Derek Adams - 15 hours ago
Been watching this build since the motor install 💪💪
Derek Adams
Derek Adams - 15 hours ago
@Hoonigan Daily Transmission hell ya and just subscribed to your channel also
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
Matt is finally starting Version 3 on the front suspension, now he's wanting more angle.🤘
Kj Stewart
Kj Stewart - 17 hours ago
And people say they don’t want a 4 door mustang smfh
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
Take notes Ford!
Neil Reid
Neil Reid - 17 hours ago
Lol- what a great car and a super job by Matt. 11 out of 10 (I have the same car with an asthmatic 4 banger)
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez - 18 hours ago
I need some hoonigan ear plugs for this or at least a headphone warning sign almost shat my pants when it turned on😂
HÉCTOR Cuba - Day ago
Wao that 5.0 sounds incredible man
Alex Bocanegra
Alex Bocanegra - Day ago
Solid 9.5!
tons of fun
tons of fun - Day ago
Anyone else think Matt looks like fuckin Thor??!! Bob's your uncle!!
Matt Soppa
Matt Soppa - Day ago
tons of fun hahah oh you
Giang Nguyen
Giang Nguyen - Day ago
that is my type of shit right there
four doors for more whores
Troy S Contreras
Troy S Contreras - Day ago
Almost dies
Charlie P
Charlie P - Day ago
Ford needs this to be from the factory
Ethan McAffee
Ethan McAffee - Day ago
Who else drives a fusion??
Ryan Isley
Ryan Isley - Day ago
FUCK to the hell yea🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤛🤛🤛🤛💥🔥💨👹👹👹
Gta5andstuff _
Gta5andstuff _ - Day ago
My mom has a 2014 Ford Fusion
chris day
chris day - Day ago
Obviously non of these guys have seen Fords Australian FGX Mustang powered 4 Door Falcon sedan.Almost identical design to the Fusion,but straight off the factory floor.They could have used the Falcon instead of grafting 2 cars together.
Standly UA
Standly UA - Day ago
Omgitsjoetime T
Omgitsjoetime T - 2 days ago
Noah Arnold
Noah Arnold - 2 days ago
Put the coyote in a first fiesta 😂
NY Shxt
NY Shxt - 2 days ago
Holy fuck when he started that shit up!! Them 5.0s sound so fucking vicious, nothing compares to a Ford V8.
Berat Baltacı
Berat Baltacı - 2 days ago
Mondeo+mustang voav
Skyler Reichow
Skyler Reichow - 2 days ago
Doesn't entirely look like a sleeper now does it guys?
noah varicalli
noah varicalli - 2 days ago
I mean.. why the fuck not
Alloutofdonuts - 2 days ago
I think 9:26 was my favorite part lolololol
Travis Walden
Travis Walden - 2 days ago
Is a “sleeper car” supposed to have two dozen performance part stickers all over it? That’s like an “undercover” police car with roof lights.
Kenneth Morrison
Kenneth Morrison - 2 days ago
Nice build! But, it was so bewildering hearing that engine/exhaust sound come from a Fusion.
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
That’s exactly why we pinned it as a sleeper. You expect to hear a small eco boost 6 cylinder , and not a earth shaking V8.
Sean G
Sean G - 2 days ago
Sounds ANGRY !!! LOVE it !!! 👍👍
Patrick Heidenthal
Patrick Heidenthal - 2 days ago
How much to do this
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
How much work are you going to do yourself is the real question!? That’s where the real cost savings coming in.
Christopher Newman
Christopher Newman - 2 days ago
Sooooo... It's a mustang with a Fusion body... Not a swap...
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
It’s simple, Fusion body utilizing Mustang Subframes.
Nstg8a - 2 days ago
So he built a four door sedan, then proceeded to rip out the rear seats and cage it....
Nstg8a - 2 days ago
Hoonigan Daily Transmission yeah must have missed that.
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
Yup, but if you actually listened to what Matt said he mentioned he’s putting rear seats in the car as soon as they come in.
Karn Singh
Karn Singh - 2 days ago
Sounds nasty 😤🔥
Alex Bocanegra
Alex Bocanegra - 2 days ago
DAAAAAMMN...that is one of the best cars I've ever seen!
Jonathan Nicholas
Jonathan Nicholas - 2 days ago
So basically they built a aussie falcon lol
Jonathan Nicholas
Jonathan Nicholas - 2 days ago
@Hoonigan Daily Transmission yeah that'd be sick
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
Ford needs to take some notes, and bring the Falcon state side.
Michael Tamer
Michael Tamer - 2 days ago
Nice car, but it stops being a "sleeper" when it has a racing harness, cage, and 20 tuning companies plastered to the side. My mom could look at this and tell it's a fast car.
Michael Tamer
Michael Tamer - 2 days ago
@Hoonigan Daily Transmission the point of a sleeper is to surprise the dude next to you at the lights, not dudes 20 feet away. The car looks highly modified, even from the outside. Like I said, nice car and nice vid, but I would know not to challenge this thing in my G37.
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
That’s things you can’t see from 20 feet away. A sleep is the external cosmetic appearance, and is not what is based off on the inside.
imboredasf - 2 days ago
What do we have here. "Just a 4 door mustang." Has only 2 seats...
imboredasf - 2 days ago
@Hoonigan Daily Transmission hell na lol wbd tho.
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
Is that a requirement to have 4 doors??
Ming - 2 days ago
You may want to stand on the trailer bed while filming
Ming - 2 days ago
I’ll trade my Mustang for your Fusion. Deal? The absolute angriest Fusion ever.
Poppapump Bernardi
Poppapump Bernardi - 2 days ago
Is it that much faster than the 2.7 twin turbo( 325 horsepower )? A half a second 0 to 60?
itskaysbruh KAYS
itskaysbruh KAYS - 2 days ago
the main question there anyone who doesn't know about Grammarly at this point guh is useful thou
Dean Vicary
Dean Vicary - 2 days ago
So you managed to basically build a ford falcon xr8? Coulda just imported one from Australia!
J. Stockton
J. Stockton - 3 days ago
I need to do this to my Fusion. How much you think he spent?
Keegan Spencer
Keegan Spencer - 3 days ago
sooo he made an FPV falcon ?
Mathieu Lemblé
Mathieu Lemblé - 3 days ago
On la veut en France. 🇫🇷👌
who dis? wat?
who dis? wat? - 3 days ago
Ford should build a 4 door muscle car. Bring back the falcon
Gil C
Gil C - 3 days ago
This is my dreams car
Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres - 3 days ago
Do drag race this vs a Chevy SS
blowMNY - 3 days ago
Stop being an ass and let him talk all the way. I know your a little excited fam.
Diablo Repper
Diablo Repper - 3 days ago
Dude use a gimbal, you move and shake a lot the camera.
Devin Biddles
Devin Biddles - 3 days ago
Uhm I believe ford should change "I believe everyone should be in a f150" to I believe everyone should be in a RWD fusion "
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt - 3 days ago
My hemi is better
Taelor Watson
Taelor Watson - 3 days ago
That's a nice fustang.
Joe - 3 days ago
You guys should invite Cletus out for his crown vic
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