Activision Blizzard Sides With Oppressive Chinese Government Against Protesting Hearthstone Player

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Bella Ciao
Bella Ciao - 2 months ago
I hope you all die6 yellow7 scums9!!!!!
Bella Ciao
Bella Ciao - 3 months ago
Yes!!! Finaly you will all die!!!!!! Im so happy!!!!!
Simo Fox
Simo Fox - 5 months ago dont click
Schazmen Rassir
Schazmen Rassir - 6 months ago
What image? I mean, Blizzard doesn't have a good image. They have good games, but the company itself might as well switch it's logo to a photo of diarrhea.
Fizzle Talks
Fizzle Talks - 6 months ago
Fuck Blizzard.
Hikaru Midomiya
Hikaru Midomiya - 7 months ago
And that's why I'm saying a definitive FUCK YOU to Blizzard !
Fake Name
Fake Name - 7 months ago
like the Shinra theme
Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood - 7 months ago
I won't be giving blizzard any more money.
cocodog13 - 7 months ago
the entire situation is garbage. Blitzchung did what he did and he knew what he was doing and was ready to face for the consequences. i respect and support him for doing what he did. the flip side is the casters, they did NOTHING wrong and they're losing their jobs over something they cant control. and lets be fair, even if they cant control it they still did a very good job of carrying through it.... they stuck to their job and they did it well/ the best anyone could do in the situation. Blitzchung did what he did, and blizz litterally fired 2 innocent bystanders for it...... wtf.......
Expendable Round
Expendable Round - 7 months ago
Forget “voting with your wallet” and muckraking videos like this.
What we should be doing is car bombing Blizzard like it’s the Oklahoma Bombing.
Uriel Acosta
Uriel Acosta - 7 months ago
Jim Sterling is the Ethan Klein of gaming.
Benjamin Piper
Benjamin Piper - 7 months ago
amazed you even side with the protestors tankie jim
Jose - 7 months ago
Communism is the definition of failure-Liberty Prime
MrClonedzero - 7 months ago
All this outrage is going to accomplish is blizzard games getting banned in china. Which alot of you smug self righteous tools will go "good!", but fuck you for being selfish.

Blizzard games are pretty huge in china, they love them over there. China doesnt give a shit about blizzard and will ban their games in a heartbeat. So all this stupid outrage is going to accomplish is taking away video games from innocent chinese people who already have enough problems, now yo u're smug ass wants to take away their games too.
G_GlasgowRFC - 7 months ago
Left, right and centre all agree that the Chinese government are Cunts...apart from greedy companies.
MazeFrame - 7 months ago
1:56 Wierd way to say "Xi the Pooh Jinping", but okay.
Anarcho-Linuxism - 7 months ago
Gizzard and cackdivision at it again.
0 Carlitos 0
0 Carlitos 0 - 7 months ago
Sucks seeing you go along with the anti Chinese propaganda Jim, we are supposed to be in solidarity with those who fight against white supremacy, I suggest digging a little deeper in the whole situation and realizing you’re doing what the west wants
香港Peace - 7 months ago
There is time and place for political speak. Otherwise, it’s nuisance to others.
Tax man
Tax man - 7 months ago
If you believe in the concept of hate speech, then you do not believe in free speech. The. End. Full. Stop. That's. All.
GattlingCombo - 7 months ago
Is this video set to private for anyone?
yuuchiuubu - 7 months ago
It's good any of you want to spread awareness or what not but there are proper channel for it. Or just go yapping on twitter/FB/IG like usual ffs.
Those 3 fuckers that caused this issue also not being serious in the stream. Fuckin giggling and laughing while doing it as if it is a fuckin prank. Fucking shameless.

we already have to deal with stupid microtransaction in almost everything and now pulling stupid politics 'pranks' like this into gaming community.
can't we just want or have something that is devoid of real world problems just for a bit?
fuckin spreading toxic cancer into all things.

if games are gonna bring political issue this much/big, where individuals are making-a-stand and choose a side, i'll just stay away from these kind of games and just pirate everything.
Dustin D
Dustin D - 7 months ago
What do Hong Kong and the Ughiurs have in common? Fuckin' fascist boots on their backs that nobody should be tolerating.
Side note, very well placed use of the Shinra music.
michael french
michael french - 7 months ago
Fear not... agent Orange will sort out those shifty commies with his trade war 😀
Formair - 7 months ago
Had a better opinion about Jim before this. Any tournament, game or sports, isn't a place for political discussions. I don't care about Blizzard, I'm not playing their games, but what they did is normal
Jarynn - 7 months ago
Then where is the place for discussion on the human rights violations happening right in the same neighborhood this tournament was taking place in? Instead, Blizzard has to sit there and let China use their creation to keep the masses in the mainland submissive and distracted? And you know, I dont think Blizzard would have been as hamfisted about it if this had been anything else. In fact we know they wouldn't be because that one Hong Kong player is the only one who has been banned for publicly stating support for Hong Kong. Curiously, Blizzard doesn't care if Americans in America on an English broadcast express support for Hong Kong.
Bolwing - 7 months ago
I love money more then human rights, real tawk
Strabby Crabby
Strabby Crabby - 7 months ago
so, it's basically a fascist regime being offended, right?
marvelous LIE
marvelous LIE - 7 months ago
Hey, Jim, weren't you among the few that called us "entitled" when we voiced our concern over Diablo going mobile?
Jarynn - 7 months ago
No, he posted a 20 minute tirade about how Blizzard deserved all the backlash and how they created the fanaticism that resulted in such a massive and hostile turn against them.
Pete Jones
Pete Jones - 7 months ago
"Harass" people that's a soft way of saying imprison,torture and kill them.
Go on over to China Uncensored and watch the video about where Dr Gunther Von Hagen procured the bodies for his Plastination exhibits... Chinese "political prisoners" and you must know about where thier organ donors come from right? Prisoners are executed for fresh organs. FUCK CHINA and especially Jackie fucking CCP Chan.
Chalk6ix_NZ - 7 months ago
After this happened Immutable (an Aussie independent company) publicly offered to pay Blitzchung's winnings that were rightfully due to him and invited Blitzchung to their upcoming tournament.... 4 hours later Immutable were hit with a DDOS attack which shut their servers for 4 hours.... Chinese govt interference anyone?
SylphionGamer - 7 months ago
Loving that Shinra theme in the background. Describes perfectly what all this big companies are.
Mendy Stuhlman
Mendy Stuhlman - 7 months ago
Didn't offend anyone other than the dictator of China. Blizzard blew this up causing its own disrepute and in its fake statement "a safe place for our players" literally put a target on Blitzchung's back in a country known to punish those who speak out.
DevilJoJo - 7 months ago
There is definitely a secret competition between all these companies to see who can be the scummiest. Right now, looks like Blizzard is holding the top spot.
Ocelotl Chimalpahin
Ocelotl Chimalpahin - 7 months ago
Oh Jim you anti communist schmuck. How easily you bought this obvious Color Revolution. You really don't see the threat by western powers? These people are waving Imperialist flags & inviting western fascists like Ted Cruz & Steven Bannon.
Ask yourself Jim why Hong Kong dominates the airwaves while Haiti, Ecuador ARE barely mentioned at all. Liberalism, not even once
KittenyKat - 7 months ago
This isn't the first example of an american company bending the knee to china, either. This shit's getting bad.
zeldaed123 - 7 months ago
Well Blizzard, I'd say it was nice knowing you, but that would imply I ever cared about anything you guys put out.
Frank Kelley
Frank Kelley - 7 months ago
I comment a lot on Steam forums for games I play. I have only ever had one comment deleted by the mods. It was a facetious comment about a game (Elite:Dangerous) being banned in China because it was going to make a Winnie the Pooh bobblehead available for purchase. We all know how sensitive the Chinese president for life is to any Pooh references. A very minor infringement on my speech, but telling nonetheless.
Ordenator - 7 months ago
Videos and videos explaining that capitalism tends to only care abot the generation of more money and not ethic values, but in this one, Jim explains that we have to be surprissed that Blizzard has done something that we know that they will do?.
"Be mad because a company is only caring about money and not democracy!" Boy, all companies in capitalist economy has to do that. If we don't want it, then we need to change the economic system we live in. And, this should be more of a surprise for you all: China has a capitalistic market, being just another more state with the same insterests of production and growth as USA in capitalist world. And that without entering in "Hong Kong post colonial situation" theme.
Yelling at clouds isn't useful.
transylvanian - 7 months ago
China is still less oppressive and corrupt than the US.
transylvanian - 7 months ago
@Jarynn The one where i see through all the US anti-communist propaganda bullshit and the rabid sinophobic lies and hatred for China and its people that are being parroted by western mainstream media. The one where i see capitalist so-called "democracies" for the repressive dystopias they really are.
Jarynn - 7 months ago
What planet do you live on?
CraftyArts - 7 months ago
yeah they reveal a character is gay in overwatch only cause it's NOW acceptable here. Thanks for giving people imagined role models so there isn't nothing but invented shame for gays AFTER it's generally acceptable. Would of given them credit if they tried to pass it off in china but nope, can't have that.
CraftyArts - 7 months ago
how long before the movie industry tanks enough they just move over there entirely? I don't mean stop showing movies or selling games just moving all the work over there.
Eunoia & Anrkyuk
Eunoia & Anrkyuk - 7 months ago
The NBA, Bizzard et al had an opportunity to be a part of change within China. If the Chinese Comu-Cartel blocked Bliz, NBA and South Park and those outlets stood firm this may well have encouraged others to speak out and thus get banned and eventually with so much getting banned the Chinese populace may well then have started to question their "government". Instead Bliz and the NBA at least (good job SP) showed that like Burke (of the film Aliens) they are happy to fuck other people over for a god damn percentage.
Joneewars2 - 7 months ago
I just would like to remind that right now at this moment the police is using live bullets on protesters and the chinese goverment is paying the chinese triad to attack protesters.
Tony Carson
Tony Carson - 7 months ago
seeing as Jim himself made very clear in the #firebobykotick video how he wishes he could charge more than $60 per game/ wont let workers unuionise/ throws a temper tantrum on twitter when called out on his mistakes and attacks people in public is it any wonder he supports an oppressive/ petty/ self serving regiem like the Chinese govenment i mean knowing what we all know about the little creep i wouldnt be suprissed if he envys them and wishes he could do the same to his workers.
Fif Gallag
Fif Gallag - 7 months ago
Thank you, i can now send this video to my friend who had the gall to get annoyed with me telling him it's bullshit to try and defend a company that doesn't need his defending--fuckin fanboys
Fif Gallag
Fif Gallag - 7 months ago
shit now i gotta try and actually understand that untranslated bit at the start of the video
Dragoonsoul7878 - 7 months ago
It is important to be against Blizzard at the moment, but it is also important to think of the future by being careful on how we act. If we act like Blizzard will never get our purchase/support again they have NO REASON to change and HAVE TO CONTINUE.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Remember this... or things will just get worse.
If we keep this in mind... China likely has some sort of deal with Blizzard and Activision... which in turn means some pretty bad things for anyone with accounts related to those things. Since they are for oppressing people this means your information may be at risk. Including passwords...REMOVE ALL INFORMATION RELATING TO OTHER ACCOUNTS, CHANGE ANY SHARED PASSWORDS
Right now, China and these two others have a huge relation going and this is a huge sign of trust in violation of human rights... which means your information might be leaked or even held hostage as your information is valuable on many levels.
Note: This is a precaution and based on how things appear, not fact. It is worth doing though just for how wrong their behavior has been.
Gilver - 7 months ago
I don't understand the Winnie the Pooh bit
Christopher Andersen
Christopher Andersen - 7 months ago
I am embarrassed to love blizzard and activision games from 15 years ago. They took my money and abused it I'd like to assume the og developers took their money and left cause its an entirely different monster now and the love is gone
Panoptical Dreams
Panoptical Dreams - 7 months ago
MackDye - 7 months ago
Blizzard is learning the hard way why you never anger your home country customers. Foreign customers will throw your company away real fast. You go into those markets to open new revenue streams but you don't cater to them. When the foreign markets throw you away and you lose the home country customers you suddenly have no customers. Whoops.
Jeremy 716
Jeremy 716 - 7 months ago
Bobby Kotick greed has polluted this company
White Raven
White Raven - 7 months ago
Anyone planning on bringing Hong Kong's flag to Blizzcon?:
Enter the End
Enter the End - 7 months ago
Free Hong Kong
J L - 7 months ago
They should be ashamed, on a personal level, the people who banned him have no morals, it's disgusting.
BOG Flips
BOG Flips - 7 months ago
Honestly? Thank you, Blizzard. Had Blizzard not made the news about the situation in Hong Kong, I would've never found out about this. Thank you for being idiot fucks who lick chinese dick for money instead of shaking hands with your community.
Annalee H
Annalee H - 7 months ago
I say any American company that wants to engage in sordid economic congress with a debased socialist dictatorship which wantonly murders it's own citizens is free to do so, they can pack up their shit and leave America. If Blizzard loves China so much, lets encourage them to move all of their business there, except of course all of their US offices, assets, etc. This particular issue isn't one about market freedom, it's about a competitor power using seemingly harmless media as a vector to expand it's censorious power beyond it's own borders and into places like Hong Kong and the US. China wants to be able to force US companies and by proxy US citizens to be censored by Chinese laws and lawmakers, and that simply cannot be excepted if we want our own society to continue to exist, China would gleefully take it from us if we give them a chance to do so.
Stevepunk - 7 months ago
Blizzard: "Moving forward, we will continue to apply tournament rules to ensure our official broadcasts remain focused on the game and are not a platform for divisive social or political views."
Also Blizzard: "We will defend the pride and dignity of China at all costs."

Zachary Scott
Zachary Scott - 7 months ago
Wish bobby would just disappear.
Eric McLaughlin
Eric McLaughlin - 7 months ago
I don't like Jim Sterling, but he's right about this.
PolarPhantom - 7 months ago
If all the Western countries and corporations took a stand together maybe the Chinese government could be weakened.
Like that'll happen.
Plok - 7 months ago
Lufia 2 😩
Richard Joyce
Richard Joyce - 7 months ago
I fully support blitzchung and the people of hong kong, but if those two other lads were in mainland china then they are probably in prison by now.
Jarynn - 7 months ago
The event (and those two casters) were in Taiwan. They are safe.
mangalores-x_x - 7 months ago
20 years after the end of the Cold War capitalism is sellings itself to corporate and political autocracy.
Low Flying Potato
Low Flying Potato - 7 months ago
Jim doesn't have a problem with authoritarianism. Only if it doesn't do against his authoritarian ideology.
Vacerous - 7 months ago
No matter how bad it gets with china, their chairman's name is pronounced SHE-TING-PING. Now say it fast
There Wolf
There Wolf - 7 months ago
Of course if the guy had said anti Trump statements, Blizzard would have said nothing. And if they had banned him, you’d be clapping Jim. Hypocrisy disguised as selective justice.
TheBros2theend - 7 months ago
God bless heal and save you
zip jacket gamer
zip jacket gamer - 7 months ago
drewbabe - 7 months ago
Concurrently with this fiasco the Chinese government is also carrying out the genocide of a whole population of ethnically Asian Uighur Muslims, literally a holocaust but it's Chinese Muslims instead of European Jews:

Not to mention China's unrestricted state capitalism is destroying the atmosphere. Over here in the USA we lost the EPA but they never had an equivalent over there. The government encourages businesses to do whatever they can to get ahead of the world market, even if it means destroying the environment and leaving hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens with lung disease.

The Chinese government is trying its damnedest to outdo the USA and Nazi Germany in the high score for most crimes against humanity.

You consumers out there: when possible, don't buy things that come from China, and don't play games owned by Tencent. It's impossible to completely avoid this stuff, but do your part to slow China down before it destroys the world, please.
alexubel - 7 months ago
While I don't agree with the actions Blizzard took in this situation. This IS NOT a Free Speech issue. Free Speech only protects you from prosecution by the government. The First Amendment DOES NOT apply to private organizations. There most certainly be consequences for your words.
BEE 123
BEE 123 - 7 months ago
As hopefull as I am I still can't shake the feeling that Blizz will let us down again this year. Even if there is a Diablo 4 it will most likely be a micro transaction slot machine. 🥺
LLamalicious - 7 months ago
to be fair, they are on contracts. And in said contracts is a point that states you are not allowed to say anything that can offend anyone - aka politics. the tournament is about the games and the players and all the storylines there may be. They did abuse the platform and ignored their contracts entirely, which is also something that should be mentioned. The casters are not innocent. google around, read it for yourself. A contract should be kept, and if you break it you should not be shocked if a harsh punishment comes your way. This bias towards hating on blizzard is a little much. Blizzard didn't handle it well, but everyone seems to think blizz is the ONLY one at fault. That is not remotely true! The story has 2 sides
Deceneu - 7 months ago
I`m sorry to say but I have to side with Activision on this one. What that player did was a political protest during a sporting event. Sports are supposed to be above politics, national and ethnic disputes. Let's say during a football match a player starts to protest North Korea (no money involved there) you bet that FIFA will suspend that player because what he did was unsportsmanship. Also at the very least he offended about 90 million people (that is how much registered party members the Communist Party of China has), 10 times as many as the whole population of Hong Kong.
KIT2142 - 7 months ago
"ex communist country" Какое совпадение, me too. "I`l say probably better than you" Doubt it
Deceneu - 7 months ago
@KIT2142 Considering I live in an ex communist country, and I know quite a few former party members I`l say probably better than you. I have first hand knowledge not capitalist propaganda trash.
KIT2142 - 7 months ago
"offended about 90 million people" You have no idea how membership in communist parties work, aren't you?
Craxin01 - 7 months ago
The thing I find most bizarre about large multi-national corporations desperate to suckle at China's teat is the fact that China is a horrendously communist nation. Enough to make Stalin fucking blush. Do these corporations not realize that by trading with China, giving them authority over the products they sell over there is giving China power and influence? A government that would murder every capitalist on Earth if they could and not shed a single tear. Would a greedy, miserly multinational corporation REALLY want to give THAT government even the slightest touch of power or influence? They're looking to get their own throats cut at this rate. Hope that quarterly earning was worth the two bullets in the back of your head that your family will be forced to pay for.
tommy2k3k - 7 months ago
While i think whats going on in china is a problem. this HS player did go ahead and make the esport even into a political message. Where the rules of the tournament says thats not allowed. while i agree with protestors, making esport and games a political battlefield should be punished.
Sonicmaster047 - 7 months ago
It states in the contracts of Esports players that they are not allowed to use slogans, terms or speeches connected to political or anti-political movements. The HearthStone player knew this so him being banned by Blizzard and penalized is within the confines of the contract he signed. The banning of the Commentators however is completely stupid.
Zakaria Shalih
Zakaria Shalih - 7 months ago
don't blame Blizzard, blame Activision instead for former's downward spiral
zoob m
zoob m - 7 months ago
Blizzard doesn't just get tons of sales from China. They also develope games in China; and a lot of their stock is held by Chinese companies. So much of their bussness involves China, it's not surprising they sided with China.
Jordan Kidd
Jordan Kidd - 7 months ago
I hear you Shinra theme... you can't hide from me! Cute addition.
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