kanye west / charlamagne interview

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G. Nash
G. Nash - 2 days ago
With all the YT videos I’ve watched, and I’ve seen hundreds, this video has the most viewers (10 millions), most comments (38 K), and it’s only been a year (less than 2 yrs) since this was posted.
Kwamboka Mkandoe Tirimba
I liked this interview
Nhlanhla Malunga
Nhlanhla Malunga - 3 days ago
Bob 1
Bob 1 - 9 days ago
I believed the "Kanye is crazy" stuff and maybe he did have a meltdown but I really like the guy's way of thinking. Maybe I'M crazy haha. I overthink a lot and have trouble sleeping and stuff but Kanye seems like he's on another level of overthinking everything. It's not a bad thing if you can handle it but you need brain downtime.
ashleym2399 - 12 days ago
Was this interview produced by Kanye? Bc it’s fire! The production is art!
David Aston
David Aston - 17 days ago
My name Jefè
My name Jefè - 18 days ago
“We went to school alright... we was making jpegs” SO FIRE
GB 211
GB 211 - 19 days ago
If this is how Kanye thinks regularly, then he isn't in a good place. He seems caught up in these abstract and reductionist ideas like "love" and "fear" and seeing the world through that lens. I can't help but feel like he just wants to create epic and artistic soundbites, and it is keeping him from actually describing his situation both to himself and to others. I think him constantly thinking out of the box has led to some good things, and still is, but sometimes you have to simplify things for your own sanity. People keep labeling these nonsensical soundbites as "genius" and people consider him a profit, but if this dude had the answers to life, then he wouldn't have so many issues. I think intense exercise or martial arts would be huge for him because it would teach him simplicity and humility. I also think he should delete social media because he seems caught up in impressing the world with his quotes, and it is stressing him out. Wish him the best
Beverly Wisdom
Beverly Wisdom - 20 days ago
Right on Kanye West right on
Beverly Wisdom
Beverly Wisdom - 20 days ago
We love you Kanye even in the White House 🌟
Beverly Wisdom
Beverly Wisdom - 20 days ago
Say that Kayne 🌟
Casey Abbott
Casey Abbott - 25 days ago
He is smart the media makes him look stupid. Just like Mike Tyson is smart as hell when I was a kid I didn't know why he bit Evanders ear off like he was a psycho or something but it was because he was headbutting him and the ref wasn't calling it. In any case people should do what Charlomagn is doing here asking why he did something
Sharon Washington
Sharon Washington - 25 days ago
Kanye is deep. Im truly inspired. The world needs Kanye.
Anthony Ng
Anthony Ng - Month ago
I wonder what a combination of Kanye and Warhol would interview like?
2Pac Stan Police
2Pac Stan Police - Month ago
Kanye greatest musician ever🐐
T F - Month ago
Make that Therapeutic Music. O my bad. He's/Ye' is Alrdy doin it With God/His Holy Ghost/Team JeSuS Help! U Goo! Kanye W./BKA YE'/Yeezy! I say U doin Yo Thang N JeSuS "Victorious/Conquer'n/WINNING" NaME, Amén.💯🔥
CON'T/Keep Being That Light💡On a Hill (In this World) That CANNot Be HiD!👌👍I 👀See Ya Ye/Kanye W. 👊 💃 YE/Kanye W. Isa "Overcomer"...So am I, so R All God's Children/Followers of Christ/👑 KING JESUS!!! HALLELUJAH!
T F - Month ago
I'm just a Vessel💡🔥 a Servant 2 & 4 the Almighty GoD...N the "💪/Mighty/Victorious, AweSme/Amaz'n" Name of JeSuS Christ, Amén.💯 💡
scarlett dunn
scarlett dunn - Month ago
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jaymari - Month ago
2020 and still here ... will watch this over and over
Juan martin Jimenez
Juan martin Jimenez - Month ago
That's what we need from the industry we need to know what's up with all the Freemason Illuminati symbolism and the videos like the pillars the checkered floors the owl symbolism life with Drake there's a lot of symbolism going on in these videos and we don't like it at least I don't cuz I can't even look at music videos anymore cuz once you know about the symbolism and it's there you see it in all the f****** videos
Juan martin Jimenez
Juan martin Jimenez - Month ago
That's one thing I didn't agree with I don't feel like a person has to idolize anyone just cuz they're on TV or make music what people fail to realize these people don't f****** pay our bills are mortgages in reality we pay theirs think about it people is still free to think
Juan martin Jimenez
Juan martin Jimenez - Month ago
Look what the man said he felt that he owed more because he felt that he came from Jay-Z telling you man my m*********** Jay-Z be wearing Aleister Crowley shirts I wouldn't trust a motherfuking thing that man have to say
Juan martin Jimenez
Juan martin Jimenez - Month ago
I'd like to figure there with me be aware of this be aware that but they don't never be like you know what the living. Is Well Freemasons are going out around the f****** music industry and MK Ultra it is real but try to control my mind don't let yourself be lied to me I don't think what are they just be real about it man just be real about it bro
But the memory remains
This was like therapy
kudos - Month ago
2:35 The Powers That B?
Dominic B
Dominic B - Month ago
Charlemagne: how are you?
Kanye: I'm good
Charlemagne: so first question. How are you?
Kanye: feeling good
Heyyy19 - Month ago
Charlamagne is the black Joe Rogan.
Damian Jackson
Damian Jackson - Month ago
Heyyy19 don’t dis respect CTG. He has been doing this interview thing for way longer
Boz - Month ago
Kanye was surprisingly sensical & lucid right up unto the point when he states he’s the best artist of all time in a “flat statement” - it’s going to be hard to remove the stigma from that crazy.
asddf asdqwe
asddf asdqwe - Month ago
he knows its not true but its his life philosophy to try as hard as you can to believe you are the best, saying it out-loud is the easiest part, jayz did the same thing
Louis Campos
Louis Campos - Month ago
Trump getting elected blew Kanye’s mind. The culture that he was so invested in gave a resounding NO! Will Kanye vote 🗳 for Trump in 2020? Will Kanye vote 🗳 at all?
FASTLIF3 - Month ago
Kanye speakin in code. I salute.
Laurent Rando
Laurent Rando - Month ago
why is that bald guy angry all the time?
Caden Emry
Caden Emry - Month ago
We don’t need to hear Saint Pablo or anything on TLOP on the radio to know it’s easily one of his best albums
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - Month ago
I could seriously talk to you for hours about EXACTLY what you are going through. What you are afraid of, EVERYTHING on your mind EVERYTHING for hours.
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - Month ago
Kanye...as long as you understand that the people saying "there there boy" is Not the majority of humanity. It is a SELECT GROUP.
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - Month ago
I personally need help with enemies, I can not let go of the (let's say negative) feelings I have for one person. Alot of people have done terrible/horrible things to me, but Im ok I have no hatrid for them, its just that one person I cannot forgive. I even want/long for the most hideous/heinous things to happen to this person before they die. I know it's wrong, and I wish I could not feel this way but it wont stop and it breaks my heart because I know it's evil. 😢💔
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - Month ago
I know it won't be forgiven in the end
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - Month ago
You are a (if you will) a messenger for God. He is using your huge platform. You had to go through all you did for what you are doing RIGHT NOW you will have one of the highest places in Heaven. God Bless You Kanye, and protect you in Jesus name Amen.
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - Month ago
Stigma on crazy comment. If you do anything in your life I hope you do this! I know exactly what you are talking about!
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - Month ago
His parents were such great...not good, but GREAT people. This man is a good man. I feel he is so much better and important than he has been labeled even better than the positive labels that have been attached to him. If he wasnt put in a box (like he has been) His contributions would/could be astronomical!!!
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - Month ago
Did you go to therapy? He just told u he didnt have time to shit -.-
Dirty Kngdm
Dirty Kngdm - Month ago
Kanye's a legend for not putting adverts on his videos 👑 more life bro
Gary The Snail
Gary The Snail - 2 months ago
My friends say I'm like a mix of kanye and uzi in terms of the shit I talk about and personality but you know what that's not a bad thing. I've been diagnosed with 3 metal illnesses and some rappers the stuff they say really speaks to wm It's weird it's silly but ye is a genius. Happy to be similar
Austin Marcott
Austin Marcott - 2 months ago
Ya we gonna develop cities
CJ Carani
CJ Carani - 2 months ago
CJ Carani
CJ Carani - 2 months ago
Thembela Veronica Moyo
Thembela Veronica Moyo - 2 months ago
This made me just love Ye even more
TAYLOR FAITH M.U.A.H - 2 months ago
I’m so happy I watched this. I had my own feelings before, but I feel more sympathetic than anything now. Kanye is not gone and should not be labeled “crazy”. He’s trying to get a message across, and there’s a bigger picture to the way he chooses to express himself. His “overconfidence” was unappreciated. They did not respect the delivery of his opinion, because he went “against the grain”. So he was broken down, they took his confidence. But fuck that, because he came back with the recognition of his “breakthrough” and a shit ton of more confidence and wisdom! His breakthrough gives him peace, in knowing he can use his platform to change people’s perspectives. Kanye is trying to help you sheep recognize your greatness. Don’t be a victim of control. If you’re an artist, be an artist, without following simulation. It’s okay to be independent, with freedom of expression. Expand your ideas, free your mind. Kanye is woke woke, and our insensitivity to his journey of development, is pretty closed minded. They want you to think he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I can see, that man’s mind is amazing, and I can’t wait to see how he changes the world. He WILL make his mark.❤️
TAYLOR FAITH M.U.A.H - 2 months ago
“Yeah we gonna develop cities”!!!📍that’s the one. And Charlemagne does look like a Wii character😂😂✌🏾
AbhiSohal - 2 months ago
Jarvis Brown
Jarvis Brown - 2 months ago
One thing I caught was his thoughts on Obama...I think he was really hurt by what Obama said about him and never apologizing or embracing him like he did other rappers. So in his mind supporting Trump or going all out on the MAGA tip is the complete opposite of Obama and that was his form of a get back so to speak.!Not very logical but I can see why he may have did it. Just my point of view.
Lia PEACE - 2 months ago
Things are always NOT what they seem! When the truth is revealed your ego is destroy, then you feel helpless and submissive if you haven't been in tune with reality and the illusion of it then your fine, but someone who doesn't know the lies and deception before their eyes ,will crumble in spirit and soul. Period! When you find out your most idolized sex symbol you thought was a woman was really a man! What about the idea Jesus is being represent as Good ,but is Satan, hence, the bible is the book of false doctrine(evil )and you worshiped him falsely your whole life ??? Now what ? You will just deny it because your to weak to handle the reality!!
Lia PEACE - 2 months ago
Seriously yall think an elephant and a donkey is the problem here. Boy yall not only asleep , but in a dam coma.
Nastassia smith
Nastassia smith - 2 months ago
Reading these comments it's crazy how y'all are really trying to diagnose this man like you know him. Jumping on and off the Kanye bandwagon 🙄
Inferno - 2 months ago
1:12:19 Danny Brown - 3 Tearz
sam banks
sam banks - 2 months ago
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Aaron Shete
Aaron Shete - 2 months ago
small minds cant understand kanye the GOAT
brian davis
brian davis - 2 months ago
Good gosh, I did not know yae as this man, he is a very intelligent man, how can someone not really like this guy wish him the best man what a guy
AccordingToBoring - 2 months ago
"If you hang around people who try to act like you arent who you are, you will forget who you are"
Nearly had a panic attack just reading it from the sheer realization of power a sentiment like that has
Omar Taylor
Omar Taylor - 2 months ago
48:55 Nike deadass tried to son Kanye. Use him as a pawn for their profit, much like how we are used in the grand scheme of how this country is ran. Now look where he is today... How can you hate on that?
Michael Benjamin Jacobson
Michael Benjamin Jacobson - 2 months ago
I am 52 Kayne and I am still pure and I wrote 55 books under the name Matthew Robert Payne. It is hard to be pure
chunks Infante
chunks Infante - 2 months ago
Hey kanye im an "outsider" help me get back to my family please. I'll help you with your community. I'll pray for your mental health brother. I know what that's like.
SPACEBAR - 2 months ago
Mad-House Stringless Hoodie
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