kanye west / charlamagne interview

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M s
M s - 20 hours ago
Kanye is brilliant!!!!! The media is doing to him what they did to Michael Jackson. They put so much extra sauce in everything he says that they try to make people forget how brilliant and revolutionary and unique is his music. Lets no forget. Ye we pray for you.
Ben Green56
Ben Green56 - Day ago
Jesus ate lamb, fish and bread. And drank wine. What is good for Him is good for me.
In old testament food was meat.
Sean ONeill
Sean ONeill - 3 days ago
This man is a prophet, sent from god
Macy S
Macy S - 5 days ago
peter-paul kutschlojenga
I like Kanye's view on Trump and I get where he's coming from, but I think he should know that voting for trump means a lot more than voting for the guy who showed that it was possible
peter-paul kutschlojenga
if this man dies, we are going to realise how much we have taken Kanye West for granted. One of the greatest musicians ever.
For the love of bonnie
For the love of bonnie - 11 days ago
House looks like a insane asylum
Pedro Marinho
Pedro Marinho - 5 days ago
that is what you think of when you see this?
Guilito Torres
Guilito Torres - 13 days ago
I never believe Kanye's smiles for some reason. I underatand he's probably trying to stay positive but I don't believe his smiles 😂
Fictional Asshole
Fictional Asshole - 14 days ago
Charlemagne trying to convince Kanye that Kanye doesn't like Trump 🙄
The whole interview man, just pushing and pushing for him to break and say something. Why do that? It's fucking annoying.
Fictional Asshole
Fictional Asshole - 14 days ago
Notice how he changes throughout the interview
By the end he becomes the man Kanye West, the reason his music is so dope and original
Plus, I'm a gemini 😏 I could relate whenever he jumped from one topic to another, seemingly not connected, except that they were! 😄😄 I get that part about your mind making connections before you even realize it
Loved this!
James Kimble
James Kimble - 15 days ago
Great interview all the way to the end, really appreciated coordinating the sunset at the end, it was like spending a day with yay. Breakfast, an afternoon walk, but at bedtime still, so many questions unanswered.
Amos1 Feminy
Amos1 Feminy - 15 days ago
Ye... am always looking forward to hear you talk. You just said, you were not on Twitter for a year because “You don’t have enough to say but you need much to learn” This is a powerful statement. I just which people will understand this statement.
Love you brother, you are a blessing.
Honey Bliss
Honey Bliss - 18 days ago
Honey Bliss
Honey Bliss - 18 days ago
Ours purposes of living is to learn n teach eacg others
Honey Bliss
Honey Bliss - 18 days ago
Same wen my mom die and my sister got kill by ur dude they told my to see someone for help but i chose God was going to be here for me n being positive or being around some positive people help me keep moving forward and my sons are the keys too to not taking medication
Britney - 18 days ago
Kanye is a genius. Love him.
David Konevky
David Konevky - 21 day ago
That house both amazes me and disturbs me. It's so pretty but chilling at the same time (?.
Chauncey Mayfield
Chauncey Mayfield - 21 day ago
Great interview Kanye the great
Fern Perez
Fern Perez - 21 day ago
F*ck the media for trying to brandish our modern day geniuses, who are trying to enlighten us and show us the truth, as simply crazy or bipolar. I feel like bipolar people are a threat to the establishment because of their capabilities when they’re in their creative zone.
D Taylor
D Taylor - 22 days ago
Ye is confronting Hollywood and trying to wake us up! He is so wise and extremely intelligent. Lol but we "label him cray! We fear and label what we don't understand! I fool with ye!!
Taels Doll
Taels Doll - 23 days ago
someone count how many times the phone did notification sounds
Ricardo Alexander Killens
It's an interview, but they are having a conversation. Look at Kanye and how he receives answers. It's like he said. He uses the world as his therapy to talk his issues out through.
Mlight ENTERTAINMENT - 25 days ago
I fuck with him saying artistes souldn't have managers they should have C.E.O
Mlight ENTERTAINMENT - 25 days ago
I like the way YE W think before he talk
Aaron Wiesenfeld
Aaron Wiesenfeld - 25 days ago
N. Hill.
N. Hill. - 26 days ago
Charlemagne got that make-up slapped on thick
Tobee 2BeesCleaningService
Kanye is a genius. Everyone thought he was crazy at this time. Look at what he’s doing now. He found God. Watch him be more successful than he has ever been. God bless
missglowing - 28 days ago
i watch this interview everytime i be feeling a certain way.. or wen ppl dont support my stuff.. he makes me feel like im not the only one thats sensitive
Xavier Morana
Xavier Morana - 29 days ago
He talk like jay z
Lordduckly - Month ago
Yeah we gon develop cites
Akua Afriyie
Akua Afriyie - Month ago
Angelo A
Angelo A - Month ago
ZenMaster 36
ZenMaster 36 - Month ago
@kanye west nobody cares what’s on the radio bro your music still reaches people not by the radio but because people purposefully search for it!
LIBERTAZ 67 - Month ago
********* thaNJZKZ for +surviving+last+23+yearZ+ urban music channelZ that dislike TMZ clothing choiceZ? @FM**
++++++ KAYNE2023 KAYNE2024 via TiLATEQUAiLA myspace2006/2007? can't all be grateful dead imageZ??? USA!!!
LIBERTAZ 67 - Month ago
***************** ************ ********* thaNJZKZ for +surviving+last+23+yearZ+ urban music channelZ that dislike TMZ clothing choiceZ? @FM** ++++++ KAYNE2023 KAYNE2024 via TiLATEQUAiLA myspace2006/2007? can't all be grateful dead imageZ??? USA!!!
Athan K
Athan K - Month ago
Delusions of grandeur
Bryan P
Bryan P - Month ago
Charlamagne: when was the last time you felt you had something to learn? 🤦‍♂️
Charlamagne has alot to learn. You never stop learning.
Vuxa Dawn
Vuxa Dawn - Month ago
Both Charlamagne and Kanye wanted to cry in this interview because of how emotional the space they in is
A’nyezah Richards
A’nyezah Richards - Month ago
“A conversation can help show respect for a situation”
A’nyezah Richards
A’nyezah Richards - Month ago
“They want you to be everything but YOU”
Keevan Crawford
Keevan Crawford - Month ago
Tukki - Month ago
Calm Ye
Anthony Salazar
Anthony Salazar - Month ago
Anyone know what those red lights are in the back ground towards the end??
A Muffler
A Muffler - Month ago
26:18 where I got to so far
Victoria Holloman
Victoria Holloman - Month ago
I get chills when I listen to this and I don't think you crazy at all. Kim stand by your man he needs you to be his peace in this crazy world. Don't turn on him.
Xolerys - Month ago
That silence after that question... Idk why but it made me tear up.
Sandz Nyembe
Sandz Nyembe - Month ago
I can do a better interview than Charlemagne..he has lacks lateral understanding of Kanye during this time.
radical konrad
radical konrad - Month ago
Kanye goin crazy rn 💔🥀
jomo turay
jomo turay - Month ago
This interview is so long, can someone please divide it into segments?
Unknown P
Unknown P - Month ago
lamar kwadare calm down mane
lamar kwadare
lamar kwadare - Month ago
Honestly there's to much knowledge to break it down in a couple of segments
Thabile White
Thabile White - Month ago
Charlamagne and his straight face.
Crawford Hadnot
Crawford Hadnot - Month ago
Kayne is now worth 1.3 billion that's wild he's worth more than Jay.
lamar kwadare
lamar kwadare - Month ago
Mentors teach ppl who can one day out due them
some nothing
some nothing - Month ago
some nothing
some nothing - Month ago
some nothing
some nothing - Month ago
SilversteinRescue - Month ago
1:40:32 “what do we need a Calm-Ye for? We don’t want a Calm Ye!” “Let Ye be ye!” Foreshadowing lol
lamar kwadare
lamar kwadare - Month ago
He don't b cappin
Bigaju ishimwe Darcy
Bigaju ishimwe Darcy - Month ago
They Calling you “crazy” again.
Nobody, Nobody’ will ever touch your level Ye. You’re a genius, a good human, a free spirit and you’re still pure despite everything.
You saved my life.
You’re the greatest.
May God protect you and your family.
M s
M s - 20 hours ago
The prince of everything
Genius: ya Good person: idk ask Taylor swift. Jk lol he's good to his family which is most important
Dorian Hill
Dorian Hill - 2 months ago
11:10 very relevant right now
Cousin Johnny
Cousin Johnny - 2 months ago
Who’s here after his latest breakdown
lamar kwadare
lamar kwadare - Month ago
I wouldn't call it a breakdown he had a right to b emotional bout abortion
Nyla Jam
Nyla Jam - Month ago
His breakthrough lol
Lina Alhodaif
Lina Alhodaif - 2 months ago
They should’ve named this interview You Know
Vidhu Dashora
Vidhu Dashora - 2 months ago
Yo where can I get Kanye's hoodie?
Veego von DOOM- Reviews!
Veego von DOOM- Reviews! - 2 months ago
Great interview..... Love this guy.
The Life of Chunglee
The Life of Chunglee - 2 months ago
Kanye just gave us so much knowledge and no one heard him wow I’m sad
J Clive
J Clive - 2 months ago
who's watching this in 2020 trying to understand where he's at now?
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones - 2 months ago
Wow I feel so bad for Kanye. Kappy was telling us that they drugged Kanye for days!!! And now they’re trying to do it again. Shit is wild bro. Pull through Ye!!!
BᴀᴅGᴜʏ Bᴏᴏᴍ
BᴀᴅGᴜʏ Bᴏᴏᴍ - 2 months ago
Reminds me of cloud city on bespin
Mulwa Kilonzo
Mulwa Kilonzo - 2 months ago
All I can say is this is just fucking beautiful 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
Ceezy Beats
Ceezy Beats - 2 months ago
praying for ur mental wellbeing Mr. West
Everything Except
Everything Except - 2 months ago
Had to put the "ED" on that for the stock owners
King Oso
King Oso - 2 months ago
Tbis is one of the most beautiful humane interviews ever two black men speaking.
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez - 2 months ago
If I had royalties from everything I’ve influenced I’d be a trillion billionaire
Annie Wilson
Annie Wilson - 2 months ago
a monk was asked by
a nun: "so does that mean we dont engage with the world?"
a monk: "well we do and we dont, see, we need to be kind of a sign of contradiction that reminds the world the freedom with which they have forfeited."
11 min video "on the road with thomas merton."
Kiki 〈3
Kiki 〈3 - 2 months ago
I love this man and I welcome everything he creates
ojan asadolahi
ojan asadolahi - 2 months ago
This guy is either going to be President or get murdered. He is a modern day prophet and he's doing his best.
Sir B
Sir B - 2 months ago
The last 15 Seconds of this video will be legendary someday.
CThaGod: " I was gon' ask you what's next? Cuz, Ye's always predicted what he's gon' be. So...that's the goal?"
Kayne West: "Yeah we gon' develop cities."
Absolute chills, cause he's really gon do it.
Kenroy Pandy
Kenroy Pandy - 2 months ago
Kanye West. Brow you are not in any way what people on a whole are saying. I see you and I truthfully see myself. I am not a fan of all your work, but you as a person and the vision you have for the world; I relate. Not only relate but connect... I may also not have the financial resources to do the these things, but I believe that if I can get to speak to you, we would find a way. Stay up brother... Hope you get to read this. +501-626-4189
deborah west
deborah west - 2 months ago
The way he publicly talks about slavery bothers tf outta me😭 He’s such a fucking brilliant artist tho and I feel like imma always appreciate him.
Jamie Michelle Rees
Jamie Michelle Rees - 2 months ago
He worries about how he is affected and how he affects the world...and it bothers him to his core and he digs further and peels back more layers than any man I know. I mean he also can articulate the journey so man of all men. Thank you kayne west.
Jamie Michelle Rees
Jamie Michelle Rees - 2 months ago
All I know is this man is the man of all men.
Denis Henrique
Denis Henrique - 2 months ago
1:40:20 CalmYe
C H E E B A - 2 months ago
I can watch this over & over . Inspiration.
Merilyn Keillor
Merilyn Keillor - 2 months ago
Kanye is beautiful ❣️
CallMeConCon - 2 months ago
3:28 text back
John 2
John 2 - 2 months ago
"everybody house wack" agreed
Solem400 - 2 months ago
Marina209mv - 2 months ago
I jus want to congratulate Yeezy. For no giving up against all odds, for having the courage to be different, for never folding under pressure & for finding ur self thru the fog. Also for realizing how bright u truly shine. Ppl see u apart frm other super stars. Ur a diamond in the ruff. A true gem. Staying humble & pure. Dnt over thnk thngs yet be mindful. Trust ur self. Follow ur heart. Keep it full with good intentions.
eltontrebajo - 2 months ago
1:40:30 “I don’t want a Calm Ye”
Jay Parikh
Jay Parikh - 2 months ago
Eric Loyd
Eric Loyd - 2 months ago
31:00. Charlie's got a purple lip and a pink un'!
lubega derrick
lubega derrick - 2 months ago
stop listening to the media about people like him. they want you to appreciate him when his is gone.
He is the greatest of our generation. in a flesh...
SCREWED UP WORLD - 2 months ago
Charlamagne a snake in the grass
Liliana Da Costa
Liliana Da Costa - 2 months ago
The fact that Kayne is running for president it's crazy, a total change to society.
Sjoerd Alblas
Sjoerd Alblas - 2 months ago
Wow Kanye, you are a real piece of art!
Dremndishot - 2 months ago
Kanye needs to lighten up and live a little
PleyTheGreat - 2 months ago
PleyTheGreat was here
Nineteen 98
Nineteen 98 - 2 months ago
The GOAT 🐐
Savannah Penny
Savannah Penny - 2 months ago
Kanye's "I felt a way" is relatable. Did obama walk out intentionally or coincidence? I think intentional.
Savannah Penny
Savannah Penny - 2 months ago
F the radio! Playing the same thing over and mind numbingly over. When you know there is new and better music being created by much more talented artists every day... yet they continue to rotate the same crap. The powers that be don't like free thinking people.
Caine Fisher
Caine Fisher - 2 months ago
Who’s here after he just said he’s gunna run for president👉🏽
Nyla Jam
Nyla Jam - 2 months ago
He’s been saying that for a couple years now, little girl.
Eric Nichols
Eric Nichols - 2 months ago
he couldn’t handle the pressure of being a president :( i love him and i wouldn’t vote for him because he’s just not ready for it
ministrobrasileiro -
ministrobrasileiro - - 2 months ago
im here for the interview really
TheMedium - 2 months ago
Kanye just announced his presidency
john bill
john bill - 2 months ago
Drake - 2 months ago
Kanye west looks like a potato with french cut
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