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Bret The Saint 29
Bret The Saint 29 - 14 hours ago
Tick Tock, The Doomsday Clock
FruitGod - 21 hour ago
Alan Moore is hastening to his grave.
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant - Day ago
Publishing that journal probably wasting the best idea.
Rodrigo S. Vilaça
Rodrigo S. Vilaça - Day ago
RESUMO da série: TODO MUNDO QUE EU NÃO GOSTO É HITLER. Vão zoar o Cristianismo e o Donald Trump. É isso! 😂👍
Klinger Kun
Klinger Kun - 6 hours ago
Fuck you say nigga
Ozymandias - 3 days ago
0:43 this is me guys
TheMrWillje - 3 days ago
So does this take place after the events of the original watchmen comics/film?
James Dent
James Dent - Day ago
There are conflicting sources. Some say it’s an original timeline but others say it takes place a while after the book
Yael Murillo
Yael Murillo - 3 days ago
Me: what’s the worst app in the world??
This trailer:
Klinger Kun
Klinger Kun - 6 hours ago
It's not an app
Joker's Show
Joker's Show - 3 days ago
The trailer is badass I can't wait for the show god damn this must be good 😋
doogieAfro - 4 days ago
Please don't let anyone from the LGB... or a "strong female character" agenda ruin this too. Just tell a good story...please!
Astrolunatic06 - 5 days ago
Oh hell yes
mdd1963 - 6 days ago
looks gay......
Asian Villain
Asian Villain - 6 days ago
Albastine S.
Albastine S. - 7 days ago
So is this a sequel or a reboot?
Tevin parks
Tevin parks - 4 days ago
Sequel. It takes place many decades after the first movie\graphic novel
Hugh James-Berry
Hugh James-Berry - 7 days ago
Set in the south, White men in whitish masks that idolise Rorschach, let me guess K.K K analogy? The topic of Racism is going to be very even/tactfully handled, isnt it?
Also the comic means nothing because of this series, nothing changed we're back to square one if the doomsday clock has started again
Evgen Khersonets
Evgen Khersonets - 7 days ago
What's wrong with rorschach? He's a nice guy
VikingFyre - 8 days ago’s a follow up to the movie?
Bolshevik Cosmonaut
Bolshevik Cosmonaut - 9 days ago
Should've kept the 1960s setting of the original comics, but whatever...
Mats Mårtensson
Mats Mårtensson - 9 days ago
The graphic novel was set in 1985 with flashbacks (to the early '40s, late '70s etc.).
Galactus - 10 days ago
Me waiting for this: Tik, Tok, Tik, Tok, Tik, Tok...
MFR - Montage Film Reviews better be good!
sexyfishey boopkins
sexyfishey boopkins - 11 days ago
Does this take place after the book,novel, or both
#DC #Marvel
#DC #Marvel - 12 days ago
DC's Darkest Mystery
Tribute to Tik Tok 🙏🙏
AE Pulsar
AE Pulsar - 12 days ago
So we are gonna turn Warschak a fighter for vigilante justice into a symbol of cult like racism? Antifas gonna love this.
The Doctor
The Doctor - 12 days ago
What's up with the Rorschach cult then? Huh. Go home hbo, you're drunk.

no but in all seriousness, this actually looks good.
M Archer
M Archer - 12 days ago
Anyone else want to get a watch now?
Sam Carmichael
Sam Carmichael - 12 days ago
So fuck the source material I guess
Tainted107 - 12 days ago
It's a sequel
boiledcrap - 13 days ago
Anyone else get a KKK vibe from the Rorschach cult?
Luke Samuel
Luke Samuel - 12 days ago
Yep. In fact the Watchmen comic does insinuate the masked heroes were seen by the right wing in the novel as extra judicial vigilantes in the same way they viewed the KKK.
Rares Sava
Rares Sava - 13 days ago
"TICK TOCK" was said 48 times, I think.
Preston Heit
Preston Heit - 13 days ago
Christopher Kung
Christopher Kung - 15 days ago
I'm excited for this, but it's unfortunate that Alan Moore will not be involved, as is clear from the description.
RPGrandPa - 15 days ago
anything with Don Johnson in it, I am all in for.
David Sturdy
David Sturdy - 15 days ago
Anyone else see that big Panda sitting with the cops?
Jordan Utley
Jordan Utley - 16 days ago
Idk why this came to mind, but what if the governments of the world nuke the moon or mars in hopes of killing Dr. Manhattan? Just a scary thought...
Mats Mårtensson
Mats Mårtensson - 11 days ago
This is a sequel to the graphic novel so they'd have no reason to be gunning for him.
leofera - 18 days ago
Wtf is this dumbass half assed tv shows ruining actual good properties
The Watcher
The Watcher - 19 days ago
Was that moving Inkblot CGI too expensive?
Mats Mårtensson
Mats Mårtensson - 16 days ago
I think those are just an extremist group (Ku Klux Clan-ish) that made their own outfits and pulled a sneak attack a few years before the series begins. Canonically the moving inkblot fabric was based on a Doctor Manhattan invention so it's hard to come by without anyone noticing.
GUNNUTS FILMS - 19 days ago
Bobert Hudson
Bobert Hudson - 20 days ago
I wonder if in the watchmen novel did Robert Redford win the upcoming election
Krešimir Bačić
Krešimir Bačić - 20 days ago
Well, there goes my excitement. This was pretty awful...
Voltairean - 20 days ago
The House of Black and White might disapprove with No One.
Sneeko Skeemz
Sneeko Skeemz - 20 days ago
Wtf was that shit?!
Sam Passer
Sam Passer - 21 day ago
It gives me so much comfort to know that even HBO disagrees with Real Time host when it comes to what makes great writing.
Ram Van Life
Ram Van Life - 21 day ago
Gamers rise up!
daniel dennis
daniel dennis - 21 day ago
tik tok....
Ali Zafar Bokhari
Ali Zafar Bokhari - 21 day ago
Sonny Crockett finally made chief.
mielyt - 21 day ago
Lindelof baby!!
Oktubre1984 - 22 days ago
Ozymandias and Rorschach mask are the only two things related with Watchmen. Where is Dr. Manhattan? Night Owl or Silk Specter? Nowhere.
Mats Mårtensson
Mats Mårtensson - 16 days ago
Dr Manhattan left for another galaxy in 1985.
Sean Carter
Sean Carter - 23 days ago
Gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Alan Moore didn’t endorse this
Syam - 23 days ago
Men get arrested, dogs get put down
Sean Matyas
Sean Matyas - 23 days ago
I hope this is only a one season thing. I am looking forward to it but I don't know if multiple seasons is the way to go.
Michael Blue
Michael Blue - 24 days ago
I bet $1, that chief is night owl.
cinis sdfds
cinis sdfds - 24 days ago
I really don't like the idea of a Rorschach cult, and I don't know why.
Maybe because it feels like a cheap idea that was only added to milk Rorschach. Because people like him and know him, so it'll make people watch. I would have preferred if there was either only one person inspired by Rorschach or they'd just come up with something entirely different. I hope they won't entirely butcher what Rorschach was about.
Mats Mårtensson
Mats Mårtensson - 16 days ago
I get the feeling this is an extremist group (Ku Klux Clan-ish) that simply assumed Rorschach's likeness and pulled a sneak attack a few years before the series begins.
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn - 25 days ago
Im sure HBO wil renew this for a second season unlike DC network...
Mr. Mcninjaguy
Mr. Mcninjaguy - 20 days ago
Wasnt their fault that SP was cancelled. It was WB
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